Time For Some Fun

Don’t have much time! I have to run and get ready as were heading over to a friend’s place for an old-fashioned Orgy Party! Just everyone lumped together in one big pile, doing whatever they like :)

I’ll let you all know how it went tomorrow, if I survive! πŸ˜‰

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A Day Of Running Around

It has been one of those days. A day where I got absolutely no work done as we had to run around. And the problem with living out in the country is that running around entails driving long distances to do everything.

It actually tired me out, so I think I am going to do nothing except for sit in front of the television tonight, and vegetate *(after I run back out to the pharmacy to pick up all my various hormone medications!)* πŸ˜‰

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The Joy Of Last Minute Cancellations!

I originally had a guy coming over for a shoot yesterday, but he had to cancel. So I had a back-up guy who was going to join me instead. After he agreed, the first guy said he could come now, but I had to say no because of the second guy. Of course, the second guy texts me 20 minutes before our agreed time and says he can’t make it! To make matters worse, I had another gy dropping by today, just to play! No cameras, no pictures, and not even my husband around. he called me and said his car broke down and he was at the garage and couldn’t make it. Not only can’t I get guys to sow up to fuck me on camera, I can’t even get guys over to fuck me just for fun! :(

But there was a spark of fun today at least. After the second guy cancelled, I went on Facebook and a local guy I know messaged me. He was joking around saying he had the day off and wanted to come over for a blow-job (I get that kind of stuff many times a day). I told him if he could get here in 10 minutes, I would suck him…he made it in 7 … really!

He showed up, we went to the livingroom and I sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. I don’t think it was 5 minutes from start to finish. He actually thanked me then said he had to run, and out the door he went. My husband didn’t even know anyone was over! πŸ˜‰

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Another Failed Video Shoot

I just had a guy leave who came over to shoot a Blow-Job and Facial video with me. He was a pretty hot young guy with a very nice cock, but he was nervous. In fact, he was so nervous that even after close to 20 minutes of me sucking his cock, he couldn’t get hard! I had my husband leave the room, and tried different things like sucking on his balls and rimming his ass. I did get a semi-Chubby” out of him, but it just didn’t last. He felt so embarrassed, but admitted the whole thing had him nervous. He was only 21 and this was a first for him, so I can’t really blame him.

I had him come over earlier than usual as I am just about to go out and meet one of my young BoyToys in town for a quickie! He lives at home and his mother (who is 7 years younger than me!) gets home from work at 3:45, so we have to be done by then! I really don’t want her to find out that an old lady like me is fucking her 20 year old son! πŸ˜‰

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A Fun Long Weekend

It was Thanksgiving Day on Monday here in Canada (Columbus Day in the US) so there was a lot going on. I never even made it to the Pub once this past weekend!

Friday evening, we had a really cute young couple we had met on-line come over. They originally contacted me about Swinging and trying it out. They asked if me and my husband would meet them and see what happens. I even asked them if they were sure about that as they were in their mid 20s and we are in out 50s! They said they had no problem with that, so we invited them to drop over. They showed up, and we had a few drinks sitting in the kitchen and talking. She loosened up a bit with the alcohol and started talking about the things he has done, and what she would like to try. She had only been with one other guy before her current boyfriend, and had never been with a woman. I ended up taking her to the bedroom, leaving the guys sitting in the kitchen. I undressed her, kissed her all over, and then finally got to her pussy which was already dripping wet! I spent about 10 minutes on her pussy with my fingers and tongue, and she came in a huge gush and loud moan! She then pulled me up on top of her. kissed me hard, and pushed me over onto my back. She went straight for my pussy, and with just a little instruction, she hit all the right spots perfectly. It only took me a few minutes for my first big orgasm, and I squirted right in her mouth. She loved it.

