This Guy Came So Quick I Wasn’t Ready For It

This was a website member who really wanted to fuck me, so I set it up with him. We started with me pulling down his pants and sucking his cock for a few minutes before we slowly got naked and moved to the bed. However, that plan went out the minute my mouth wrapped around his cock! I was just getting started when he just let go and came, with a big squirt hitting me right in the back of the throat! You can see the exact second of his cumming in the video by just watching my face. I swallowed about 3 big squirts before I managed to get some of his CUM on my face. You can see some of his CUM on my upper lip and on my chin.

I did get him hard again, and he got his fantasy of fucking me fulfilled. He came on my ass the second time 🙂

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Throwback Thursday – Threesome Fun

Having some fun with Johnny Pearl and Seska almost 20 years ago! Check out my state-of-the-art modern laptop 😉

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PornAudition Drildo Video with Roxanne

I just uploaded the full 720p version of this video to my Member Area under the PornAudition section. It features Roxanne’s first time trying out the Drildo, and she took it like a champ! She did a Double-Penetration with it with the Drildo working away in her pussy while she shoves a big toy deep in her ass. The Drildo then moves from her pussy into her ass, and she takes it deep.

She then sucked and fucked a few cocks, but we only have the first one caught on video. My husband, Danny, had her sitting on him with his cock in her ass, facing away, as Dugmor slipped the Drildo into her pussy. After he got the Drildo going, Danny lasted about 30 seconds before he came! He said it felt that good 😉

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Enjoying a mid-afternoon fuck with an on-line friend :)

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Tribute Tuesday – Tribute Video for Carol Cox

An xHamster friend ( sent me this great CUM Tribute Video that I would like to share with you all.

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Fucking A Nice Big Black Cock :)

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House Party!

Here;s a fun picture showing one of my typical house parties. This was from 21 years ago, but things have not changed! 😉

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Sucking and swallowing a young man in my bed

This was a younger guy who wanted me dressed up as a school teacher while he got naked and I sucked his cock. I rarely do “dress up” so I just threw the outfit together. 😉

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A Fan Pisses All Over Me! – video

This fan of mine – – decided to send me a Piss Tribute where he films himself pissing all over my picture. I love it and only wish that I was getting that wet for real.

This looks good at full screen too 🙂

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An Early Christmas Present

A few days before Christmas, I got an early Xmas present. It was a really cute 19 year old boy! We sucked and fucked for quite a while, and in so many different positions. He fucked my pussy, then fucked my ass, then fucked my face until he came. It was wonderful 🙂

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