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A long time fan barebacks me!

Posted on February 9th, 2020 at 2:28 pm by Carol Cox

This guy was a member of my website for many years, and I have also fucked him a few times over those years. This was a quickie, no foreplay, just a fuck and CUM! I do enjoy those from time to time 🙂

I finally had a pretty good weekend

Posted on February 9th, 2020 at 2:04 pm by Carol Cox

First off, yes, the Blog went screwy on me and I only just got it fixed (I hope) again!

Now, on to the show…

For the first time since December, I had both Friday and Saturday evening fun! It has been a while. On Friday, I had a new young couple over that really wanted to have a threesome with another woman, and they thought of me. They are both ridiculously hot and in their mid 20’s, and the thought of being with an older more experienced women excited them. My husband was there to, but he sat at the sidelines and just watched 😉

When they arrived, she confided in me that she had never been with a woman before and was both excited and curious at the idea of it. Because of that, I started with her while her boyfriend watched. I slowly undressed her and kissed her all over. I finally got to her pussy, and she was already dripping wet. It did not take me long to make her CUM with a pretty good gush of fluid. After she has CUM a few times, she stopped me and said she wanted to watch me with her husband, so that is what we did.

She sat down next to my husband, who proceeded to play with her pussy. I started on her boyfriend and when I pulled his cock from his pants, he was rock hard! I licked and sucked his cock and balls, and he stopped my numerous times because he was close to cumming. I finally had enough of that, so didn’t let him stop me and within a few seconds he let go and filled my mouth with CUM. I went and kissed my husband to gibe him a taste, and then kissed her 😉

She and I went back to work on her boyfriend and quickly got him hard again. This time she climbed onto his cock and rode him while I licked her ass and his balls. I then sat on his face and kissed her while she rode him. It didn’t take him long until he came again, deep in her pussy. I then told my husband to lick her pussy (with her permission of course) and she loved it.

That was really it for Friday. They are going to talk about what happened and see what they wanted to do moving forward. I didn’t fuck him because it was their frist time and I know that jealousy happens.

On Saturday night, I had a couple of local young guys over for some fun with me. They have been coming over about once a month since September, so everyone is comfortable with one another. It was just a fun suck and fuck with all creampie finishes 😉

We didn’t get pictures because I didn’t want to scare the young couple on their first advernture, and was just too lazy on Saturday 😉

Shooting With A Hot Young Girl Tomorrow! @DaraTaboo

Posted on May 24th, 2019 at 5:12 pm by Carol Cox

There is a new girl on the Internet Porn scene and she’s coming over to my place tomorrow night for some fun making videos. Her name is Dara and you can see lots more of her over on her Twitter at Follow her on there, you will not be disappointed 🙂

Anyways … she and her hubby are coming by to shoot some scenes. We will be doing some girl on girl stuff, some threesome fun with her hubby, and I have even talked her into letting me lick her pussy as she pisses! YUM!

We plan on shooting lots of pictures and videos, and I may even stream some of the fun live on my Twitter at

Finally, here she is 🙂

Carol Fucks An Asian-Canadian Guy

Posted on April 5th, 2019 at 11:58 am by Carol Cox

This past Wednesday I had a new fan comes over to my place to shoot a video with me. he happened to be Asian-Canadian, which is something I probably never would mention. However, I have received lots of messages from guys asking why I never shoot with Asian guys! I have shot with a large number of Asian men, from all over Asia and South-East Asia. Since I don’t show their faces, it just isn’t obvious that they are Asian.

Anyway, this is Chris, an Asian-Canadian guy from Quebec. We had some fun and then he came, in his condom while inside of me. Yes, he wanted to use a condom and I am fine with that. My husband did have him pour his CUM out down my ass crack 😉 Messy!

Pretty Public Party Pictures! :•)

Posted on March 3rd, 2019 at 3:23 pm by Carol Cox

This is from a party I held a number of years ago. There were loads of people there and I hooked up with Bisexual Britni for some play. We went to another room that quickly became packed with guys taking pictures of us! We did had some really hot fun as you can see.;)

I was actually looking for something else when I stumbled across these pictures and realized they hadn’t been seen in quite a long time. I decided to share just some of them with you today.

My Friday Evening – It ended up being pretty good

Posted on January 26th, 2019 at 3:25 pm by Carol Cox

We didn’t go out last night because instead of that, I had a cute young BoyToy come over for some fun. It was the first time I met him, but we had been sending Private Messages back and forth on my Cunny.Club Message Forums. He had joined my Cunny.Club a few weeks ago, and he also sent me some great pictures of himself. He’s a hot young guy (okay, he’s 31 which qualifies as young when you are 55 like me) with a very nice cock. Almost 7 inches and thick.

When he showed up, we ended up having a drink in the kitchen and just chatting. My husband was there and we had a fun conversation. I finished my drink, stood up and pulled him up, and took him to my bedroom. I even waved good-bye to Danny! This was a one-on-one night and I didn’t want Danny in there with us. He doesn’t mind.

We undressed one other then he picked me up and laid me on the bed. He started by kissing my neck and worked his way down and went to work on my pussy. He had a great tongue and a great mouth and I was gushing in no time. After a good 10 minutes of oral on me, I needed a break as I was just getting too sensitive. So I pulled him up on top of me, and grabbed his cock, guiding into my really wet pussy. He fucked me for a few minutes then I felt him stop and tense up. he said he was close to cumming, and was going to pull out, but I pulled him into me hard, even wrapping my legs around him. He had no choice but to just let go and CUM inside of me!  After he came, I held him inside of me while we passionately kissed for a few minutes.

