So Much To Do

Well, I do have he Internet hooked up, and with my computer on the kitchen table. We still can’t find any of the hardware we need to put our desks and office together! I forgot what a pain it is trying to find everything in over 130 boxes! I am getting through them slowly, one at a time, and getting the house set up. But I am also cleaning as I go as I have a little problem with other people’s dirt! Remember, bleach can be your friend 😉

We just had the plumber here looking at our drilled well, pumping and filtration systems. They have just been sitting for a while and we plan to change out a bunch of it. We had a contractor over last night to give us a price for renovating part of the house. We are turning what is now 2 bedrooms and a bathroom into one large master bedroom with a large bathroom. I’m now waiting on the electrician to inspect the panels for us and we also have a guy coming over this evening to measure up the front door and some windows so we can get those change. This house will be a disaster zone for a while!

I really do need to get the office set up so I can get back to editing the backlog of videos I have for you guys. During the move, I came across about 200 hundred never before scenes from my old PornAudition studios. Many of them are of me, Seska and a few of the other girls “auditioning” guys who walked in off the street! Those were wild days. Add that to the 300+ videos that I still have never gotten up on any website, and there is just an amazing load of great stuff. Of course, I also have to get to all my new stuff at the same time. Between the new house and my website, this will be a VERY busy summer.

We have a nice big bedroom on the lower level of the house that will make a perfect room to shoot in, and I can’t wait to get that set up. We’re also putting in a large shower so I can indulge in my Waterports fun. I know that Pee Play isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I have really gotten into that lately. It is one of those things that I just can’t explain, but I really get off on the feel and taste of getting peed on as well as peeing on others. I’ve decided to do a lot more Watersports shoots, but will put those up on my ChickPee website to keep it separate from my own personal site. Of course, members get access to it all.

Okay, I have to run back to Montreal now to pick up my last bunch of mail and do a few other things. Be back later this afternoon.

Losing My Internet Tomorrow

My Internet gets cut off tomorrow at my current home, and will hopefully be back up on Saturday at my new place. I say “hopefully” because Bell Canada is handling it and they have given me great reason over the years to never trust their word! But if all goes well, I will be back up and on-line at some point on Saturday.

My husband did set me up with the WordPress App for the iPhone, so if something interesting comes up, I can still let you know. I just have to get used to typing on a little screen 😉

Okay, back to even more packing! We just hit 100 boxes with more to do!

The Signing Is Done, The Packing Has Begun!

We officially sold our house today as we did all the legal stuff late this afternoon. The movers are coming first thing Friday morning, so I have spent the last 2 days packing (when I wasn’t running around). I still have LOTS to pack, and I hate it. We just have way too much “stuff”. It is amazing what you collect over the years, and you tend to fill the space you have. We live in a fairly large home right now, and we’re moving to a smaller one in the country, so I am getting rid of much of the superfluous stuff!

Tomorrow, I have to pick up the check from the lawyer then run to the bank to deposit it and get another bank draft for the new house we are buying. We drive out to Ontario on Thursday to finalize everything and get the keys for the new place. We also have lots of stuff to do both tomorrow and Thursday, so the packing will be done is super rush mode!

I am so tired…

We have to shout down all the computers on Thursday, so I probably won’t be back on-line until Monday. Our Internet is supposed to be set up on Saturday, but even when that is done, we still have to put the office and all the equipment back together.

I’ll check in with you all tomorrow, just so I can complain about how behind I am! 😉

We Sold Our House!

It finally happened, our house is officially sold! It has been a month of problems with the people who wanted to buy it, and actually, everything did fall through with them. But this past Monday, our Realtor called and said they finally managed to get financing. We decided to go ahead with the sale with them as they were giving us the price we wanted and we are entering the slow season for real estate in the Montreal area. We also had a hose to move into, but we have to do everything fast!

We move next Friday, June 24th, and spent this past week setting up the movers, changing and setting up everything you need to do when you sell then buy in a new province. This next week will be all about packing and getting ready for the move. I really don’t have much time.

I do have a bunch of stuff to put up on my main website but the problem right now is time! I think I’ll just have to wait a couple of weeks after we are all set up in our new home to get all the stuff done.

What A Day! But The Weekend Is Here!

I had a hair appointment this morning, so I was out of the house quite early. My hairdresser is amazing, but he really does take his time. So after spending over 4 hours in the chair, I get back home and the power is out! Our entire street lost power for most of the afternoon and it only went back on about 5:00. I got no work done today at all, and now I’m rushing through my e-mail and customer support stuff.

But it is Friday, so I’ll be heading to the bar, once again and as usual, for a few drinks and some fun. Let’s see if tonight is as fun and “productive” as recent weeks have been! After all, I have met up with some fun guys and have had some great fucks (and even more naughtier stuff) and I wouldn’t mind more of the same tonight! 🙂

Everyone is welcome to join me, just click the “Meet Me” tab above to see where I will be.

I’m not sure what I will be doing on Saturday night yet. I met a local guy over on the FetLife website and he wants to set up a Gang-Bang for me where I am a submissive sexual slave and have to do everything the guys want! They want to get into some bondage with me, and some flogging and spanking. They also want to involve some watersports and pee all over me! I actually use to play this way quite a lot back in the 1990’s when I was a lot more involved in the local fetish scene, so I am seriously thinking about giving myself over to the guys. But I’ll know when I know if I am going to go 🙂