Meet Me

I get lots of people e-mailing me about meeting up with me, and the thing is, it’s really easy to meet me. Of course, you do have to be in the Eastern Ontario  area for that, either living here or visiting, as I don’t really travel much. I make myself available most Friday evenings to meet new people and hang out with friends. many of which I made just by meeting them through my website.

I hang out at a local bar here in the Alexandria area of Ontario most Fridays. I get there around 9:00PM  and stay until whenever. That depends on who is there and what’s going on. I usually meet up with other “Swinger” friends, and people that like to hang out and have fun with us. While it isn’t a “Sex” get-together, we still manage to have some frisky fun 😉

When I meet people, I never guarantee sex. That is something that may happen if we hit it off and get along together. The good thing is I am easy to get along with and I like most people. It also depends on my mood at the time, and also how horny I am feeling. Of course, there are just some people I meet that can get me really horny, really fast!  I will do people like that right there and then ! (well, in my van in the parking lot) 😉

After the bar, we never plan what we are going to do. About half the time, I invite everyone over to my place for a couple more drinks, and maybe some sexual fun. It’s just one of those things that just happens.

So if you would like to meet, and you’re going to be around on a Friday night, then please just message me

Carol xoxoxo