I have the Flu :(

The first time I don’t get my Flu vaccine in 10 years, and I get the Flu. I thought it was just a cold or my allergies acting up, but I’ve been hit, hard. A few days of rest should help 🙂

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Gang-Bang Ideas

I posted a few weeks back about starting up doing some Gang-Bangs at my home. In brief, I mentioned that I wanted to do different Gang-Bangs and record them all on video for my website. I also noted how guys could wear masks but we can make sure we don’t get your face in, unless you want it in! The only people would be me and my husband (the cameraman) and the guys attending. I will get in an extra woman or two if things start working out.

The first one I want to do will be a Bareback, anything-goes, Gang-Bang where the guys can do as they like with me, and Anal Sex and Double-Penetration is allowed, and encouraged. The guys will be able to CUM wherever they like, in me and on me. They may also CUM as much as they can.

For the first one, I am looking for 6 to 8 guys, in good shape and with at least average sized cocks. So a true 6 inches and over. Smaller just doesn’t work well on camera, sorry.

Okay, that’s the first one, but I do want to mix things up. So if you have an idea for a fun Gang-Bang, please leave a comment 🙂

Thanks all! 🙂

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A Bit Of Fun

Last night ended fairly well. We had a friend from Montreal come over for a few drinks, and it did end up in my bed. I wasn’t sure if we would be playing as my husband does (did?) have the Flu, but after a few drinks, everyone felt great. So I ended up enjoying a nice threesome. We didn’t get into hard sex, but just kept things light and sensual. It was a good hour of sex with our friend cumming three times 🙂


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Ramblings Of The Day

First off, thank you to the guys who wrote back on their height and how far their cocks are off the floor. One thing I would like is for some of my shorter fans to tell me their height and cock elevation. I want to make sure my Glory Hole can accommodate everyone 🙂

I was supposed to meet a new guy last night but I wasn’t feeling that well, and as my husband does have the Flu,  I had to cancel on him. Another friend is coming over his evening, but it may just end up being a social visit. I have to wait and see how I do feel later on.

Okay, back to work! I’ve been trying to get a video edited this past week, but I have had so many interruptions!

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Glory Hole Feedback

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am planning on building a home Glory Hole. We are building something that can be set up and broken down when required, and easy to do both. There is some feedback we need based on a guy’s height.

Can you guys do me a favour and mention the height of your crotch off the floor in a comment on this post? Just let me know your overall height and the height of your genitals from the floor. I am really looking for the response from the shorter men as well as the tall guys. We want to make sure we make a hole that is comfortable for all. So it will be more oval shaped than just round.

I will be looking for guys to drop by to get sucked, and maybe even fucked, through the Glory Hole. For this, as I will be filming all encounters, I need men that are of at least an average size of 6 inches, and bigger. Smaller cocks just don’t work well for filming in a Glory Hole.

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Time to clear up a few things…

…first off, I am NOT an escort! I tend to get these bursts of messages from guys asking me “how much” and “can I schedule them in”, and it is happening right now. I do not charge money for sex, ever, and for any reason. Even when I host my own Parties and Gang-Bangs, I take care of everything and never ask for money. I make my money on the memberships on my website and am always grateful to those that do support me. When I shoot videos with various members and fans, I get “paid” from website memberships, and that is it for any money I receive.

Another question I am getting a lot of recently is the guys asking if all they need to do is join my website to fuck me. While I do give members preference for anything I do, I am still as selective as anyone would be! If I did accept and fuck any guy who joined my website, I would probably be the world’s cheapest whore! Website Members do get a better chance at playing with me, but there is NEVER a guarantee of sex.

I have also found that some people are confusing my Fan FuXXX video shoots with just meeting me. If someone wants to do a video all I request are some pictures, that they be close enough to me to easily do this, and a little on what they would like to do on a video. If I accept them, I send them available dates for a shoot and let them pick the one that suits them the best. We also discuss what we will be doing and then all they have to do is show up. The first time I actually meet them in person is when they show up at my door.

If you are hoping to have sex with me outside of videos or pictures, then I need to meet you publicly first and see how we hit it off. If things go well, then we can probably become “Friends With Benefits”. But I rarely take someone home on that first meeting. Even when things click between us, sex usually has to wait, for a variety of reasons. That is the main reason I dissuade people from traveling any long distance just to meet me, there are no guarantees of sex, and they usually leave very disappointed. I get guys from all over the world saying that the travel and distance is no problem for them. Well, it is a big problem for me! I’m just not worth the time and cost to travel to me, as 95% of the time, nothing will happen between us. And no, you can’t buy me a ticket to fly to you (re-read the “I am NOT an escort” paragraph above) as I find that almost insulting.

I know that there are plenty of women on-line that would just love to take your money, but I am not one of them. I am not into the FinDomme scene, but there are many women out there that are great at it, hit them up! The most I might accept is a drink at the bar, but then I usually buy the guy one afterwards. 😉

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A Quite Weekend

It was a somewhat quiet weekend for us. My daughter and her boyfriend came over on Saturday to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary (yes, I am that old). The anniversary was actually last Thursday, the 23rd, but the kids could only get here on the weekend.

Other than that, I really didn’t do a thing, which was great 🙂

I do have a few horny male friends who will be giving me a belated anniversary gift 😉

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Yet Another Cancellation

2017 isn’t starting that great at all when it comes to me shooting videos. The guy I was supposed to shoot with yesterday messaged me and cancelled due to having to work unexpectedly. I did shoot with him before, so I knew it was a valid reason and not just him getting cold feet.

So, thus far in 2017, I have had every single guy who has been scheduled to play with me, cancel on me or just not show up! Hopefully that trend will stop.

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Round 2 With A Fan

Tomorrow evening I have a guy coming out from Montreal for a nice fuck. I have been with him once before, back in the summer of 2015, where I sucked his cock at a local park. That video is up and viewable in my members area. This time we will be doing everything we can, and I will have all the pictures and video of our fun together.

Over this past weekend, I hd a guy come over for some fun. I had met him about 2 years ago, and we have e-mailed back and forth ever since. He is 47 and in great shape and doesn’t live that far from me. He is also Bi-curious and really wanted to suck a cock, so we started the evening off with me and him sharing my husband’s cock!   At one point he told my husband that he could CUM whenever he liked, and within 30 seconds, I felt my husband stiffen, then let go right in the guy’s mouth! He was really hungry for it too, as he kept sucking for a few more minutes! After that, my husband left us alone, and we played for almost 2 full hours with the guy cumming twice. It was a really good time 🙂

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Enough Snow Already!

I feel like I have been shoveling non-stop the last few days, and it’s snowing again right now! We are supposed to get another 6 inches by the end of the day today. We do have a big snowblower, but that thing scares me so I have not touched it.

So today I will be working on a video and then shoveling some more 🙁

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