I’m Still Alive

I am sorry if I haven’t been too publicly available the last few weeks but I have been just swamped with work. My husband decided to go back to work which leaves me doing just about everything. There is a steep learning curve on some of the stuff, so I have been drowning in it all. It is slowly getting better.

Thanks for your understanding 🙂

Shooting With A Hot Young Girl Tomorrow! @DaraTaboo

There is a new girl on the Internet Porn scene and she’s coming over to my place tomorrow night for some fun making videos. Her name is Dara and you can see lots more of her over on her Twitter at https://twitter.com/DaraTaboo Follow her on there, you will not be disappointed 🙂

Anyways … she and her hubby are coming by to shoot some scenes. We will be doing some girl on girl stuff, some threesome fun with her hubby, and I have even talked her into letting me lick her pussy as she pisses! YUM!

We plan on shooting lots of pictures and videos, and I may even stream some of the fun live on my Twitter at https://twitter.com/CarolCox

Finally, here she is 🙂