CUM in my Pussy!

Looking for guys with nice cocks and big loads to help me with making some Creampie videos. Anal Creampies too. Just be local enough to be able to easily get to me in eastern Ontario, Canada! You don’t even have to show your face. You come by, I suck your cock to get you ready, then you fuck me and CUM in me. I’ll lick and suck you clean, and you leave. No money changes hands. You just need to provide me with clear pictures of your face, full body, and erect cock. This can be a one-time or ongoing thing.

All you local Glengarry boys are welcome to come and take part too, including those of you who see me at The Tic. Don’t worry, I won’t out you as my discretion is always assured ;)

Thanks :)

CUM in my Pussy

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New Guy Pisses On My Ass & Pussy!

I just finished shooting a new video with a local fan who has an interesting Fetish, he likes to piss on a woman’s ass and pussy! Although it is his Fetish, it’s something he has never had a chance to do, but said he has fantasized about it for years. So he e-mailed me and asked if I would help him out. Since he is one of the young regulars at the local Pub I hang out at, I invited him over to give it a go.

He had a problem getting started as he was a bit Pee Shy with my husband standing there with the video camera. My husband decided to give him the camera, and leave the room, so we shot this POV style. Luckily, the video came out just fine.

I got down on my hands and knees with him behind me, and then he just let go. He got me right in the ass, and all over my pussy. I know that this type of thing isn’t for everyone, but I really do enjoy the feeling. As his stream hit me, it got me excited and I played with myself while his piss ran down my pussy. He gave me a little unexpected surprise at the end by sliding his finger into my ass!

I’ll have the video up in the ChickPee area of my website in a few days, but below are some video captures I will share with you now. :)

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Fun With A New Guy

There is a guy who I have been messaging with on-line for the past few months. He sent me a number of pictures so I could see what he looked liked, and he is a very attractive guy in his mid 40’s with a really nice meaty cock and balls. I invited him out to meet me at the local Pub I hang out at last night, and he finally agreed. Like others, he thinks I am just surrounded by “suitors” at the Pub, which couldn’t be further from the truth!

We got to the Pub around 9:00 and it was empty! There were 6 people there who left a few minutes after we arrived, and all that was left was me, my husband Danny, and the staff! The new guy (who I will call Gordon) showed up about 15 minutes later and had no problem finding us at all ;)

We had a drink and chatted, and I knew I wanted to take Gordon home and fuck him. My husband always leaves that decision up to me, so never says a word. I asked Gordon if he wanted to follow us back to our place and he agreed. I live about 10 minutes from the Pub, so we were home in no time.

Instead of the usual drinking and chatting we do when we bring someone new home, I just brought him right to the bedroom (yes, I was really horny last night). I undressed him, and he undressed me, and my husband undressed himself! He was nervous and was having a bit of a problem staying hard. My husband knew it was because he was there so he left us alone for a while and went off to watch Real Time with Bill Maher which he always records.

Gordon immediately pushed me back on the bed, and began licking my pussy and ass for a good 15 minutes. He used his fingers to play with my pussy, and then asked if he could slip a finger in my ass. He slid two fingers in, and started finger fucking my ass while he licked my pussy. I came, a lot! I ended up getting really sensitive so I stopped him, had him lie back, and started licking and sucking his cock and balls. I loved the way his cock felt in my mouth, and he had really nice big balls! In just a few minutes he asked me to stop because he was going to CUM. Well, never say that to me! I latched on and went at him harder, and he ever tried to push me off, but I wouldn’t let go. He stopped fighting me and then just exploded in my mouth! he had a wonderfully thick load that just kept cumming and cumming. I swallowed about three times to get it all.

I held him in my mouth as he slightly softened, but kept lightly sucking him while I played with his balls and his ass, In about 5 minutes he was rock hard again! I quickly climbed up on him, and lowered my pussy onto his cock. It felt so good. For the next 20 minutes, we fucked hard in every position, changing around every few minutes. He was fucking me doggy-style and asked if he could fuck my ass. I really hadn’t done much anal the past while, and the few guys I did weren’t overly thick, so it took a little pushing on his part, and guiding on mine, before it popped in! It was tight but it did feel good. He fucked me for only a few minutes before I fely him tense up, and then his cock pulse as he pumped his CUM into my ass. It was really really good.

