Some Good News

After almost a month, my father-in-law was released from the hospital today! He’s not coming home just yet, but is being moved to a rehabilitation facility to get his strength and balance back. He lost 50 pounds due to his illnesses and lost a lot of his muscle mass and strength. I think he’ll be in the place for a couple of weeks at least. Of course that means still driving into Montreal every day!

This is a man who was 82 and people thought he was 65. Really. He was never sick in his life, and then everything hit at once. 4 months ago, he had prostate problems and had to have a TURP where they literally shave down the prostate through the urethra! 3 months ago, he was in a huge amount of pain and we rushed him to the hospital. He had a mass on his colon that they couldn’t operate on due to his upcoming heart surgery, so they installed an intestinal stent. Then 2 months ago, he had to go in for heart valve transplant surgery. And now, he was in to have the mass removed from his ascending colon. Everything together has really taken it’s toll on him. But now he is finally feeling fairly good for the first time this year.


I did have some fun last Friday night at home. A couple of new guys from Cornwall came over for a little “party” as we had the house to ourselves again. They were both young, one was 21, the other 22. The older one I had been chatting with on the website for quite a few months now and the younger guy was his friend, who was still a virgin! He was a cute guy, but somewhat geeky and shy.  Well, we ended up naked down in the family room, and as the other guy and my husband watched, I knelt between his legs and gave him a light blow-job. Just touching his cock almost had him cumming! I then climbed up on him on the couch, and slowly lowered my pussy on his cock. I hadn’t even got all the ay down whn he stiffened and started cumming! I ground my pussy on him, and he just kept pumping and pumping. His load was huge! When I lifted off of him, the CUM just poured out of my pussy! It really was a big one!

That started off the night, and I spent the next 3 solid hours sucking and fucking everyone. Each guy came 3 times, twice in my pussy and once in my ass. I never swallowed a single drop of CUM all night!

This week is all booked up with traveling back and forth but I do have some fun planned for this weekend 😉

Nurse Carol Update

My father-in-law is STILL in the hospital in Montreal. It’s now been three weeks, but at least he finally had the operation on his colon done last week. Because of his age and his recent heart valve transplant surgery, recovery is going really slowly. It doesn’t help that he came down with C.Dificile and had to be put into isolation, where he still is. We have been driving back and forth to Montreal almost every day, and with all the road construction going on, it is averaging out to about 4 hours of driving each and every day. It looks like he’ll be in for at least another week.

We did take today off from traveling as we are going out to Ottawa this evening for the Gang-Bang meeting. I need this break! I did take a day off last week when my husband went into Montreal alone. On that day, I had 2 BoyToys come over, not together but at different times. The first guy came over at 10:00 and then he came twice in my pussy! I cleaned up and the next guy showed up at 1:00. I actually fucked him first, with one of my strap-ons. Then we fucked, and he finished in my ass. It was a great day and one that I really needed.

We’ve also been playing at our house on the weekends since my father-in-law hasn’t been here and my son stayed over at some friend’s places. Two weeks ago, we had a couple of fiends come out from Montreal for a night of fun, then the next night, a guy we know from Ottawa came over and spent the night. Last Friday we had 4 really young guys from Cornwall over (I had met one of them previously) and I had them do things to me that they had never done before! Anal sex and Double-Penetration! One guy, who was only 18, got so excited that when I guided his cock into my ass, halfway in he came! The fun went on for hours, and the thing I love about young guys is how fast they can recuperate and CUM again! I had so much anal, my ass was actually a bit sore the next day!

As I mentioned, tonight I’ll be up in Ottawa and then tomorrow, I have some new guys I met on the website coming over for a little party. Saturday I’ll be at the La Maison Tavern in Cornwall to see a friend from Montreal and his band.