Taking The Virginity Of A 24 Year Old Guy

24 year old Dave was a virgin from Pennsylvania who fantasized about me taking it from him! He had a friend who lived about 30 minutes away from me, and so I told him if he was really going to be around, to let me know. He did.

He was a bit nerdy looking and really nervous about everything. I got him relaxed and then went to work. I was surprised when I pulled his cock out as he was big and his cock was gorgeous! I told him he was doing a disservice to all the women by keeping that thing hidden 😉

This teaser video shows the exact point when he lost his virginity to me, and I loved it. He last a good time before cumming, which so many people are surprised about. The thing with virgins is that they may CUM right away, or because of their nerves, last a really long time. I have experienced both a number of times.

Who will be my next virgin?? 😉

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