A Word On Autographed Pictures

I have lately been received a large number of requests for autographed pictures from my fans. I enjoy that and always do as requested, but, things are getting expensive for me!

Most people will e-ail me the pictures they would like me to sign and usually send along a self-adressed stamped envelope so I may return them. The problem is that almost all come from the US, and US postage does not work for anything shipped from Canada. So not only was that a waste of your money, it is also costing me because I have to put proper postage on the envelope. The reason I am writing this is in the last 4 weeks, it has cost me close to $100. in postage to send back peoples pictures.

I would ask instead that in lieu of the pre-stamped envelop you just send along a $5 bill to cover my costs, then we will all be good. I’m not trying to sell autographs, or make money from them, but just not have to pay so much to do them!

Thanks everyone :)

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Saturday Night Gurl Orgy

Saturday night was a really fun and wild time for us. We went to a friend’s place up in Ottawa for a fun little Sex Party. There was me and my husband, 4 Gurls (Cross-Dressers) another Bi-Girl, and a “Straight” guy (he only fucks women and Gurls, so considers himself straight). Our friend is a Cross-Dresser who spends most of his time dressed as a sexy woman.

We already knew and had played with 3 of the Gurls, and the other 3 people were new to us, but everyone was immediately comfortable with each other right from the start. As is usual, it all started with drinks and some chatting, but things got hot rather quickly. One of the Cross-Dressers, who I hadn’t been with for almost a year, quickly got me naked and started fucking me doggy-style. Another of the Gurls slipped in front of me to offer me her tasty cock. The first load of CUM of the evening was squirted right then, deep in my pussy, and when the Gurl pulled out of me, my husband quickly slipped underneath me and licked out every drop of CUM. What a way to get started!

I won’t go into a “blow-by-blow” of what went on as that would fill a book. But I fucked everyone there, including the other woman who brought along a strap-on. And everyone fucked my ass at least twice! I also had a bunch of amazing Double (and Triple) Penetrations with everyone in all different combinations. My friends there know how much I love a good DP and were more than happy to accommodate me πŸ˜‰

I actually ended up getting most of the CUM on Saturday night as it became a “Eat CUM out of Carol” party! I had 3 Creampies, all cleaned up by different people, and 4 load sin my ass, again, cleaned up by the others. The only CUM I tasted all night was from giving my husband a Blow-Job on the drive home.

It was an amazing night, and I was very satisfied. I can tell I am getting older as I was a bit stiff and sore the next day!

The pictures we took below weren’t planned at all, and just snapped here and there throughout the evening. People were too busy having fun to worry about snapping pics! πŸ˜‰


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An Amazing Week For Sex! I Came Every Day!

The past week really has been an amazing and wild week for my sexual enjoyment. I had a few hard shoots during the week, with lots of fucking, and even a great video shoot where a sub guy drank my piss!

On Monday, a new guys came out from Montreal to do a video with me. I got a good long fucking then. On Tuesday, another new guys came down from Ottawa for a video shoot, and he had me cumming and cumming with some great oral sex. he came twice. On Wednesday, my Piss Drinker came by for another round of drinking from me. On Thursday, a local guy I met at the Pub dropped by for a quickie that turned into a solid hour of fucking.

Then on Friday, I had a young guy from Cornwall meet up with me for his first time. We had been messaging on-line for almost a year about me taking his virginity, but he was always too nervous to follow through. He is one of those shy nerdy kind of guys, but he was quite cute and had a great cock. I told him he should never hide that from the girls. He was really nervous with my husband being around, but when we got back to my place, I took him into my bedroom alone and told him we would not be bothered.

I undressed him and his cock was already rock hard. I lightly played with it and also lightly kissed him all over. He moaned as soon as I put my mouth over his cock, and in just a few seconds, I could taste his Pre-CUM! I stopped and let him relax a bit. I then lay back on my bed, pulled him on top of me, and reaching down, guided his cock into my pussy. He made 4 or 5 thrusts and then I could feel him tighten up. I wrapped my arms and legsΒ  around him and pulled him in hard, as he came deep in my pussy. He was breathing so hard and shivering. I just held him and lightly rubbed his body while he slowly softened inside of me.

I then rolled him off of me, and went down and sucked his cock clean. I kept sucking and in no time at all, he was rock hard again. I spent about 10 minutes sucking his cock and balls, then climbed on top of him and sat on his cock. I rode him for a few minutes, and then he came again. I just stayed on him and ground my pussy on him. I felt him slightly soften but then in just a few minutes, he got hard again. Pretty impressive. I fucked him for a few minutes then had him fuck me doggy-style. I also told him to tell me when he was getting close to cumming again. After just a few minutes of hard doggy, he said it was happening, so I quickly pulled away from him, spun around, and took his cock in my mouth. He squirted for the third time, and it was a pretty respectable load for it being number 3!

That was it, and the whole thing took less than 30 minutes! Young guys have amazing recuperative skills. He is going to come back again, so I can teach him how to properly take care of a woman’s pussy and ass :)

Now Saturday deserves it’s own post as that was a great night with a bunch of T-Girls! So that will be it’s own post, with pictures! I’ll write about that one tomorrow.