It was time to get the guys, so I went into the kitchen naked, grabbed her boyfriend and said to my husband “I guess you can come too” πŸ˜‰Β  The boys quickly got naked, and I started sucking the boyfriend’s cock while she took care of my husband. We spent quite a while first sucking, and then fucking, each others’ man. She asked if the guys could try a Double-Penetration on her as she always wanted to try. I asked her if she had ever had anal sex and she said yes, many times. So I knew she could handle it. She climbed onto her boyfriend’ cock and once she was settled, my husband used his fingers to lube up her ass. He then got behind her, and slowly slipped his cock into her ass. She moaned quite loud with pleasure, and when they all got into the rhythm, I started kissing her. The guys didn’t last long at all. her boyfriend yelled he was going to CUM, and as he did CUM, so did my husband! When they pulled out, I went down on her and tried to lick up every drop of CUM from her pussy and ass. It was great! After a short rest, her boyfriend was ready to go again, so I fucked him until he came deep in mu pussy. That was it for the night, and we are all getting together again very soon :)

On Saturday night I had a party to go to t a friend’s place back in Montreal. It was all couples and it turned into a big Swinging Orgy! It was just a lot of sucking and fucking and girl on girl play that went on for a couple of hours. The one thing that sticks out in my mind was when I was onΒ  my knees and elbows sucking a guy with a huge cock who was laying on his back on the floor. As I sucked him, someone came behind me and tried to slide his cock into my pussy. I had to reach back and guide him in, and then he fucked me for only a few minutes and came in my pussy. he pulled out, and I still have no idea who he was! We ended up spending the night at our friend’s place and came back home Sunday afternoon.

Sunday evening, I had one of my cute young BoyToys over for some fun. He is only 22 but really hot with a great cock. While my husband watched TV, he and I spent a good hour in my bed where I made him CUM 3 times! Once in the mouth and twice in the pussy :)

Monday, I rested!

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Pee Play With A Website Member

One of my website members contacted me about Watersports as he was very curious about trying it. I described the various thing people do with Pee Play, and did get him quite excited. He asked if I would be willing to let him experience it, with me! Of course, I am very open and invited him over a couple of days ago.

We started off with him pissing right in my mouth and all over me, completely soaking the white tank-top I was wearing. When he finished, I spent some time sucking his cock and then couldn’t help but lower myself on his cock! He was not expecting to fuck, but I wanted it, so I took it! We fucked for a while, and then I really had to go Pee so I lifted off his cock and let go, pissing all over his cock and balls! As soon as I was done, I went down and licked and sucked all my Pee off of him. It was fun!

I shot everything on video so I could share all my fun with all of you. The video is now live in my members area and Members can see it by clicking here. If you aren’t a Member, you really should be, so Join Right Now :)

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It’s My Birthday!

Yesterday, September 16th, was my 52 birthday! I still feel like I’m 18 though, and still like to fuck as much as I did back then. It was a good day and I even did a fun SQUIRT video for my birthday, but more on that later. The main thing was the big surprise I received from my husband! It was a super cute 23 year old guy!

I had mentioned this guy to my husband a few times as I have been e-mailing back and forth with him for close to a year. He has sent me a bunch of pictures of himself, and he is in amazing shape, really cute, and has a gorgeous cock! He’s almost 8 inches, thick, and had a perfectly straight erection. He also has a really cute tight bum.

What I didn’t know was that my husband got his e-mail address from my computer and contacted the guy to set something up. the guy agreed to it and so they set up a surprise for me. Yesterday afternoon, my husband and I were both at our computers working, as we always are, when the doorbell rang. My husband went to answer the door, then came downstairs and into our home office with the guy trailing him. I was shocked as I recognized him immediately. He came to me, pulled me up, gave me a kiss on my cheek and wished me happy birthday and that it was nice to finally meet me. he then asked to see my bedroom, and led me out of the office. Just as we walked out the door, my husband said “Have fun kids!” πŸ˜‰

I brought him up to my bedroom where he quickly kissed me and started undressing me, which wasn’t hard as I was just wearing shorts and a tank-top and nothing else. He then laid me back on the bed, got quickly undressed, and climbed next to me. He started kissing me all over, working down towards my pussy. He then spent quite a while licking and fingering both my pussy and my ass, so much that after I came for the third time I had to stop him as I was becoming overly sensitive! I pulled him up on top of me, reached down, and guided his rock hard cock into my pussy. It filled me up perfectly and felt just amazing. He knew how to fuck too! He started slow and the sped up, fucking me quick and hard. As he could feel me cumming, he would slow down again, and kept this up over and over for quite a while.

