Gang-Bangs and Bukkakes

I want to talk about my Gang-Bangs and Blow-Bang Bukkakes again. A common request I get is for more videos of me in Gang-Bang and Bukkake situations. I think that’s a great idea and I would love to do it. I am thinking of setting aside one Friday or Saturday evening a month for a GB video shoot at my home. All I need is the guys! And even girls if they are interested 😉

If you would like to take part and are actually close enough to me to be able to come, then please e-mail me at with pictures. Just like any video shoot I do, I need average guys with cocks that are of average length or longer. I am sorry to say that I cannot use any obese men as I am just too petite and it looks too funny on video. So I want to see pictures that show me what you look like, your full body, and a close up of your erect cock. Please make sure to note that your e-mail is for the Gang-Bangs and also let me know where you live. In order to get a response, please provide all the information I am requesting. I am tired of always having to chase down that info!

The Gang-Bangs will be my usual “anything-goes” GBs with the guys doing whatever they like with me and to me. The Bukkakes will be a Blow-Bang style Bukkake where I suck your cock before and after you CUM, and swallow whatever lands in my mouth 😉

I’m also to fit in a Bukkake Pee video now and then where the guys not only CUM on me, they also can piss all over me 😉

So hit me up on e-mail and let me know if you are interested.

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I’ll be enjoying a New Fan Fuck this evening

I have a new young guy coming over this evening for a Fan FuXXX video. It will probably become part of my Cougar Chase series as he is young 😉

He wants to try everything, so we’ll probably end up just doing whatever when the time comes. Of course there will be sucking and fucking, ending with a Creampie. But there also may be some anal sex in there and some Piss Play. He is curious about Watersports and mentioned that he can Pee while hard, so I’m going to have him try pissing inside my pussy while we are fucking. If he can do it, I’ll bring him back to do thesame thing in my ass. If he can’t do it, I will just have piss in my mouth.

I’ll make sure to post a couple of pictures tomorrow along with a write up on how it went.

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Fulfilling A Fan’s Request

I have this guy that I’ve hung out with on a number of occasions at the bar, but have never played with. He originally wrote me on the website about meeting me, and I invited him to the Pub for a drink and a chat. He’s really a nice guy and was never forward about “getting i my pants” as too many guys are. I appreciated it. Well, about a month ago, he e-mailed me and brought up a little Kink he wanted to fulfill. I asked him to detail what he would like to do, and did he ever! In every detail! 😉

He came over earlier today to realize his kinky dream, and I had everything ready. As requested, I wore a summer dress, panties, and flat shoes (he loves that I am so petite).  I sat on the couch and had him strip naked in front of me and play with himself for a few minutes. I opened my legs and told him to take care of me. He got between my legs and spent a minute sniffing my pussy through my panties, and then licking and sucking me, again, through the panties. He them slowly removed the panties (which I have allowed him to keep) and began licking and playing with both my ass and pussy. He has his tongue in me to get me fully wet everywhere, and then used his fingers in both places. I also had him slid a finger deep in my ass, then pull it out and suck it! He did that quite a few times.

After 20 minutes, and a bunch of pretty good orgasms, I told him it was his turn to CUM. He moved up in front of me, and with my legs up on his shoulders, began masturbating. I had him slide just the head of his cock up and down between my pussy lips, and also to rub it on my clit. It didn’t take him long before he exploded right on my pussy even getting some of his CUM inside of me. As soon as he was doen squirting, I told him to go down and lick me clean, which he hungrily did. He slurped up every last drop of CUM from on me and in me.

