The Next Gang-Bang Meeting in Ottawa

I have had lots of people ask me when the next Gang Bang meeting is, and we do have a date. The next meeting will be on Thursday, October 11th (2 weeks from today) starting at 7:00pm.

These are not Gang-Bangs, but just a way for people to meet one another and make sure the people who want to attend are fairly “normal”. We have a number of women taking part in the Gang-Bangs, and as a group we have decided that we will ONLY play with people we have met in person, and we are sticking with that rule. So the meeting is a place for the initial meet, to talk to one another, discuss the Gang-Bangs, and maybe even set one up.

We do get some “creepy” people that want to take part, and like you, the women are also somewhat selective. They want to see you first and see what you are like. This is just not about physical appearance as most of us are older and care more about the person’s attitude than appearance, but of course there are limits! An example is me! I am quite petite, only 4’10” and about 100 pounds, so any guy over say 220 pounds just does not fit with me! I know, I have tried. But we have other women who are fine with that!

Now, this is the important part that I know some of you just won’t read and you’ll end up e-mailing me asking where it is! The ONLY way to attend this meeting is to go to and join the site (it is a fully free Fetish community). Once you join, go to the Ottawa Gang Bang Group at and click on “Join Group“. Once you have joined the Group, then go to the post at, read it, and then post that you would like to attend. You will be then added to the list and will be sent a message on where the meeting will be held. I will not tell anyone as we are keeping track of people.

That is all there is to it 😉

But pay special attention to the “one strike” rule. Since all of us women have had our share of guys who aren’t serious and just time-wasters, if you say you are going to attend and don’t show up, you are out for good! I will tell you right now, that if you say you are going and don’t show up without notifying someone beforehand, we do not care what excuse you come up with, you are out.

So if you really are serious about becoming part of our Ottawa Gang Bang Group, then just folw the instructions above 🙂

I’m still here :)

I am sorry I haven’t been around but we have been spending the last few weeks in various hospitals, pushing and pushing the medical staff! For the last week and a half, we have had to drive into Montreal every morning, and spend the day at the hospital to get care for my father-in-law! By the time we get home in the evening, I am just too tired to do anything more than my customer service stuff. We are hoping this will all end positively very soon.

We actually got home at a reasonable hour today and will even be able to have supper at home! We have been eating at the hospital or just fast food stuff, and I am sick of it. I need a real meal 😉

Absolutely Nothing Has Been Going On!

I haven’t written anything as NOTHING has been going on! My father-in-law has been keeping me busy, but he is slowly getting better. Been doing LOTS of running around, to Montreal, to Cornwall, to Ottawa, all for him.

One of my local BoyToys did come over last Friday night and I fucked him out on the back deck after my father-in-law went to bed. It was just a quickie with me giving him a blow-job, and then riding his cock on my lounger. It was hard and fast, and he came in just a few minutes (I came A LOT!). I just kept grinding his cock after he came inside of me, and all his CUM dripped out onto my lounger. I didn’t clean it up right away, and now I have a big CUM stain on it! 😉

Tonight, we have some friends from Montreal coming over for dinner and late night Play.

Off to prepare! 🙂