A Great Unplanned Weekend

If you asked me on Friday afternoon what my plans for the weekend were, I would have said “no plans at all”. That changed rather quickly! A guy I had met a couple of times, and e-mailed with for quite a while, asked my about cuckolding my husband. He was curious about being a “Bull” and wanted to see my husband lick his CUM out of my pussy. I talked to my husband about it, and he was into it, so we invited him over.

He came by and we started with a couple of drinks in the kitchen. We moved to the bedroom and played around while my husband sat back and watched. We got into a 69 with me on top (of course) and orally pleased each other. I felt him stiffen and then try and stop me as he was about to CUM, but I went at it even harder and he conceded and came in my mouth! I didn’t swallow but just held his CUM in my mouth. I motioned my husband over and pulled hm close to kiss him. As we did, I spit the CUM into his mouth, and we passed it back and forth a few times. He finally swallowed it all. I squeezed a bit of CUM out of his cock, and it beaded on his cock head. I told my husband to lick it off, which he did 😉

I sucked the new guy’s cock until he was hard and ready to go again. We then fucked hard in a bunch of positions. We finished in a missionary position with him cumming in my pussy to give my husband a nice Creampie to lick up! When he pulled out, I told my husband to get to work, and while pushing the CUM out, I grabbed his head to squish his face into my pussy. I let him lick me clean for about 5 minutes, then told him to leave the room. I fucked the guy once more, and he was able to CUM again! He even said it was the first time he had CUM 3 times in a row 🙂

Saturday was another last minute thing. There are two 19 year old guys that live just up in town, who I have fucked in the past. I didn’t know they were friends, and neither one knew I had fucked both … until about a week ago when one had said he fucked me, and the other said “Me too!”.  They texted me about both of them getting together with me, and I invited them over for that night. My husband was not involved in this one, and stayed downstairs doing some work. We just had straight MFM threesome fun, and unfortunately, I did not get any anal or a Double-Penetration. I did suck both of them first and had them just CUM in my mouth. That way when I got them hard and ready again, they could fuck me much longer. That always work! After cumming in my pussy, they cleaned up and left.

For a quiet weekend, it turned out pretty good 🙂

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Fucking A Girlfriend With A Strap-on

I brought out my vibrating strap-on to use it on my girlfriend. I mainly use this on guys, but women enjoy it too.

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He Was Caught Mid-CUM Load!

He squirted on my face and in my mouth a few more times 😉

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A Blow-Job For A Long Time BoyToy :)

Taking good care of a long-time BoyToy, Johnny Pearl. Next to my husband, I have swallowed more of his CUM than any others. 🙂

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Fucking Maria With My Strap-on

I enjoy fucking other people with my various strap-ons 😉

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Enjoying A 19 Year Old Boy ;)

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Adult Help Wanted

I am always looking for new men, women, couples, groups, and TV/TS to join me in making Adult Videos. I enjoy most things so we can do whatever you may want to or wish to. It can be as simple as a Blow-Job and Facial, to fucking, including anal, to things like Piss Play. I am also into Group Play so Gang-Bangs, Blow-Bang Bukkakes, and Orgies. I also enjoy threesomes with a couple 🙂

I am also looking for a few young looking guys, that are local to me, to become regulars with me. I want to do some Mother/step-son role play. I have some fun ideas that I need people for 🙂

If you are interested, have a look at http://www.carolcox.com/fanfuxxx.html as that has all the information.

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Old Blonde Lady Enjoys Riding A Young Cub’s Cock

Well, compared to most of the girls on-line, I’m just an old lady. But, an old lady that loves young cock! This guy came twice … first while I was just starting to suck his cock to get him ready, and then on my ass. It was actually a good time and he was really tasty 😉

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New Video Shoot Tonight … Maybe :(

“mushcap” was over in late November for a video shoot. He made me squirt and got me really wet for the hard fucking he gave me after. He slipped his cock into my ass and fucked me until he came in my ass. All in all it was a great sexual encounter.


The first spot of CUM I squeezed out of my ass.

He is supposed to be coming over this evening to play some more. We had more forced squirting planned plus some anal with ass-to-mouth followed by a nice Creampie. However, I have not heard from him over the past 6 days, and he didn’t answer when I e-mailed him to confirm he was coming.

So I have no idea as to whether I will be fucking someone tonight!

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Getting A Messy Faceful Of CUM

This guy had some very nice thick CUM 🙂

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