Snowballing CUM with Tracy!

In my Members Area I just put up a new 28 minute video along with 269 pictures, of my fun with Tracy from She came for a visit and we ended up having a lot of fun together. This was supposed to be just her and me playing on webcam, but Danny had different ideas and jumped in to fuck us and then CUM all over our faces. We licked each other clean and shared the tasty CUM :)

You can see it right now in the members area, and if you aren’t a member, then Join Right Now 😉

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Fetish Photoshoot and Video

I just uploaded a fun update in the members area of a Fetish Photoshoot with a Behind-The-Scenes video that a new girl, Leah, did for me. This was not only her first shoot ever, it was her audition too! She had the Drilldo used on her, and then we tied her to a St. Andrews Cross and had Anna-Karin play with her. Then it was Johnny Pearl’s turn to get trussed up and sexually abused by the girls. Dugmor decided to jump in to fuck Anna-Karin and CUM in her mouth and over her face while Leah sucked the Tied up Johnny! She also ends up with a face full of CUM! :)

There are 257 pictures and a 17 minute video available right now in my members area.

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Local Guys Wanted

This will be my annual Help Wanted post :)

I am looking for people who are local to me who would like to help me out with my video shoots. I like diversity so I am open to single men and women, couples, and even Groups of people. It is all good. I am also open to just about anything, so if you have some sort of Fetish or fantasy you’d like to live out, you can try it out with me :)

I know there are plenty of people in the Glengarry county area who read my Blog, and you are who I am writing to! You can stay anonymous if you like as you don’t have to show your face :)

If you are interested, and can get to my home in Green Valley, then have a look at as all the information is there :)

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Swinger Saturday!

On Saturday night we had some fun at a private Swingers Party up in Ottawa. There were 8 other couples there and I felt like the old lady! Most of the others were in their early to mid 30’s and I am 20 years older than most! But that just shows how much more experience I have 😉

It was a good night as it was all a big same room Orgy and none of that running off into separate rooms that I am so tired of. It was just lots of oral and fucking with everyone just doing whomever and whatever they liked with lots of change-ups. I really enjoyed myself even though “couples only” things do tend to bore me to no end. The people were energetic and open to everything and I did suck and fuck every guy there and also tasted every pussy. I even got to clean up a few Creampies 😉

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Fucked A New Young Fan Last Night

I actually wrote this on Saturday afternoon, but I guess I didn’t click the “Publish” button! It has been sitting in my Draft Folder since then, Sorry :)

I had some very unexpected fun last night! We were originally planning to just stay in and watch a video as I had such a busy week, but at the last minute, we decided to run over to the Pub for a drink. We had some friends that were going so we thought we would join them for a bit. Shortly after we arrived, a cute young guy came in alone, which was easy to notice as there was basically no one in the Pub other than us!

He finally got the nerve to come over to me and say hello. We had a drink together and chatted. He mentioned to me that he had been a long time fan and used to masturbate to my website when he was a very young lad. He is only 24 now, so he’s still a very young lad to me 😉

I asked him if he wanted to come over to my place, and he nervously agreed. He had told me that he wasn’t that experienced with sex and had only fucked one other girl in his life, his ex-girlfriend. He also mentioned they never did much except fuck with very little oral. So, he followed us back home…

When we got in, I took him right to my bedroom and my husband went downstairs to watch a movie. We started off by just kissing and slowly undressing one another, then he went down on me for almost 20 minutes. I came a few times as he was pretty good at what he was doing. I stopped him and had him lay back then went to work sucking and licking his cock and balls. He stopped me a few times as I was sucking him as he was so close to cumming. Slowly, I climbed up on top of him and lowered my pussy on his waiting cock. As soon as I bottomed out on him, he grabbed my hips and said he was cumming! he didn’t even get the chance to give me one full stroke! I could feel his cock pulse inside of me as he came, and he came a lot! Slowly I lifted off of his cock, and the CUM just streamed out of my pussy, all over him. I slid back down and licked and sucked his cock clean, then kept sucking to get him hard again. However, he was really embarrassed at cumming so fast, that he just couldn’t get it up again! I worked on him for close to half an hour, but nothing :(

We finally gave up and he quickly dressed and left for home. I told him we can try again soon :)

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My Fisting Lessons

Fisting AbbraxaI just uploaded a fun new video to my members area. In it, we have Abbraxa, the Queen of Extreme, teaching me how to properly fist her pussy! This is an old video that I forgot all about as we did this after we did a live webcam show together. It was the very first time I had every fisted anyone! But I got my whole fist right up to the wrist inside her pussy, and played that way for a little while.

