A Dreary Day

I woke up this morning to snow on the ground, and it’s still there! At least it will melt tomorrow, but it is a precursor of the mes to come :(

I really didn’t do much today except do work on the various websites I do support for. My scar was really itchy today, but that just means it’s healing. It doesn’t look all that bad either.

I’m starting to plan my new shoots as I couldn’t shoot much the last 6 weeks. So I’ll be back to having fun in no time :)

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I Survived The Weekend!

This turned into a crazy weekend! It started on Friday, as I already wrote about, with the guy who came over to play. Saturday, we were heading down to the bar in Lancaster for the Karaoke a friend puts on. We decided to invite some friends over for dinner and then we would all head down together. So everyone came over, and the drinking started. My husband prepared dinner, which everyone enjoyed, along with all the wine we opened! Then after dinner, there was more drinking! We left the house around 9:30 and headed to the bar where we drank even more while listen to everyone sing. Then about midnight, we headed for home with everyone in tow. The drinking kept going as everyone was just going to crash at our place anyway.

At about 2:00 in the morning, I headed for bed. I was done! My husband crashed next to me not long after. I had just dozed off when I felt a hand on my pussy, and at first I thought it was my husband…but it wasn’t. It was one of our friends. He and his wife were in our guestroom across the hall, and she passed out before me. He had a huge hard-on, so I slid over closer to my husband and allowed him into the bed. I was on my side, facing him, and started playing with his cock. I then got close to him and rubbed the head of his cock on my pussy lips. He got on top of me and I guided his cock into my pussy. We started fucking, slowly.

After a whle, we changed over to doggy-style and he started pounding me harder. The whole bed was shaking, and my husband didn’t even notice! he was out cold. As I wasn’t using my contraceptive film, I told him not to CUM in my pussy, but he could do it in my ass. I lay flat on my stomach with my butt out, and guided his cock inside my ass. He’s a pretty big boy, so he really filled me up! It didn’t take him long and I could feel his cock pulsing as he squirted inside of me. he collapsed on top of me, and then holding his cock in my ass, we turned to our sides. We both dozed off with him still in me, and I love when that happens. At some point, he left the room, and I was back asleep in a second.

When we finally all got up, most hung over, we sat in the kitchen and drank coffee. I had nothing for breakfast so I did a run to the local Tim Horton’s for a bunch of Bagel BELTs πŸ˜‰

Everyone left by 11:00 and I had to have a shower and get ready for a visit from one of my local BoyToys! I had invited him over for 2:00 for an afternoon quickie and it takes me so long to get ready. he showed up, and we had our fun with some sraight fucking, anal sex, and with him finishing in my mouth.

So, all in all, a good and somewhat unexpected weekend :)

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Another Fun Night

I had some unexpected last minute fun last night, and I got to meet a guy who lives less than 5 minutes from me! We had no plans to go out last night, and decided to stay in and take it easy as we are going out to the bar in Lancaster tonight. I really don’t like to drink 2 nights in a row. But s we were sitting there just after dinner, I had mentioned to my husband that I was having one of my really horny spells! I am on hormone replacement for my Menopause, and it really plays with your libido. If I am not normal, I am other really horny or not horny at all. Last night as a big peak on the horniness scale!

My husband said I should go through the guys who have been contacted me and find one I like, so I actually did that. This guy and I have e-mailed back and forth for a few weeks, and he sent me pictures of himself. He is 34 years old, divorced, good body and great cock, and he lives just up the road in Alexandria! I sent him an e-mail in the hopes he might see it early, asking him if he was free tonight and wanted to meet. he answered back immediately! He said he would love to, so I invited him over. he already knew where I lived as EVERYONE in the area knows where “that porn star” lives πŸ˜‰

He came right over, freshly shaved and showered, and we all sat and had a drink and talked. I really couldn’t take it much longer, and walked towards my bedroom asking the boys if they were coming along. They almost beat me to the room! I undid the new guy’s pants, pulled them off, and quickly took his cock into my mouth. He was already rock hard and ready. His cock was close to 8 inches and thick, a very nice cock for fucking. I spent a couple of minutes enjoying it.

