A Fun Quickie With Pascal

A new fan of mine, Pascal, dropped over this afternoon to get one of my “famous” blow-jobs. He said he didn’t really have too much time and I told him that we could work it out so we both got what we wanted before he had to leave 😉

I was in the office when I heard a car pull up. I saw a guy in the car that I assumed was Pascal, so got Danny to turn on the video camera right then. I was already fully naked (I like to work at my computer that way) and so when the doorbell rang, I ran downstairs and to the door fully naked. I opened the door and the guy’s eyes popped out! And I wasn’t even fully sure this was Pascal as I had never met him before. I just said “Pascal?” and he kind of grunted and nodded.

I grabbed him, pulled him into the vestibule, and pushed him against the wall. I dropped to my knees, pulled down his pants, and went after his cock. I sucked his cock and licked his balls for a while, then at him down on the preacher bench we have in our entrance vestibule. I was on my knees again, going after his cock and balls. Danny even handed him the video camera so he could shoot POV style for a little bit.

Danny took the camera back, and Pascal asked if he could lick my pussy. I’ll never turn that down! He spent a good 15 minutes between my legs. Danny caught some of it on camera, and the sat back and waited until Pascal was done with the licking. All of a sudden Pascal jumped up and let go! His first squirt shot at least 3 feet straight up and landed on my head (and hair!). Danny wasn’t expecting it, and hadn’t been recording. He saw it and rushed up turning on the camera. he only caught the tail end of the cumshot. Pascal now owes me a good facial…

I sucked and licked every drop of CUM from him so he was totally clean. I then pulled up his pants, threw him his jacket, and pushed him out the door. He didn’t even have his pants done up! That was it, I just closed the door on him and walked away 😀

Here are some of the pictures from earlier today. The video will be up soon and it is a good one.

I Had Two Big Black Cocks For Lunch Today

My old Fuck Buddy, BiggieBolo, dropped by my house at lunch earlier today for a little snack…of me! He brought along one of his friends who I had never met, but who had been a fan of mine for many years. His fantasy has been to fuck me, so Biggie set it up. I’ll call the new guy “Biggier”! They showed up and we chatted for about half an hour, just catching up on things.

We went to the bedroom and we all quickly got undressed. These guys are good as they just go after what they want without asking! They got me on my knees and had my suck both their cocks for a while. I went at their cocks for a good 15 minutes…until my knees started hurting! Biggier then threw me on the bed, and went at my pussy with his tongue and fingers. he had me cumming in no time! Biggie climbed up and shoved his cock down my throat while Biggier attacked my pussy.

Biggier then came up next to Biggie and I sucked both their cocks again. Both of them took turns pushing their cocks deep into my mouth. After a while, Biggier moved back down between my legs and basically fist fucked my pussy while he nibbled on my clit. It was amazing and I was just gushing CUM!

We moved around and I was on my hands and knees sucking Biggie while Biggier got a condom on. He came up behind me and pushed his Big Black Cock into my ready pussy. He fucked me both hard and fast, and slow and easy, for a good 20 minutes. While he was doing that. Biggie was holding me by the hair forcing his cock into my throat and face fucking me. I loved it!

We moved around, and I climbed onto Biggier’s cock and rode him long and hard. It was at this point when the guys wanted to do a Double-Penetration, and if you can believe it, I had to say no! (I’m having a bit of a constipation problem this week so we are going to do the DP in a few weeks). After riding Biggier for quite a while, I climbed off of him and Biggie took me from behind. He pounded my pussy for a sold 10 minutes…then came in the condom! that was a first for him as he usually has excellent control. While he went to clan up, Biggier jumped in and fucked me some more. After a few minutes, Biggie came back onto the bed and slipped his cock back into my mouth.

Biggier was more than ready to CUM, and Biggie said he could do it again, so I went back to my knees and sucked both their cocks again. Biggier was the first to CUM and he honestly filled my mouth with his CUM! He had a huge thick load and once he was done, i spent a little while sucking every last drop of CUM out of him. Biggie was watching and that set him off and his second load was still quite big. He first squirt nailed me right in the eye and then on my face and in my mouth. Both guys had great CUM and very tasty! It really was a great afternoon.

