Catching Up Again

It’s been a long but productive, and fun, week. We got all the tiling and grouting done in our new bathroom and hope to start the installation of our vanities and toilet tomorrow. We also got a lot more painting done, and changed light fixtures and switches throughout the house.

But I won’t bore you with the details…

On Tuesday, I went back to Montreal to meet up with a girlfriend for lunch and some fun. We met at the restaurant, had a nice lunch, then headed over to her place for some fun. She bought two new strap-ons she wanted to try out on me! So, we did. One was a basic strap-on although with a really nice leather harness. It was an expensive one. After some nice kissing and oral sex on each other, she put that one on and fucked me with it doggy-style. It felt great. She pulled out, took it off, and then worked on my pussy with a new G-Spot vibrator she also bought. She had my squirting in no time, and squirting a lot! I finally had to stop her as I just couldn’t take it anymore.

She then brought out the other strap-on. This one had double vibrating dildos on it, one for the pussy and the other for the ass. It’s made to be used in only a doggy-style position, and was really hard to use! We spent about 5 minutes trying to get it in me properly, and getting some sort of rhythm down. We get it just right for about 10 seconds, then lose it. It wasn’t that great as we were both concentrating on just trying to get it to work, we forgot about the pleasure of it! We finally gave up after about 10 minutes. After a bit more oral fun, I left for the drive back home.

On Thursday, I had one of my Montreal BoyToys drop over in the afternoon. My husband Danny put him to work, helping carry in the vanities, tops, and other stuff. Then while Danny was grouting the new bathroom floor, I took the guy into my bedroom and had some quick fun with him. I did make him CUM twice in 20 minutes, starting with a 69 where I suck his cock until he came in my mouth. I just kept sucking until he was hard again, then slipped a condom on to his cock, and climbed on him. I rode him hard until he came again. Just as he came, Danny walked into the room saying the grouting was done. He dropped his shorts, knelt on the bed by my face, and had me suck him. He came quickly, and after I finished swallowing and licking him clean. he pulled on his shorts and went back to doing more work! I still had my BoyToy’s cock inside me the entire time πŸ˜‰

On Friday evening, we headed over to our local bar for some drinks. I had three local guys who all said they were coming out to meet me, and as usually happens, not one showed up! Oh well, it is their loss. The place was busy though, and I met some new local people including a really nice woman who I really hit it off with. I think I have a new friend πŸ™‚

Tonight, we are heading up to a Swing Club in Ottawa for a “Kinky Wrestling” thing some friends are putting on. We have never been to the club or to anything like this so it should be fun. There are different matches people are doing, including a clothes ripping-off match where the first one naked loses. There is also a sexual favours match where the loser has to prefer a previously agreed sex act on the winner, and even more different things! Being as small as I am, I think I’ll just be watching, but you never know! Since it is in an on-premises Swing Club, I know I will be having my own kind of fun πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow, we have friends coming over in the afternoon for a BBQ and some “fun”.

Finally Had Some Fun

Yes, I finally had some fun, but I’ll get to that in a minute…

We spent the last few days doing more painting in the house and getting our bathroom vanities ready for installation. We had hoped to start that today, but the tiles we ordered for the bathroom floor got delayed, so that set us back. We are hoping they come in today so we can get them installed (by “we”, I mean Danny πŸ˜‰ ). The painting takes a while due to the shape and colour of the walls. It takes a day to properly prepare a room as there are so many holes, dents and scratches everywhere. Plus the colours are so dark, we need two coats of primer to hide everything. Some walls are even painted black! Really really disgusting!

Once we finish the painting in the hall and living room, we’ll get more of the new hardwood floor down. We are basically redoing every room except the kitchen, that will happen next year.

On Wednesday, there was a knock at my door. Danny was up a ladder changing lighting fixtures in the hallway so I answered it. There wasΒ  guy there who dropped by to see me! His name is Rheal, and he lives about 20 minutes away. He stopped by to offer up his place, and some of his friends, for photoshoots. His friends actually dared him to stop by and see me. I told him I would think about it and get back to him, and I think I just may take him up on his offer. The only problem is that I misplaced his number while we were moving things around so now I can’t get hold of him. So, RhΓ©al, if you see this, e-mail me back at πŸ™‚

I received an e-mail on Thursday from a guy named Tyler that I was with at a couple of Gang-Bangs one of my friends put on. I didn’t realize it, but he lives in Cornwall and asked me if I was free on Saturday for a Gang-Bang he wanted to put on. He had told some of his friends about the Gang-Bangs and about me, and they were into giving it a go. He mentioned he had six friends that wanted to take part, all young and good looking. He even sent me some pictures of them. I thought about it, and agreed, so we set it up. We would meet at a local Cornwall bar at 9:00 and take it from there.

