Getting My Ass Fucked Hard By A Website Member

This is one of my website members, Ben, who always wanted to try anal sex. We had already fucked a few times before, so I invited him over to give it a try. This teaser video shows just a bit of the Anal Action 😉

The full HD video is available in my members area. Check it out right now! 🙂


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CUM Tributes for the past week

These are the CUM tribute pictures I have received this past week, and the pictures I did back to show my thanks 🙂

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CFNM Blowjob With Naked Young Fan

As I have mentioned before, one of my little kinks is getting the young men I have over fully naked in front of me while I stay fully dressed. It just does something for me! This is one of those times where I undressed the guy, then sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. It was great!

The full video is available in my website’s members area. Not a member? well, you should be! Click Here To Join 🙂

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An Anonymous Fan Jerks Off Into My Mouth!

This guy actually contacted my husband about getting together with me. His kink was playing with a woman who was blindfolded and who would never see who it was.Unfortunately, he had never experienced it and asked my husband if I would. So that’s what happened. I never saw the guy as I put on a blindfold as soon as he got to my home, and never took it off until he was gone. To this day, I don’t know who he is and my husband still won’t tell me!

The video below is just a fun little teaser snippet that catches the end of our fun where he got to jerk off into my waiting mouth. The full video is available in my Members Area of the Website 🙂

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Orally Enjoying One Of My Website Members – The Video

Honestly, I really do love sucking a nice cock. It is something I have been into ever since I discovered cock-sucking! That’s why I have so much of it 😉

This is one of my website members who took me up on the offer of a fun suck and fuck. As you can see, he was able to hide his face in the video. I sucked his cock for quite a while, then we fucked hard in a few positions. It was a great time!

The full length video is available in my members area, so you can check it out right now by clicking here 🙂

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Front Foyer Fellatio with a new fan – The Video

I had a new fan who was going to be in my area and asked if he could drop by for a quick blow-job. I liked what I saw and what I heard, do that’s exactly what I did.

When he rang the doorbell, I went down to open the door fully naked, pulled him inside, quickly got his cock out and started sucking him. We went from him standing in front of me then over to the bencg where he sat down and I sucked him some more. he returened the favour by licking my pussy until I came. He finished off right in my mouth and he tasted quite good.

That was it. I swallowed, pulled up his pants, and while he was still trying to do them up, I pushed him  out the door and shot it. We didn’t even talk except when you hear me ask if he was Pascale 😉

As always, the full video of this is available in the Fellatio Friday section of my website. Check it out now!  🙂

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Chanel & Blake Show Us How It Is Done!

The really hot French couple, Chanel & Blake, were over at my PornAudition studios and were talked into doing some live play for a huge webcam audience. The people watching sure got an eyeful of kinky sex. It starts off with Chanel & Blake in the shower, with Blake pissing all over Chanel’s ass. They get into some really good oral, and then some hard fucking. They move to the other room and start again with even more hot sex before it finishes with Blake squirting all over Chael’s face.

This teaser video shows some of the CUM shot, which is a good sample of this 25 minute video available in the PornAudition section of my website 🙂

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More Fun With A Couple OF BBCs

Here is another little teaser video of my fun with a couple of BBC friends. I got fucked hard by both, in a bunch of different positions, and they stretched it out for my enjoyment. This all ended with a couple of huge facials as I was on my knees in front of them. Loved it 🙂

The full video is available in the members area of my website, you can see it by clicking here.

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Tribute Tuesday Fun

It’s the day where I post all the recent CUM tributes I have received, and the pictures I have done back 🙂

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Friday Night Cuckolding Group Fun

On Friday evening, I had a few guys over for some cuckold play with me and my husband. I met all three guys on a Fetish website a while back, and had had drinks with them all. One of the guys even did one of my Fan FuXXX videos about a year ago. So I knew the guys which made it all much easier, and they were all really interested in getting involved with the cuckold play.

The plan was that I was going to fuck all three guys and at the same time, make my submissive cuckold hubby do whatever I told him to do. It started fast with all of us naked, except my cuckold, and everyone on the bed. It also started fast for the cumming! One of the guys was laying back and I started sucking his rock hard cock. Within a minute, I felt him go rigid and then he started cumming. I took it all in my mouth without spilling a drop, grabbed my cuckold and pulled him over, then kissed him, and gave him all the CUM to swallow. I love i!

The next two guys both came in my pussy and I made my cuck lick me clean after both. We kept the fun up with all the guys cumming twice and one of the guys cumming four times. I made sure that my cuckold hubby got to taste every load.

It was a very fun and involved evening, and I got what I wanted, as did everyone else there 🙂

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