My Mini-Gang-Bang Last Night

My Mini-Gang-Bang started out as 4 guys I know planning on coming over to my place last night for some quick fun. One of them got hold of me yesterday afternoon to see if I was free, which I was. But the 4 turned into 5 and then into 6 as a couple of other guys I know asked if they could join in. It was actually 7 guys when I include my husband!

We went out for dinner first with some friends, and then headed back home. The guys were all coming over around 10:00pm so I got to relax a bit. Just before 10:00, the doorbell rang and it was one of the single guys, a 23 year old cutie I have been fucking for about a year. I had answered the door completely naked, which really excited him, and he had an instant bulge in his pants! I brought him to the living room, got his pants off, sucked him, then climbed up on him and rode his great cock.

As I was fucking him, the doorbell rang again, and it was the other 5 guys all arriving together. My husband brought them into the room, and they gave a big hoot when they saw me riding the other guy. That set him off, and he came in my pussy. Once he was finished, a couple of the guys grabbed me, picked me up, and brought me to the bedroom. The CUM was running down the inside of my leg! It was messy. I got tossed on the bed, and the guys all quickly got undressed. One guy just got onto top of me, slid his cock into my CUM filled pussy, and fucked me for about 2 minutes until he also came! It was something he had really wanted to do, and finally had the perfect chance.

Then it was just hard fucking and sucking for the next hour! Each guy came at least twice, and I swallowed quite a bit, but also had the guys cumming in both my ass and pussy. We did try one Double-Penetration early on, but that lasted only about 20 seconds! The guy who finally managed to get his cock in my ass gave me about 3 strokes, stiffened, and came! And that was it for all the great DPs I was supposed to get last night!

After the first couple of loads in my pussy, I then made my husband lick me clean after every CUM Shot! he licked my ass and pussy, and snowballed CUM with me when I took it in the mouth. He was playing the cuckold last night 😉

The whole thing lasted about an hour, but it was so hard and fast, it really felt much longer! I tend to prefer Gang-Bangs like this where the guys don’t hold back and just CUM quickly, but CUM again and again 🙂

Tonight, we have two couples coming over for dinner and drinks, and then a little Swinger play 🙂

Did A Blow-Job Video Shoot Yesterday

131101On Friday afternoon, I had one of my website members over for a Blow-Job in my bedroom! He wanted to try himself out on video, and since he can’t show his face, a Blow-Job shoot was the best option.

He was nervous so it took a while for him to finally CUM. My knees were starting to get a bit sore towards the end, but he did it, and squirted in my mouth 😉

I’ll have this video up in my Members Area on Monday.

I also have two shoots this coming week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, with two brand new guys 🙂