He then kept licking my pussy and as a surprise, I let go and pissed right in his mouth and on his face, and he swallowed all he could. He loved it with a passion as I could tell Fetish Mode had kicked right in for him! I loved it to 😉

That was that, and it has taken me longer to write this than the actual action took! I do love when my fans tell me their unfulfilled Kinks and I help them realize it 🙂


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Another Somewhat Quiet Weekend

We took it easy this past weekend, not doing much at all. I did have some fun on Friday night as one of my old BoyToys came out from Montreal for the night. My husband, Danny, was cooking dinner, so while we waited on that, the BT (BoyToy) and I went to the bedroom for some fun. We tore each others clothes off, and he threw me onto the bed, and got down between my legs. He spent the next 20 minutes licking my pussy and rimming my ass. He slipped a finger deep in my ass and finger fucked me while he kept licking my pussy. I had some great orgasms! I pulled him up on top of me, and guided his hard cock into my pussy, it felt amazing. He has a nice thick cock that I have always enjoyed. After just a few minutes I could tell he was about to CUM. He tried to pull out, but I wrapped my legs around him and held him tight and had no choice but to CUM deep inside me with a shuddering orgasm.

We lay with him on top of me for a few minutes, and I could feel his cock softening. He rolled off of me, and I quickly bent down to suck his now soft cock clean. Just as I did that, Danny came in to say that dinner was almost ready. For once I was witty in a situation and I said to him “Your dinner is right here!” and rolled onto my back and opened my legs. He knew what I wanted, so dropped between my legs and began licking me clean. I squeezed as much of it out me as I could to make sure he got almost all of it. Having yur pussy licked clean is an amazing feeling 🙂

We went and had dinner and some wine. By the time we finished is was just after 8 o’clock. To relax a bit, we went and watched some TV. Danny turned on the Roku thing and went to th PornHub channel. He found my listing and started playing my videos! I actually hate watching myself and luckily my BT got hard, so I went to work on his cock while the boys watched me on TV! I find that funny, I’m right there doing what I am doing on video and the guys aren’t watching me live!

It quickly turned to full blown sex, and after sucking my BT’s cock for a while, I climbed up on him and slipped his cock back into me. I made Danny come behind and lick my ass while I fucked my BT. Danny got me wet and slipped a finger into my ass. He knows what I like. After that enjoyment, he got righe behind me and between my BT’s legs, and pushed his cock into my asshole! I just lost it and had an incredible orgasm. I can still feel it!

Danny came in my ass and I could feel his cock pulsing as he did. Just as he was finishing up inside me, BT let go and filled my pussy! Great timing from the boys. We now all sat back and watched a movie on Netflix. Now I understand the concept of “Netflix and chill” 😉

I ended up taking my BT to bed around 1:00 in the morning and Danny went to sleep in the guestroom. BT and I fucked again before we fell asleep, and then he woke me up with a hard cock that he slipped into me from behind. It is a great way to wake up.

We had coffee, chatted a bit, and then my BT headed back to Montreal. The rest of the weekend was quiet and quite relaxing.

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My Friday Night Fun

Friday night went great. I ended up with 10 guys as 2 more guys I know asked if they could join in. The “first round” went by rather quickly as all the guys took turns and all came fast, as I asked them to. 5 of the guys came in my mouth for me to swallow, and the other 5 came in my pussy. No one got around to my ass that first round of play.

We stopped for drinks and a snack, and I got right back to it with the first guy sliding his cock into my ass. Even though the guy had CUM about 15 minutes before, my ass got to him and he came again, inside of me, after only a couple of minutes. I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass! That got everyone going, and they all went for round 2.

After another short break, a few of the guys went for round 3, with one guy cumming 5 times! Start to finish it was close to 2 hours, which is a perfect length of time.

I am planning on doing it again 🙂


On Saturday, we went out for a birthday dinner with friends and then went to a local bar for a comedy show that was being put on. We knew most of the acts from Montreal and ran into a bunch of people I haven’t seen for years. Yesterday was a day of much needed rest! 😉

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Gang Bang Night

GBI am hosting my very first Paid Gang-Bang this evening! I have never done anything where I got paid before, so this will be a first. I have been to some where other girls were paid for taking part, but I never did charge any money. It was actually brought up to me by one of the guys who is coming this evening. I’ll explain what we came up with…

This is an “anything-goes” Gang-Bang, where the guys can use me in any way they like and CUM wherever they want.  We discussed it all, and the guys can fuck me how they want; pussy, anal, Double-Penetration, and even do ass-to-mouth. They can CUM in me or on me. Light slapping and spanking is allowed as well as light chocking and hair-pulling. A couple of the guys are “spitters” and plan to spit in my face and mouth, and a few of the guys want to piss on me at the end. I will also be sitting on one of them and pissing in their face. It’s a full evening of play! There are eight men coming, so it will be a busy evening for me 😉

I will be supplying all the alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) for the evening as well as some snacks and food. For all this, I am charging $50.00 per person to cover my expenses, which I think is quite reasonable.

