A Member Just Drank My Pee

pic004I have a website member who contacts me quite a lot. For the past 6 months he has been asking me if I would allow him to lick and play with my pussy and also pee in his mouth! He didn’t want to do anything else and asked if I could be fully naked while he stays fully dressed. Well, I finally gave in! I guess persistence does pay off. He is married, and doesn’t want to sexually cheat on his wife, other than with fulfilling his Piss Fetish which his wife just isn’t into.

My stipulation was that he allow me to film it, and he agreed as long as he could hide his face. I have some balaclavas which I told him he could wear (even though everyone looks creepy wearing those things!). To get ready for him, I drank 3 bottles of water, and even some pineapple juice to sweeten me up a bit.

pic005When he showed up, I was ready for him. I had “waterproofed” the couch and was all set to go. I also did kind of have to pee badly, so I was ready to get started! I gave him the balaclava to put on, removed my robe, and sat back on the couch. He went down on me and started touching and licking my pussy, but he said he was a bit self-conscious about drinking my pee with my husband there. So I took the video camera, tossed my husband out of the room, and shot the video POV style from my point of view!

He spent 5 or 6 minutes licking and sucking and fingering my pussy, it felt good. I had to piss badly, but I held it back to stretch things out. When I let go with the first squirts, he sucked greedily at my pussy and swallow a lot of what I gave him. Over the next 5 or so minutes, I would let my pee run out of me, then stop the flow, doing that a handful of times. Once I had emptied my bladder into his mouth, he kept licking and sucking on my pussy. After a few more minutes, I turned the camera off, put it down, and just enjoyed the cunnilingus. The video I shot is close to 13 minutes long, but he spent a non-stop 45 minutes between my legs, making me CUM quite a few times. It felt great not having to return the favour and just lay back while someone worked fully on me.

The video will be up by tomorrow for the members to view.

He is coming back over in a few days to do it again! I reviewed my video and I think I could do better. Instead of holding back and slowly letting my pee out, the next time I intend on just letting go, full force in his mouth and face! It may be a shorter video, but it will be explosive! 😉


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Creampie Bukkake Clarification

I should clarify something with the Creampie Bukkake I am doing, and that is the guys doing it are a private group and it isn’t open to anyone other than members of that group. I will not be bringing anyone as I don’t want to disrupt the camaraderie that they already have. I just bring this up as I already have people asking me if they can attend.

If you would like to do something like this with me, then just set it up and tell me what you can do for me. If it interests me, I will be your girl. :)

I won’t be around today as we are just about to head out to Kingston for an appointment my husband has. We won’t be back until early this evening.

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Creampie Bukkake – Round 2

I’m going to give the Creampie Bukkake another shot! This time I am talking to a group of guys that have a Gang-Bang club together. We’re shooting for 15 guys who will CUM in my pussy, one after the other, as quickly as possible. Just like a standard Bukkake, but instead of cumming on my face, they will CUM deep in my pussy :)

I will be shooting it all on video, but won’t be showing and of the guy’s faces. Just working on the date to do this now!

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Fucking an old Casting Couch Victim!

I had some fun yesterday afternoon that wasn’t even planned. I got contacted by a guy from Montreal, Mark, who I had on my Casting Couch many years ago. He shot 3 videos with me back about 7 years ago that are on my site. I hadn’t heard from him in years, when out of the blue he tells me he’ll be driving by my place later that afternoon. I told him to stop by, and he did. He said he couldn’t stay long as he had to get back to Montreal. But it took about 5 minutes before we ended up in bed together! I got his clothes off and was sucking his cock when he asked why we weren’t filming it! Sounded good to me, so I ran downstairs to grab my husband who was working on the computer, and told him to grab the camera. He followed me back to the bedroom.

