Website Update – A Fisting Threesome Audition

I just uploaded a great 20 minute video along with almost 200 pictures of Jessica and Julie auditioning a new BoyToy for me. His name is Gabriel, and he did a pretty good job with the girls. Julie got right into with Jessica. She fucked her pussy with a good sized toy and then went right in with her whole hand! Jessica loves to be fisted as you can see on the video. Gabreil even got in there, fucking Jessica while kissing and fondling Julie. When it cam time to CUM, he let go right in Julie’s waiting mouth.

Check it out today 🙂

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Latest Website Update – My First Time At A Glory Hole

I just came across the master video of all my Glory Hole Adventures. I thought it was lost long ago, but found it in a mislabeled case. I reedited and remastered the videos, and uploaded the first one to the members area of my website. It came out really well.

Below are some of the pictures that were snapped. And yes, I did let the guy fuck my ass through the Glory Hole!

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I Just Saw Myself On TV!

We have one of those Roku Streaming Devices so I can get Netflix and watch all the great shows that are in it. Well, I had seen the Pornhub channel, but never looked at it, until last night. For fun, I did a search on my name, and all my videos from Pornhub are available! It is really strange watching yourself on a 60″ TV! I’m one of those people who hates watching myself, and once a video is done and edited, I tend to never look at it again. I LOVE the thought of other people getting off to what I do, but I just hate seeing myself on anything.

I watched a few videos, and the quality is surprisingly good. If you get the chance, check me out. Just enter “Carol Cox” in the search box and you’ll see a lot of my HD videos 🙂

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The Gang Bang, and more

My mini Gang-Bang on Friday went pretty good. The guys showed up around 9:00PM and we settled in with some drinks and a little chat. When we finally got to the fun, it ended up somewhat different than your typical Gang-Bang.

I had set up my fucking futon in the middle of the room in our large office/shooting area. It’s perfect for a Gang-Bang. Instead of a typical free-for-all where all the guys are in there, we did the first round with me just taking on each guy, one on one, after one another. The rest of the guys just sat back and watched while stroking their cocks. It actually went pretty quick and each guy got to fulfill their fantasy about fucking an ass! After only a few minutes of fucking, the first guy slid his cock into my ass, and ended up cumming in about 30 seconds! He pulled out and moved around to the front of me, and I sucked his cock clean. While I was sucking him, the second boy came over and slid his cock into my ass. When he came, he moved around so I could suck his cock right out of my ass. The next three guys did the exact some thing! The only guy I sucked and who fucked my pussy was the first guy. All the rest just went straight to the ass.

By the time the fifth guy finished, the first couple were ready to go again. It now became a standard Gang-Bang with all the guys on me at once, moving around and taking turns with each hole. The guys came in me again, and again. All five guys creampied my pussy, and all five also came in my mouth.  Every guy came at least three times, with two of the guys coming four times.

It was all quite good and I hope to do it again soon 🙂

On Saturday night we went for dinner and some play time with a couple up in Ottawa. Like us, they are a Bisexual couple who are also into Piss Play. They have a huge play area set up in their basement with area for BDSM play and a Wet Play area. You can do that when you don’t have children. We ended up doing everything Bi-Couples can do together, with everyone sucking and fucking everyone else. Lots of pissing too 😉

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Enjoying a Mini-Gang-Bang this Evening

I have four young guys from Kingston dropping over tonight for some fun. They are all 18/19 and play Junior Hockey in Kingston. I do love fucking hockey players as they are always in amazing shape!

I haven’t met any of them yet, but I have been chatting with one of the guys for a few months now. They want to do and try just about everything they can, and none of them have tried anal sex yet, so I will be introducing them to that 🙂

It should be a lot of fun.

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My youngest is off to college in September!

My youngest son will be moving to Ottawa in September for college. We have been busy traveling back and forth looking at apartments for him, and taking care of all the financial stuff. It has been taking up so much of my time that I am way behind in everything I have to do. But the good news is that starting in September we will finally have our home “kid free” and we can start playing and partying again! I can start walking around fully naked, and be able to fuck who I want, whenever I want! 🙂

I plan to start holding some “Member Only” parties on Friday or Saturday evenings. More like an open house where my website members can drop by, hang out, have some drinks, and whatever happens, happens. I think we’re finally going to get around to building our bar and setting up the room for fun parties.

But until then, I still have a kid to move! 😉

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An Afternoon Quickie Blow-Job

Less than an hour ago, I was outside watering my flowers. One of my neighbours pulled into my driveway and I went over to see what he wanted. He drives a larger SUV and so he sits high in his driver’s seat. He just asked me if I would do him a favour and suck his cock because he was so horny! It did take me a bit by surprise but I thought, “Why not?”

I opened his door and he pulled out his already rock hard cock. I was able to stand outside of his truck, and just by leaning in, take his cock into my mouth. I also live on a fairly busy county road, and this was the start of “rush hour” (well, for us it is), so many people would have seen me. Of course all they would see is me standing out side of an SUV and bending in, nothing really more. But I was sucking a nice cock and I could tell he must have been really horny as he came in about one minute! I sucked him for a minute more to get every drop of CUM from his cock and then moved away.

he closed the SUV door, did up his pants, thanked me, and drove away. I just went back to watering my plants 🙂

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New Young Girl Drops By The PornAudition Studio

I just put up a great new update from my PornAudition Studios. Jimmy, who has fucked me and a number of our girls, came by the Studios with a new victim…er..girl, Shadia. She was really into everything and anything, and really loved anal sex. The video is close to 19 minutes long (edited down from close to 2 hours of footage) and had a bit of everything. Dugmor fucked her ass for a good 20 minutes before both he and Jimmy came all over her face.

Check it out now by joining right now 🙂

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Friday Night Surprise

I had a wonderful surprise last night, an old girlfriend from Montreal stopped by! I had not seen her since we moved 5 years ago, although we did stay in touch. She had to be in Ottawa yesterday afternoon, and she called me around 6:00 PM to say she would like to drop by. So of course, I invited her.

We had dinner and some wine, and by 9:00, she and I were in my bed together, and just stayed there all night. My husband slept in the guestroom as he usually does when I have a playmate over for the night.

So I am feeling quite good right now, and am looking forward to this evening when I have one of my T-Girl friends dropping by 😉

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The Russians are cumming, The Russians are cumming…

I just uploaded a great new PornAudition update to my members area. I feature Angelica and Tony, a Russian couple who were both born in Russia but met each other in Montreal a few years ago. They wanted to give an audition a try, just for the experience, and did they ever put on an amazing show! They spent over two hours just sucking and licking and fucking! Because of the length and the action, I have split the video into two parts, with the first part available right now. This takes us through their first big orgasm!

Below are a few of the pictures from that first part. All together there is 205 pictures and 30 minutes of finished video 🙂

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