A Fan Fuck From 22 Years Ago Today

This picture is exactly 22 years old. Taken on Monday, July 15th, 1996 (the handwritten date on the bottom right was scanned from the back of this picture) in a hotel room in Montreal. A couple of guys came up from Boston to play, and we spent the weekend sucking and fucking! The very early days of the internet πŸ˜‰


A New Scan Of An Old Lesbian Picture

I’m sharing a picture that has never been seen before, mainly because it is a scan from a print I came across. I have a 2 cubic foot box of pictures from “the old days” before we had digital cameras. I just scanned this one.

This picture is from 1999 when Celeste Fox came up to Montreal to stay with me for a few days. We had a lot of fun together and this picture caught us using a double-ended dildo on each other. πŸ™‚


A Little Pee & Play By The Fire

I’m just having some of my typical fun πŸ™‚

Mature Carol Cox Pees and Plays with herself on this video πŸ™‚


MILF Enjoys A Messy Facial – The Video

I had one of my on-line fans drop by for a blow-job and to CUM on my face. He got his with fulfilled, plus a lot more! This is the teaser video from a really hot full length one in my members area and on Cunny.Club πŸ™‚

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My Friday da 13th Video! Watch it … if you dare!

Check out the full video as well as the Short Story pictorial, on my site for free, at http://www.carolcox.com/friday13/index.html

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Just Too Busy Around Here!

I have had barely a chance to get out to answer e-mails and messages, but I have been without delay. By the time I do answer everyone, and after setting up all the new things I have on my new Cunny.Club, I find myself out of time! I just never got around to updating my Blog the past few days, and I do apologize. But the missed updates will be worth it once I have all my new sexy silliness out there πŸ™‚


Sucking A Young Guy In My Family Room! – The Video

Sucking a nice young cock at home. Click to check out the video πŸ™‚



This Guy Had Some Tasty CUM

This is a re-scan of a film print from back in 1997. I was at a place to get a body-casting done and afterwards I just ended up sucking all the guys who were there! Just another day in the life… πŸ˜‰


Old Picture New Scan from 1996

This was from early 1996 when a couple of guys from Boston came over for a night of fun. I met them through my websites, and just e-mailing back and forth. I’m using this one to show the difference between pictures then and now πŸ™‚

From 1996, a scan of a hard-copy picture:

and now the same picture that I just scanned again. You need to click on this one to see the full size (and I don’t put up huge pictures):

Other than doing “auto-levels” for balance and brightness, this picture was not edited.

I think I will be spending some time re-scanning the good pictures in my box :O)


A Treasure Trove Of Pictures!

I have a big box of pictures from the days before digital cameras, in fact, I have thousands of them! Back then we had to process our film to get prints, and then scan them. The Internet in the mid 1990’s didn’t have large screens with most being either 640X480 or 800X600, so the pictures had to be scanned to fit in those screen sizes. Bandwidth was also very limited, so you had to really compress the pictures to get a small file size or people would be waiting for the image to load.

I have an example below. I just scanned this picture but with a much better scanner than I had 20 years ago, and at much higher resolution. You can tell it’s an old one by my pubic hair! This was a scann from a picture taken in June of 1994 when my husband andΒ  I picked up a few guys at the bar and brought them home to play πŸ™‚

Click on the picture to see the full sizes one.