On Sunday, my old masseuse friend dropped by to give me a complete full body massage…with release! I was a bit sore from the night before, so he took it easy in certain areas, but a full and proper 90 minute massage felt just right. After taking care of every square inch of me, he masturbated me and made me CUM a few times. I usually let him fuck my ass in return, but my butt was heavily abused the night before, so I just gave him a nice blow-job.

So, as I said, it was a great week. I had someone make me CUM every single day. I wish every week was like this past one :)

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My Piss Drinker Was Back Today!

My fan who is really into getting pissed on was back over today. I had mentioned to him that I wasn’t overly happy with the POV Piss Video I shot with him last week as the Piss just didn’t show up all the much. It felt amazing, but I knew I could do it better. That was last night when we chatted, and he offered to drop by earlier this afternoon to give it another try.

I drank a bunch of water to get ready, and by the time he got here, I was ready to burst! The deal I have with this guy, and it’s his “deal”, not mine, is that he stays fully dressed, spends time licking my pussy and making me CUM, drinks my Piss, then when we are done, he leaves. Part of his kink is to just be an oral submissive for a woman with no sex allowed. It’s a great deal for me as I get to get off, and not have to do any work. It’s also kind of hot having that power :)

But, I digress as I usually do! We got right to it as soon as he got here. I had the area prepared and waterproofed (pissproofed?), and I was already fully naked and just wearing my robe. I slipped that off, sat on the edge of the couch, and lay back with the video camera ready. He was on his knees and went to work licking, sucking and fingering my pussy. I made sure he made me CUM a few times before I let go. This time I did warn him as I wanted him to pull back and let me piss in his mouth in a much more noticeable way than the last time. This time I let a stream of Piss go, and filled his mouth. I stopped the stream and told him to swallow it, which he did. I did this 4 more times, filling his mouth and having him swallow. The last bit of piss I had him slurp as it came out of me, which he greedily did. When I was finally finished, and the drinking was done, I put down the video camera and just lay back as he spent the next 30 minutes on my pussy. I don’t have it on video, but right at the end, I let another big squirt of Piss go for him to drink.

He wants to make this a weekly thing, so I will be doing this much more often. I just have to think of new fun ways to make him drink from me πŸ˜‰

I will have the video for this up in my Members Area in about a week. And remember, if you ever want to drink from me too, all you need to do is ask πŸ˜‰

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Afternoon Fun At The PornAudition Studios

I just uploaded a whole bunch of pictures and a 20 minute video to my website that features a very standard and average afternoon at my studios when there are no shoots or auditions planned. It starts of with Jizzabelle showing everyone her Squirting prowess, making herself Squirt huge volumes of her CUM into a plastic container. That is pretty wild. When she’s done, Dugmor moves in for a blow-job, and is soon joined by Anne-Karin who is toweling herself off after a quick shower as she had just finished fucking 3 website members! After some playing, they move to the couch, and Dugmor calls in yet another member, Yan, who had just stopped by to see the studio!

After some play on the couch, Dugmor broke out his new climbing harnesses and straps both Jizzabelle and Anne-Karin into them. Both girls get to suck some cock, and get fucked hard, by both Dugmor and Yan. They finished wth a great Double Facial.

Then the party really started!!!

Below are a handful of pictures from that day.

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Had a Fun Fan FuXXX Video Shoot Today

I had one of my “fans” (I never know what to call people, and I’m always embarrassed calling people my fans, but there is no other term to use!) contact me on the XRV.com website about doing a video with me. After a lot of back and forth, we finally set something up for today!

The plan was just to have some enjoyable sex, with some sucking and fucking and with him cumming on my face and in my mouth. We got started, and on the very beginning of the video, you see the size difference between us. I am 4’11” and he is 6’3″, so very noticeable. I started things off by pulling out his soft cock, dropping to my knees, taking him into my mouth, and quickly getting him hard. I licked and sucked his cock and balls for a while, and then I lay back on the bed so he could go down on me. He spent a long time licking, fingering and playing with my pussy. He had me cumming fast and often, and I kept gushing into his waiting mouth. It was great! I turned over so he could give my ass some loving, and he got his tongue right in me. I loved it! He spent about 10 minutes really cleaning my ass.

I then told him to fuck me, so he stood, got behind me, and slid his bare cock into my very wet and ready pussy. We fucked for a few minutes, and I could feel him tense up! Although the plan was for him to CUM on my face, he didn’t make it. I could feel the first squirt of CUM deep in my pussy, then he pulled out and came on my ass. he used his cock and fingers to push his CUM into my ass and pussy, then I spun around and sucked his cock clean.

After a few minutes of sucking his spent cock, he turned me around again and licked my ass clean of his CUM. I love when a guy is man enough to lick up his own CUM, that is such a turn on for me.Β  He then went back to work on my pussy, making me CUM even more. We moved into a 69 and he licked my pussy as I sucked his cock. It didn’t take long before he came again, right in my mouth. I let the CUM run out onto his cock, then slurped it up again. I did that a few times, for the camera, and then I swallowed it all.

