My Dishwasher Finally Died

I have to run out and buy a new dishwasher as mine finally bit the dust. I could probably get my repair guy over to fix it, but it is about 12 years old so I guess it’s time to get a new one. Danny has been checking reviews and customer feedback on-line, so we do have it narrowed down as to what we will get.

I also have to pick up some new running shoes. My current pair that I use on my treadmill are also quite old, and I do need new ones. I am doing a 12 hour run next week for a Cancer charity called “Relay For Life”. My old shoes just won’t do!

BTW, you still have time to support me in my run. *hint*hint* Just click the image below to go to the Canadian Cancer Society website and pledge your contribution 🙂

Please show your support and make your pledge today

Heading Out For Drinks

It’s been a bit of a weird week for me, but now it’s over, and it’s time for Friday Happy Hour! In about an hour, around 6:00PM, I will be heading over to my local bar, Bourbon Street West, to meet up with friends (both old and new), have a couple of drinks, and hopefully some fun! Like always, everyone is welcome to come out and join me. Right now, there are no plans for after the bar, so we may just invite everyone back to our place, or head to someone elses place. I’ll just play it by ear.

I’m not at all sure what I will be doing tomorrow evening. I’ll just see what happens and take it from there 🙂

Naughty Lesbian Fun with Mika Mayze

Mika was a very hot girl that contacted me about “auditioning” on the Casting Couch. Once I saw her picture, I knew I had to have her! She did her first show with me, and it was amazing, I was in love!The pictures and video that you see are from my second audition with Mika.

One thing Mika has is the most amazing tongue I have ever experienced! She knows how to use it, and loves to use it. The thing I love to do with her is get on my hands and knees, doggy style, while she massages my G-spot with her thumb, and uses her fingers on my clit. At the same time, she sticks her tongue a good inch into my ass, and works it all around. I’ve actually totally soaked her hand with my CUM! Mika is also a “gusher” when she CUMs, and I know how to make her CUM! I have her sit on my face, and I lick and suck her pussy. I know when she is about to CUM as she vibrates! I then open my mouth, and catch and swallow all her sweet CUM. Mmmmm….

This Casting Couch event actually took place back in March of 2002. I’m a bit weird as when I’m alone and horny, I like to masturbate to my own pictures. Not really the pictures themselves, but the memories of great sex they bring back. Last night, I was in bed feeling horny, so I started masturbating. I thought of Mika, her tongue, and her CUM, and I just needed to see the pictures. I logged into my website, and couldn’t find them!!! I never even realized that they had never been put up or seen. I finally found them, and here they are. side note: right now, I am naked, sitting on a towel that is completely soaked with my CUM as I have been playing with myself for over an hour.

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This Has Been A Bad Week!

Outdoor FunJohnny Pearl called me earlier and had to cancel on me. He has a bad cold, maybe even the flu, and wasn’t feeling well enough to play. We were going to try some new stuff today, but I guess that’ll have to wait. As you know, Jason had to cancel for yesterday’s shoot as he got stuck with things at work. And to make matters even worse, last night we were supposed to meet up with one of my BoyToys at the bar, have a couple of drinks, then head back to his apartment for some threesome fun, and he couldn’t make it at the last minute! I’ve had no sex yet this week, not even with Danny!

I hope this weekend and next week will prove to be better. I do have three shoots planned for next week, and I hope none of those guys cancel on me.



Maybe someone here can help me. Since summer is almost here, and I love playing in the great outdoors, does anyone know of a nice secluded spot in or near the Montreal area where I can shoot some hard-core stuff? If you do, please let me know.

Jason Had To Cancel

Jason (that’s his cock and CUM in my mouth in the picture) just e-mailed me and said he had to cancel for tomorrow. He has to run out for work and just won’t be able to make it to my place in time. I told him we could reschedule.

So that means I am free tomorrow afternoon to have some fun with whoever can make it over to my place! If you would like to get your cock sucked by me tomorrow, a nice afternoon blow-job, then just let me know. You just come over, let me pull out your cock and suck it until you squirt in my mouth and all over my face, and then go on your way. We can do even more if you like! Of course, the only catch is I get to videotape it, but without showing your face.

So, if anyone is interested, just let me know before 10:00pm this evening and we can set it up!

Carol xoxoxo