Just Another Day At The Office

I had Seska and Angie over at the studio to talk about different things we could do for live webcam shows. We meet right in the studio as when there is no show going on, things are nice and quiet and we are usually left alone. As we were chatting about things, the door open up and in walks Dugmor with Luke Loader! Loader has a cock that is almost 11 inches and really nice. I had fucked him once before, but the other girls had never met him at this point. The next thing, he pulls out his cock to show the girls, and things just took off from there!

I was suffering through that wrong time of the month, but my mouth still worked fine! The video starts with me sucking Loader’s cock while Seska and Angie are playing on the couch. Things move around and Seska sucks his cock for a bit before jumping on it and riding. Loader fucks Seska long and hard in all sorts of positions. I go back to sucking Loader’s cock and while I was doing that, the girls grabbed Johnny Pearl for some play. Loader squirts all over my face and in my mouth while Seska and Angie take turns with Johnny’s cock. Johnny fucks Seska and then CUMs all of her face and right in her mouth with Angie doing some licking clean up. Actually, this really was just another day at the office 😉

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