Time to take a break

It’s been a crazy week trying to catch up on everything around the house, the neighbourhood, and on-line! Enough is enough and I think I will head out for a few drinks and some fun.

I’ll be leaving in just a few minutes for Happy Hour over at McKibbins Irish Pub and then may head over to Bourbon Street west to see what’s happening. If you see me out and about, come on over and join me. I am looking for some fun after all 😉

I am back

I am finally back and on-line. I had to disappear for a while to take care of some family issues and while I was able to get on-line and to my e-mail, I wasn’t able to login to my own Blog! I had my laptop with me, but forgot the power cord and adaptor to charge it! I ended up on my sister’s old PC and didn’t even know my own passwords for various things, like my Blog.

I have to catch up on a few things, like website updates, and then I should be back on track.