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A Great Unplanned Weekend

If you asked me on Friday afternoon what my plans for the weekend were, I would have said “no plans at all”. That changed rather quickly! A guy I had met a couple of times, and e-mailed with for quite … Continue reading

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T-Girl Fun Tonight

A couple of T-Girl friends of ours are coming down from Ottawa for a night of play. I really do love fucking both of them, and watching them fuck each other too!
Three of the four cocks you see below will … Continue reading

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Shot A Great New Video Last Night

I had a new guy over to do a FanFuXXX with me last night, and he was great. He’s a 30 year old guy from Ottawa with quite a nice cock. The video we shot should turn out really good, … Continue reading

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Threesome cuckold play tonight!

I have a couple of guys who I met over on coming over this evening for some cuck play with me and my “cuckold” husband. The guys have never tried anything like this, or even been in a threesome … Continue reading

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Great Unexpected Fun Last Night

I had two young local guys come by yesterday evening. I knew the one guy as he did a video with me back about 6 months ago. His friend was new. He had texted me in the late afternoon, asking … Continue reading

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Fucked A Couple Of 19 Year Olds This Afternoon

A few hours ago, I had a couple of 19 year old boys from up in town come over to play. I wasn’t sure what to expect (you never do with the young) and hoped for the best. Well, that … Continue reading

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Just Had A Fine Fuck

This JUST happened, 5 minutes ago!
I was in the bathroom, taking off my make-up, and doing all the things I do to get ready for the night. When I got out to the living room, my husband told me a … Continue reading

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Had Some Unscheduled Fun Last Night

I was supposed to do a FanFuXXX video shoot last night with a new guy from Toronto, but he had to cancel. As I had free time, I decided to invite a guy I know from Ottawa over to play. … Continue reading

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I Just Had A Really Nice Fuck

I just finished (okay, 30 minutes ago) having a great play session with a brand new guy. The thing here is that I never even talked to the guy beforehand! I did see pictures though.
The way it happened was this … Continue reading

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Me Getting A Huge Fan Facial – Video

I’m always looking for nice cocks with big loads to drop by and let me film the sucking 😉

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