You can see the entire video in my members area, so Join Now! 😉

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Played With A New Couple On Saturday Night

I met a new young couple over on the website. We chatted over the past few weeks as they were curious about Swinging and hooking up with another woman. They really haven’t done anything except for a blow-job she gave to one of his friends on a drunken evening a few months ago. It was what got them talking about experimenting more.

I invited them over with the understanding that my husband wouldn’t take part, but just watch us. This was their request as they didn’t think they were ready for her to actually fuck another guy. They lived about an hour away, just outside of Ottawa, and they showed up right on time. Alice (okay, not her real name) was a bit nervous as she had never been with a woman before, and “Ted” was really excited. I started off by having Ted just stay back for a while and watch. I kissed her, and slowly undressed her (amazing body, BTW!) and then kissed and licked her all over. I finally made it to her pussy, but took my time by slowly teasing her. I hadn’t even touched her pussy lips or clit as of yet, but she was already open and dripping! When I finally got my tongue in her, she shuddered and moaned. I fingered her, and licked and nibbled her pussy, and in just a few minutes she came with an amazing gush in my mouth. I brought her off 3 more times before she finally stopped me. It was just getting to be too intense 😉

I was still fully dressed so now it was her turn to undress me, and she repeated what I had done to her. Alice really got into it, and was just devouring my pussy, making me CUM over and over. Every time I came, it would just make her go at it more ferociously! I loved it. I finally had to stop her as I needed a little break, and we got Ted back over and together we undressed him. We shared his cock, taking turns sucking it and his balls. he almost came a few times and made us stop. He fucked Alice for a bit while I kissed her, and then he asked if he could fuck me. I said if it was fine with Alice, it was fine with me, and she said she did want to see it. I had him lie back and I climbed on him and slowly lowered my pussy onto him. In less than a minute he said he was going to CUM, so I stopped and then quickly got off him. He held it back, and I then had him fuck Alice doggy-style was I was underneath her in a 69. He lasted only a couple of minutes before he came hard inside of her. I could see his cock pulsing with every squirt! When he pulled out, a big glob of CUM landed right in my eye (CUM always seems to get my eyes) and I quickly pulled her pussy down right on my mouth. As I sucked Ted’s CUM from her pussy, she came again with a big gush, so I had a nice mixture from both of them 😉

After a break and a drink, Ted was ready to go again. We all played around again and I ended up with Ted fucking me doggy-style. Throughout everything, my husband was just sitting back in a chair, watching it all. Alice went to him, pulled out his cock, and while Ted and I were fucking, she sucked my husband! I heard her tell him to CUM in her mouth, and within a few minutes, he did! After she finished swallowing him, she came over and kissed me so i could taste it. As we did that, Ted came deep in my pussy. :)

We cleaned up and went up to the kitchen for a drink and to talk about what had happened. They had really enjoyed themselves and said they were ready to take the next step and try out a Swing Club. We do plan to play again soon :)

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I Was A Fluffer At A Gang-Bang

On Saturday night, a couple we know from up in Ottawa were holding a Gang-Bang for the wife. As they were going to have quite a few guys there (20 planned, 14 showed up in the end) she asked me if I would like to come over and help out as a “Fluffer” for her. A Fluffer is a girl that they use in Porn to keep the guys hard and excited in between scenes. In Gang-Bangs, they are used to keep the guys ready as they are waiting their turn. So, as we had no plans at all, I said yes. There was also another couple that were there when the woman also acted as a Fluffer. So there were 14 single guys, our husbands, and the 3 women.

We got there a bit late so everyone else was there and they had just got started. They had set up their familyroom with mattresses on the floor to make one big cushioned area. As soon as I walked in, I got grabbed by a couple of the guys who ripped my clothes off and pushed me down on the mattress! I immediately had 2 cocks in my face, so I started sucking.  The “rules” of the Gang-Bang were that the Fluffers could do whatever they liked, but the guys had to save their CUM for the hostess of the evening. And as it was a bareback Creampie Gang-Bang, they had to CUM in her, and not just on her. They had a choice of cumming in her mouth, in her pussy, or in her ass.

We spent close to 3 hours just sucking and fucking the guys, and when there was space, the guys would move to her and finish off inside of her. I did lick up a couple of Creampies from her and we snowballed some CUM, so I did get a taste 😉

She wants to do another one later in July, so we’ll be back :)

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Last Saturday

asspicA week ago Thursday, I was working on some video and while waiting on some rendering, started fooling around on some websites. I made a post on Motherless with the picture you see to the left and added, “Looking for new friends to provide me with a cleaning service for my ass and pussy!“. Of course, I got loads of messages from people saying they would love to help me out, and so on, but everyone is always so far away.

