His First Squirt of CUM

This picture caught the very first squirt of CUM from this fan on and in my pussy :)\

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Fellatio Friday – He Is In My Throat!

Same guy as below and from 22 years. He wanted to face fuck me, and I am open to anything. He got a couple of inches right in my throat 🙂

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Throwback Thursday – He’s In My Bum!

This picture is from 22 years ago with an early fan of my website. He had never met a woman that enjoyed anal sex, and he really wanted to try it. He slid his cock into my ass, stiffened up, and came! Round 2 lasted about 8 strokes before he came again 😉

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Fucked A Couple Of 19 Year Olds This Afternoon

A few hours ago, I had a couple of 19 year old boys from up in town come over to play. I wasn’t sure what to expect (you never do with the young) and hoped for the best. Well, that is what I got, some amazing sex and many many orgasms! These guys were not shy, and not the least bit hesitant to just take control and use me for over an hour. They are also in excellent shape with above average cocks, so everything was good.

We all enjoyed lots of oral, and as I was sucking one, the other was licking me. We just kept moving, changing things up every few minutes, so there was a lot of suck and fuck action going on. I was sucking one guy while the under was underneath licking me. The guy in my mouth was close to cumming and for some strange reason he wanted to pull out of my mouth! I didn’t let him and held his ass cheek and balls to keep him where he was. He got the point and just let go with a huge load of really creamy CUM. I swallowed every drop, and then tortured him by holding his now overly sensitive cock in my mouth. I love doing that. In the meantime, his buddy who was licking me slid out from underneath me, and fucked me hard doggy-style for just a couple of minutes before he came hard inside of me. I love that feeling.

After a short break we went at it again with both guys finishing in my pussy. The second guy hadn’t CUM in my mouth as of yet and felt short-changed, so I took care of that and swallowed his third load 🙂

Next time, we will try some anal sex and a Double-Penetration 🙂


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BBC Threesome Fun

Just playing with some of my BBC Boytoys 😉

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Lesbian Fun with Kira Silver :)

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His First Time Cumming In A Mouth

This was a young fan of mine who had never CUM in someone’s mouth before. I gave him his first, and very memorable, experience

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Sucking And Swallowing A Nice Cock

I am sucking and swallowing a very nice cock while my pussy gets licked!

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Enjoying Some Hard Fucking

A local guy came over to fuck me long and hard 🙂

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Biting Seska’s Toe ;)

Seska wanted me to lick and suck her feet, which I happily did, but then I couldn’t help but bite 😉

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