I’m Feeling A Bit Down :(

On Friday, we had to put our cat down. She had a kidney infection and renal failure. She was in pretty bad shape, and it just happened so fast. Within 2 days she went from moving slowly around, to not being able to stand on her own. we had no choice but to end her suffering. I had her for the past 18 years, so it did hit a bit hard.

The other sad part is that she passed exactly 8 months to the day as our very large Standard poodle. He had a major heart attack and just went so suddenly. We did find out that Poodles of his size (100 pounds) are at risk of heart problems. But it was still a shock at that time.

So I am now pet-less and I am thinking of just staying that way. It’s just too hard.

I haven’t been overly responsive to emails and messages, so please understand. I’m feel down, and it’s hard to put on a fun face.

Thank you.

My eMail Is Working And I Have A Video Shoot Today

I finally got my email back up late last night, and do I ever have a backlog to get through 🙁

I am doing a video shoot today (weather permitting) with a new guy from Montreal. That starts at one (weather permitting) 😉

There is a lot of snow falling right now which is supposed to turn into freezing rain soon. I have left it up to the guy as to whether or not he wants to travel to me in this mess. So I’m getting everything ready, but with the understanding that he may not be able to make it.

Another Day, Another Cancellation, Another New Policy

I was supposed to shoot with a new guy today, but he wrote me yesterday asking if he could reschedule. Is it my breath?!

I have now officially implemented a “Refundable Deposit” for anyone that does want to shoot a video with me. I am asking for $100.00 deposit, that will be returned when the guy shows up, or provides me with a 48 hour minimum cancellation. While I have great fun doing what I do, I still have to eat! My income is from my website, and only from my website. I spend time getting ready and getting the area I am doing the video shoot in ready. And time is money! I HATE having to do this, but it has just become ridiculous.