I’m Feeling A Bit Down :(

On Friday, we had to put our cat down. She had a kidney infection and renal failure. She was in pretty bad shape, and it just happened so fast. Within 2 days she went from moving slowly around, to not being able to stand on her own. we had no choice but to end her suffering. I had her for the past 18 years, so it did hit a bit hard.

The other sad part is that she passed exactly 8 months to the day as our very large Standard poodle. He had a major heart attack and just went so suddenly. We did find out that Poodles of his size (100 pounds) are at risk of heart problems. But it was still a shock at that time.

So I am now pet-less and I am thinking of just staying that way. It’s just too hard.

I haven’t been overly responsive to emails and messages, so please understand. I’m feel down, and it’s hard to put on a fun face.

Thank you.

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