Fellatio Friday – Just Enjoying The Taste Of yet Another Cock

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Riding a nice cock and promoting my Pornhub Page ;)


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Tribute Tuesday! Pictures from the past week

It’s Tribute Tuesday and that day of the week where I show you all the recent CUM Tribute pictures I received, and the pictures I did back as a thank you 🙂

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This Fan Had A Very Nice Thick Cock :)

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Her Tongue Along With A Toy Feel So Good

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He Was Pounding My Cervix! ;)

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T-Girl Fun Tonight

A couple of T-Girl friends of ours are coming down from Ottawa for a night of play. I really do love fucking both of them, and watching them fuck each other too!

Three of the four cocks you see below will be in every one of my holes, as well as in their holes 😉

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Fucking A Website Member

I invited one of my website members over for a little fun. It felt so good 🙂

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Fellatio Friday – from 22 years ago!

This was way back in the fall of 1995. I picked up this young black guy at the bar and brought him home. I had told him I wanted to take pictures for my Internet website and that he could do anything he wanted with me if he allowed me. I got a great photoset out of this, and a new BoyToy too as he was over a lot then next few years 😉

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New Guy Makes Me Squirt Then CUMs In My Ass! – The Video

I have the full video of this up in the FanFuXXX area of my member’s area. Members can access it right here. If you ren’t a member, then you should Join Right Now!

I met this guy on-line after he contacted me about being in a video with me. He also guaranteed me that he could make me Squirt, something I have heard so many times before. As so few guys that say that can actually do it, I told him that if he made me Squirt, I would let him CUM in my ass. He had never had anal sex before, and really wanted to give it a try, so he loved that offer 🙂

We started off with me pulling out his cock and giving him a nice long blow-job. He then had me on my back, and went to my pussy with his tongue and mouth, and did a great job making me CUM a couple of times. Then he went hard after my pussy, and it only took a minute or do until I covered his hand in my juices. You can see and hear my orgasms in the video!

I can only take so much of that intense pleasure, so we moved and got down to some hard fucking. He spent a good long time fucking my pussy, and that felt so good. He pulled out of my pussy and quickly slipped his cock into my ass, where he fucked me hard! He came with a couple of loud grunts, and I could feel his cock pulsing as he came and came deep inside me. After he pulled out, I slid a finger down, scooped up a little CUM, and tasted his CUM. It was good 🙂

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