My New Guy Showed Up!

Yes, the guy I had invited over to shoot a video with me showed up! It shouldn’t be a matter of rejoicing, but when you have had the number of no-shows I have had recently, it is a joyful occasion 😉

He is a 21 year old guy from Montreal, and I was the first much older woman he has been with. We did a straight-forward sex scene, a “Suck & Fuck” as I like to call them. 😉  And I enjoyed a solid hour of good hard sex. I started off by sucking his cock to get him hard, followed by him going down on me and also enjoying a 69. He fucked my doggy-style for quite a while, and he fucked me hard! We switched between missionary and doggy, along wit me sucking him more. Every so often, he would think of the camera there shooting him, and lose his erection, which I had to orally fix 😉

Because of the camera nd his nerves, he just lost it and wasn’t able to CUM. Tis is more common than what people think. So there is no “money shot”. he’ll be back in the nw year to try again 🙂

I’ll have the full video up in the next few days 🙂

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