I got pulled up and my clothes were taken off of me. I was pushed down o the bed, and he went down on my, nicely licking my pussy as my husband watched. As he licked me, he worked his finger into my ass which felt very nice. He spent close to 20 minutes down there, and made me CUM a number of times. My clit was getting much too sensitive, as it does, so I pulled him up on top of me, grabbed his cock, and guided it into my pussy. He fucked me for maybe 2 minutes when he said he was going to CUM. I fely him trying to pull out of me, but I wrapped my legs round him, and my arms, and pulled him even harder into me. He just let go with a loud groan and I could feel his cock pulsing as he pumped what was a huge load. He slowly pulled out, and I told him to come up by my head so I could suck his cock clean. At the same time, I told my husband to go down and lick me clean. But guys did as they were told :)

At the sight of my husband licking out his CUM, the guy started stiffening again! This was a really quick turnaround! I kept sucking his cock as my husband worked to get every last drop of CUM out of me. We then changed positions so I was on my hands and knees, still sucking the guy’s cock, and my husband was rimming and fingering my ass. He then got behind me, and I helped guide his cock into my ass. After a few minutes of this, my husband said to the guy that it felt so good, and he should try it out. The guy asked what felt so good, and my husband said “Fucking Carol’s ass”. The guy didn’t even realize I was getting ass fucked at the time, and that excited him greatly. He said his ex-wife would never let him even try, and he had always anted to. My husband pulled out of me and offered my ass to the guy!

They changed positions, and I help guide his thicker cock into my ass. It also really turned him on when I started sucking my husband’s cock as it had just come out of my ass. The next thing I know, the guys are taking turns on my ass and getting sucked so they could keep giving fresh ass-to-mouth cocks! This went on for close to half an hour, and by this time, I was getting stiff being in that one position! I am old after all πŸ˜‰

My husband was in my mouth, and the other guy in my ass, when I felt my husband about to CUM. He let go in my mouth which set the other guy off who couldn’t help but CUM deep in my ass. Everyone just collapsed on the bed and didn’t move for a few minutes.

That was it for the evening as I was now quite satisfied (it really doesn’t take much to satisfy me). At least now I have a very local guy for Booty Calls! :)

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Creampie Bukkake?!

CreampieOne of my long-time friends and members contacted me about an idea he had. He wants to set up a Creampie Bukkake for me where we treat it like a Bukkake, but instead of cumming on my face, the guys slide their cocks in my pussy and CUM deep inside me!Β  He knows about cream-pieing me because he has given me some HUGE ones, and that is his CUM in the picture! πŸ˜‰

Years ago, I used to be the center of Gang-Bangs for him and his boys, and they took very good care of me on many occasions. Because of that, I am going to do it! He is going to take care of all the logistics andΒ  get the guys. All I have to do is lay back and get filled up! When everyone is done, I plan on making my husband go down and lick me clean!

I won’t be able to do it until just after Christmas, and of course we will be filming the whole thing to share with you all. You just won’t see the faces of the guys fucking me, but who really cares about that πŸ˜‰

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A Great Saturday Night

I had a good weekend. I did nothing but relax on Friday evening, but on Saturday, I had a few cute young guys stop by for some fun. One of the guys has shot a couple of videos with me, and I had met his one friend previously at the Pub, about 6 weeks ago. The 3rd guy was another friend of theirs that I hadn’t met, but they promised me he was good looking.

The guys all came separately, but all showed up within 5 minutes of each other. They brought some beer, and while they had some of that, I had a nice glass of wine. I had earlier talked to the one guy I had fucked before, and he said the new guys was nervous and had never done much sexually. We talked about me starting with him, and then the other guys joining in. So that is what I did. I stood next to him in the kitchen and started rubbing his crotch. he was semi-hard when I first touched him, and rock hard in just a few seconds. I dropped to my knees in front of him, undid his pants, slid those down and then slowly lowered his boxers so his cock popped out! I lightly stroked his cock, and went to give him a blow-job. As soon as my lips went around his cock, I felt him shudder and then CUM! he even tried pushy me away as he was cumming, but I pulled him in even firther so he was cumming with his entire cock in my mouth! he had a pretty impressive load, and I swallowed every drop. He was all embarrassed that he came so quick, which I told him not to worry about and that I didn’t mind at all. 5 minutes later he mumbled something about having to meet someone and left. He really was embarrassed!

