YAY! It’s The Weekend!

This past week feels like it lasted a month. Between all the stuff with both houses, work on my websites, and being the “wrong time of the month” to have any fun, I am both tired and sexually frustrated! I really need to “get some”! I did just finish my period, and am all nice and clean and ready πŸ˜‰

There are supposed to be a couple of new guys coming out to meet me at the bar this evening, but who knows if they will actually show up. I haven’t had great luck lately in that department as maybe 1 out of 10 guys have actually met with me. Those guys did get to benefit from it though. I do hope to ride a nice cock or three tonight, so hopefully some new people do show up and we hit it off. If you want to join me, just click the “Meet Me” tab at the top of the page.

Tomorrow I have a “sex party” to attend. It’s not really a Gang-Bang, but more of an Orgy with about 3 guys for every woman. As most of the people going are in their late 20’s and early 30’s, once again I’ll be the “old lady” in attendance. But I have more fun than any of the younger girls as I really don’t have any inhibitions. It will be fun!

Almost Done With It All

This has been one of the most hectic weeks in my life! as I mentioned in my last post, we went out on Saturday to look at the house we wanted to buy with a friend who has 35 years in construction. Although cosmetically the house needs work (renters basically destroyed the interior over the past year), structurally, the house is in excellent shape and is of the best quality. We like the house because we can revovate it the way we want, and don’t care about the cosmetic defects. We even plan to tear down and move some walls, so the large holes really aren’t a concern.

Since last weekend was a holiday weekend here in Canada, and nothing was open on Monday, we went back up on Tuesday to put an offer on the house. The bank sent us a counter-offer yesterday, but we countered with the same price we went in with. It is a repossession and we know the bank wants to get rid of it. We are hoping to hear back today on whether they accepted our counter-counter-offer.

The house is in a very small Ontario town, close to the Quebec border. It’s only a 50 minute drive from our current house, so we’ll still be hanging out on Fridays as we always have. It’s on the very outskirts of this small ton, so when we look out our front door, all we see is field and forest. When we sit on the back deck, all we see for miles is rolling hills and forest. The only neighbours are on either side of us, but we will have our privacy. We plan on redoing the back deck into a multi-tier thing with a nice large hot tub on one of the decks. We are already working on the design plans for that deck with the BBQ and dining section on the upper tier, a lounge area with wet bar on the middle tier, and the hot tub with a large built-in, deck lever suntanning mattress on the lower tier. Of course that mattress will be king-sized, and used for suntanning by day, and group fucking by night!

The people who put the offer on our current house have had their financing approved and had a house inspector over yesterday. He spent a couple of hours going through our house and when he was done, told us that our house was very nice and in excellent condition. That should keep the buyers happy! So basically it is sold, but we are just waiting on all the official paperwork. It’s not really sold until the conditions are waived and everything is done on paper, but everything looks good.

The next thing is planning the actual move! All this is happening REALLY soon! We agreed on a moving date of June 17th, and we don’t even have a mover yet! We can’t even book one until we have everything completely finalized. But now we have to start packing and finish going through everything. I have lots of stuff to get rid of, including furniture. In our current house, we have 4 full sets of living room furniture, but only need 2 sets for the new house. The new house has a large country eat-in kitchen, but doesn’t have a dining room. So we need to get rid of our dining room stuff here as we are just bringing our current kitchen set. Then of course, there is years upon years of accumulated crap! I’d love to just toss everything and but all new πŸ˜‰

I’ll keep you up-to-date on what is happening over the next couple of weeks. I’ll finally get my life back soon!

A Noisy Day But With Good News

We had the roofers show up early this morning to redo the shingles on our roof, so all I have been listening to ALL day is pounding above me! It’ll be going on until Sunday! But the good news is we have sold our house! Our Realtor is coming over soon with an offer we plan to accept. There has been some back and forth with it, but the people finally came around to what we were looking for. Now the fun of finding a new house begins for real!

