Round 2 With A Fan

Tomorrow evening I have a guy coming out from Montreal for a nice fuck. I have been with him once before, back in the summer of 2015, where I sucked his cock at a local park. That video is up and viewable in my members area. This time we will be doing everything we can, and I will have all the pictures and video of our fun together.

Over this past weekend, I hd a guy come over for some fun. I had met him about 2 years ago, and we have e-mailed back and forth ever since. He is 47 and in great shape and doesn’t live that far from me. He is also Bi-curious and really wanted to suck a cock, so we started the evening off with me and him sharing my husband’s cock! Β  At one point he told my husband that he could CUM whenever he liked, and within 30 seconds, I felt my husband stiffen, then let go right in the guy’s mouth! He was really hungry for it too, as he kept sucking for a few more minutes! After that, my husband left us alone, and we played for almost 2 full hours with the guy cumming twice. It was a really good time πŸ™‚

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Enough Snow Already!

I feel like I have been shoveling non-stop the last few days, and it’s snowing again right now! We are supposed to get another 6 inches by the end of the day today. We do have a big snowblower, but that thing scares me so I have not touched it.

So today I will be working on a video and then shoveling some more πŸ™

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Another New Guy Tonight

I have a new guy coming over tonight for a fun threesome with me and my husband. I first met him at the Pub on a Friday night, and we finally found a mutual time to get together. This guy is in his early 30s and has only been with two other women, both in long monogamous relationships. This will be his first threesome as well as his first time having anal sex and the first time he will CUM in a woman’s mouth. I love newbies πŸ˜‰

All I have to do now is figure out what I will be doing tomorrow night.

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Do You Want To Fuck Me?

“Do you want to fuck me?” is something I get on a daily basis. I don’t mind, and if the interest is there, then I would be happy to meet the person and see what happens. But, guys will write me in e-mail and in messages on various websites, and expect me to actually answer? If they sent along picture of themselves, or gave me a link to check what they look like, then they would get a proper answer. But 9 out of 10 guys will send me things like “Are you interested in meeting me?” or “Can I fuck you?” with no other information on who they are, where they live, how old they are, and with no pictures.

How can I be interested in anyone that I know absolutely nothing about? I can’t, and neither could anyone! It happens so often, and I am so tired of having to chase the guys down for more information. If I don’t, I’m a bitch. If I do, it’s like pulling teeth! I am at the point where I am happy to be a bitch by not answering those people.

I bring this up because over the last few days, I have received 15 e-mails/messages from different people all asking the same thing, if I want to meet or fuck, without saying anything else? They think I will fuck just anyone, and if I was a paid escort, I just may. But since I have sex for the fun of it, and never for money, I get to be choosy, just as the guys all seem to be.

On another note, I also get e-mails/messages from guys asking me “How much?” and if I can schedule them in. Again, if I was an escort, I would do that, but since I am not…

Anyway, if I was an escort, no one could afford me πŸ˜‰



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I Really Do Hate Winter

We had about 12 hours of freezing rain and ice pellets and now my deck, walkway and driveway have really hard, crusty snow on them. You can walk on it without it breaking or even cracking. I don’t know if the snowblower will take care of it, maybe we’ll just make it the new base of our driveway until spring πŸ˜‰

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Pissed On And Ass Fucked!

I meant to put these pictures up a few weeks ago, but then got busy on something else and forgot all about them. Sorry.

One of my fans from Toronto had a sexual bucket list that I helped him fulfill. He had never CUM in a woman’s mouth, he had never tried anal sex, and he had never pissed on someone or been pissed on himself! All easy to help with, and all taken care of. He came in my mouth while we enjoyed a 69. He pissed all over me from ass to mouth to pussy, and then I pissed on his cock. he fucked my ass and came all over it oo. It was fun.

The video came out great and it really shows the fun I had doing all this with him. That is available in the members area right now.

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A Pretty Good Night

Last night was pretty good…okay, it was very good! A couple of guys that a friend told me about came over for some nasty fun. It wa the first time I met them, face to face, but I knew a lot about them, so it seemed like we were old friends. The live together as partners and are what some people may call “Homoflexible”. They live as Gay men, but enjoy being with women from time to time, and they love being with couples.

We started off with some wine and just talking. We do have mutual play friends, so we had loads to talk about! We just stayed in the living room, and we all undressed one another. I sat back on the couch while one guy went down on my pussy. The other guyΒ  went down on my husband who was also reclining next to me on the couch. Every few minutes they switched positions, and it felt amazing. My husband grabbed my hand and squeezed and I knew that he was going to CUM, which he did right in the guy’s mouth. The guy swallowed every drop and kept on sucking. I had a huge orgasm just as my husband had his.

