It Is Done

Well, it’s done! Our house was just listed for sale! We finally finished everything we were going to do in our home, and it looks great. The Realtor was over and we finalized the paperwork and got all the pictures done. All that is left is to paint my daughter’s room when she moves out next week. But that will be a quick and easy job. The other big job is getting rid of the accumulated “crap” you tend to collect, especially in a house as big as this! We have 6 bedrooms and 4 livingrooms, and all the associated furniture. We plan to move to a smaller home in the country, something we can take care of on our own without a housekeeper, lawn people, and snow removal people. That means selecting what we are going to keep, and getting rid of the rest.

Now we have to find a place to move to! I really don’t want to be stuck having to put stuff in storage and living out of a hotel while we find a new home. We hope to have one picked out and purchased and ready to move right into when we move out of here.

But the good news is I can finally getting back to having fun again and doing some shoots. YAY! 🙂

Mini-Gang-Bang on Saturday

It’s been a busy but fun weekend so far. On Friday I was over at the bar as I usually am, and the place was dead! It was a very slow night. I met one new guy who was really cute. Since it was quiet, we had a nice long chat, but he couldn’t stay that late. Another guy I know was there and wanted to come home with me, but that just never happened. We left at almost 2:00 in the morning and went straight home.

We painted some more on Saturday and did some general house preparation, and then around 5:00 I went and had a shower to get all nice and clean. We had no kids at home for Saturday night, so I decided to invite a bunch of guys over for some fun. I had five guys come over, and I even had a light dinner (Danny made homemade pizza) and drinks for them. These are all guys I know and play with and we are all very comfortable with one another. This was also a no-condom, full bareback, anything-goes Gang-Bang!

The guys showed up between 8:30 and 9:00 and Danny got the pizzas in the oven. We hung out in the kitchen and had a couple of drinks and just chatted. It was close to 11:00 when I said I was going to change into something more comfortable, and went upstairs. My “more comfortable” was just me naked and only in high heels! I walked back into the kitchen that way, and then the party really started! One of the guys grabbed me, pulled me over to the couch in my family room, dropped his pants, and pushed my head down on his cock. I only sucked him for a couple of minutes when he pulled me up and sat me right on his cock. I rode him until he came in my pussy. I slowly lifted off of him, letting his CUM run out of me and all over his cock. I then went back down on him and licked him clean.

For the next 2 hours we all sucked and fucked every way possible. I had anal sex with every guy and a few great Double-Penetrations. The main theme of the night ended up being ass-to-mouth! The guys started a “train” thing (their words) where a guy would fuck my ass for a minute, pull out and move in front of me, and push his cock in my mouth. While he did that, another guy would take his place in my ass. I went through all the guys like that twice! The idea came from a video sasha grey did where she did the same thing 😉

By the end of the evening, I literally had CUM dripping from every hole! Talk about Creampies! It was truly wonderful and I felt very satisfied. I ended up sleeping in until almost 11:00 this morning!

Next Friday, I am helping a really hot young Asian girl with her first Gang-Bang/Bukkake. I’ll be “controlling” the action and doing nasty stuff to her and with her. That will be wild. And on Saturday, I have a HUGE 30 man Gang-Bang at a friend’s house. There will be a couple of other women there too 😉

A Fun Afternoon

So my new BoyToy showed up right at noon. I was all freshly showered and ready for him. The first thing he did was surprise me with STI test results! He went out and got fully tested last week and brought the results along with him. He asked if we could fuck bareback and I said yes, but I had to “prepare”! Since I am not on any birth control, when I do have bareback sex with guys who aren’t V-Safe I use a contraceptive sponge. The thing is you have to wait 30 minutes after you put it in for any penetration.

Before I did that, he wanted to go down on me and so he did, for a good half an hour. He licked and fingered both my pussy and ass, and even made me squirt a few times. That REALLY turned him on. I finally went to the bathroom and put in the sponge, then went back to the bed where he was waiting. Since we had a couple of hours free, I told him I wanted to suck his cock first and have him CUM in my mouth. He thought that was a great idea! I began sucking his cock and balls and lightly stroked him and played with his ass. he asked if I liked rimming and mentioned he had never had that done to him. I had him flip over and I spent some time tonguing his ass. I then started rubbing his asshole with my finger and he started pushing back against it. So, in my finger went! He started moaning and groaning and moving around quite a bit, so I slid in another finger. As soon as I got to his prostate I thought he was going to lose it! He was so into it all. I then had an idea and asked him if I could use a small toy in his ass. We have a prostate vibrator that my husband loves, and I told him about it. He definitely wanted to try that.

I grabbed it and put a little lube on it. I had him flip over on his back again and I slid it in. I turned it on and moved it around, asking him to tell me where it felt the best. Once I found that sweet spot, I owned him! As I used the toy on him I went back to giving him head. Within just a couple of minutes he started jerking around and moaning quite loudly! I knew he was about to CUM! He even said “I’m gonna cum!” and then let loose. I thought he would blow my head off! The volume and force of his CUM was just insane! He started thrashing around and it was all I could do to hold on. I kept lightly sucking him (and torturing him) for a couple more minutes while he slowly started to soften.

We took a break and went to the kitchen to get a drink. We both just stayed naked and walked in on my husband getting a coffee. He laughed and asked what the hell was going on and that it sounded like I was killing the poor guy! When I told him what we just went through, he had a hard-on and his shorts were all stretched out. So of course I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock! My BoyToy started rubbing the back of my head while I blew my husband. Within a minute or so, he too was rock hard again, so I sucked them both. My husband then grabbed my head and face fucked me while he came in my mouth. That was it, I grabbed my BoyToy and dragged him back up to my bedroom.

I pushed him down on the bed and then climbed right on to his cock. It felt great. I rode him both hard, and softly, changing it up every couple of minutes. We then moved around to a doggy-style position and he just pounded my pussy for a good long while. He wanted to CUM inside of me while doing fucking missionary style, so we moved around again. We kissed hard and I had my legs wrapped around his ass as he thrust in me, deep and hard, and came. I could feel his cock pulsate and he came and came, and that is a feeling I love. He colapsed on me and we just lay like that for a few minutes. He finally pulled out and went to the washroom to clean up. I clamped my pussy tight, and walked down the hall to our home office where my husband was working. He only wears shorts at home so I spun his chair around, straddled and sat on his leg, and let the CUM come gushing out all over him. I am evil 😉  I jumped back up and ran away, knowing I would pay for that later (I am still waiting).

I cleaned up and got dressed and saw my BoyToy to the door. He gave me 2 hours of great sex, and I was very satisfied. He’s coming back over on Monday afternoon to try anal sex with me for the very first time.


My New Door Is Finally In

My new front door finally came in and was installed this morning! We ordered it way back in October and it was supposed to only take 8 to 12 weeks. Yeah right. $4000. and 6 months later, it finally got here. Now I have to paint the front entrance vestibule and make everything look all pretty 🙂

But that will have to wait as I have a new BoyToy dropping over around noon for a little fun. I met him at the bar a few weeks ago, and gave him a quickie blow-job, so today will be the first time I fuck him. He has a really nice cock and a very large load! I really need this! 😉