Sarah & Jack Come Back!

Late last night, I uploaded a great new video and a whole bunch of pictures of Sarah & Jack’s first “real” audition. If you remember, their first try didn’t turn out all that great for Jack as he was so nervous, he couldn’t get it up! They came back so that Jack could redeem himself, and luckily, he did. He did have the occasional “problem”, but overall he did a fine job.

Below are just a handful of the pictures from that fun audition. I have a tightly edited 14 minute video and about 130 pictures available for Members in my Members Area right now. If you aren’t a member, you really really should be. Check It Out Now!

Meeting Me

This is just going to be a rambling, off the top of my head, posting about meeting me…don’t expect too much coherence! 😉

People ask me on an almost daily basis how they can meet me. As you “long-termers” know, I am actually quite easy to meet and try and make myself available most Fridays to meet, have a drink, chat, and see where things go. Many of my very good friends now, and many of my lovers, are people who first took the chance to meet me. I am open and approachable.

Okay, I said that but so few actually listen or are serious about it. Most of the time I will get people who wrote me about meeting, and when I tell them where and when, the just can never make that day. They always ask me to come up with a different day or a different place. Well, I won’t! 95% (at least) of the time, people who say they will meet with me just never show up, and that is the way it always has been. That was why I started setting aside one day a week where I was available, because if people didn’t show, I haven’t wasted my time! I’l be out for a drink regardless, and although I would appreciate if they did show up when they said they would, it doesn’t put me out when they don’t. Of course, every person who contacts me is “different” and “not one of those” people! That is something I have heard that time and time again, and usually they are exactly the same!

The other problem I have is the people that expect to meet me for a drink, and then expect me just to fuck them right then! It may sound like I fuck everyone, but I don’t, I can be picky. It’s more to do with how I get along with the person and if we click or not, and nothing really to do with age or what they look like. As I have said many times…if I like you I will fuck you! The right thing is to be yourself and be personable the wrong thing is to be creepy and come across like a sex addict!

Oh, and NEVER call me HONEY or BABY, or any of those terms of endearment! I don’t even let my husband call me those!

Another big no-no, especially for the locals who live near me is never say you can’t meet me in public because you don’t want to be seen with me! That is so amazingly insulting that I disregard the person who says it immediately, with no second chances! Believe me, it happens way too much around here. For some reason, people think that if someone sees them talking to me at The Pub, they will automatically assume that person is fucking me! The funny thing is I know many people at the Pub, and talk to them whenever we are all there, and no one assumes anything. Like anyone, they are just people I met there and shared a drink with, just like everyone else does. They became my “bar friends” and that is it. Only a truly sick individual would think of something like that, which is why if you bring it up, I’ll never have anything to do with you!

Oh, and finally, if you do come out to meet me, then come up and meet me! Especially if you have said you will be there. At least half the time someone will message me about coming out, and then I won’t see them. But they’ll write, say they were there, but were too nervous to come over! I don’t bite…(and I won’t even make the typical joke about that).

You may ask why I am writing this jumble of words. Well, mainly because all the above has happened over just the past 3 weeks! I have had a bunch of no-shows, a really creepy guy who when he first met me told me how hard his cock was for me, a couple and a single guy who were ashamed to meet me in public, and the guy who showed up but didn’t meet me and e-mailed me later.

The Threesome Video!

Here is the teaser video from the update I put up in my members area yesterday. It’s a pregnant Brittany enjoying a hot threesome with Sylvia and Big Star. You can read more about it and see a few pictures in the post below 🙂

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Brittany Enjoys A Threesome

I just put up a really good new video of Brittany having a fun threesome with Sylvia and Big Star. There are also a nice load of new pictures too.  It was supposed to just be a shoot with Brittany and Sylvia, but Big Star was hanging out at my studio and kept bugging me to get involved! I went and talked to the girls, and they we’re fine with fucking him right then.

BTW, Big Star was a guy who wanted to get into Porn and “tried out” at my PornAudition Studios. I had Sonia test him out and fuck him, and she gave her approval so he then did a few videos with me. Since he was usually pretty good, I allowed him to jump in with the girls on this day.

But back to the fun! Brittany was pregnant when she shot this, and she was just starting to really show (My husband, who loves fucking pregnant women, was fucking her every couple of days around this time! He loves the feeling of a “puffy & pillowy pregnant pussy” around his bare cock!) . Both Sylvia and Big Star got off on the idea of being with a hot pregnant woman, so this really added to their pleasure. There was loads of oral sex and some good hard fucking before Big Star came all over both their asses. It’s 20 solid minutes of great threesome action!

You need to be a Member to see the video, and it’s available right now! So Join Right Now! 😉

Here are some pictures from the fun. I’ll have a video teaser up for you tomorrow.


Weekend Update

Just a quickie to bring everyone up to speed. I already told you about my fun from Friday, it really was something I needed. On Saturday, we were supposed to go to the Karaoke in Lancaster but we had friends over for dinner and drinks first, and then we were all going to head down. The problem was we had a wee bit too much to drink, and by 9:00, no one was able to drive! So we just stayed home, sat on the deck, and drank some more. There was no sexual fun that night.

On Sunday we had to run down to Cornwall to do a bit of shopping, but I decided to incorporate a bit of fun into that! We picked up my young BoyToy, the “CornwallCub”, a hot young 20 year old guy with a perpetually hard 8 inch cock that CUMs like a firehose! My husband drove us around town while I sucked and fucked him in the backseat of my Jeep! When he was close to cumming, I climbed off his cock and finished him in my mouth. Once again, he almost drowned me with his CUM. This guy just spurts and spurts huge loads! I love it! We dropped him off at his house, finished our shopping, and headed home.

This will be a busy week as I am redoing my entire website. I have a lot of work ahead of me!