Carol Sucks & Fucks An Old Fan on Video

I was joined by this older guy for some fun on video. He had been a fan of me and my website for many years and he happened to be in town this week. I invited him over and we shot a great video.

This is a short teaser of a really fun video that is up in the members area of my website. To see it, JOIN RIGHT NOW!

…or check my new all-inclusive Cunny.Club 🙂

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Pleasurable Pee-Pee Play

I just uploaded a new video to my website that shows some Piss Play fun I had with a new guy. He had never tried anything like this before, so I encouraged him to give it a try. He loved it! This is a video capture of the fun 🙂

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I Don’t Remember This!

I just stumbled across a photo collection that I don’t even remember making. This is me with Celeste Fox and Alyka in my basement, and from the looks of it, we are having a great time! I guess I am getting old though as I just cannot remember doing this. Oh well, at least I can pretend to be on the outside looking in 😉

Here’s one of the pictures 😉


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Latest Video – Hot Lesbian Play From My Friends

Sonia Sux used to work with me with part of her job being to audition guys that wanted to shoot with me. She did a respectable job at that. But there were times she wanted to have her own fun, and on this day she managed to get the hot blonde Angie over to play with her live on webcam. This is a really hot one with lots of great oral and strap-on fucking in every position, with each girl taking turns.

This is the teaser video from the much longer HD version available right now in my members area 🙂

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Here we go again…

I was supposed to be shooting a video with a new guy last night, but he never showed up. At least I didn’t waste any time in getting myself and everything ready. I hadn’t heard back from him with the confirmation e-mail I sent him the night prior, and he never responded through the day. So yet another guy who wasted my time.

I am supposed to be shooting with another guy this evening, but he has not responded to me in 2 days, so I am sure he will be a no-show too.


The way I work this is when a guy asks me if he can join me for a video, we talk about what he is interested in doing, and I ask them to send me some pictures. Specifically a face shot, a full body shot (dressed is fine), and a clear close up of his erect cock. I like to check that the guy doesn’t have visible signs of an STI like Herpes or a HPV caused wart (you would be surprised at how many guys send me pictures where the STI is so obvious. I will tell them they should visit their Doctor). I also ask for guys that are from average to above average in the penis department. Smaller cocks just don’t work well on video, and while I have no problem with smaller cocks, I just need larger for video. I forgot, I also ask them where they live, or will be coming from, as I do not want guys travelling a long distance for me as I really am not worth that.

The instructions are simple and you can see them at It is all quite basic and understandable, but over half the guys that do respond don’t follow those instructions. That does piss me off! They expect me to hand feed them the information that is already there, if only they would read!

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Fun New Fan Fuck – The Video!

Here’s the video from a recent Fan Fuck 🙂

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Fun New Fan Fuck with Creampie Ending!

A new guy I met on-line came over for some play. He wanted a fun suck and fuck finishing off with a juicy Creampie. Well, that is exactly what we did!

I am also posting the fun teaser video right above this 😉

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Throwback Thursday – May 1997

Throwback Thursday – May 1997 – with 1981 Playboy Playmate Of The Year. We were hanging out in Orlando at an Adult Internet Trade Show 🙂

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A New Fan Gets A Juicy Blow-Job

This is a new guy who e-mailed me about getting one of my “famous” (not my term)  blow-jobs.I invited him to come by a few days ago, and we got down to it! We got naked, and I got to “work” 😉

He was instantly hard and ready to go (or should I say blow). I took him in my mouth and spent the next little while sucking his cock and balls, and deep-throating him until he came. The video is a nice little teaser that leads up to the point he just started cumming 😉

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Yet Another No-Show

So, once again I am sitting waiting on someone who isn’t showing up and who never even messaged me back. These people are all excited to do a video with me, and they love telling me everything they want to do and try. Even after we set a date and time to do it, they say they are ready tio go. Then the time comes, and no one shows up at my door! And without an e-mail or a text message letting me know.

I spend a lot of time getting ready, making sure I am freshly showered and shaved, and with all my make-up done, as well as my hair. That takes me a couple of hours. Then I get the play area all set up, and probably spend another hour getting everything ready. And then I sit and wait. These people (I am not just saying guys, even though they are by far the majority of no-shows) basically ruin my day, taking me away for other things I could be doing. It really is sad.

I have another guy coming over tomorrow, so lets hope he does make it over 🙂

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