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I’m Still Alive

I am sorry if I haven’t been too publicly available the last few weeks but I have been just swamped with work. My husband decided to go back to work which leaves me doing just about everything. There is a … Continue reading

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Shooting With A Hot Young Girl Tomorrow! @DaraTaboo

There is a new girl on the Internet Porn scene and she’s coming over to my place tomorrow night for some fun making videos. Her name is Dara and you can see lots more of her over on her Twitter … Continue reading

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I Got Some New Cock Last Night, Finally!

I am pleased to say that I finally broke my three week dry spell of fucking last night with a new guy I met through my Blog! YAY! The last fuck I had was WAY back on April 9th, so … Continue reading

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I’m Feeling A Bit Down :(

On Friday, we had to put our cat down. She had a kidney infection and renal failure. She was in pretty bad shape, and it just happened so fast. Within 2 days she went from moving slowly around, to not … Continue reading

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My eMail Is Working And I Have A Video Shoot Today

I finally got my email back up late last night, and do I ever have a backlog to get through 🙁
I am doing a video shoot today (weather permitting) with a new guy from Montreal. That starts at one (weather … Continue reading

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I have a big problem with my email server and have not been able to receive or send emails since last night. It is being looked at, but this is the longest it has ever been down. I apologize for … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Cancellation, Another New Policy

I was supposed to shoot with a new guy today, but he wrote me yesterday asking if he could reschedule. Is it my breath?!
I have now officially implemented a “Refundable Deposit” for anyone that does want to shoot a video … Continue reading

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Shooting A New Video Today

I have a new guy coming by at 1:00pm to shoot a video with me. I am pretty sure this guy will show up and I will actually break the record setting amount of no-shows I am currently suffering! 😉

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A Really Messy Time With My Girlfriend At The Paintshop – The Video

This is a really fun oldie I dug up for this quiet Sunday afternoon. It was a behind-the-scenes video of a photoshoot that featured me and my girlfriend Joey slowly getting really messy! We started off in painter’s whites and … Continue reading

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Stood Up 2 Days In A Row

I had a shoot scheduled on Tuesday, and the guy wrote me 15 minutes before the time we were supposed to start saying he had cold feet and wouldn’t be coming. I also had a shoot scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, … Continue reading

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