That left me with the two other guys and my husband. We decided to go to out bedroom and just do whatever we liked. So in the end, each guy came three times. Everyone fucked my ass and I did get to enjoy a nice Double-Penetration. My husband got to clean up a couple of Creampies and even an anal one! I was into cuckolding him that night πŸ˜‰

The entire thing lasted less than two hours, from the time they all arrived, to the time the last two guys left. And I was still horny! The hormones I take really screw you up that way. I even went on-line looking for guys to come over and fuck me! I couldn’t find any :(

Sunday was just a day of rest and healing for me :)

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Almost did a Pee Shoot today…almost

I have a guy from the FetLife website who keeps “bugging” me about pissing in his mouth, and even video it. (I just said that because he is always saying how he hopes he isn’t bugging me)Β  His idea was something where I would barely have to even move, and wouldn’t need to touch him in any way. He wanted me to lie back on the couch with him licking my pussy. He then wanted me to surprise him by just letting go and pissing right in his mouth where he will try and swallow as much as he can. He’ll go back to licking my pussy while he jerks off, and when he is about to CUM, he’ll do it all over my wide open pussy! Then he would lick up all his CUM…end scene.

Since I didn’t have to move much, use my mouth, and could keep my healing stomach wound covered, I thought it could be fun. We chatted about it, and he was all set to come over…then my son calls and said he wasn’t feeling well and wanted me to come pick him up from school! So I had to cancel this time!

I really cannot win these days!

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When it rains, it pours…

As I wrote previously, I had the staples removed yesterday from my stomach from the skin cancer operation I had. That went well. Today I had to go back into town as I had made an appointment with my Dentist a I had a sore tooth. Well the great news was…I needed a root canal and a new post and crown! It took her a few hours to get the root canal done due to problems with the tooth root itself. It’s finally done, and I have to go back on the 24th to have the post cemented in and the next day for the crown to be put on. And it’s only costing me $2500.! Just what I needed after the recent health scares I went though :)

I hope this is the end of everything for a while, and I can get back to what I like to do, have fun and fuck lots of different people πŸ˜‰

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Had My Staples Removed

I just got back from my Surgeon’s office, and mt staples are out! He said everything is good, and the biopsy (or whatever you call it) showed they got all the cancerous tissue out and that I am free of it. I now have to go and see my Dermatologist every six months as the chances of a re-occurrence are higher than average.

I didn’t do a thing over this past weekend other than stop into our local Pub for a drink on Friday. I wasn’t planning on going, so wasn’t meeting anyone. Just chatted with a few of the regulars and then headed home. When you have big metal staples in you, you really don’t feel too sexy or horny πŸ˜‰

But…I did get fucked yesterday! And it felt so damn good. One of the young local guys I play with dropped in as he was passing by, and wanted to see how I was feeling. As we sat in the kitchen and chatted, I was feeling really horny, and my pussy was actually dripping! I asked him if he had time to fuck, which he did, and I also told him I had to take it easy.

We moved to the living room and quickly undressed. I had him sit on the couch so I could kneel in front of him and support myself so my wound didn’t hurt. I licked and sucked his cock for a while, and then he wanted to return the favour. I sat on the couch with my ass right on the edge, and leaned bck. He spent a nice long while licking and fingering me, and making me CUM! I then pulled him up, and towrd me, and he slid his cock right in. We fucked like that for a few minutes, but I wanted to feel him deeper, so I turned around with my knees on the floor and my face in the couch. He fucked me doggy-style, and it felt amazing. I could feel him stiffen up and start moaning, and then he squirted a really big load of CUM right into my pussy. When he was finsihed I told him not to pull out, but to just let me enjoy it all. He softened while inside of me, and finally my pussy pushed him out.

That was yesterday, and I will soon be ready to get back to “work” for real πŸ˜‰

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Reporting On The Orgy!

I really should have written this last week when things were fully fresh in my mind, but I did have other things on my mind this past week πŸ˜‰

We went to a Sex Party at a good friend’s place in Montreal last Saturday, the 24th. This was an openly Bi party, so everyone there had to be Bisexual or at the least, Bi-Friendly (meaning they didn’t have to take part in anything, but could not be bothered by what was going on). There were 6 couples (including us) 3 single women, 2 single men, and 2 T-Girls, so a nice mixture of people and kinks. We also knew everyone at the party, so everyone was comfortable with one another.

