Friday Happy Hour Update

We are stuck `babysitting`my fathers little puppy for the weekend. This `little`puppy is an 8 month old, 80 pound, Standard Poodle! Because of that, our usual Friday Happy Hour plans have changed a bit. I just wanted to let me friends know…

We will be at the bar (click Meet Me tab above for info) at our usual 6:30 for drinks and to meet up with friends. But instead of making a night of it, we have to leave right around 8:00PM to get home and make sure the dog hasn`t destroyed the house! We`re inviting everyone back over for more drinks and more fun, so plan accordingly.

To see how big this `puppy`already is, just click here

I`ll see whoever is coming out tomorrow at the bar πŸ™‚

The Rest Of The Weekend

I already talked about what happened to me last Friday, a few posts below this one, but that wasn’t the end of the weekend. We were originally planning to do some pictures for graphics for my new Semi-Public Sex website on Saturday, but due to the unsettled weather, we had to cancel. Instead, I got invited on a “date” with a new BoyToy. It’s a guy I’ve now know for 4 or 5 months and who has hung out with us many times. The thing is, we have never even had the real chance to play together. Things just alway came up.

The thing with this guy is he has a HUGE cock! It is almost 11 inches long and as thick as, or maybe even thicker, than a beer can. I only saw pictures of it, and once saw it quickly in my backyard when he flashed us. But he was flaccid at the time (although it still looked impressive). he ended up coming over for dinner and my husband Danny BBQed chicken and steak for us. After dinner, he and I went out to the bar for a couple of drinks, leaving Danny at home. we were playing around and teasing one another, also kissing deeply and pationately, in a place where everyone knows me and my husband! It was fun πŸ™‚

We left the bar and went back out to his SUV. He has one of those full size fancy ones, but don’t ask me what it was, I never can tell the difference. We started kissing in the front seat, and in no time, found ourselves in the back seat! I was just wearing a sun-dress with nothing on underneath, so one quick pull, and I was fully naked. he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt which I quickly got off him. he was already rock hard, and HUGE! I went down to suck his cock, and could only get the head of his cock in my mouth. It was just too big. While I was licking his cock and balls and trying to suck him, he was playing with my pussy and made me CUM a few times. I dripped on his fancy leather seats too! πŸ˜‰

I was now so horny, I just climbed up onto his lap and lowered my pussy onto his cock. I had to go slow and ease it in, but once it started, it was easy. I rode him hard and as dep as I was able, and I just kept cumming and cumming with my juice dribbling out all over him and down on the seat. After a few minutes of hard fucking he said he was going to CUM. I just held on tight and rode him harder, bring him off into my pussy. I could feel ever single spurt of his CUM through his cock, it was that tight. When he was done, I just stayed on him for a few minutes, kissing him, while he slowly softened.

Now my pussy is full of both his and my CUM, and he didn’t have a single tissue in the car/truck. I didn’t have any in my purse either. I didn’t want to have it gush out all over th interior, so I did all I could think of! I slowly lifted off his cock, clamping my pussy tight, opened the door and jumped out fully naked, an let is just drop out of my pussy onto the parking lot! There were even people around, but I was behind the door, so no one even noticed. A big blob of CUM just dropped right out too! I used my fingrs to scoop out as much as I could too. This was all brand new to me πŸ˜‰

I got dressed and we went back to my place where we tol Danny all about the fun. We had another drink and chatted, then we all ended up in my bedroom. The guys were ready to play, as was I. For the next hour we all just sucked and fucked and played around. At one point, I was riding my BoyToy’s huge cock, and Danny came up behind me and started fingering my ass. He then got behind me and slowly eased his cock into my ass. Well, it did kind of “pop” in. Oh My God! The feeling was truly amazing. I was in heaven and had no idea what else was going on, I was truly lost in the pleasure. Danny finally couldn’t help it, and came in my ass. He pulled out and I just rested on my BoyToy for a few minutes. he them said he had never had anal sex and thought he never would due to the size of his cock. Well, he was about the same size (maybe a bit thicker) as one of my old BoyToys, Luke Loader< so I told him to give it a try. He got behind me, and it actually went in my ass easier than I would have thought! It has been quite a while since I had anything really big in there, but I could handle it. he fucked me with slow, deep strokes and then exploded in my ass. Again, I could feel the CUM pumping through his cock. he pulled out, and we both collapsed on the bed.

After resting for a few minutes we all cleaned up and got dressed. It was getting late and he had to leave. I kissed him goodbye, and off he went. Danny and I had even more sex afterwards πŸ™‚

Now, that wasn’t it for the weekend. On Sunday we had another friend drop by forΒ  visit, and we played some more in the afternoon. It was just a fun threesome amongst friends πŸ™‚

Part 1 of the Elsa Bangz Gang Bang Video

Due to the server storage problems, and then the replacement servers that just went in, I wasn’t able to get new video up for a while…but now I can! I just uploaded and have available, Part 1 of the Else Bangz Gang bang. this is close to 18 minutes long and available in all sorts of formats.

This is just the beginning as this will be a 5 or 6 part video when it is all uploaded. This is just a teaser video from the Gang-Bang I set up for a girlfriend. I was her Head Fluffer and got the guys all ready to fuck her! I would have fucked too, but I was on my period. That didn’t stop one guy who ripped off my panties and fucked me in the ass! I have about 5 minutes ofΒ  my tampon string sticking out too! Embarrassing! (Well, not too bad as I am showing that to you)

So this is mainly the teaser with me sucking cock and taking it in the ass, and takes place almost 2 hours into the Gang-Bang. By this time, my girlfriend had fucked all sorts of cock and had CUM all over her face. I just stepped in to give her a break (and to have my fun).

You can find the full video in the members area of my website. Website Members can click here for direct access. The rest of you can click here to join and support me, and watch it for yourselves πŸ™‚

The pictures below show the first part of the video where I played with Elsa to get her pussy ready, and when the first couple of guys jumped in…

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It’s A Suntan Day!

It’s a perfect day outside. Sunny, ice and warm, with a nice breeze to cool you off. I’m just finising up a video I am editing and then I’ll be going outside for a few hours to relax in the sun.

Anyone want to drop over and rub suntan lotion all over me?? πŸ˜‰

The pictures below are actually from last summer. I just haven’t had a chance to take any suntanning this year as I haven’t been tanning yet!