I jumped back on the bed, and started sucking Mark again while my husband got set up. As it wasn’t planned, we had no lights set up, so the video is just shot in the natural ambient light. Mark was laying back enjoying the blow-job and mentioned how he just didn’t want to move as it felt so good. So I told him to just stay that way, and let me do all the work, which is what happened. I sucked him some more and then climbed on top of him and guided his bare cock into my pussy. I rode him for a while and then spun around to ride him facing away. After I came a few times, and went back down on him to suck his cock, and he quickly came in my mouth and on my face. I sucked him clean, and after he cleaned up, he left. The whole thing took maybe 15 minutes, but it was really good. I actually really enjoy quickies and people who think that sex must always be an hours long production are missing out 😉

The video is up and available in the members area of my site in the Fan FuXXX section. You should check it out now by clicking here.  If you aren’t a member, well Why Not? I can use the support! 😉 You can join right now…

Below are some pictures my husband managed to snap in-between video shots!



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Eve and I Are Named Tech Geeks!

I just remastered an uploaded the video from when Eve and I got together for some sexual fum in the server room. It was a great time with lots of wet sex and toy play. The video is close to 20 minutes long and I think, great :)

Below are some teaser pictures from our fun 😉

You can find this new video in the members area of my website…

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Creampie Bukkake Fail

Right now, I am supposed to be driving to Montreal and meeting all the guys who were cumming out to Creampie my pussy! But I am not. I am just sitting here writing this! “Why?” you may ask…and the answer would be that out of 20 original guys, only 2 (yes, just two) confirmed as they were supposed to! The rest of the guys…nothing, not even the courtesy of letting us know they couldn’t make it.

While I wasn’t setting this up, I did get the e-mails for all the guys and personally wrote them saying I was looking forward to the fun. I also asked them to let me know that they received my e-mail with a quick reply back. And again only 2, the same 2, replied to me.

As I mentiond, we started at 20 knowing many would show, and that was whittled down to 9 gusy who seemed quite serious about taking part. I expected one or two more to cancel out at the last minute, but not seven of them! It wasn’t worth my time for the hour and a half drive each way, dragging the camera and lighting equipment along, and just shooting with a couple of guys! It’s supposed to be like a Bukkake, with a lot of guys! We had no choice but to cancel.

I am still hoping to do this and capture it on video. I just don’t have the ability to properly set it up. So if any somewhat local people think they can get the guys and have a place, then hook a sister up! 😉

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Quiet Friday but Fun Saturday

We just stayed in and relaxed on Friday evening, so nothing exciting happened. Well, my husband and I did have some fun Pee Play and he did CUM in my ass, but that’s just a usual evening around here.

On Saturday we had a somewhat new guy over for some cuckold play. I met him at a party a while back, and we chatted about cuckolding and how he would love to take the Bull role in such a relationship. So Saturday was a planned sex night with everyone having their set roles to play. We got into it shortly after he came over, and in no time he and I were naked in my bedroom. We were on the bed, naked and kissing, and my husband stood next to the bed, still fully dressed, watching us. I told him to lick my pussy and get me ready, and so he did. I was stroking the Bull’s cock, and kissing him, and after a few minutes I told my cuck husband to get him ready to! My husband went down on the Bull and started licking and sucking his cock. It was so hot to watch.

I then pulled the Bull over on top of me, and had my husband guide the Bull’s cock into my pussy. It was a really nice siz eand it felt great! We ended up fucking in different positions for close to 20 minutes. I just kept cumming and cumming. While we fucked, I would sometimes tell my husband to play with the guy’s balls, which the Bull loved. We were fucking doggy-style with my husband lightly squeezing the Bull’s balls when all of a sudden, the Bull started cumming in my pussy. I could tell it was a big load, and my husband remarked that he could feel every squirt! When the Bull slipped out of me, he grabbed my husband’s head and pulled him onto his cock. He told my husband to suck him clean, then after about 20 seconds, he forced my husband off of him and onto my pussy. He started licking and sucking my pussy as I was still on my hands and knees. I had him lie on his back under me, and I straightened up and sat on his face. I looked down and spread my pussy lips, and saw a big blob of CUM fall out of me and right into my husband’s mouth! That turned me on in a way I can’t even describe. I stayed on his face for a few minutes as he kicked as deeply as he could.