Our hosts had set up a room in the basement with 4 king-size mattresses put together, so almost the entire floor space was mattress. This party was planned as a one room, everyone together, Orgy, so there was no sneaking off for any one-on-one stuff. You could take breaks and go up to the kitchen for a drink or snack, but all the sex was in that one room. We all started off in the kitchen and familyroom, having drinks and chatting. Then about 9:00, it was time to play. Everyone stripped down in the familyroom, and headed downstairs to the play area.

Things got started immediately. One of my girlfriends is a big Squirter, and I love making her squirt. I had her on her back, and went down on her, licking and fingering her pussy. It didn’t take long, and I could tell she was going to let go at any second. When she did, I had my mouth right on her pussy, catching all her CUM and swallowing every drop. It was so hot and turned me on so much that I actually had an orgasm without even touching myself. My pussy was dripping! In fact, as I was lightly licking her pussy when she was done, one of the guys got behind me and was able to slip his cock right in my pussy, easily! I was wet, open, and ready πŸ˜‰

For the first hour, not a single guy had an orgasm. They were all holding back and everyone was trying to fuck everyone! Even both T-Girls had their asses fucked by almost every guy there! When the cumming did start, it just flowed! But it was the 2 T-Girls that ended up getting most of it! At one point, I hadΒ  guy fucking my ass, and as he was about to CUM he called one of the Gurls over, pulled out of me and slid his cock into her mouth, cumming a few seconds later. The Gurl then came and kissed me, snowballing all the CUM back into my mouth. It tasted so good.

I only had one guy CUM in me, and that was in my ass. As I mentioned, the 2 T-Girls ended up getting most of the CUM in their mouths and asses. I did get to lick up a couple of juicy Creampies my girlfriends got. I enjoyed a couple of great Double, and Triple, Penetrations, and even tried Double Vaginal! But it just didn’t work out. The second guy managed to get the head of his cock into my pussy, and it was just too much for me.

There was some Pee Play as I had a guy sitting back in the bathtub while I straddled his face and just let go, right into his mouth. He swallowed a hell of a lot. I managed to finally talk one of my girlfriends into peeing on my face and in my mouth. That is something she had never done before, and she was a bit Pee Shy at first. It took a while for her to get going, but when she did, it was perfect :)

We played for close to 3 hours, with people taking little breaks now and then. We ended up stayyng until close to 2:00 in the morning, and then went back to another couple’s house to stay the night. There was no playing there as everyone was done! πŸ˜‰

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My Recent Cancer Scares

Okay, this is not a sexual posts or anything hot. It’s just something I feel I should share as I have been going through it lately and it has impacted what I do with my site and for fun.

A while back I noticed a small mole I had on my stomach get a bit bigger and also change shape. I went in to see my Doctor who referred me to a Dermatologist to get a proper inspection. The Dermatologist took a sample to have it checked, and it came back as a Stage 1A Melanoma. It was about 3/16″ around and 0.78mm deep. Of course, an operation was scheduled to remove it, which I had done on Wednesday.

In the meantime, as all that was happening, I noticed a couple of small hard lumps on my breast! So again I saw my Doctor who sent me for a mammogram at the hospital. A week later I get a call that they needed to do an ultrasound on the lumps to see if they were tumors or not. I went in for that two weeks ago.

I heard on Tuesday that the lumps were benign cysts, which was great news. They are a result of the HRT regiment I am on as they are side effects of the hormones I have to take. Then Wednesday, I was back at the hospital for surgery to remove the Melanoma on my stomach.

It was such a small blemish which result in me having 4 inches by 2 inches of skin removed, right down to the muscle, and then everything stapled back together. So as I write this, I have 10 metal staples in my stomach! They come out in 2 weeks, but I still have to take it easy for a couple of more weeks while it heals. I am sure I am going to have an ugly scar :(

Below is a picture showing the Melanoma and then the results of surgery. The second image was taken yesterday.


Now you know why I haven’t been as active the last little while. A lot of this got into my head as the last thing I ever wanted was Cancer! I am lucky in the the cancer I did have was at it’s very early stages and has a 97% survival rate.

Remember to always have new or strange looking blemishes and moles checked out. This is something you want to catch as soon as you can, and not when it is too late.

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