Naughty Lesbian Fun with Mika Mayze

Mika was a very hot girl that contacted me about “auditioning” on the Casting Couch. Once I saw her picture, I knew I had to have her! She did her first show with me, and it was amazing, I was in love!The pictures and video that you see are from my second audition with Mika.

One thing Mika has is the most amazing tongue I have ever experienced! She knows how to use it, and loves to use it. The thing I love to do with her is get on my hands and knees, doggy style, while she massages my G-spot with her thumb, and uses her fingers on my clit. At the same time, she sticks her tongue a good inch into my ass, and works it all around. I’ve actually totally soaked her hand with my CUM! Mika is also a “gusher” when she CUMs, and I know how to make her CUM! I have her sit on my face, and I lick and suck her pussy. I know when she is about to CUM as she vibrates! I then open my mouth, and catch and swallow all her sweet CUM. Mmmmm….

This Casting Couch event actually took place back in March of 2002. I’m a bit weird as when I’m alone and horny, I like to masturbate to my own pictures. Not really the pictures themselves, but the memories of great sex they bring back. Last night, I was in bed feeling horny, so I started masturbating. I thought of Mika, her tongue, and her CUM, and I just needed to see the pictures. I logged into my website, and couldn’t find them!!! I never even realized that they had never been put up or seen. I finally found them, and here they are. side note: right now, I am naked, sitting on a towel that is completely soaked with my CUM as I have been playing with myself for over an hour.

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