It’s Friday! …with more Facial Pics!

Well, it’s Friday already, and you know what that means….it’s off to the bar this evening for Frisky Fun! I’ll be at Bourbon Street West this evening, hanging out with all my silly, but horny, friends, and having a good time. I’ll be getting there at about 6:30PM as I usually do (cheap Happy Hour prices!) and I’m really not sure how late I’ll be staying. I may bring everyone back to my place for a kitchen party. Of course, what starts as a kitchen party usually ends up in my bedroom! I have to make up for last weekend when I couldn’t do anything.

So if you have no plans this evening, come on out and hang out. You just never know what may happen 🙂


I’m adding a few of the CUM pictures from my Blow-Job shoot on Wednesday. Just to tease you all! I’ll have the full video up on my site next Friday.


I did have a shoot planned for today, but it had to be cancelled due to a time problem. The guy is a friend of mine who has just amazingly huge loads when he CUMs, very thick and creamy. I was going to suck his cock, then have him CUM on chocolate pudding, which I was going to eat. But he got tied up and couldn’t make it until later, which wasn’t good for me. We are going to try and do it next week.

I am looking for guys that have thick and creamy looking CUM for the CUM on Food stuff I am doing. If you have a large load when you CUM, it is is white, thick and creamy looking, please message me, I need you. This is another shoot where your face will never be seen.


Instead of the shoot, I got caught up on my CUM on Carol Cox Tribute pictures! I put all the pictures up, with the originals from all the great guys, in my CUM on Carol Cox page. There’s even a couple of fun videos there too. Have a look and join in the fun 🙂

My Blow Job Shoot This Afternoon

I did a fun little blow-job shoot this afternoon, in my bedroom, with one of my great fans. He messaged me about the shoots I do for the Fellatio Friday series on my website, and wanted to take part. He really liked the fact that his face would never be seen, and that it was something that could be done fast.

I let him know he was helping us out as we are still working on proper lighting for the new High Definition video camera as well as camera angles and the like. Of course, that wasn’t his concern, all he had to do was enjoy it.

He came over at 1:30 this afternoon, and I brought him right to my bedroom. I knew he didn’t have much time at all, so we got started right away. Danny had everything set up and ready to go.  I got on my knees and had him step up to me, where I undid his pants and pulled them off. His cock was semi-hard, and I quickly got it fully hard. I spent about 5 minutes sucking his cock and licking his balls, and he was ready to CUM! I had him jerk off into my open and waiting mouth, and his first big load of thick creamy CUM went right in.  When he was done squirting, I took him back in my mouth and sucked every bit of CUM out of him! 😉

I even scooped up the CUM on my face (and the CUM that dripped on my leg) with my fingers and licked them clean. I had told him I would swallow all the CUM he could give me, and I did!

We were fully done within 15 minutes, and he had to go. He even asked when he could CUM again!

I really like these Blow Job shoots, and so do the guys it seems. They are quick and we both get what we want. The guys get a great Blow-Job, and I get to swallow some tasty CUM! Everyone is invited to come over and take part in this, or any other type of shoot you may like to do. Just check out and see if that is something you may be interested in.

Below are a few of the pictures from the shoot today. I still don’t have any of the CUM ones ready, but this can start as a teaser 😉

Behind The Scenes Video

A question I get from time to time is “What happens when people don’t show up for a shoot?”. Well, that all really depends on the type of shoot it is. If it’s just a normal shoot, I just get really pissed off, and steam for a while. But if it’s a shoot that is being braodcast live on webcam, that is a different story!

When I schedule a Live shoot that will be on streaming webcam, it’s very important that people be on time and that they show up! That is because the show is usually scheduled, and I have loads of people waiting for it and watching it happen live. If people don’t show up, I have to somehow fill in the time, or just chat with everyone which isn’t what they expected.

The following is a portion of video of what happened at one live shoot when the guy didn’t show up. My crew was there with me, waiting, and as usual, we get silly. It’s nothing really special, but you may get a chuckle from it 🙂

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My Saturday Night Dates

The last couple of days have been a wee bit boring. All I have been doing is working and nothing exciting has been going on. I thought it would be a good time to share a little story that I wrote in my old Blog from back in January. I have a number of fun things that happened in the past that I will post here from time to time.