He then asked if he could fuck my ass, and told me he had never done that before but really wanted to try. So I just pushed him out of me, turned around onto my stomach, and stuck my ass up in the air! He got behind me and I guided his cock into my ass. He really was thick and I could feel every inch of him. It did feel really good and I could tell it felt great for him too. He tried to edge, which I could tell, and I told him to just let go, not hold back, and CUM in my ass. A minute later he let go and I could feel his cock pulse as he squirted every last drop into my ass. When he was done, he collapsed on top of me and I told him not to pull out, but just lay there. I love the feeling of a man on top of me with his cock slowly softening in my ass.

When he got soft enough to pop out, he rolled over onto his back and I quickly went down on him to lick and suck his cock clean. Within a couple of minutes, he was hardening again! I had him roll over on his stomach, spread his cute butt cheeks, and started rimming his ass. I knew from out correspondence that this was something he wanted done to him, but had never experienced it. He lifted his hips to give me better access, and I spent a few minutes rimming that bum. On a whim, I slowly worked a finger into his ass and had no idea if it was something he would like. His response was to push back on my finger! I found his prostate and started rubbing it, and he started moaning in pleasure. he loved it. I then had him roll back over onto his back, got my finger back in his ass, and started sucking his cock. He could not stop moving around and groaning with the pleasure.

I didn’t want him to CUM just then, so I stopped, climbed on top of him, and lowered my pussy onto his cock. I rode him hard at first, then slowed down a bit, and when he said he was close to cumming, I started going fast and hard again and told him to CUM in my pussy. He let go with a huge groan and I rode him until I got every last drop of CUM out of him and into me! I then just lay on him, again feeling his cock slowly softening inside of me.

I then made the mistake of looking at the clock and seeing what time it was! We were out of time, unfortunately. We kissed and then went into the bathroom to clean up then get dressed. At the door I told him he was welcome to drop over any time he liked…he’ll be back tomorrow πŸ˜‰


Now, before the new guy cam eover, I was playing with myself on my squirt couch, and my husband grabbed the video camera and said we should film my Birthday Squirt, so that is what we did. It is uploaded in my members area now, so go check it out. It is fun and messy πŸ˜‰


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Snowballing CUM with Tracy!

In my Members Area I just put up a new 28 minute video along with 269 pictures, of my fun with Tracy from myhottiewife.com. She came for a visit and we ended up having a lot of fun together. This was supposed to be just her and me playing on webcam, but Danny had different ideas and jumped in to fuck us and then CUM all over our faces. We licked each other clean and shared the tasty CUM :)

You can see it right now in the members area, and if you aren’t a member, then Join Right Now πŸ˜‰

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Fetish Photoshoot and Video

I just uploaded a fun update in the members area of a Fetish Photoshoot with a Behind-The-Scenes video that a new girl, Leah, did for me. This was not only her first shoot ever, it was her audition too! She had the Drilldo used on her, and then we tied her to a St. Andrews Cross and had Anna-Karin play with her. Then it was Johnny Pearl’s turn to get trussed up and sexually abused by the girls. Dugmor decided to jump in to fuck Anna-Karin and CUM in her mouth and over her face while Leah sucked the Tied up Johnny! She also ends up with a face full of CUM! :)

There are 257 pictures and a 17 minute video available right now in my members area.

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Local Guys Wanted

This will be my annual Help Wanted post :)

I am looking for people who are local to me who would like to help me out with my video shoots. I like diversity so I am open to single men and women, couples, and even Groups of people. It is all good. I am also open to just about anything, so if you have some sort of Fetish or fantasy you’d like to live out, you can try it out with me :)

I know there are plenty of people in the Glengarry county area who read my Blog, and you are who I am writing to! You can stay anonymous if you like as you don’t have to show your face :)

If you are interested, and can get to my home in Green Valley, then have a look at http://www.carolcox.com/fanfuxxx.html as all the information is there :)

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