Loving A Girlfriend’s Oral Skills

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Having Some Unexpected Fun With A Couple Of Guys

I was about to start my live webcam show, and the guy who was supposed to join me chickened out at the last minute. I had figured that I was stuck doing a solo show, which I hate to do. Luckily I had a couple of guys that happened to be in the office and were willing to jumping with me. Luckily I can have fun with everything 🙂

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Happy Father’s Day! I’m taking the day off

I would like to wish all the Dad’s out there a great Father’s Day. Because of it, I am taking the day off. The kids are coming over and were having a big BBQ and plenty of drinks 😉

I will not be on-line or available until tomorrow morning 🙂

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How I Ended Up!

Yesterday, I showed you the picture of the first drop of CUM at a large Orgy I set up. Today I show you the end of it. There was a lot more on the other side of my face and in my mouth 😉

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The First Drop Of CUM At A Party

This is from one of my large orgies from way back. This is the very first appearance of CUM at the event. It was a dribble of his Pre-CUM before he let go all over my face. I just like this picture 🙂

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Flashback Fetish Friday – from 1998

These pictures were for a promotion I did for Fetish Fridays at my old night club in Montreal. I just came across them when I was looking through a box of stuff from my old office 🙂

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New Worn Panties Just For You

I just added some of my G-String Panties to my “Panties For Sale” page. These are all panties that I have worn and were never purchased to be for sale. I primarily wear thongs and g-strings, which is why you don’t see boy shorts or full panties. Of course, if that is your wish, I would be happy to get some to wear for a day, just for you.

The following were added today. You can see everything I have available at http://www.carolcox.com/panties.html. If you would like something different or special, just let me know. The bum view of all these can be seen on the panties page 🙂

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Update On FanFuXXX Shoots

I had to cancel a few of my planned FanFuXXX video shoots with a few of you guys. I finally had my last wisdom tooth removed last week, and my jaw and tooth area are still sore! There is no way I could suck a cock (I can’t even suck through a straw) or really enjoy any sex. I am rescheduling the guys and will be back at the fun next week 🙂

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Undoing The Pants Of A 21 Year Old Boy

This cute 21 year old wanted to experience an older women. I’m always the first to offer up myself, and since I am 33 years older, I really fit the bill of “older woman”! We got down to some hard-core sucking and fucking fun, and it all started with me undoing the lad’s pants 🙂

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Foot Job Fun on video

A fan asked me if I would give him a footjob and allow him to CUM on my feet. I thought it would make a fun video, so invited him over. What you don’t see is the sucking he gave my toes as he had to stay anonymous. But he left a huge oad of CUM over both my feet! 😉

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