An Old Friend Dropped By Today

A guy I knew back in Montreal, and who has appeared in a couple of my Fan FuXXX videos, dropped by the house earlier today. He was heading back to Montreal from Ottawa, and one of the ways you can go is right past my front door. I hadn’t seen him, or even talked to him, since he was at my old house in Montreal for a Creampie video shoot back in 1998!

I was on my Mac and I heard the dog start barking the way he does when someone pulls into our driveway. I went and had a look, and there was this big van sitting there. Then I saw him get out and come to the door. I greeted him with a two cheek kiss, as is the Quebec way, and invited him in. He said he couldn’t stay as he had a delivery of some sort to get back into twon, but just wanted to say hello. My husband came out of the office and said hello, and we chatted for just a few minutes.

He said he had to go, so I walked him back to the van and my husband went back to the office. He climbed into the van, and I stood at his open door. he then grinned and asked if I could help him out like old times! With that, he pulled his cock out, and it was already hard. I just leaned into the van, and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him!

He was pointed nose in on my driveway with the door wide open and I am standing outside of the door, just leaning in. While people driving by couldn’t actually see, I couldn’t help but wonder if they knew what I was doing! After all, when you see someone leaned over in a vehicle, with their head right where a crotch would be, wouldn’t you be going…hmmmmm?! Thinking that while sucking a nice cock got me really excited and I couldn’t help by reach into my shorts with my free hand, and play with myself! So theer I am, sucking a cock and masturbating, right in my driveway, with early rush hour traffic going by! It was wild!

It only took a few minutes before I felt him tense up and then grab the back of my head. He came with a huge squirt, that kept squirting! I just sucked and swallowed until he was done, then I kept sucking, milking out every last drop. The first thing he said was to ask me if he could drop by again! Not even a thank you! πŸ˜‰

He left and I went back inside and to our home office. I grabbed my husband’s face pulled him to me, and kissed him hard on the mouth, getting my tongue right in there. He noticed the taste of CUM right away and he said “WOW! That was fast!”. I dropped my shorts, pulled off his shorts, and then sat on his cock and rode him hard until I came a few times. I finished him off in my mouth :)

And I thought today was going to be boring…

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A Fun Saturday Night

On Saturday I posted that I had a couple of new guys coming over to my place for some fun. Well, that turned into 5 guys! Some friends saw my post on here and asked if they could join the party to. I asked the new guys if they would mind and they were fine with it, so by 9:00PM, I had 5 guys (and my husband) sitting around the kitchen, drinking beer! I had some wine, and was also feeling good πŸ˜‰

After a couple of the drinks, one of the guys that I knew well and played with quite a lot, grabbed me and pulled my stretch pants down and off, and then pulled off my tank top. I was fully naked. He pushed me down to my knees, pulled out his cock, grabbed my hair, and forced his already hard cock into my mouth. All this without saying a single word. He basically face fucked me for jst a few minutes before cumming hard in my mouth, and with quite a big load too! As he was cumming he told me not to swallow, and when he was done, he had me open my mouth and show his load to everyone. I was then told to swallow, which I did.

That 5 minute “demonstration” got everyone up and going, and I was taken into the living room and fucked by everyone! It really was just a blur, of sucking, fucking, and anal sex. One of the new guys slid his cock into me as I was sucking another guy on the couch, and he lasted about 30 seconds before he came deep in my pussy. All the guys came fairly quick, and the entire first round lasted about 30 minutes with every guy cumming in me. We then took a break (I needed one) for another 30 minutes, and then started again. The second round was slower and much longer. The frantic energy of the first round changed to more intimate love-making. I did get to enjoy an amazing Double-Penetration with 2 of the guys. They managed to get the rhythm down perfectly, and I was having orgasm after orgasm, and it went on so long (or so it felt, in a great way).

A couple of the guys wanted to go for a third round, so we went into the bedroom leaving the other guys with their drinks in the kitchen. We spent close to an hour sucking and fucking and by the end, I was wasted!

Everyone left about 2:00 in the morning, and I slept right through to 11:00 the next morning!. All in all, a great Saturday night :)

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Met A New Girl

We went to the Pub last nigth for a little going away get-together for a friend who is moving out west and leaves on Sunday. The Pub wasn’t busy at all with just a handful of people other than our little group. During the evening, 3 cute girls came in and sat at the bar. I didn’t recognize any of them, but we were joking about how they picked the wrong night to try and pick up some boys, as there were none there!

At the end of the night, when we were about to leave, one of the girls waved me over. The problem was not one of them could speak English, and I can’t speak French! So we spent 15 minutes trying to talk. I finally got out that she was interested in shooting a video with me! I gave her my e-mail and told her to write as I can get my husband to translate and work it out with her.

Tonight I have a couple of guys dropping by for what is becoming my usual Saturday night fun. I haven’t played with them before, but we met and hung out a few times already, and I do like them. They have never been in a group scene before, so it will be fun :)

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The week is going by too fast!

This week has just flown by! I had a fun weekend with a great Saturday night. We had a bunch of friends over for dinner and some fun, and things went on until 4:00 in the morning! I really am getting too old for all that! It wasn’t a big Orgy thing, but people would just sneak off, have some fun, and then join the party. I ended up playing with 5 guys, all separately, and with one of the new couples who had joined us for the first time.

The only “public” sex was when my husband grabbed one of our female friends, bent her ove the kitchen table, and fucked her ass bareback! He then “forced” her husband to suck his cock clean (they are into all that). It was fun to watch.

