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I was joined by one of my young fans who had always wanted to try fucking a woman’s ass as that would fulfill two of his fantasies …  anal sex and fucking a mature woman!

We started off in the family room sharing some oral sex with each other, then some straight fucking. We then moved upstairs to my bed for the anal. I help guide his cock into my ass then he took it from theer! It felt quite nice and I did enjoy it. When he was readt to CUM he wanted to give me a Facial and fulfill yet another fantasy. I helped this you ng man know three sexual fantasies from his list 🙂

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Unexpected Visitors And A Great Night

So, last night I was relaxing on the couch watching TV when the doorbell rang. It was almost 9:30pm and my husband went to answer it. I hear voices and know they are inside, They removed their boots and coats, and came up to the living-room with my husband. He was smiling and all he said was “Surprise!”. Just then I knew what was coming!

To make a long story short, which is usually hard for me to do, I’ll get to the pertinent points. We ended up in the bedroom with the two guys (whom I had never met) and then proceeded to strip me. They quickly got undressed and basically threw me on the bed. One guy went for my pussy with his tongue while the other guy started kissing me really passionately, which set me off and gave me my first orgasm of the night (there were many).  After a few minutes, they changed places, but I quickly found myself in a 69 with one, and sucking both their cocks.

I moved around and slid my pussy over the guy underneath me’s cock. I rode him for almost a full minute before I could feel him tense and knew what was about to CUM! just as he was cumming, I ground my pussy hard o his cock and could feel it pulse inside of me. I didn’t even have a chance to clean up as I was lifted off his cock, put down on my hands and knees, and entered from behind! My pussy was sloppy with my CUM and the first guy’s CUM. This guy lasted a bit longer, almost 2 full minutes 😉

Through all this, my husband was sitting in my rocking chair, watching. I had rolled over onto my back and the 2 guys were off the bed. One of the guy’s looked at my husband and pointed at my pussy saying, “There you go” and my husband came over, got his head between my legs, and licked me clean. He spent a few minutes there, then went at sat down again. The guys were alreadt ready to go again, and they did.

I fucked them both again, then had them take turns fucking my ass. Since they had CUM not long before, they were lasting longer. We then tried a 69 but just could not get it going! It was oe of those nights. They would both get inside me, but as soon as someone moved, one or the other would pop out! We tried with me riding one guy cowgirl while the other pushed into my ass, and also reverse cowgirl with me sitting on the guy in my ass while the other slipped into my pussy. We’d go for about 10 seconds and then lose it.

We then just started sucking and fucking in our 3 way 🙂

One of the guys came in my ass while the other finished in my mouth. It actually lasted longer than I make it sound, and I really did enjoy myself. Hopefully my Gang-Bang wil be next! 🙂


Getting My Ass Fucked Hard By A Website Member

This is one of my website members, Ben, who always wanted to try anal sex. We had already fucked a few times before, so I invited him over to give it a try. This teaser video shows just a bit of the Anal Action 😉

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