We took a short break, and then went back to the bedroom. This time I allowed my husband to undress, and allowed him to play with himself, while he sat in the chair and watched. I was feeling selfish and didn’t want my husband involved. he could weatch and jerk off, but not CUM until I told him he could! I started giving my new Bull a nice blow-job and after a while we moved into a 69. Then after some mutual oral pleasuring, we started fucking again, and this time he just pounded my pussy! He was a machine! When he was close to cumming again, I moved around, took his cock into my mouth, and sucked him until he came. Even that second load was a good size. I sucked and swallowed every drop of CUM from him, and then we collapsed next to each other on the bed. My hsuband was still sitting in the chair, stroking himself! As I lay they I told him to come over, jerk off, and CUM on my pussy, which he did, very quickly! I then told him to lick his mess up, and that he also did.

That was it for the Saturday night, and it was a great one. I really do get off on cuckold play, and if you think you can handle playing with us as a Bull, let me know. I am always looking for suitable Dominant Bulls to come fuck me in front of my cuckold husband 😉

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The ManBeast Fucks T-Girl Kelly

This is a video that was shot for my PornAudition website and that I just uploaded to my members area. In it, we set up Manny (the ManBeast) with a hot young Pre-op M2F Transgendered Kelly. Manny was the crazy guy who would do anything we asked of him, but here, he really wanted Kelly!

It started off with a photoshoot of Kelly, and then we had her chat live on webcam with the members for about an hour. Finally, we brought Manny in to do a live interview with her, then get down to sucking her cock, fucking her ass, cumming all over her boobs, and then licking it all up! The video is great!

These are just a few of the many pictures that were snapped during this wild encounter. You can see all the pictures and the full length video in my Members Area now. Now a Member? Why the hell not? Just Join Now! 😉

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Fun Fivesome!

Since I have been incapacitated (okay, not really, but I wasn’t going to fuck on video with staples in my tummy!) from my little operation, I had to put off some video shoots I had planned before all this hit. But that’s fine as I have all sorts of never-before-seen videos in my library! I have over 500 different scenes for both my own website and my PornAudition website that have never been seen. They haven’t ever been taken off the master tape!

This is an example of one that I just uploaded to my Members Area on my website. It is a great scene from when my girlfriend Tracy was visiting from Toronto and she joined me and Eve on our Live PlayDate. After some fun Lesbian playing we dragged in Johnny Pearl and Adam for some tasty cock sucking and hard fucking. The video is 20 minutes long, fun, and action packed. here are just a few of the pictures that were snapped that day 😉

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The Weekend Report

It was one of those weird weekends. We had nothing planned at all, and were resigned to just staying in. Then on Friday night, a couple of local guys we know dropped by with a case of beer and a bottle of wine for me. They were already half pissed when they showed up too. So we put on some music, and we all started drinking. The boys with their beer, and me with my wine. One of the guys was getting “frisky” and rubbing on me. We ended up in the bathroom with me on my knees, sucking his cock. He came really fast, and I swallowed every drop. It was so quick, my husband and the other guy didn’t really notice we were gone! Of course the guy I just swallowed couldn’t help make silly little remarks, and then when the other guy realized what happened, h wanted one too! My loving husband then tells him to just drag me off and make me suck his cock! So, he did! He actually picked me up and carried me to the bedroom, then dropped me on the bed. I helped him get his pants doen, and sucked his cock until he too came in my mouth.

That was it for the sex that night, a couple of blow-jobs and nothing for me. Even my husband drank too much and just went to bed after they left! I had no choice but to masturbate in bed and gve myself a good orgasm 😉

Saturady was a day of house cleaning and moving things around. We ordered some new living room furniture and we had to get things set up for it as we are changing the room around. My husband had to move the TV wiring from one corner to the other, but now it is all finally done. We didn’t get finished until close to 8:00 that evening, and we were both sweaty and tired. I even had 2 different guys that I just love to fuck call me and ask me if I wanted to fuck! Sadly, I had to say no as I was just too worn out to even have a shower 😉

No sex on Saturday either.

Now today is Sunday, and earlier this afternoon a friend from Montreal stopped in unexpectedly. he was on his way bck hom from Ottawa, and as he was driving by, he stopped in. This is a super hot guy with an amzing cock who I really do love to fuck, and that’s what I thought I was going to get! Finally a fuck for the weekend. Sadly, that was not to be. he didn’t have time and had to get home. He had judt stopped in to say hello :(

So, no sex on Sunday either. A rare, very dry weekend 😉


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