As my Friends know, last Friday I was hoping to pick up a couple of cute young guys and bring them back to my place and take advantage of them. Well, you probably know that it just didn’t work out for that night, but it was set up for the Saturday. Two turned into three when the first two guys asked if they could bring along a friend

The guys showed up a little before 11:00PM, and I was ready for them. I had bathed, douched, and even had a quick enema earlier that evening in my hopes for some anal. I put on a tank top and some loose boxer style shorts, and that was it. I went downstairs, and they were in the kitchen with Danny, chatting and having a beer. I kissed the 2 guys hello that I met the night before, and was introduced to their friend. They were all really cute and in great shape. The guys I met the night before were JP (not Johnny Pearl) and Pat and they were both 24 years old, and both right around 6 foot. Their friend was Mike, and he was 22, about 5’9″ and really HOT! I made myself a cup of tea (yes, I’m boring), and we chatted while the guys had another beer.

I’m really not that good at starting things, as I am actually a bit shy, so after almost half an hour, Danny said we should move into the family room. We all did. We have quite a large leather sectional in the family room, and the guys all sat down. Mike patted the seat next to him and asked me to sit, which I did. I was between Mike and JP, with Pat sitting next to JP in the corner of the sectional. Danny sat at the far end, in his usual place. Mike put his arm around me, and started rubbing my boob through my shirt. I leaned against him and put my hand in his crotch, and began rubbing his bulge. After a minute or so, I felt a hand on the side of my butt that slowly rubbed it’s way to my crotch. JP started playing with my pussy through my shorts. Finally Danny told them to just take my clothes off and get it over with!

Mike pulled my top off, and then JP slid of my shorts. I undid Mike’s pants, and pulled out his cock. I moved toward him a bit more, and started giving him head. He had a really nice cock, cut, shaved, and just the right size. As I gave him head, JP played with my pussy. I quickly got really wet, and in no time at all, I had my first of many orgasms for the evening. Mike was sitting back, enjoying the blow-job, when all of a sudden he pulled me away. He said he had to stop as he was about to CUM, and I could see a drop of pre-CUM on the end of his cock. I told him that I wanted him to CUM, and I went back down on his cock. About 30 seconds later, he stiffened and said “Oh Fuck!” and squirted his warm CUM into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed at every pump, finally milking the last bit of CUM out of him.

When we were done, JP sat me up and dropped to his knees on the floor and began licking my pussy. It felt great, and I came a number of times. Pat had moved next to me by this time, and pulled off his clothes. I played with his cock, then had him stand on the couch so I could suck his cock. He asked if he could also CUM in my mouth, and I just murmured my agreement and went at him even faster. He let go, and I swallowed it all, enjoying every last drop. He collapsed on the couch, and Danny went to grab everyone another round of beers. JP was still going at my pussy, and I pulled him up to me and kissed him. I undressed him, and when his cock popped out, it was huge! He was a true 8 inches, and very thick. His cock was thicker than my wrist! (I checked). I was sitting on the edge of the seat with JP standing in front of me, and I slipped his cock into my mouth. Just then Danny came back with the beer, and I had him grab a condom for me. He passed it over, and I slipped it on JP’s cock. I sat JP on the couch, and I climbed on top of him, easy his hard cock into my pussy. Oh, it felt amazing! I rode him for a good 5 minutes, and then we changed positions, going into a fun doggy-style on the couch. While we were fucking, Mike got fully undressed, and was standing right next to Pat, both stroking their cocks which were fully hard again. I was watching them as they were watching me! JP had finally had enough and was about to CUM. He pulled out of my, pulled off the condom, and came all over my ass! I reached back, scooped up some of his CUM on my finger, and tasted him. I told him he tasted as good as the other guys.

I cleaned myself up, and everyone was ready to go some more. Mike put me on my hands and knees and started licking and tonguing my ass. (Danny had told Mike and Pat that I wanted some anal sex). Mike then asked me if he could fuck me in the ass, and I said sure! He used his finger on me, and got me nice and wet with spit. He slipped on a condom, and came up behind me. I carefully guided him into my ass, and he slowly pushed against me until it popped right in. He even said he couldn’t believe how good it felt and that he could do this forever. As he was fucking my ass, Danny took off his pants and put his cock in my face. I took him in my mouth, and tried to give him head. It was a bit difficult as the fucking was so good! My knees were starting to bother me, and Mike wanted a break, so we changed up. As soon as Mike pulled out of my ass, Danny flipped me over onto my back, lifted my legs right up, and slid his cock into my ass! He had my ankles next to my ears, and he fucked me deep and hard for a few minutes while the 3 guys just watched. He finally pulled out, grabbed me and pulled me up, and stuck his cock in my mouth. Almost immediately, he started cumming. The guys thought that was so cool as they had never seen ass-to-mouth before