Since Monday was a holiday here in Canada, one of our T-Girl friends from Ottawa came down to stay the night on Sunday. The three of us all spent the night in our king-size bed, and just had fun. I even brought out my strap-on and fucked both guys! My husband even came in her ass πŸ˜‰

All I have been doing since then is working on things and running around. The one problem in living in the country is that nothing is close so you have to drive everywhere for things. That really takes up a lot of time.

But I will be having a bit of fun very soon. One of my local boyfriends is dropping by shortly to help my husband move some things around and then I will be thanking him properly πŸ˜‰

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A Long Weekend

I just learned it’s a long weekend up here in Canada! When you work for yourself, and don’t pay much attention to things, this type of things tend to slip by! I only learned about it because my son has Monday off of school. It’s Victoria day weekend up here when we “celebrate” the birth (or something) of Queen Victoria. Really, it’s just an excuse for people to party and get drunk πŸ˜‰

I was supposed to go to the Pub last night, except my recent Meds change had me a bit out of it, so we just stayed in. But this evening, we have some friends coming over for dinner, drinks, and fucking! It will probably end up being a late night…

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Fun CUM and Pee Video Shoot

Pee On MeAs I mentioned on my previous post, on Monday I had a website member drop over to give Pee Play a try. He was a bit Pee Shy at first, so I relaxed him with a Blow-Job and had him CUM on my ass. I licked the CUM off his cock and he finally let go. He was still nervous about it, so it wasn’t a long lasting stream, but you get what you get πŸ˜‰

I now have the video from this fun shoot up on my website for all the members to see. If you aren’t a member, then join now! πŸ˜‰


I’m heading out now to see my Gynecologist about adjusting my hormones! The various things I am taking now just aren’t working, and I want to get back to feeling normal. I also want to have those horny feelings much more often than I am getting them now! And speaking of horny, my Gyno is in a Town called Winchester, about an hour’s drive from my place. On the way back, about halfway, I am meeting up with a website member in the Tim Horton’s parking lot (the one on the corner of #43 and #138) for a quickie fuck! :)

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Blow-Job and Pee Shoot

On Monday I did a fun Blow-job and Pee shoot with one of my website members. We had chatted about Pee Play as he had never done it, but was very interested in trying it. So I told him if he liked, he could drop by my place and piss all over me…with a ctahc…I get to film it. Of course I don’t show faces, so his identity stays secret. I also told him that I would suck his cock and make him CUM, which really excited him.

He came by, and we got to business. He tried to pee on me first, but like most guys and their first time, was a bit Pee Shy. Instead, I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him for about 10 minutes before I had him CUM on my ass (a separate request from someone). I turned back around, sucked his cock clean, and then he finally let go with a big spray of piss on my boobs and in my face. Yes, I know I enjoy a strange Fetish, but I actually like the taste and the feel of it spraying me all over :)

I’ll have that video up on my site on Thursday :)

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It Is A Bitch Getting Old!

I know I haven’t posted on my Blog for quite a while, and it is my fault. Not only have I been busy working on a big bunch of new stuff, I am also now suffering through Menopause!! It’s no secret, I am 51 and at the prime time in my life for that nasty “change of life” to hit…and it has…hard! I think that every bad effect of menopause has entered my life; Hot Flashes, night sweats, poor sleep, body aches, and a complete lack of sex drive unless it’s the opposite and I am insanely horny! I never know what the day will bring or how I will feel, and it’s usually bad.

I have gone on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for it and am using an Estrogen patch and Progesterone pills, which just aren’t working. I have another appointment with my Gynecologist on Thursday to change my HRT Meds. Hopefully, we will find something that works!

I have been playing, but I have made a few last minute cancellations due to the way I was feeling. On the other hand, there are times when I have never felt so horny! My vibrator has been getting a hell of a work-out, and I am now Squirting like I never have before! It’s actually quite remarkable!

I will force myself to get back to updating my Blog properly, as you have all missed some amazing stories of my sexual escapades. I’m also hoping I get my hormones back on track…

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CUM in my Pussy!

Looking for guys with nice cocks and big loads to help me with making some Creampie videos. Anal Creampies too. Just be local enough to be able to easily get to me in eastern Ontario, Canada! You don’t even have to show your face. You come by, I suck your cock to get you ready, then you fuck me and CUM in me. I’ll lick and suck you clean, and you leave. No money changes hands. You just need to provide me with clear pictures of your face, full body, and erect cock. This can be a one-time or ongoing thing.

All you local Glengarry boys are welcome to come and take part too, including those of you who see me at The Tic. Don’t worry, I won’t out you as my discretion is always assured πŸ˜‰

Thanks :)

CUM in my Pussy

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New Guy Pisses On My Ass & Pussy!

I just finished shooting a new video with a local fan who has an interesting Fetish, he likes to piss on a woman’s ass and pussy! Although it is his Fetish, it’s something he has never had a chance to do, but said he has fantasized about it for years. So he e-mailed me and asked if I would help him out. Since he is one of the young regulars at the local Pub I hang out at, I invited him over to give it a go.

He had a problem getting started as he was a bit Pee Shy with my husband standing there with the video camera. My husband decided to give him the camera, and leave the room, so we shot this POV style. Luckily, the video came out just fine.

I got down on my hands and knees with him behind me, and then he just let go. He got me right in the ass, and all over my pussy. I know that this type of thing isn’t for everyone, but I really do enjoy the feeling. As his stream hit me, it got me excited and I played with myself while his piss ran down my pussy. He gave me a little unexpected surprise at the end by sliding his finger into my ass!

I’ll have the video up in the ChickPee area of my website in a few days, but below are some video captures I will share with you now. :)

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