We collapsed on the bed, stroking each other, and a minute later my husband came back in asking if he could join us. He was only wearing his robe, so he slipped it off and got behind me. I leaned back and kissed him, and he could taste the CUM that I enjoyed. He also slipped his hand down and felt how open and wet my ass was, and said he knew where someone had just CUM! He moved around and started licking my ass, which really seemed to excite Gordon! ;)

My husband then slid up behind me and I guided his cock into my ass. We fucked that way while Gordon and I kissed and fondled one another. Gordon got hard once again and even said how excited it all made him. I had him move up so I could get his cock in my mouth while my husband fucked me. Danny finally came in my ass, and after he pulled out, we moved around so I could suck his cock clean (one of my husband’s kinks) and Gordon could fuck my pussy doggy-style. Gordon was excited enough to CUM again, in about 5 minutes! It wasn’t a huge Creampie as it was his 3rd load in about 90 minutes, but it was enough to drip out of me when he pulled out. I told Danny to “do his job” and he went behind me and licked Gordon’s CUM from my pussy, which Gordon just loved seeing.  ;)

We all cleaned up and went back out to the kitchen. Danny got beers for himself and Gordon and made me a drink. We chatted about sex and what we do and even brought up cuckolding. It was all new to Gordon who admitted that he had only been with three women in his life, 2 girlfriends and his ex-wife. He hadn’t had sex in close to a year since he and his wife split up. All the sex talk got me excited again, and I was lightly rubbing his crotch and felt him get hard again. I took him back to the bedroom, leaving my husband in the kitchen, and we sucked and fucked for another hour! He came again in my pussy and when we came out of the room, we found Danny in the office doing some work ;)

Gordon left for the hour drive home and Danny and I fucked one more time before falling asleep…at 4:00 in the morning!

He will be back in a couple of weeks ;)

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My First Shoot of 2015

SwallowingI just did my first video shoot for the New Year. It was with a guy who contacted me and lives close by, down in Cornwall. He had an unfulfilled fantasy of pissing all over someone and then giving them a Facial, and I though it would be something fun to shoot.

AftermathWhen he got here earlier this afternoon, he was in actual pain as he had to pee so bad. It was actually funny. So we got right down to the fun. I got on my knees as he quickly got undressed, and then he just let go! WOW! Did he ever have to pee! He started in my mouth, then completely soaked the kniw dress I was wearing, and then pissed on my pussy as I played with myself. he then moved up and pissed in my mouth some more! I timed it on the video, and he peed non-stop for one minute and fifty seven seconds! Almost two full minutes.

As the last little bit of pee was trickling from his cock, I took him in my mouth and started sucking him.  It only took a couple of minutes before he exploded, first right in my mouth, and then all over my face. It was a good amount of CUM. I sucked him clean and the video ended. But as I stood there with piss and CUM all over me, he asked if he could lick my ass, and spent about 10 minutes with his tongue and fingers deep in my ass!

Covered In Piss & CUM
He’ll be back next week for a fucking and Creampie video :)

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Sucked A New Local Guy Today

I finally have a cameraman again and I decided to take advantage of it! There is a really hot young guy who lives up in town that I have been chatting with for a while. We had never met, but I did see some pictures and a couple of hot videos of him and his girlfriend playing. I invited him over earlier today for a quick Blow-Job :)

I would have done more, but I only had a short bit of time as I had some banking and Christmas shopping to get done, so a Blow-Job and Facial is something I can enjoy and do quick. Plus it finally allowed us to meet!

He showed up, we chatted for a few minutes, and then I had my fun. I decided to be fully naked on my knees in front of him, and I had him come to me where I undid his pants, pulled out his cock, and took it in my mouth. I sucked him and licked his balls until he came right in my mouth and on my face. Of course he squirted right in my eye! (my eyes are CUM attractors!) I sucked every drop of CUM from him, and we were done. We both got what we wanted  :)

After the holidays we will be doing a lot more. I am planning on some Creampie shoots, anal shoots, and he even plans to bring some of his friends by to fuck me! He also wants to piss on me, which I just love. He lives so close, I plan on making him a very regular BoyToy ;)

We did shoot a video which I will have up tomorrow in my members area, but for now I have some pictures that we snapped on the video camera :)

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A New Boyfriend

I have a somewhat new boyfriend that I have not had a chance to mention yet. I’ve been playing with him for a couple of months, but as I haven’t had a chance to write anything, you haven’t met” him yet. His name is Gordon (how Canadian is that??) and he is a really cute 32 year old guy that lives fairly close to me. We met at the Pub a couple of months ago and really hit it off. I ended up leaving with him that night and taking him back to my home, leaving my husband at the Pub! ;)

That first evening, he ended up spending th night with me in my bad. My husband ended up sleeping in the guest room! Since then, we have gotten together once a week in the afternoons during the week. He works a night shift at a local company, so he is free in the day. We will go out for lunch, then come back to my place for a couple of hours of fun.