We all took a break, relaxed, and chatted a bit. The guys were now a lot more comfortable, and we talked about sex, and things they wanted to try. Of course, all 3 guys wanted to have 2 women at once, so I told them I would try and set that up for them. As we were chatting, I was stroking Pat’s cock while Mike lightly played with my pussy, all really relaxing, but now I was ready for more. I leaned over and started giving Pat head for a minute, then put a condom on him. I had him stay seated while I sat on him, facing away, guiding his cock into my ass. His cock was buried in my ass, as far as it could go, and I leaned right back on him, and played with my pussy. I just was slowly grinding on him, and he said that it felt “Fucking amazing!”. Pat was playing with my nipples while I played with my pussy. My eyes were closed and I was in paradise! I was having orgasm after orgasm and just lost in my own little world. All of a sudden, I feel a face down at my pussy! I looked down and it was Mike coming in to lick my pussy. I was a bit surprised since many younger guys have a problem being that close to another guy! Mike’s chin had to be right against Pat’s balls!

Mike licked and fingered my pussy as Pat’s cock was deep in my ass. I finally grabbed Mike, pulled him up, and told him I wanted him to fuck me now! He put on a condom, and then tried to enter me. It wasn’t the greatest position, and I think Pat was getting tired of all the weight on him, so I suggested we change up. I pulled off of Pat’s cock and had Mike lay on the floor. I climbed on him and slid his cock into my pussy. When we were all set, Pat came behind me, and slid his cock into my ass. I was now fully in heaven. A double-penetration is the greatest feeling as it catches every part of you. It took a few tries, but we finally got a great rhythm going where we were all in synch! JP couldn’t take it anymore, and stood in front of me with his cock fully erect. I had to lift up, but I got him in my mouth and gave him a blow-job. It’s not that often that I can enjoy all 3 holes being filled at once, so I was just lost in the moment. We did that for close to 5 minutes, until I just couldn’t take the strain on my arms anymore. We all changed up again, this time with Pat on the couch, me facing him with his cock in my pussy, and JP’s large cock slipping into my ass! Talk about being stuffed! Once again we got our rhythm worked out, and all was good Once again we fucked for quite a while until JP was ready to CUM. He asked me where I wanted him to CUM, and I told him I wanted him in my mouth. He pulled out of my ass, and slipped off the condom while I climbed off of Pat. I went to my knees with JP standing in front of me and gave him head until he exploded in my mouth. I just love that. I milked the last bit of CUM out of him, and held him gently in my mouth until he started to soften.

Pat was still sitting there with a condom on his hard-on, but I had enough of being on top, so we went into a good grinding position with me on my back and my legs up over my head. He fucked me again and then he too asked where he should CUM. I asked him where he wanted to CUM, and he said, embarrassed, on my face. We fucked a bit longer, and when he was ready, he jumped up, and squirted all over my face. I took him in my mouth to get the last bit out of him, then using a finger, pushed all the CUM into my mouth. Mike had been watching and jerking off the whole time, and all this was too much for him as he just walked over and let go in my face too! We all cleaned up, and the guys had another beer each. We just sat around, naked, chatting, and having a good time.

I went to grab a bottle of water, and I sat down next to JP when I got back. We were lightly stroking each other, and I noticed he was getting excited again. I whispered in his ear to follow me, and I stood up, pulled him up, and told the rest of the guys we would be back shortly. I took him upstairs to my bedroom, and we had amazing sex for the next half hour. We fucked in every position, and I once again brought him off in my mouth (it’s such a waste when a guy CUMs in a condom). We went back downstairs, and the other 2 guys joked about how they wanted to see my bedroom too! I didn’t eve sit down, just told them to follow me, and led the way back up to the bedroom. We went at it for close to 45 minutes until they finally came within 30 seconds of each other while we were doing a DP! I did lick and suck them both clean after I pulled off their messy condoms

By the time we got back downstairs, it was almost 3:00AM! Everyone was spent and burnt out. The guys got dressed and left. I did invite them back at any time Danny and I went up to bed, and just fell right asleep! It was a great night, one that I know we will be doing again.

A little addition: Yesterday (Tuesday), JP called me at 11:00AM and asked if I wanted to go for lunch. I said he was welcome to drop over to my place for lunch No one was home, and would be home for a few hours. He showed up, and we had sex for close to 2 hours with him cumming 3 times. He’s coming by on Friday afternoon for some fun too! I think I found a new boyfriend, and I’ve been without a regular lover for a few months now!! Danny doesn’t even know about any of this yet, I’m waiting for him to read about it right here, if he does. This way, I’ll know if he actually reads my stuff right though, or just pretends too. I am so evil