Just Too Damn Busy!

I have been trying to sit down to write on here, and things keep popping up and keeping me away! It’s been crazy the last week trying to get my new site launched along with a bunch of other work. I have had some fun, but just haven’t been able to share that with you.

I’m rushing through this at the moment as I have to hurry up and leave. My husband has to get an MRI on his neck, and the place is close to a 3 hour drive away. I have to leave here in an hour and won’t be back until 7 or 8 this evening.

Have a great day everyone 🙂

Another Wasted Weekend

Well, this past weekend was a real bust! Not a single person came through and nothing happened at all. No sex for me 🙁

We went out for dinner and drinks with a bunch of people from a Fetish website I belong to. It’s just a semi-regular get-together where we meet up to chat and get to know one another. New people are alays welcome and show up. We were invited to a house party by a couple we know after the get-together, but I had said I would be up at the Pub near my house to meet some other people so we couldn’t attend.

As I expected, no one showed up! I had figured that the cute young girl who was writing me on Facebook was a fake, and since she never showed not left me a message, it proved it. There were also two other guys who promised they were coming and had said they weren’t like those other guys that stand me up (which I hear all the time) and yes, they stood me up! That is why I just do not go out of my way to meet people! I know where I will be and when, but I just can’t trust other people, even when they promise me over and over! If you ant to meet, I am easy to find, if you can’t meet at that time, well you are just out of luck!

We just hung out at the bar until about midnight and then went home.

On Saturday, we were invited to a bunch of different things. Of the three Swinger house parties, only one went on, and unfortunately there were some people going to that one that I just did not want to see. The other two parties were canceled at the last minute. I was also invited to be the center of a couple of Gang-Bangs. One guy wrote me late Friday night and said they could only do it in the afternoon as he was busy in the evening, which wasn’t any good for me. The other one said that all the guys canceled so it would jst be him! I wasn’t going to drive 90 minutes to have sex with just one guy, sorry!

Then I had a bunch of closer single guys that said they were hoping to play on Saturday night. Not a single one answered me when I e-mailed them.

As you can see, it was another wasted weekend. One full of promises but no follow through. It does get discouraging.

Time to party!

The weekend is here and now it is time to relax and party. We are going to a little get-together in Cornwall with a group from a Fetish website I belong to. We hang out for a couple of hours at a restaurant, have a drink, eat, and chat. It’s just a place to meet up with new and old Fetish friends. Then I’ll be heading up to the local Pub after that where I am supposed to be meeting some new people. One is a 25 year old hot girl, but lets see if she shows (or is even real) 😉

Whatever happens tonight, happens. I have no plans at all and will just take things as they CUM!

I have NO idea as to what I’ll be doing tomorrow! I have invites to all sorts of things. When it rains, it pours! Three different Swinger parties, two Gang-Bangs (with me as the Gang-Bangee of course), and also four different single guys that want to hook up and play. I really don’t know what I’ll end up doing. I’ll just decide tomorrow.

I’m almost done the new site. I need to shoot a couple of new Pee Scenes for the teaser video as I don’t like what I have done, and need to add a little more. I can’t show me getting peed on in the free area as that isn’t allow by billing company rules, but I have some fun Peeing ideas 😉

I also spent the day working on a new video for the members area, and then the whole thing messed up on me! I’m just too pissed off to finish it now, so I’ll get it up tomorrow 😉

My New Website Design

I’m not doing that much this week, sexually at least. I have a few people who wanted to play, but I have had to turn them all down.Why? Well because I am trying to get my new website lay-out and design finished and put up!

It’s accessible right now on a sub-domain while I work on it. I still have a couple of more videos to edit for it, and finish the main page, but it is coming along nicely. I should have it done and ready to go by the end of the week. It’s a tighter lay-out than I have now, and I feel, much cleaner.

Have a look at it and let me know. Check out the videos I have up and make sure it’s all working properly for me. While it may look great to me, there may be problems I’m just not seeing, so I’d like everyone to go through it and check it out for me.

Just go to http://carol.carolcox.com and brose through it, and then let me know what you think 🙂

Thanks 🙂

It’s My Birthday!

Yep, today was officially my birthday, and so far, I have had a great day! This morning, around 11:00, my young BoyToy came up from Cornwall to give me a special present. He is a really cute 19 year old with a really hot body and the cutest little ass. I met him at the door naked, since I love doing that, and immediately pulled out his cock and gave him a nice wet blow-job. His pants were still around his ankles when I turned around and knelt on the stairs and told him to fuck me! He didn’t even take his pants off, but shuffled forward, slid his cock into me, and came in my pussy in about a minute! He’s always quick to CUM the first time, but keeps it up and is always ready to go.

He pulled out of me, and a huge blob of CUM dripped out of my pussy and landed on the stairs! But that was okay as I got my husband to clean it up while I took the BoyToy to the bedroom. I really did that as it is my birthday! 😉

We got to the bedroom and I removed all his clothes, then went down and sucked his cock some more. He wanted me to rim his ass, so he flipped over and I tongued his bum, and then fingered it, for a few minutes. He was rock hard again (well, he never really lost his hard-on), so I had him on his back and climbed up on his cock. I rode him until he came inside me again. I slowly lifted off him and let his CUM run out of me and all over his cock. I went down and licked and sucked him fully clean. I worked on his cock for about 5 minutes until he was hard and ready again! You have to love the young guys and their recuperative powers! This time I had him fuck my ass, and he lasted quite a while, almost 20 minutes. When he was close to cumming, I pulled off him, turned around, and took his cock into my mouth. Ass-to-mouth sets off most guys, and he came almost immediately! It was just a small squirt that third time, but at least he came. We cleaned up and I pushed him out as I had another guy coming at 1:00PM!

I had a quick shower and even douched. Right at 1:00 the doorbell rang, and there was Guy, the new guy I met on Friday. I met him at the door naked also, and dragged him right back to my very messy bed. I sucked him, then fucked him, and he came hard deep in my pussy (The guy is about 9 inches!). We did take a little break, but quickly ent back to bed, and fucked some more. He came again while fucking me missionary style and with my legs wrapped hard around him. It felt amazing. I then called his wife to tell her how it went 😉

I had to push him out the door as I still had to run out and do things! Then my husband made us a very nice steak dinner and we enjoyed my birthday cake. And now here I am writing this! So far, it has been a very good day 😉