Friday Night Gang-Bang Fun

On Thursday evening a friend from Ottawa contacted me about doing a Gang-Bang the very next day. He had told a bunch of his friends about me, and what I do, and they all wanted to give it a go. As I had no plans at all, I agreed to play. I also told him to tell the guys that they can do whatever they want with me and CUM wherever they liked. They did not have to ask permission to do anything. I also mentioned that they did not have to worry about my husband being there as he ,oved to see me used and abused!

We showed up and all the guys were already there. I was introduced to everyone (forgot their names 2 minutes later), and had a glass of wine before the play started. My friend got it all started by pulling out his cock and pushing my head down to suck it, which I did. The other guys quickly got undressed and then I was pulled up and stripped by the guys.

The whole event was non-stop sucking and fucking for me. I sucked every guy, rimmed every ass, was fucked by them all, both in the pussy and the ass. I enjoyed a lot of double and triple penetrations with three guys in a row cumming in my ass while I fucked another guy through all of it. After each guy came in my ass, they would pull out to make room for the next guy but also come around so I could sucked their cocks clean. It’s a good thing I think my ass tastes good because ass-to-mouth seemed to be an ongoing theme that night!

Three of the guys got the “trifecta” they wanted, cumming in my mouth, my pussy and my ass. The other three guys all came in my ass, and either my mouth or pussy. I made my husband lick all the Creampies up, and even snowball a couple of mouthfuls of CUM with me. I have been training my little cuckold well πŸ˜‰

It was a great night and I felt quite satisfied with it all πŸ™‚

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Gang-Bang Tonight

I will be the center of attention at a 6 man Gang-Bang this evening up in Ottawa. It is a very last minute thing as a friend approached me just yesterday about doing it. Other than him, I don’t know any of the guys and not one, except my friend, has ever done a Gang-Bang or even a threesome! So for 5 of the guys, it will be a first. The men range in age from 24 to 32. I don’t know what will be going on as I told my friend I am open to be used and abused in any way the boys like πŸ˜‰

No, there will not be any pictures or video of this one, and yes, I already asked if we could. All the guys are married or attached, and are paranoid about their wives and girlfriends finding out. πŸ˜‰

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A Quite Weekend

It was a long weekend up here in Canada, and most people have today off of work. We took it very easy this weekend and just worked around the house. We had to do the first lawn cutting and prepare the flower beds. We also did some spring cleaning. So no sex at all, not even with my husband! πŸ˜‰

So I really have nothing to report or talk about…

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Meeting A New Young Couple This Evening

We are meeting with a young couple from CornwallΒ  this evening to talk about “Swinging” and the various ways people take part. They are married, but both in their early 20’s and very curious about the Lifestyles out there. They contacted me through e-mail almost a month ago, and we have been chatting about it all, including how we got started.

We have helped many couples over the years with their introduction to Swinging and Alternative Lifestyles. It worked great for some, and not at all for others. All we can do is help with their questions and telling them about the club scene as well as the on-line scene. What they do with it is out of our control, and Swinging really isn’t for everyone!

The funny thing is that although we have helped many couples, we’ve only ended up playing with just a few. Maybe we’ll get lucky this evening! πŸ˜‰

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cuckold play earlier today

I mentioned in my previous post that we have been doing a lot of cuckold play these days. Well, we had a great bit of cuck play earlier this afternoon! A local guy who lives in Alexandria, and works there too, came by at lunch time for some fairly quick fun. He had an hour for lunch, so that only gave us half an hour to play.

The guy is around 40 and in great shape with a nice cock. He also have a very respectable large loads when he CUMs. We first met a few months ago on a Friday evening at the Pub I hand out at. We just chatted that first evening. A couple of weeks later he came by again and this time I ended up fucking him in his pickup truck! It was just a quickie and he came deep in my pussy, with quite a big load. I held it in, pulled on my panties and jeans, and we went back into the Pub. His CUM slowly oozed out of my pussy, and I had a little wet spot on the front of my jeans. He has been over a few times since then, always for lunchtime quickies.

But back to what happened… He showed up and we all went to the bedroom. Both he and I quickly undressed, leaving my husband sitting there in his chair, fully dressed, and watching. We have a chair in our bedroom that is mainly used by my husband when I want him to do nothing but watch me fuck other guys. We had our fun with lots of sucking, licking, and fucking and finished up with me calling my husband over and him getting under me while I was fucked doggy-style. The finish was discussed earlier.

As I was being fucked, the guys balls were hitting my husband right in the face. The guy would stop every so often and make my husband suck his balls! He even pulled right out a couple of times to shove his cock into my husband’s open mouth. It was great. He finally came in my pussy, and I could feel his cock pulse as he came. He pulled out slowly, and a big glob of CUM dripped out and landed right in my husband’s mouth. I then pushed my pussy down hard on my husband’s mouth and made him suck out every drop of CUM. I also came and gushed right in his mouth too πŸ™‚

That was it, the guy had to leave to get back to work. I did reward my husband with a blow-job, and after he came, I snowballed his own CUM with him and had him swallow it. I am getting so nasty in my old age πŸ˜‰

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I really have to get back to doing my Blog!

Things have been so busy and crazy lately that I have let my Blog slip. I did have some fun the past few weeks, enjoying some BoyToys and a couple of big Orgy parties. I kept meaning to write about them, but got so backed up with other stuff, I just didn’t get around to it. My bad.

We have also gotten into more and more cuckold play, with me fucking more Dominant men and my husband just watching or taking part as a Fluffer and a clean up guy! One of my favourite things to do is have the guy CUM in my pussy to give me a nice Creampie, then I make my husband lick me clean! I just love that and am on the lookout for local guys with really big loads! πŸ˜‰

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A Bad Couple Of Weeks

I have had a really bad couple of weeks, for those of you wondering where I had dropped off to. It started with a Spring Flu, which was a bad one. As soon as that was almost cleaned up, I got hit with a really bed case of Strep Throat! That was the worst as I could barely swallow or talk! After some antibiotics to clean it up, I received a great present in a really bad menstrual cycle! I am going through “The Change” (ask your mother) and have very erratic periods. This was the first in a few months, and it nailed me hard with really bad cramps and headaches for a few days. I think I am finally finished with it all, and can go back to having fun πŸ™‚

A couple of Saturdays ago, I was supposed to have a couple of really hot French T-Girls over for a video shoot. They had never shot with a woman before, so we all were quite excited. Needless to say, I had to cancel that as I don’t want to get other people sick. So it was rescheduled for this coming Saturday πŸ™‚

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T-Girl Cock In My Ass

Just enjoying some fun with my T-Girl friends. Justine loves to fuck my ass, and CUM in it for others to lick out. This was at the very beginning of our fun on this evening πŸ™‚

TGirl Ass Fuck

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Bad Strep Throat :(

I have had really bad strep throat the past few days, but it’s a bit better today so the antibiotics are finally working. I’ve also been sucking on Strepsils lozenges non-stop. I am way behind on my e-mail, so if I owe you a message back, please be patient. I’ve barely touched my computer since Wednesday.

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Pictures From My Fan Fuck Earlier Today

I had a fun FanFuXXX shoot earlier this afternoon with a young guy from Cornwall. He was nervous and went from almost cumming to going soft, over and over. That is actually quite common with first timers. It is a lot of sucking and fucking, and he even shot POV a couple of times when my husband handed him the camera.

The video will be up in a couple of weeks, but here are just a few pictures to tease you all for now πŸ™‚

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