What A Day! But The Weekend Is Here!

I had a hair appointment this morning, so I was out of the house quite early. My hairdresser is amazing, but he really does take his time. So after spending over 4 hours in the chair, I get back home and the power is out! Our entire street lost power for most of the afternoon and it only went back on about 5:00. I got no work done today at all, and now I’m rushing through my e-mail and customer support stuff.

But it is Friday, so I’ll be heading to the bar, once again and as usual, for a few drinks and some fun. Let’s see if tonight is as fun and “productive” as recent weeks have been! After all, I have met up with some fun guys and have had some great fucks (and even more naughtier stuff) and I wouldn’t mind more of the same tonight! 🙂

Everyone is welcome to join me, just click the “Meet Me” tab above to see where I will be.

I’m not sure what I will be doing on Saturday night yet. I met a local guy over on the FetLife website and he wants to set up a Gang-Bang for me where I am a submissive sexual slave and have to do everything the guys want! They want to get into some bondage with me, and some flogging and spanking. They also want to involve some watersports and pee all over me! I actually use to play this way quite a lot back in the 1990’s when I was a lot more involved in the local fetish scene, so I am seriously thinking about giving myself over to the guys. But I’ll know when I know if I am going to go 🙂


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