That was it, we were done, and I felt amazing. It was a great afternoon that I hope to do again with him. I will have the video up either later this week or early next week.

Remember, I am always looking for people to come play on video with me. men, women, couples, groups, it is all good. And you don’t even have to show your face! If you are interested in using me on video, have a look at http://www.carolcox.com/fanfuxxx.html

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A Member Just Drank My Pee

pic004I have a website member who contacts me quite a lot. For the past 6 months he has been asking me if I would allow him to lick and play with my pussy and also pee in his mouth! He didn’t want to do anything else and asked if I could be fully naked while he stays fully dressed. Well, I finally gave in! I guess persistence does pay off. He is married, and doesn’t want to sexually cheat on his wife, other than with fulfilling his Piss Fetish which his wife just isn’t into.

My stipulation was that he allow me to film it, and he agreed as long as he could hide his face. I have some balaclavas which I told him he could wear (even though everyone looks creepy wearing those things!). To get ready for him, I drank 3 bottles of water, and even some pineapple juice to sweeten me up a bit.

pic005When he showed up, I was ready for him. I had “waterproofed” the couch and was all set to go. I also did kind of have to pee badly, so I was ready to get started! I gave him the balaclava to put on, removed my robe, and sat back on the couch. He went down on me and started touching and licking my pussy, but he said he was a bit self-conscious about drinking my pee with my husband there. So I took the video camera, tossed my husband out of the room, and shot the video POV style from my point of view!

He spent 5 or 6 minutes licking and sucking and fingering my pussy, it felt good. I had to piss badly, but I held it back to stretch things out. When I let go with the first squirts, he sucked greedily at my pussy and swallow a lot of what I gave him. Over the next 5 or so minutes, I would let my pee run out of me, then stop the flow, doing that a handful of times. Once I had emptied my bladder into his mouth, he kept licking and sucking on my pussy. After a few more minutes, I turned the camera off, put it down, and just enjoyed the cunnilingus. The video I shot is close to 13 minutes long, but he spent a non-stop 45 minutes between my legs, making me CUM quite a few times. It felt great not having to return the favour and just lay back while someone worked fully on me.

The video will be up by tomorrow for the members to view.

He is coming back over in a few days to do it again! I reviewed my video and I think I could do better. Instead of holding back and slowly letting my pee out, the next time I intend on just letting go, full force in his mouth and face! It may be a shorter video, but it will be explosive! πŸ˜‰


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Creampie Bukkake Clarification

I should clarify something with the Creampie Bukkake I am doing, and that is the guys doing it are a private group and it isn’t open to anyone other than members of that group. I will not be bringing anyone as I don’t want to disrupt the camaraderie that they already have. I just bring this up as I already have people asking me if they can attend.

If you would like to do something like this with me, then just set it up and tell me what you can do for me. If it interests me, I will be your girl. :)

I won’t be around today as we are just about to head out to Kingston for an appointment my husband has. We won’t be back until early this evening.

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Creampie Bukkake – Round 2

I’m going to give the Creampie Bukkake another shot! This time I am talking to a group of guys that have a Gang-Bang club together. We’re shooting for 15 guys who will CUM in my pussy, one after the other, as quickly as possible. Just like a standard Bukkake, but instead of cumming on my face, they will CUM deep in my pussy :)

I will be shooting it all on video, but won’t be showing and of the guy’s faces. Just working on the date to do this now!

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Fucking an old Casting Couch Victim!

I had some fun yesterday afternoon that wasn’t even planned. I got contacted by a guy from Montreal, Mark, who I had on my Casting Couch many years ago. He shot 3 videos with me back about 7 years ago that are on my site. I hadn’t heard from him in years, when out of the blue he tells me he’ll be driving by my place later that afternoon. I told him to stop by, and he did. He said he couldn’t stay long as he had to get back to Montreal. But it took about 5 minutes before we ended up in bed together! I got his clothes off and was sucking his cock when he asked why we weren’t filming it! Sounded good to me, so I ran downstairs to grab my husband who was working on the computer, and told him to grab the camera. He followed me back to the bedroom.

I jumped back on the bed, and started sucking Mark again while my husband got set up. As it wasn’t planned, we had no lights set up, so the video is just shot in the natural ambient light. Mark was laying back enjoying the blow-job and mentioned how he just didn’t want to move as it felt so good. So I told him to just stay that way, and let me do all the work, which is what happened. I sucked him some more and then climbed on top of him and guided his bare cock into my pussy. I rode him for a while and then spun around to ride him facing away. After I came a few times, and went back down on him to suck his cock, and he quickly came in my mouth and on my face. I sucked him clean, and after he cleaned up, he left. The whole thing took maybe 15 minutes, but it was really good. I actually really enjoy quickies and people who think that sex must always be an hours long production are missing out πŸ˜‰

The video is up and available in the members area of my site in the Fan FuXXX section. You should check it out now by clicking here.Β  If you aren’t a member, well Why Not? I can use the support! πŸ˜‰ You can join right now…

Below are some pictures my husband managed to snap in-between video shots!



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