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And To Follow Up…

The guy who was supposed to shoot with me today e-mailed me at 1:45 last night to cancel. Just can’t win #justcantwin
So I may stop by the Pub this evening to drown my sorrows 😉

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Odds & Ends

This past Monday, I was supposed to shoot some video with a new guy where once again, he wanted to do and try it all. But the weather got really quite bad around here with a lot of snow and … Continue reading

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My Friday Night Cub

I had my new young cub come by on Friday night for some fun. He was a little nervous, but not bad at all. It helped that we had met a few times before and had some nice chats. He … Continue reading

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This Cougar Is Getting A Young Cub Tonight!

A young guy who came out to the Pub on a few Friday nights is finally going for it! He is coming over this evening to try all sorts of things he has never done. He isn’t a virgin but … Continue reading

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The broken record remains broken…

I know, I know, it does sound like I am just a broken record, skipping on the same phrase every time. But it happened yet again. I had a guy scheduled to come over last night for some Fan Fuck … Continue reading

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Another Afternoon Quickie

This was a non-sexual weekend. We had two birthday parties to attend, on Friday night then Saturday night, which were very vanilla. Sunday was a day of rest, which we needed!
Yesterday (Monday), I had an old friend from Montreal drop … Continue reading

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My New Guy Showed Up!

Yes, the guy I had invited over to shoot a video with me showed up! It shouldn’t be a matter of rejoicing, but when you have had the number of no-shows I have had recently, it is a joyful occasion … Continue reading

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Waiting On A New Guy For A Shoot

I’m just sitting here waiting for the doorbell to ring and my new guy showing up for a video shoot.  He wants to enjoy a basic “Suck & Fuck” and Creampie me at the end, so that’s what we will … Continue reading

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Pickup Truck Blow-Job

I just got back in a few minutes ago from meeting a local guy over at the Tim Horton’s. He messaged me about meeting up for a coffee at Timmy’s, so I headed on over. It’s a 5 minute drive … Continue reading

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