We have found a house we like out in the country in Ontario, about 50 minutes from where we currently live. It’s a repo and does need some work, but the layout is exactly what we are looking for. Plus, we can get it really cheap. We are going out tomorrow morning to look at it again with a good friend who happens to be a contractor. He’s going to do a “pre-inspection” for us before we put an offer in. Of course, that offer will also be contingent to a full and proper inspection.

The place is smaller thn our current house, but not by all that much. It has a nice large property with very few neighbours around, and the view from both the front and rear of the house is of just rolling land. It has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, and is fully finished (although there is a lot to fix). I’m just hoping there is nothing major that has to be done!

At least I can rest for a couple of weeks now…maybe!

Tonight, I’ll be at the bar as I always am, but I doubt I’ll be staying too late as I do have to be up early tomorrow. ThenΒ  tomorrow night, we’re having a BBQ/Party at our home that’ll probably get wild and out of hand (as they always seem to do).


Impromptu Afternoon Fun – The Video – Part 2

A couple of days ago, I put up the first part of this teaser of Shelly and Ivy having some afternoon fun at my PornAudition studios. You can see that a couple of posts below. This is the second part of the video when they grab one of the guys that was hanging out and have their way with him. Some good sucking and fucking here!

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

The fun did not end there! There were a bunch of other girls, and guys, hanging around, and everyone started fucking everyone! A new girl who was there for the first time got to feel what the “Drilldo” felt like deep in her pussy. Then again, that was just a normal day in the life!


Just Had A Great Fuck!

I just had a great afternoon fuck, and it is something I really really needed. A very old Swinger friend is in town on business, but I hadn’t seen him since 1988! Yes, that long. He and his wife were good friends of ours way back in the Alberta days, and played with each other from 1983 until we moved away from Alberta in 1988. We did stay in touch for a while, but I hadn’t heard from him since about 1997. He and his wife had divorced about that time, and she moved to Toronto to be with another guy who was also a divorced swinger! I did keep playing with her up until about 4 years ago when she ended up divorcing the second guy and moved back out West. Yes, life is a soap opera πŸ˜‰

We used to play with them a couple of times a week over all those years and were very close. There was a period of about a year when he was working nights, and his wife days, and Danny was in University during the day. He’d come over almost every day, and we would do everything! The good old days. The picture to the left is of me and his wife taken way back in the early 1980’s. It is the very first picture I ever had of me going down on a woman. It’s a scan from an old Polaroid. We did a lot of “firsts” together. the very first Creampie I ever licked up was from her pussy. The first time I tasted another woman’s pee was from her. The first DP I ever had was with them! Plus lots of other Fetishy stuff too πŸ™‚

Anyway…he still had my cell phone number as it hasn’t changed since 1993 and called me last month saying he was going to be here for a week. Actually, he talked to Danny, not me. I talked to him over this past weekend and he mentioned he had the afternoon today free, so I invited him over. He had invited us for lunch, but because of our house and the offers that were coming in, we thought it best to stay around.

When he got here at around 10:30 this morning, we chatted for close to 2 hours, just catching up. I finally invited him up to my bedroom for a little fun, and he asked if my husband was coming along. Danny told us to go off and have some fun. The man is now 53 years old, and can still CUM 3 times in just over an hour! And he still has those big creamy loads! We started off with some quickie oral on each other, then moved right to hard fucking. He came in my pussy within a couple of minutes. I went back down on him, and had him hard again in no time. We fucked some more, in every position imaginable, and this time I finished him off in my mouth. He is still tasty! We took a little break and then went back to fucking some more, and he came again inside my pussy. It was just great, and very relaxing too. It was like we still fucked ll the time, we still knew each others bodies that well.

he hung out with us for the rest f the afternoon and just left a few minutes ago. We are having dinner with him tomorrow evening, and probably playing again back at his hotel room. His flight back to Calgary is Friday morning, and he doesn’t know when he may be back again.

Now I need a quick shower as I have to meet up with some friends at the bar in just over an hour!