It Was A Nice Long Weekend

We just had a long weekend in Canad with yesterday being Victoria Day. I spent the weekend doing some yard work and getting things ready for planting. It wasn’t all that tedious though as I did have a bit of fun Saturday night.

I had a guy over who I shot a blow-job video with last year, and who wanted to play some more, off camera. He is a quite cute 22 year old with a great body and a very nice cock. We had a drink with my husband, and then leaving my husband, I took the young guy to my bedroom. There were things he really anted to try and had e-mailed me his “list”, so I helped him work through them.

He had never had his ass rimmed, so that was the very first thing I did to him. I had him lay on his stomach on my bed, then I moved up to spread his cheeks and to start licking and deeply rimming his ass. He was moaning in no time, and I took that as a cue to work a finger into his ass! He pushed back against my finger until I got the entire length of it inside of him. He had to stop me a few times as he was about to CUM!

The next thing was him rimming my ass, which was on his “sexual bucket list”. I lay on my tummy and he got behind me and started licking my ass. He started working his fingers in to me, and when he got to the third one, I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass (something else he has never done). He slid up and I helped guide his cock into my ass. He made about 4 strokes and then said he was about to CUM. I told him not to hold back and to let it go, and he did! He has a fairly thick cock, so I could feel it pulse on every squirt as he came deep in my ass!

After he finished, he lay on me for a couple of minutes and I could feel his cock softening in my ass. It finally fell out, and I immediately went down on him to suck his cock clean and get him hard again, which did not take long. We fucked in different positions, and while fucking me hard Doggy-Style, he came inside of me. We both collapsed next to each other, and just lay there kissing one another softly.


He was also curious about Piss Play, and wanted to piss on me and then me on him. We moved to the shower and he started. I got on my knees in front of him, and waited until he could get his stream going. It took a couple of minutes, but when he started he pissed long and hard! He aimed for my open mouth as well as all over my body. He really had to go! Once he was done, He got on his knees and I stood over him. He began licking and sucking my pussy, and when I started peeing, I filled his mouth over and over. He loved it!

We showered together, went back to the bed, and fucked each other again. He was able to CUM with a fairly large load for his 3rd time, again deep in my pussy.

That was it for a fun Saturday night. πŸ™‚

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Not much going on at the moment

Unfortunately, there really has been very little going on. I have had to cancel a few shoots from the past week and this upcoming week due to having a period that started and won’t stop! Not flowing like crazy, just little bits here and there. I had thought I was done with periods and was finally through menopause,Β  as I went the past 6 months with no menstruation. But, now this all popped up, and it is a real piss off πŸ™

I am pushing my husband to finally build the Glory Hole set-up he said he would do. At least that way, I could still have some fun to share with you all πŸ™‚

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A Very Quiet Weekend

This turned out to be quite the quiet weekend. I really did very little, and just relaxed. I did have some friends from Ottawa that were supposed to come over for dinner and fun on Saturday night, but that was cancelled. We are having a lot of flooding in the area (not right here, thankfully), and our friends had to go to a relatives place to help them sandbag and keep the water out of the house. I just talked to them and their work only slowed things down a bit, but they lost to the rising waters. I even feel bad for having a relaxing weekend while so many were fighting to save their homes.

A new guy from Ottawa was supposed to be coming over tomorrow to shoot a FanFuXXX scene, but he is caught up in the same disaster, helping his parents try and save their home. That’s a great excuse for not making it here.

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I Just Got Fucked Really Hard By The Egyptian!

One of my fans from Ottawa was invited over to fuck me on video for my FanFuXXX series. It was a great shoot, with lots of hard fucking, sucking, rimming, and pussy licking. I just uploaded the 16 minute video to me members area, so join now to see all the fun!

The images below are some video captures from the new video πŸ™‚

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An Enjoyable Evening

I had a very enjoyable evening. One on my boyfriends (or BoyToys) came over from Montreal for dinner and drinks this evening. My husband made a really nice dinner, that we enjoyed with a couple of bottles of wine. We cleaned up after we ate, and then I took my boyfriend to the bedroom for some fun. My husband wanted to get some work finished, so he left us to our own devices.

There really isn’t much to say other than we enjoyed some great sex and I made him CUM three times! The first in my mouth, which I swallowed, and then kept sucking him until he was hard again. I climbed on his cock and rode him for only a couple of minutes until he came again, this time in my pussy. After a little break for some more wine, he spent a good amount of time licking my pussy and ass. After some 69 action, we went back to fucking, doggy-style this time, until he came for his third time! As I said, it was a very enjoyable evening πŸ™‚

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Had A Really Good Shoot

I had a new guy I met on another website come over on MondayΒ  evening to shoot a video with me. He fucked me HARD, and squirted all over my face at the end. The video should be really good πŸ™‚

We took a bunch of pictures using Snapchat as I wanted to test it all out. Taking live pictures and uploading them as it all happens. Now I have to figure out how the hell to get the pictures off my phone! It’s fine with pictures that were just taken normally, but the ones I took in Snapchat just won’t transfer. My husband looked on line and saw a way to capture them, but all you get is a small picture only suitable for mobile. If anyone knows the answer, please let me know! I would have had pics up right now if I knew what to do πŸ™‚

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Shooting Video This Evening

I have a new guy coming over this evening to help me with a video. Like most, he has never done anything like this, so he is quite nervous. He has a nice cock and a pretty good load of CUM. He is older than most of the guys I have been fucking lately, only 16 years younger than me! πŸ˜‰

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A Very Slow Week

It has been a weird week. On one hand, I have been terribly busy, working on new content and helping out with the new website we are developing, but even while busy, it has really seemed to drag on. I guess that even when I am busy, if I am busy with the boring stuff, and with no real fun, things seem to go by really slow.

Things will pick up a bit this afternoon at least. I have to run down to Cornwall to do some banking and shopping, and I’ll be stopping by my boyfriend’s place for an “Afternoon Delight”! It will just be a Quickie, but I do really enjoy fast fucks when I am busy πŸ™‚

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A Relaxing Long Weekend

Since I work for myself, weekends and weekdays really are all the same. I sit down at my computer and work every day. But as it was a long weekend for everyone else, I decided to take it easy, and only did the most basic customer support, and nothing else. Not even any sex!

I did a bunch of baking, some housework, and little else. I caught up on some reading, and watched a bit of TV, and even slept in a couple of days. It was all quite nice πŸ™‚

Now it’s back to work!

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Busy Day

It’s a busy day today! I just got back in from doing some grocery shopping and now I have to run out and check the mail, then head down to Cornwall to do some banking and even more shopping. When I get back home, I have a video to edit to get up on my website tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be going straight through to about 8:00pm tonight!

Tuesday are always like this for me πŸ™‚

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