He Came In & On My Ass

This guy contacted me about giving him his first experience with anal sex. He sent along some pictures and said he would happy to do it on video, so we set it up. After some fun sucking and fucking, he moved to my ass. I helped guide him in, and he did not last long! I could feel the pulse his first squirt deep in my ass, then he pulled out to CUM all over my ass so we could catch the “money shot” on video 🙂

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It’s Tribute Tuesday!

It’s that day of the week where I show you the pictures I did for the CUM Tributes I received 🙂

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Taking good care of a young fan

He dropped by for a quickie, and I was more than happy to oblige 😉

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SexServer.com Problem

I am just the messenger here and only just found out about this myself! Our new Adult Community website, sexserver.com has been offline since Friday. My husband broke something, and is still trying to get it fixed. I am hoping everything comes back on line very soon.

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My Dog Got Skunked!

We let the dog out last night for his final pee before bed-time. He is a very large, and very black, Standard Poodle, so when there isn’t much light, he just disappears into the night. Well, we let him out and he wandered over towards his usual pee bush, and of course he disappeared. About 30 seconds after he headed over to his bush, we hear loud barking about 100 feet away on the other side of the property! We could smell what happened even before he came back into view!

Guess who slept in the garage, and no, it wasn’t my husband 😉

We just bought some shampoo for him that is supposed to remove the smell, and need to wash him a few times. So let the fun begin! 😉

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Riding A Stranger’s Face On A Cruise

We were on a cruise in the Caribbean with another swinger couple. Us two girls were trying to find guys to fuck together, and we did end up with more than a few. I was riding this guy’s face while my girlfriend sucked his cock 🙂

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Testing Mobile Video Upload

I attempted to upload this short little video from my phone. I was able to upload it but I could not publish it. So while the video you see was uploaded from my phone, this post was finished on my PC. I will figure all this out one day!


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Three Blondes Have Fun

This is from way back when I had Nikki and tracey over for some fun. Our hair colour is pretty close 😉

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Girl on Girl Fun at a Gang-Bang

We were actually taking a break during a big Gang-Bang. There was me and Katrina and 27 guys! I went town to kiss and lick her well used pussy to make her feel better 😉

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Mmmmm, tasted great!

A website member gave me a nice big mouthful of CUM. I let some dribble out 🙂

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