My Friday Night Cub

I had my new young cub come by on Friday night for some fun. He was a little nervous, but not bad at all. It helped that we had met a few times before and had some nice chats. He is a local guy, 23 years old, and in great shape with a very nice cock. Could not ask for better.

I had my husband stay in the office so as not to make things more uncomfortable with the young guy. He didn’t mind as he had lots of work to do. I brought the guy into my bedroom and had him undress me as we kissed. Returning the favour, I finally got his great cock in my hand, and lightly rubbed him as we kissed some more. Dropping to my knees in front of him, I kissed the head of his cock and slowly took it fully into my mouth. I then told him not to hold back but to just CUM if he felt he was at that point, then went back to sucking him. In about 30 more seconds, I felt him tighten up and then he exploded in my mouth! he had a nice big load of CUM that squirted several times.  I just swallowed and sucked until he was done, then softly sucked every last drop of CUM out of him. He was a little embarrassed to have CUM so quickly, and I assured him it was not a problem and was something that really turned me on and got me off 😉

I had him lay on the bed,  curled up next to him, and sucked his cock until I had him hard and ready again. I slid up onto him, and slipped his cock into my pussy as I lowered down onto him. I rode him this way until I had a great orgasm, then had him get on top of me so he could control our fucking. He slipped into me again, and fucked me for only a couple of minutes before he came again, with a huge shudder! I could almost feel his squirts deep in my pussy. Once he was done, I held him tight and inside me for a good five minutes. He rolled off of me, and I moved in close, laying my head on his chest, and lightly playing with his cock and balls. We lay like that for about fifteen minutes and chatted; his cock stiffened again.

We went back to fucking, trying all sorts of positions. He lasted quite long this third time, as to be expected. He finally came again, this time while he was fucking me doggy-style. We both just collapsed on the bed, and lay they for a few minutes. I am getting old, and this all tires me out much more than it did when I was young 😉

We were done, and I then realized he had not gone down on my pussy once, and we never got around to the anal sex. But he plans to be back very soon and promised to take better care of me the next time.

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