Spending Every Day At The Hospital

My father-n;law was very sick all last week. It got so bad, we tried to get him up to take him to the hospital on Friday, but ended up having to get an ambulance. He went to our local hospital where they did X-rays and such, but he needed a CT Scan which they didn’t do. So they sent him to another hospital in Quebec for that scan. They found an intestinal blockage, but due to his heart problems, couldn’t do anything for him, so on Saturday he was sent to the hospital in Montreal where his Cardiologist is.

During that transfer, everything was lost. His clothes, his bag of stuff, as well as his file and the CD of his CT Scan! Would you believe that they couldn’t even e-mail a digital file over from one hospital to another? To get the CT Scan in a timely manner, we ended up driving from downtown Montreal out to a hospital an hour away to get the CD, and bring it back. So on Sunday, we spent a total of 6 hours just driving!

This afternoon he is getting a stent put into his lower intestine to hold him open. Then we have to wait for his heart valve transplant, and for him to get healthy again, before they operate on the blockage. Right now, we have no idea as to how long he will be in the hospital. It is a 2 hour drive, both ways for us, and we are traveling every day. In fact, I’m about to leave shortly and head in. We probably won’t be back home until late this evening.

Things Are Still Hectic

Things are still crazy and all up in the air around here. My father-in-law was already supposed to have his heart valve transplant surgery, but they keep bumping him. He also has a really bad stomach problem that we need to get him in and looked at. He’s just so damn stubborn, he won’t see a Doctor for it! Because of all his problems, we can barely leave the house, and I am spending all my time taking care of him.

I have been able to have some fun though, but after the fun, I just haven’t had the time to write about it! I have been able to get out and see a couple of my nearby BoyToys while my husband stayed home with his father. I even had a fun “date” last week with a fun new guy. He picked me up at home, took me out for dinner in Cornwall, and then we parked in my driveway where I fucked him. I love doing stuff like that, and just never get the chance to do it that often.

Over the weekend, my sister-in-law came over and stayed with us for a few days. That gave us the chance to get out of the house on both Friday and Saturday nights. On Saturday, we headed into Montreal for a friend’s birthday party. It was a house party that turned wild! I ended up fucking five guys, two of them out on the deck by the pool. Two of them came in my pussy (both V-Safe friends), one in my ass, and two in my mouth. Even my husband came three times (not bad for an old man!) 😉

Now it is back to the grind of taking care of my father-in-law and waiting on the Doctor and the hospital!

Catching Up

It has still be crazy around here, and this past week was insane. My father-in-law was really sick with bad stomach problems and he isn’t the easiest person to deal with at the best of times. On top of that, my husband has been having bad problems with his neck. He has 3 bad discs (C1 – C3) that is causing him lots of pain from his neck, through his right shoulder, elbow and hand. It got really bad this week but luckily, he goes in for an MRI tomorrow. The only problem is the MRI is being done in Kingston, Ontario, a 2.5 hour drive!

But, there is a “Fetish” get-together tomorrow evening in Kingston, so we plan on going to that. It’s really just a get-together at a local bar that these guys do once a month. This one takes place at the Wolfe Island Grill, so I will be there from 6 to 9. I will be meeting an old girlfriend there, who used to live in Montreal but moved to Kingston. Some of your real “old-timers” may even remember her as I helped her start her own website way back in 1996! She shut it down in 1998. She used to be know as “CyberMuffin” and only the long-time people may remember her.

I did get a great “fucking” on Monday though. I was in Cornwall getting those nasty spider veins in my leg removed via laser, and when I was done, I met up with a new guy. Well, I had met him 5 or 6 times before, and he’s been at my home a few times, but by “new” I mean we have never played. He lives about 2 blocks from the place I go to for the laser treatments, so I said I would stop by. Well, 5 minutes after “stopping by”, I was on his couch with my pants off, and him on his knees licking my pussy! After about 10 minutes, he picked me up, carried me to his bed, and undressed me fully. He then spent a full hour just massaging me, and kissing and licking me from head to toe. It felt great. He did spend quite a bit of time on my pussy and ass 😉

At one point, he was back to licking my pussy when I reached down, pulled him up on top of me, and guided his cock into my pussy. That was actually the first time I had touched his cock! I told him to fuck me, but to not CUM in my pussy. He fucked me hard for only a few minutes, then pulled out and squirted all over my stomach. It was a big load of thick creamy CUM too. He laid next to me and then started scooping up his CUM and feeding it to me. I don’t know if it was him, the situation, or just the way I was feeling, but it just seemed so erotic!

I then went down on him, and it took only a few minutes before he was rock hard again. I spent the next 20 minutes, sucking and licking his cock and balls. He then asked if he could fuck me ass, saying he had never had anal sex before. I was more than ready for that, and after a quick lube, he got behind me, and I guided his cock into my ass. This gy isn’t small at all either. He is close to 8 inches and quite thick, so it took a bit of effort to get him all the way in. Once he was fully “seated” the rest was easy. He fucked my ass for a good 10 minutes then said he was close to cumming. He asked me where he could CUM, and I said, In my ass!”. And a few seconds later, he did. I could feel his cock pulse inside of me, a feeling I love.

We clean up, and I headed for home. The funny thing is this was on Monday, and when I got home I got really busy and didn’t say a word about it to my husband! I only remembered last night, and that’s when I told him what happened. 😉

I am seeing him again this coming Monday, and this time I told him he could CUM in my pussy as I will be ready.


I received lots of comments after my last quick post, and I thought I had better elaborate. Things are that bad around here, just really busy with constant traveling. As many know, my father-in-law lives with us now and he has been having some health problems recently. He has been in for a couple of small operations and still has to go in for heart valve transplant surgery. Everything he is having done is back in Montreal, so we have been driving him back and forth over the last few weeks. He was actually supposed to go in on Monday for the heart surgery, but the hospital called last Friday and canceled it. Now we are waiting on a new date.

On top of that, my husband and I just had our first physicals at the Doctor’s since moving to Ontario. As we both have some minor complaints, we have been traveling to various specialists. Just this past week, I had a mammogram and a bone density test, and my husband has had all sorts of various things done. His last thing is an MRI for his neck in Kingston next Friday.

So most of our being “busy” has mainly been traveling! Things should be getting back to normal very soon.

I have had some fun during this time. I did get to play a couple of times with my local BoyToys, so it hasn’t been all bad. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write about it!