Today, he picked me up at 11:00 and we went down to Cornwall, stopping at Kelsey’s for lunch. I did my banking, then we headed back home. On the way, I started rubbing his crotch and got him hard, so I pulled out his cock and gave him a nice wet blow-job. he tried holding back, but I wouldn’t let him, and he ended up cumming in my mouth as he drove down the highway! We finally got home, and fucked hard for quite a while until he finished in my pussy.

The good thing is he is married, and like me, just looking for a Fuck Buddy and not a serious relationship. So we are prefect for one another ;)


Tomorrow evening, I am supposed to be meeting a guy from Philadelphia who is visiting family in Montreal. He is a 26 year old cutie who wants to shoot a video with me. We plan to fuck, a lot, enjoy some oral, and then he wants to CUM all over my face. After we are done, I’ll be heading over to the Pub to hopefully pick up someone else as I always get super horny after sex ;)

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Hooked Up With A New Guy Last Night!

My husband Danny and I went out for drinks last night and met a member of my website that I have been messaging with, on and off, for the past couple of years. He only lives about half an hour from me, but our schedules just never meshed before and last night was our first meet!

He’s a divorced father of two in his late 40’s, and actually really good looking. We hit it off right away and before you know it, I was inviting him back to my place for “drinks”. I actually invited him before I even told my husband I wanted to. He followed us back home, and Danny made us drinks and we hung out in the kitchen chatting. We moved down to our lower family room, and put some Porn on the TV. In no time at all, I was on my knees in front of him as he sat on the couch, pulling out his cock and sucking it! He had an amazing cock! Over 8 inches, thick, and just perfect looking. I enjoyed sucking his cock for a few minutes, and then finally got his pants and shirt off. I quickly undressed then went back down on him, especially enjoying his nice meaty balls. I then just climbed on him, slid my pussy on his cock, and rode him until he came deep in my pusy. Danny just sat back the entire time, watching and enjoying the scene.

We took a little break and then I fucked my husband for a bit, waiting for my new friend to get ready again. This time he started bu going down on me and licking my freshly cummed-in pussy. He fucked me again, this time doggy-style with my face in the couch and when he got close to cumming, I pulled away from him, turned around, and finsihed him in my mouth. His second load was quite impressive too ;)

That was it for the evening, and although I wrote t like it went quick, it was a good solid hour of fucking. We set up a “date” and he left for home while Danny and I played on in bed :)


Tonight we are going down to Cornall for dinner and then will probably stop off at the Pub down in Lancaster for a fiend’s Karaoke event. Maybe I’ll meet someone else there tonight ;)

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I’m Still Here :)

I am still around and still having fun. The only problem is my husband was going stir crazy sitting at home, and got a job offer he decided to take. So he is gone about 50 to 60 hours a week, and I have to do all the work on all the various websites we run! I never realized how much work there actually was! It has caused me to let my own personal stuff, like my Blogs, slip! I really have to manage my time better :)

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I Just Turned 51 Years Old

My 51st Birthday was yesterday, September 16th, 2014. I will be having some fun this coming weekend with a bunch of different people, but I decided to just take a bunch of pictures on my birthday, just to show everyone what I look like at 51 years old ;)

So here you go. Just a selection of quick pictures we shoot, raw and real. If you ever want to fuck me, well, what you see is what you get! ;)

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Where Have I Been?

Where have I been?? Right here, just doing the bare minimum for my website for customer support and video updates. I decided to basically take August off, in a sense, and relax a bit. But September is here in a few days, and I will be back at work, and back at play! I have a bunch of new guys all lined up to come by my place to help me with my videos And with some very interesting shoots too.

I’m still looking for even more men, women, couples, even groups, who would like to join me doing a video, and we can do whatever you like. Just e-mail me at with what you would like to do, and send along some pictures so I know what you look like, and we can take it from there :)

See you next week! ;)

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