What do you guys think? Is that a reasonable price when all you can drink and eat is included? Let me know 🙂

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Concerning Cancellations & No-Shows

Every time I mention I have a cancellation or a no-show from guys I have scheduled to come over and shoot a video with me, I get many men messaging that they would be happy to come right over and fill in. I do appreciate that, really. But I just can’t invite someone over that I have never met or who haven’t sent me pictures of themselves at the very least.

So, if you are local to me, and are willing to come to my home for a quick video shoot of your choice, please let me know by e-mailing me with pictures and with your location mentioned. Also tell me what your sexual interests are, be they mild or wild. I am very open to most things.

Thank you all 🙂


On a separate note, I am looking for guys who are able to piss while they are hard! I really want to do some fucking scenes where the guy is in my pussy or ass, pisses while inside of me, then keeps fucking until he CUMs inside of me. I just love that feeling, and want to do it on video.  🙂

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Another Cancellation :(

I was supposed to do a Piss and Blow-job shoot with one of my website members this evening, but he is stuck working overtime and cannot make it. he did do an Outside Public Blow-Job with me last year, which you can see in the ChickPee section of my website.

It was going to start as a CFNM scene with me fully dressed and him fully naked. He would walk up to me where I would be waiting on my knees, and piss all over me including in my mouth. Just as his stream starts to weaken, I would take him in my mouth, swallow whatever was dribbling out, and start sucking his cock until he came in my mouth and on my face. It’s a type of thing that makes me feel so dirty and naughty, and that I love to do!

I guess we’ll have to reschedule, but that doesn’t mean any of you can’t come over and give it a go 😉

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A Tasty Saturday Night

We just stayed in and took it easy on Friday night as it had been a very busy week. We were thinking of checking out the Obsession swinger club up in Ottawa on Saturday night, but as it’s for Couples Only on Saturdays, we didn’t bother. I was horny though and luckily one of my young BoyToys from up in town texted me and asked if I wanted to play. he was with one of his friends whom I have met in the Pub, but had never played with. I invited them both over.

We ended up in my basement playroom, and just got right into it. The friend had never had anal sex and had never CUM in a woman’s mouth, so I told him he was going to get to do both. There really isn’t much embellishing I can do with this, we just played for close to 2 hours, sucking, fucking, licking, and doing anal. Both guys came 3 times each and my husband even came twice. I swallowed most of it, which made for a really tasty night 🙂

Sorry, no pictures or video.

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Latest Creampie Video Is Up On My Website

I just uploaded an excellent video I just shot on Tuesday evening. I had a new guy over to shoot with me, and he was hot. He’s a cute 23 year old from up in the Ottawa area, so  just about an hour away. He had e-mailed me about getting together for a video shoot, and along with his query, he sent me some pictures of himself. Me, being the predatory Cougar I am, liked what I saw 🙂

Like most guys, he wanted to do and try everything, and I am used to that. But I know it never goes that way as most guys just can’t last that long (and me either! I’m getting old). We ended up doing a good ol’ Suck & Fuck, with a Creampie finish. We started off with me deep throuting his cock, and then moving into a 69. I rode hos cock for a good while, and then he flipped me around to fuck me Doggy-Style from behind. When he got into that, he didn’t last too long and I could feel his cock pulse as he squirted into my waiting pussy.

He pulled out and I flipped around so I could suck his cock clean. I kept sucking and managed to get him hard again, but he just wasn’t able to CUM again.

So, the video is available to my website members and I have a handful of pictures below for you voyeurs 😉

I’m always looking for people to come play with me on video. We can do anything you like, and I do mean anything! Just be close enough to me and have a cock that is average to above average. Smaller cocks just don’t film well, but I still love to play with them off camera 😉

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