As I mentioned, they will be back in a few weeks and will be bringing yet another guy with them. I will be doing a Double-Penetration (and Triple) then, in all sorts of configurations.

Below are some of the pictures from earlier this afternoon. I’ll have the video from all this fun up shortly. It is a great one! 🙂

••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• •••••

Tomorrow, I have Pascal coming over for a blow-job and to give me a juicy facial. he was supposed to be over about a month ago, but I had to cancel the fun when Danny’s mother went into the hospital. I’ll have to make it up to him tomorrow 😉


Mistress Carol

This was a really fun time as I was doing something I normally don’t get to do. When it comes to any sort of fetish play, I am almost always the submissive as I love getting used and abused, but I thought it would be fun to change things up for this.

I got one of my BoyToys, Chris, over to be my Slaveboy. When I told him my plans, he got really excited and was definitely into the whole thing. He showed up and I had him strip naked while I dressed in my fetish wear. We got started and had so much fun. I loved ordering him around and teasing him. After he licked and nibbled on my pussy for quite a while, it was time to take care of him. I gave him a nice wet blow-job, making sure to bite and scrape my teeth along his cock every so often.

I moved around and had him fuck me from behind while he was still restrained and then turned to face him. I had him finish off on my pussy and stomach, it was nice and messy.

Members Video Length: 15:31 • Pictures: 34



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Catching Up!

So Jerry came over on Thursday to fill in for Marques who couldn’t make it up from Florida. Things started out just fine, but then we ran into a little problem…Jerry was having problems with the condom! I started by giving him a nice wet blow-job and a good ball lick. We then moved into a 69 and he made me CUM quite a bit licking my pussy while I sucked his cock. I then wanted to fuck, so grabbed a condom and slid it on him, but he started going soft. he was rock hard without a condom, but as soon as it went on, he went soft. We then went back into a 69 and while he licked my pussy, I stroked his cock and played with his balls. Danny had put the video camera down while we took time to get things back going again. All of a sudden, Jerry said “I’m going to CUM!”. As danny grabbed the camera, I tried to get the condom off  but it just wouldn’t CUM off! Jerry squirted in the condom and when I finally pulled it off, CUM flew everywhere. I quickly took his cock in my mouth and sucked off every last drop of CUM.

We tried again and spent a while with me giving him head. We did that as a POV shoot with Jerry holding the camera and Danny out of the room. But after about 15 minutes, we gave up. I have some of the pictures below and Danny will see what he can do with the video later this week.


Friday was a lot of fun, and I had a couple of new guys come out and join us. We hung around the bar until about 9:00 and then invited everyone back to our place for drinks, including the new guys. One of them was “DP” who has left some comments on my recent Blog posts. We all hang out in my kitchen drinking and fooling around, and the next thing I knew, most of the guys were fully naked! I won’t go into what started it all. One of my girlfriends started playing around with DP, then took him up to my bed to have her way with him! Now he can honestly say that he had sex in Carol Cox’s bed! 😉

I didn’t get laid as I was in one of my “Lesbian” moods and spent my time with one of my other girlfriends! After everyone left, I was quite horny though so planned to fuck Danny. He had drank A LOT, and was quite drunk. We started off in the bathroom where we peed on each other, then moved to the bed. danny laid back and I went to work on his cock. The next thing I know, he’s going soft and starts snoring! he fell asleep while I was giving him head! I couldn’t really wake him, so I ended up using my vibrator to get off, then went to sleep.

Last night, we met a couple we know for dinner then went back to their place for some fun. we just had some great sex with both guys cumming twice. We even licked the CUM out of each other’s pussy! Mmmmm…

It Was A Long Week

This really wasn’t one of the better weeks with the no-shows and cancellations I had, but I made it through. It’s finally Friday and I do plan on partying tonight! We’ll be heading over to the bar and meeting up with everyone. There is supposed to be a few new people coming out to hang and party with us, and I hope they all show up!Remember, everyone is always welcome so if you aren’t doing anything, come on out.

We’ll hang-out at the bar and then I plan on bringing everyone back to my place to really party! We have all sorts of beer and Rum left over from my birthday party 2 weeks ago, and I do have to get rid of it all 😉

I also intent on getting very naughty with everyone who would like to get naughty with me 😀