Sorry Guys! Been So Busy…

I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping you all up to date. We are in the middle of renovations and trying to paint our house. On top of that, we’ve had unexpected family visiting for the week! I had to cancel all the shoots I had planned for this week (sorry again) as I am trapped in my own house! With everything going on, I’ve only been able to get on-line to do my customer service and take care of e-mails.

I had a pretty wild weekend, but I’ll have to tell you about it all in a few days as I have to get back to the family!

I Am Sore!

We just spent the past two days preping and priming our kitchen for painting. That’s a lot of work and I am feeling it! We still have no clue what colours we are going to paint it, but we thought we’d get it to the point where it was ready to paint, and then we’d have to pick something. Danny will be doing touch ups tomorrow, re-priming, and then we’ll probably paint on Saturday. Once that’s done, we only have eleven more rooms to go…not even including the basement!

It’s 4:40 right now, and I am going for a much needed shower. Then it is off to the bar for some drinks and some fun. I guess we won’t be coming back to our place since it is all dirty and dusty and looks like a disaster area! we’ll probably just hang out at the bar.

Enjoying A Fun Fuck With A Fan

Jason is a local guy who has been a big fan of mine for quite a while. He’s even been over at my house a few times in the afternoon to get his cock sucked by me. He comes over during his lunch hour from work as he does work fairly close, and I give him a nice wet blow-job until he squirts in my mouth and all over my face. This time, he got hold of me and said that he was finally ready to fuck!

he showed up, and we went right to my bed. Like most guys, he just loved me on my knees in front of him, undoing his pants, pulling out his cock, and giving him a nice wet blow-job. I sucked his cock for a while, right up to when I could taste his pre-CUM! He stopped me, spun me around and thew me on the bed. he dived in between my legs and licked my pussy and ass for a good long while. It felt great. At one point, he stopped to tease my pussy with his cock, sliding the head betwen my lips and slapping my clit with it. By this time, I was so ready to fuck!

I slipped a condom on his cock, then climbed on top of him. We fucked for close to half an hour, in all sorts of positions. We fuck hard and fast, and slow and easy, I love mixing it up. When he was ready to CUM, I asked him how he wanted to. he wanted to kneel over me and CUM on my face and in my mouth. So, that’s what we did. After he came I spent a couple of minutes sucking every last drop of CUM out of his cock, another thing I love to do 🙂

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I Finally Have A Few Minutes Free

The last couple of days have been so busy, I’ve been barely able to get on-line. School starts next Monday for my youngest son who is starting Junior High! All the last minute stuff has been a real killer, and the school sending supply lists at the last minute…yesterday…hasn’t helped much. The school supply stores have been packed, and I’ve been going crazy along with everyone else! I need a break…

The Naked Pool Party & BBQ I went to on Saturday was WILD! Within an hour, everyone was naked, and all over the place. We did a lot of teasing, but no one played until after the BBQ. We needed food to get our energy up first! Once the eating was done, and the drinking really got started, things became a pure free-for-all with everyone fucking everyone! We had blankets and towels all over the grass, and it was like one of those wild porn videos with everyone everywhere. Before anyone asks about pictures, I estimate there was easily a thousand pics take that evening! Danny took close to 400 and everyone had cameras out shooting one another. But, I can’t share a single one as NO ONE wants their pictures on my site or anywhere on the Internet. Sorry.

On monday, I got to watch some hot action, and didn’t take part at all. Let me explain. There is a friend of ours who comes out to the bar ocasionally and who we’ve know for a number of years. I’ve talked to him many times, but I have never been sexually involved with him in any way. A few months ago, he hit me up on Facebook asking if I knew a guy who he could give head to! he said he’s always had this fantasy about sucking a guy and bringing him off in his mouth. I told him I would check around, but I totally forgot about it! oops! A couple of weeks ago at the bar, he brought it up again, quietly. he then mentioned Danny, and I said I would ask. I told Danny about it, and talked him into donating his cock!

Yesterday, our son went over to a friend’s place for a few hours, so I called up our friend who was home on vacation and invited him over. Danny went and had a shower and shaved his balls so he was all nice and smooth. he just stayed in his robe, and our friend showed up. We went to our home office and Danny opened his robe and sat back on the couch saying, “Here you go!”. Our friend dropped to his knees in front of him and took Danny’s still soft cock into his mouth. I sat next to Danny to watch the “show”. Danny quickly got hard, and the guy did a pretty good job of sucking. I told him not to forget the balls, and he went down, licking and sucking Danny’s balls. he then grabbed Danny’s legs, and pulled him so his ass was almost hanging off the couch. He pushed up Danny’s legs and started rimming his ass, which Danny loves. After a few minutes of that, he went back to the cock and while he was sucking, Danny and I were passionately kissing. I could feel Danny tense, and then he let go! He came in our friend’s mouth who didn’t miss a beat and just kept sucking and swallowing. he later said he learnt that from watching me on-line 😉

When he was done he thanked us and said he loved the feeling. He had a huge hard-on I could see in his pans, and he said he would just go home and take care of it himself 😉

That was our fun yesterday, and that may be it until Friday! As I mentioned, it is a busy week.

It Was A Slow Night

The bar really nees to do something about the bands that they are hiring as the are all starting to sound the exact same. They do get the bands from the same local agency and the quality has greatly diminished. They used to bring in good bands with good musicioans and good play lists, but these days, it’s all the same Top 40 stuff from the 70’s and 80’s. You can tell that they have to do something as the place was half empty again!

As you probably guessed, my little rant above was about our usual Friday night hang-out. we went over and met up with our friends, and a big load of people came out. If it wasn’t for our group, at 8:00PM the place would have been almost empty! We decided to hang around as they had a new band last night and we wanted to hear how they sounded. They sounded like every other band they bring in! We ended up staying until 1:00 in the morning, then Danny and I left to go eat and head home. That was the extent of my exciting Friday night! 😉

We’re leaving soon to head over to a friend’s place for a Naked BBQ and Pool Party! Of course things will get out of hand as they always do. I’m not sure how late we’ll be staying as we have to be up early on Sunday to head up north. But I’ll let you all know how things went.