I pulled the guy who was licking my pussy up, and guided his cock into my pussy. He had a fairly big cock, and it felt great. He fucked me for a few minutes, then we changed around for a Double-Penetration. I had one of the guys sit on the couch and I climbed onto his cock exposing my ass to the other guy. I helped guide his cock into me, and he slid right in, filling me right up. We got a pretty good rhythm going, and spent a few minutes getting it just right. My husband then got up between me an the guy in my pussy. His ass was right in the guys face, and he started rimming while I sucked my husband’s cock. After just a couple of minutes, I could feel the guy in my ass tense up and then he said, “I’m going to CUM!”, which he did. I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass as he came. I told my husband to get back there and lick me clean, which he did, but not before sucking the guy’s cock clean! He was a good boy as a cuckold should be πŸ˜‰

As my husband licked my ass, he also started playing with the guy’s balls and also sucking on them. The guy couldn’t help but CUM, and I could tell he was shooting a big load into my pussy. I very slowly lifted off of him so his CUM oozed out of me and all over his cock. I quickly moved and at back on the couch, and as my husband licked and sucked all the CUM off of that guy’s cock, the other guy went down on me to clean out his boyfriend’s CUM.

We took a break to have a bit more wine, then moved downstairs to where I have my Watersports Plat Area set up. I wanted to get pissed on while passionately kissing my husband, so he and I got on our knees with the guys in either side of us. A we kissed, they let go and we had a stream of piss coming from both sides! We both got a fair bit in our mouths so we could play a bit with the piss, spitting it back and forth. Now, it was my turn. One guy lay on the floor and I squatted over his mouth. It took me a minute, but I let go, in small spurts so he could swallow! I let a big gush go, then moved over to the next guy, and gave him a drink. Then it was my husband’s turn. The three of us, me and the two guys, knelt down on the floor with me in the middle, and put our heads together. My husband aimed for our wide open mouths, and gave us each a nice big share of his piss. We all let the piss dry on us (which is chilly!) and went up to my bedroom.

The next hour was a blur with everyone sucking, licking and fucking each other. One guy came four times! The other guy and my husband both came twice. As for me, I lost count after my fifth or sixth orgasm. πŸ™‚

We all went to shower, and I had the two guys piss on me one last time in the shower. Once we were all done and dressed, we went into the kitchen for the last glass of wine, chatted some more, and then the guys left. They are having a house party in early March, so we will play again during that.

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Hoping For Some Real Fun Tonight

Last night was a bit of a bust. I had a new guy who wanted to come by and do a Watersports and Creampie video with me, where I would piss in his mouth, then fuck him until he came, and then make him lick my pussy clean. He had been after me for a few months to do it, and I finally was able to set a day for him to come by. I guess it was one of those things that gave him something to masturbate to as we talked about it, but he chickened out at the last minute. He e-mailed me at the time he was supposed to be here, saying he was just too nervous to actually do it. So I ended up just fucking my husband…

Tonight, I have two new Bisexual guys from Ottawa coming over to play with me and my husband. They were referred to me by a girlfriend who had played with them in the past. They shared some pictures and videos with me so I could see what they looked like and also what they were into. I became very interested πŸ˜‰

They are both quite good looking, in their earl 30s, and have few limits, like me. They are also into Watersports (which I know turns many of you off) and both give and receive. I hope to get them both pissing all over my husband as I get off on seeing him as a submissive cuckold πŸ˜‰

But I really have no plans of what we will do as I like to just let things happen as they do πŸ™‚

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Guys That Would Like To Meet Me or Film With Me

Almost daily, I get one or more requests from people, mainly men, who would either like to come out and meet me or fuck me, or who want to shoot a video with me. While I am open to everyone, I am really uncomfortable with anyone traveling a long distance just for me. I am really not worth the time or the travel expense. I don’t mind meeting people who are going to be in the area for other reasons, like business or visiting others. And if our schedules match up, we may be able to meet for a drink.

Unless it is for a mutually agreed upon video shoot, I do not ever guarantee sex to anyone. Again, other than for a video, I need to meet people publicly first to see how we hit it off. My old adage of “If I like you, I will fuck you”, holds true. But for that to happen, I have to get to know you, and you can never learn anything about someone strictly on-line, it has to be in person.

Almost all my current friends; men, women, and couples, are people who first came out to meet me over a drink, and some have become very close and personal friends. Quite a number of them have become fun sex partners and we call on one another whenever we need a little fun. That is something that is almost impossible to have over a long distance.

I also live out in the country now, far from any hotels, and quite the distance from any airport. There is no bus service in the area, so people have to be self sufficient when it comes to mobility. I’m also a pretty bad host, and when I do have someone over, it’s usually just for the sex and then they leave. So I really don’t socialize much other than when I do head to the Pub.

So If you live in Toronto, in New York, or even as far as Los Angeles, I am not worth it. I would only be able to spend very limited time with you, and that is assuming we actually get down to sex! Most of the time nothing happens when I first meet someone, and the sex comes afterwards. Great for people near the area, really bad for anyone spending time andΒ  money to get to me.

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Hot New Video of Jessica and Julia

I just put up a truly excellent, and quite hot, video of my PornAudition Girls, Jessica and Julia dragging in their new BoyToy for a threesome audition. We get to meet the “thruple” and then the real fun starts. Lots of sucking licking and Drilldo use! Both girls get their pussies just reamed with the Drilldo! It was also the first time that Jessica tried to be fisted, and she does a respectable job.

The 20 minute video is now live in the members area of my website.

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