A Busy Weekend Ahead

I do have a fairly busy weekend ahead of me! There will be lots of sex…

This evening, as usual, we will be over at Bourbon Street West for drinks and hopefully for more. Everyone is welcome to join us, so come on out. We have no plans as to what we will be doing afterward as we always like to just see what happens.

On Saturday, I have an early Gang-Bang planned with a bunch of guys I play with a couple of times a year. It’s something we have been doing for the past 8 years, and tomorrow is the day. I have 6 guys I’m meeting up with and they get to do whatever they want to me and with me. I cannot say no! They can use me and abuse me in any way they like….and I love it! It will be great. Right after that, I have to rush home, shower and change, and then head over to a friend’s house for a Birthday Party! Everyone who will be there are swingers, so things will get wild there too. I think I may be a bit sore on Sunday…

—but then on Sunday, we have a friend who is driving through and staying at our place for the night. I know it may sound strange for many of you, but he’ll be sleeping (and more) with me in my bed while Danny sleeps in the guest bedroom.

I think Monday will be a day of rest for me!

I Get Fucked By A Couple

Here is a video that has never been seen, other than by the handful of people who watched it live on webcam when it happened. We were doing stuff at the office one evening when Adam and Eve dropped over. I could tell Adam was really horny, but Eve was “out-of-commission”. I was also feeling a little frisky, so we talked about me taking care of Adam. That turned into doing it live on camera, with Eve helping us out. So that’s what we did.

We were all feeling silly, and were acting that way to. This is a good example of how we all get when we get together for fun…we really do have fun! Adam fucked me, and then Eve put on one of my strap-ons, and fucked me to. I also got to watch Eve deep throat Adam, she always does such a good job at that. Adam finished up by giving me and Eve a juicy facial 🙂

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A Hat Trick Of Cancellations

I hit the Trifecta this week! 3 shoots scheduled, and 3 cancellations at the last minute. That does piss me off! Especially when 2 of the guys knew they couldn’t make it, but didn’t let me know until I e-mailed them to confirm the time. Even then, both waited until the last minute before getting back to me. I know that if I had not e-mailed them, they just would not have shown up. And the one guy who did write (at the last minute) to cancel was the same guy who canceled on me 2 weeks ago (at the last minute)

I know that for them it’s no big deal, but I put a lot of work into planning, setting up, and getting ready. An hour of fun for the guys is quite a few hours of work for me, and when they don’t show, that just becomes really wasted time! I have other people who are quite serious about getting together that would have shown up, but because these guys give me no notice, I just don’t have time to get someone else over. It is very frustrating for me.

I do this as I think it is a great way to show my thanks to my fans. It’s also something fun and personal that I can do for my website and for people to see, and it’s something fun and anonymous for the people that come over.

I really don’t know what to do anymore. Over half the guys I have had set up to come over for some fun have either cancelled at the last minute or just never showed up. Why do people do that to others?

Odds & Ends

I was supposed to be shooting with a new guy today, but he cancelled on me last night. It was supposed to be a full-on, hard-core, anything goes shoot that I was looking forward to.  I hadn’t heard from him in a few days, so I e-mailed him yesterday just to confirm once again. He wrote back saying he started a new job and couldn’t make it. I have a feeling that if I didn’t contact him, I would have just been sitting and waiting.

I have another new guy, Jerry, for tomorrow. This will be a blow-job shoot for my Fellatio friday series, but he asked if he could play with me a bit before we started as he wants to taste my pussy. I agreed, so I’ll be pretty horny by the time I go for his cock! On Thursday, I have yet another brand new guy dropping over for some fun. He only lives a few blocks away from me, about a 5 minute walk, which I like. He’s into everything and like me, has few limits. We’ll probably enjoy some anal sex and I plan to snowball his CUM with him! 😉

Since I did have the planned shoot today, I thought it was a good time to get caught up on my “Tribute” pictures. That’s when someone pays you tribute by jerking off and cumming all over your pictures. I do something extra for the guys as I take a picture of me holding their Tribute picture to me. It was an off day, so I really wasn’t overly creative with these 😉

The first picture is of me holding a tribute from wildrose1966. He’s coming over to do a special Tribute picture with me. He’s going to select a picture of me he likes and bring it over. I’m going to suck his cock and bring him off in my mouth, and then drool his CUM all over the picture, and then take a picture of the results! Of course, there will be a video of it 😉