We rolled over, with his cock still in my pussy, until I was on top. I slowly lifter off of him, letting the mixture of our CUM slowly ooze out of me and all over his cock. I then slid down, and lick all the juices from his cock and balls. That got him rock hard again, and ready to go. I spent some time working on his cock and his balls, then we moved around again and he fucked my doggy-style. We fucked that way for a while, then we moved around so I could ride his cock. It was then that he came inside me again, with a pretty large load for the second one.

We stayed in the bed just cuddling and kissing for a good while, then we went and cleaned ourselves up. I walked him to the door and invited him back whenever he was willing 😉

So, all in all it was a great night. Tonight should be even better as we have 2 hot young couples, new to the Lifestyle, coming over for a little party 🙂


Unexpected Visitors And A Great Night

Posted on January 20th, 2019 at 3:39 pm by Carol Cox

So, last night I was relaxing on the couch watching TV when the doorbell rang. It was almost 9:30pm and my husband went to answer it. I hear voices and know they are inside, They removed their boots and coats, and came up to the living-room with my husband. He was smiling and all he said was “Surprise!”. Just then I knew what was coming!

To make a long story short, which is usually hard for me to do, I’ll get to the pertinent points. We ended up in the bedroom with the two guys (whom I had never met) and then proceeded to strip me. They quickly got undressed and basically threw me on the bed. One guy went for my pussy with his tongue while the other guy started kissing me really passionately, which set me off and gave me my first orgasm of the night (there were many).  After a few minutes, they changed places, but I quickly found myself in a 69 with one, and sucking both their cocks.

I moved around and slid my pussy over the guy underneath me’s cock. I rode him for almost a full minute before I could feel him tense and knew what was about to CUM! just as he was cumming, I ground my pussy hard o his cock and could feel it pulse inside of me. I didn’t even have a chance to clean up as I was lifted off his cock, put down on my hands and knees, and entered from behind! My pussy was sloppy with my CUM and the first guy’s CUM. This guy lasted a bit longer, almost 2 full minutes 😉

Through all this, my husband was sitting in my rocking chair, watching. I had rolled over onto my back and the 2 guys were off the bed. One of the guy’s looked at my husband and pointed at my pussy saying, “There you go” and my husband came over, got his head between my legs, and licked me clean. He spent a few minutes there, then went at sat down again. The guys were alreadt ready to go again, and they did.

I fucked them both again, then had them take turns fucking my ass. Since they had CUM not long before, they were lasting longer. We then tried a 69 but just could not get it going! It was oe of those nights. They would both get inside me, but as soon as someone moved, one or the other would pop out! We tried with me riding one guy cowgirl while the other pushed into my ass, and also reverse cowgirl with me sitting on the guy in my ass while the other slipped into my pussy. We’d go for about 10 seconds and then lose it.

We then just started sucking and fucking in our 3 way 🙂

One of the guys came in my ass while the other finished in my mouth. It actually lasted longer than I make it sound, and I really did enjoy myself. Hopefully my Gang-Bang wil be next! 🙂


Merry Belated Christmas Video ;)

Posted on December 26th, 2018 at 3:55 pm by Carol Cox

I meant to share this yesterday but being Christmas, I was just too busy. So here it is!

This was a behind-the-scenes of a Christmas photo shoot from a while back. I enjoyed it as I got 2 cocks and 4 pussies to play with. It was a good time and I even got a short Double-Penetration! I also got all the CUM at the end 😉

Friday Night Cuckolding Group Fun

Posted on December 3rd, 2018 at 12:10 pm by Carol Cox

On Friday evening, I had a few guys over for some cuckold play with me and my husband. I met all three guys on a Fetish website a while back, and had had drinks with them all. One of the guys even did one of my Fan FuXXX videos about a year ago. So I knew the guys which made it all much easier, and they were all really interested in getting involved with the cuckold play.

The plan was that I was going to fuck all three guys and at the same time, make my submissive cuckold hubby do whatever I told him to do. It started fast with all of us naked, except my cuckold, and everyone on the bed. It also started fast for the cumming! One of the guys was laying back and I started sucking his rock hard cock. Within a minute, I felt him go rigid and then he started cumming. I took it all in my mouth without spilling a drop, grabbed my cuckold and pulled him over, then kissed him, and gave him all the CUM to swallow. I love i!

The next two guys both came in my pussy and I made my cuck lick me clean after both. We kept the fun up with all the guys cumming twice and one of the guys cumming four times. I made sure that my cuckold hubby got to taste every load.

It was a very fun and involved evening, and I got what I wanted, as did everyone else there 🙂

I Piss All Over His Cock

Posted on November 18th, 2018 at 1:45 pm by Carol Cox

This is just a wee teaser (see what I did there?) with a new Cunny.Club member who wanted to try some Piss Play. He also wanted to fuck, so we ended up doing it all. In the Piss Portion, he first pissed all over me, and then I pissed on his cock, moved up, and finished in his open and welcoming mouth. I then fucked him until he pulled out and came on my ass. That load wasn’t huge, but it was also his third laod of the day! We had first shot a good ol’ suck & fuck video where he came in my pussy, and then after some great anal, came in my ass.

Both videos are available on my member pages, in the FanFuXXX section and also the ChickPee section 🙂

If you’re a member, check it out now. If not, well, why aren’t you. CLICK HERE TO JOIN RIGHT NOW! I also have my membership special at the Cunny.Club