A Quick Video From My Creampie Gang-Bang

I really do enjoy Gang-Bangs and I do have a preference for Bareback Gang-Bangs. Sometimes the guys just CUM wherever they like, but with a Creampie Gang-Bang, they have to CUM in my pussy!

This was from one of my Creampie Gang-Bangs, and this was an early scene where you see me get my second load and then get the third guy in me almost immediately.  It was a bit too quiet for me, but not all the guys were in the room yet. I started a bit early with a handful of the men 😉

I even had another woman there doing Fluff Duty by sucking the guys and keeping them hard and ready. Towards the end, she did her second job of licking all the CUM out of my pussy, Now that was hot and is on the full video!

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Enjoying a very nice cock

I get asked all the time if I will fuck someone or at least suck them. My answer is always the same … as long as you are fairly height and weight proportionate and have an average to above average cock (at least 5 inches), AND you will let me film it (without ever showing who you are), then yes, I will suck you or fuck you 😉

This was one of my on-line fans who was really nervous about this as you see, he was a virgin. We set a date and he came over, but unfortunately, my period popped up unexpectedly, and I was not going to subject a virgin to that mess, so I just sucked his cock instead. The virginity taking would follow shortly after.

I took my time and took very good care of his cock and his balls until I brought him off in my mouth! He loved the feeling as was super sensitive right after he came, which affects most guys, so I had some fun torturing him. All in all, I quite enjoyed myself 🙂

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My Birthday Present – A 19 Year Old Boy – The Video

My husband surprised me on my birthday with a cute 19 year old boy!  He had a great cock and was good at using it too! I couldn’t wait to unwrap my present, so I just went at it, getting his pants down and his cock out!

We had a great time with lots of oral sex and lots of fucking in different positions. He really wanted to CUM on my face as he had never done that to a woman before, so that is what we did. He had a very respectable load of CUM 🙂

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Cunny.Club Member Stops By For A Blow-Job

One of my Cunny.Club members asked if I would suck his cock and let me CUM in his mouth. I told him that as long as I can shoot it, I will do it! As he knew I would never show his face and that I would be discreet, he agreed to my terms 😉

It was a simple blow-job, which are usually the best ones. I pulled his cock out of his pants. suck him and also licked and sucked his balls, until he finish by cumming in my mouth 🙂

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Fucking A Young Nervous Guy

I met this guy at the bar and invited him over for some fun. He couldn’t come right then, so we set a date. He came over and I took him up to my bedroom to get started 🙂

I undressed him and he undressed me. I sucked his cock for a while before we moved onto the bed. He was having some problems staying hard, and he said that the lights we use when we shoot video were bothering him. So, we turned them all off which is why the video is a bit grainy. We did use the lights for the CUM Shot though 😉

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