On Friday, I saw a response that piqued my interest. It was from a cute young guy that didn’t live far, and he actually wrote some nice things and not just the usual one-liners I get. Since I was at a very horny time, I actually invited him over! below is what I wrote the next day on that site:

A couple of days ago, I post a picture of my pussy and ass saying I was looking for someone to give me a nice tongue bath. Well, last night a guy from Motherless who saw it came over! He’s a 23 year old guy who lives about 30 minutes from me, and he messaged me offering to do as I asked. Since we had no plans, I invited him over. I met him at the door fully naked, introduced him to my husband (which made him a little nervous at first), and then took him to my bedroom. I lay on the bed with a pillow under my hips to get my ass up a bit, and he went to work. He spent close to 40 minutes deeply licking both my pussy and ass, and also deeply fingering them both. He then asked, in a whisper, if he could slide his cock into my ass, and I just mumbled, yes. I helped guide his cock into my ass, and in less than a minute, he came deep inside of me! He collapsed on me, with his cock still inside, and we just lay like that until his cock softened enough to just pop out. I then moved down and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him until he was hard again. I then rode his cock until he came again, this time deep in my pussy. He cleaned up, got dressed, said goodbye to my husband (who was just watching TV the entire time) and left. It was perfect, and just what I needed.. Thanks “Buddy”

The only thing I didn’t mention in that write up ws I was still fully naked and as soon as he went out the door, I made my husband lick my pussy and my ass clean! :)

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Friday Night Fun

Last Friday, we went over to the Pub for a few drinks and to meet up with the regulars. We did our usual drinking and chatting, and about 10:00pm a really cute guy comes in, heads to the bar, and orders a beer. After 15 minutes or so, he finally got the nerve to approach me and introduce himself. It was a guy I had been chatting with in e-mail and on various websites for well over a year! He had sent me pictures of himself but I didn’t recognize him until he did introduce himself. BTW, he is a really good looking 28 year old guy from Ottawa, about an hour’s drive away.

We chatted for over an hour and I felt really comfortable with him. I decided to invite him back to my place for some fun, and he agreed. My husband wanted to stay, so he gave me the house key and told me he would see me back at home later and to have fun. So the new guy drove me home. We immediately went to the bedroom, and we were both so horny, we just ripped each others cloths off and he picked me up and threw me on the bed. He went down on me, and spent quite a while licking and fingering my pussy and ass. I couldn’t hold back and let go a big squirt that soaked his face and the bed! Luckily we ere on my husband’s side of the bed 😉

We moved to my side, the dry side, and I had him lay back while I licked and sucked his cock and balls. In less than 2 minutes he said it felt too good and that if I kept going, he was going to CUM. I just smiled at him and went back to sucking. He fully understood my smile and in just a few seconds, let go in my mouth. He had a big load with strong squirts and I just kept sucking and swallowing until he was done. I milked him dry and kept lightly sucking him for a few minutes until I felt the stirrings of an erection again. I climbed on him, and rubbed his cock with my dripping wet pussy, and he was quickly ready to go again.

I reached down and slid his cock into my pussy and rode him until I came a couple of times. We moved around and he fucked me doggy-style, then we finished up in a semi-missionary with my knees up at my ears (I am getting a bit old for that position!). He finally came again, this time while deep in my pussy. I could actually feel his cock pumping his CUM into me, and I loved it. He collapsed on top of me, with his cock still inside, and we actually both dozed off! I was woken by the sound of the front door closing as my husband had just come home. I checked the clock, and it was 2:00 in the morning. My new guy said that he should be going as my husband probably wanted to go to bed, and I told him not to worry about it and that I would like him to spend the night with me. My husband just sleeps in the guestroom when I have someone over 😉

We cuddled and in no time, I had him hard again. We did everything all over again, with lots of oral sex and fucking, and he came in my pussy again. This time we were both done, and quickly fell asleep. I woke up first and he heard me in the bathroom. He asked if he could have a shower, and I said that I would join him. We washed each other and then I asked if he minded if I went pee. I always pee in the shower! That excited him, and as I let go, he put his hand under my pussy and felt the stream of warm pee. I told him that if he had to go, I wouldn’t mind at all, so he pissed on my ass! I then gave him a blow-job right there under the stream of hot water and swallowed another nice load.

We dried off, got dressed, and finally left the room for the first time. My husband already had coffee on and asked how things went. We all chatted for a few minutes, and then my new friend had to get back home to Ottawa. he will be back :)

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