T-Girl Cock In My Ass

Just enjoying some fun with my T-Girl friends. Justine loves to fuck my ass, and CUM in it for others to lick out. This was at the very beginning of our fun on this evening 🙂

TGirl Ass Fuck

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Bad Strep Throat :(

I have had really bad strep throat the past few days, but it’s a bit better today so the antibiotics are finally working. I’ve also been sucking on Strepsils lozenges non-stop. I am way behind on my e-mail, so if I owe you a message back, please be patient. I’ve barely touched my computer since Wednesday.

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Pictures From My Fan Fuck Earlier Today

I had a fun FanFuXXX shoot earlier this afternoon with a young guy from Cornwall. He was nervous and went from almost cumming to going soft, over and over. That is actually quite common with first timers. It is a lot of sucking and fucking, and he even shot POV a couple of times when my husband handed him the camera.

The video will be up in a couple of weeks, but here are just a few pictures to tease you all for now 🙂

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New Video Uploaded of My T-Girl Orgy!

I just uploaded the very candid video we caught during the fun orgy I had with 4 T-Girls, another girl and another guy. Close to 100 pictures are with it and you can find it all in my members area. You can also read about the Orgy and see pictures from it on my Blog here at http://blog.carolcox.com/2016/02/02/saturday-night-gurl-orgy/ 🙂

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Fucking A New Guy Today

In a little under an hour, I will have a new guy dropping by to fuck me on video! He is a cute 27 year old from Cornwall, about 30 minutes away. I met him on SexServer just recently, but this will be the first time I meet him in person. He wants to keep things farly basic for the shoot, me sucking his cock, then fucking him until he CUMs.

I’ll hopefully get  few pictures up later this afternoon 🙂

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Meeting A New Bi-Curious Guy Tonight

I have been messaging back and forth with a younger guy from Ottawa about his curiosity of Bi-Sex. He told me he was really curious, and excited, about sucking a cock, but only would want to do it if there was a woman present and taking part. This is very common, and something that curious men tell me all the time, how they wanted to try a cock, but could never do it one-on-one with another man. We all have to start somewhere and in a way we are comfortable with.

He is a very good looking guy in his late 20’s, and he also has a very nice cock. he is coming over to meet us tonight, and if he is comfortable, we will play. I told him he could satiate his curiosity with my husband’s cock, and that I would help him and work with him on it. I’ll probably start with my husband sucking the new guy’s cock with me, to get him more comfortable.

His other request was to lick CUM out of my pussy, but he doesn’t think he’ll be able to clean up his own. So I will get my husband to CUM in my pussy and let him lick all that up. Finally he asked if he could fuck my ass in a Double-Penetration and CUM in it, which is something he hs never done. he hsn’t even tried anal sex before! So we’ll start with just him in my ass, then move to the DP, and the CUM. I may mke my usband lick up the anal Creampie 😉

I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow, if it even goes at all! I haven’t been having good luck lately.


Tomorrow night, we have a bunch of friends coming over for a dinner party, and lots of drinks 😉

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SexServer.com Update

The transfer of the XRV.com website to SexServer.com is still “in progress”. There is a problem somewhere, so the site is acting up. The IT Boys are looking at it, trying to figure out what’s wrong, and I am just sitting and waiting.

I guess it will be back up when it’s up! 🙁

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A Note on the XRV.com Website

People have noticed that the XRV.com website is coming back with a “403 – Forbidden” page. That is because we are changing xrv.com to sexserver.com and the server guys made a mess of the move! There was supposed to be a new page at xrv.com telling you about the move and the new website with a link to it, but sadly, that isn’t working yet. Also, if you go to sexserver.com, you’ll see an atrocious looking page taht isn’t working, that’s because it got broken in the move!

The guys are working on it, and I am heading to bed, with the hopes that everything will be working properly again in the morning.

Everything is 2 steps forward, and 3 steps back! I think I should just go and become an escort! I can have sex, make money, and not have to worry about technology!! 😉

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Creampie Gang-Bang Video Is Up!

I finally have my big 13 man, Creampie Gang-Bang video up in my members area. Members can see it by clicking here and if you aren’t a member..Why the hell not? You can join right now by clicking here, and then see this video for yourself! 🙂

The video is 31 minutes long, edited down from an hour and a half of action, and shows my pussy getting used and abused with lots of cocks and CUM! It ends with an amazing scene of my Fluff Girl going down on me and licking me clean. She licked up all the CUM in my pussy, plus the 3 more loads the guys dropped on my stomach for her. Lots of CUM play here too!

We did get a handful of pictures, but since my husband was shooting video, he only managed to get a few pictures.

I plan to do just a normal, anything-goes Gang-Bang next where the guys can do whatever they want to me and CUM wherever they want! I expect a lot of Anal and Double-Penetrations, and I guarantee that every guy fucking my ass will make me suck their cocks! Ass-to-Mouth has been happening a lot lately 😉

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One Hell of a Messy Winter Storm

We got hit by that thing yesterday that hit everyone in the north-east, a really messy winter storm. It would have been fine if it was just a lot of snow as we are Canadian and can handle that easily. I have a Jeep that never gets stuck and we have a big snowblower for the driveway. But yesterday was a mess. It started as snow, then turned to freezing rain, then lots of cold rain, followed by freezing rain and then snow again! Just awful.

The power kept flickering and going off and on rather quickly in the very early evening, then about 8:30, the power went out fully. We have a large generator, but didn’t bother bringing it out as we thought the power would be back on soon. It didn’t come back on until 12:30. But we lit some candles, had an enjoyable fuck, and then watched Netflix on the Tablet 🙂

I was supposed to do some filming today, but my schedule got messed up by the storm, so I had to put that off until tomorrow.

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