We worked on the house during the day on Friday, and in the evening, some friends from Montreal came out to party with us at the local bar and spend the night. The bar was dead! Just us and a couple of other people, and that was it! We stayed until midnight as they have karaoke and our friends are into that, then headed back home.

They took off on Saturday morning, and we headed up to Ottawa to do some shopping for new bedding and window coverings. I had a nice long shower and got all ready for the fun later that evening, making sure I was nice and smooth, everywhere! We decided to have something to eat before we met up and heard about a Thai restaurant that was supposed to be excellent.Β  We went, and it was! The food was amazing and authentic Thai. Not that fast food crap that so many restaurants try to pass off as Thai.

After a great meal, we headed over to the bar and met Tyler. He was there with two friends and mentioned the other four guys all chickened out! That happens all too often. We stayed for a drink then headed over to Tyler’s place. He has a small one bedroom apartment just a few blocks from the bar, so it was close. Just as we get ther, one of the guys gets a phone call and he has to leave! His girlfriend was supposed to be working but she got off early and needed him to pick her up. So it ended up just being me, my husband, Tyler, and his friend Dave.

I should mention that Tyler is a cute 23 year old with quite a bit of Gang-Bang experience. His friend Dave is a really hot 20 year old guy who was a first timer for everything!

We all went to the bedroom and got undressed. Dave lay back on the bed, and as I always like to get the newbies first, I crawled up between his legs, grabbed his cock and started licking his balls. I moved up to take his cock in my mouth, and after only three sucks, he just let go! He had a huge load and it hit me right in the bck of the throat. I wasn’t expecting it at all and I started chocking and coughing…as he was still cumming! Great way to start of the night πŸ˜‰

I got my composure back, and sucked every last drop of CUM from his cock and licked him clean. As I was doing that, Tyler got behind me and started licking my ass while he fingered my pussy. I just lay there on my stomach for a good 10 minutes, enjoying the feeling while lightly licking and sucking Dave’s cock. It didn’t take Dave long to get rock hard and ready again. Tyler grabbed a condom and put it on, then got behind me and slid his cock into my ass. I was the first woman he ever had anal sex with, and he now just loves it. He fucked my ass for a few minutes, then stopped and pulled out as he was close to cumming.

I still had my mouth on Dave’s cock, so I grabbed a condom and slipped it on him, then climbed on top of him. He does have a nice thick cock and it felt great in my pussy. I rode him hard for about a minute when he grabbed me by the waist, and came again! This boy is quick! I lifted off of him, slid down, and slowly pulled the condom off, letting the CUM run all down his cock. I then once again licked and sucked him clean. Tyler changed condoms, and fucked me doggy-style for a while. Dave moved out of the bed, and my husband Danny got into position in front of me so I could suck his cock. After just a few minutes of all this, I knew I wanted a Double-Penetration! Dave pulled out, and Danny lay on the bed. I climbed onto Danny’s cock and once he was settled in my pussy, I guided Dave’s cock back into my ass. God, I love that feeling! We even got the perfect rhythm going with me going up and down on Danny’s cock while Dave timed his thrusts perfectly. When you get that, it is the ultimate in sexual pleasure, well for me at least.

Dave was about to CUM, so he pulled out, ripped off the condom, and jerked off all over my back. The thing is his first squirt was so strong it hit me right in the back of the head! Yes, he got a big load of CUM right in my hair! I do hate that. It gets crusty and nasty and I have to do my hair all over again πŸ˜‰

Just after he came, so did Danny, deep in my pussy. We took a little break (so I could wipe my hair) and had a drink of water. The guys were then ready for round 2. Dave wanted to try anal sex as he had never had the chance before, so that’s what we did. I helped him into my ass, and this time he lasted longer…almost two full minutes! Once again he came in the condom. He pulled out and went to clean up. I flipped over onto my back, and Tyler crawled between my legs and started licking my pussy. Remember, it was full of Danny’s CUM! I love a man who is willing to do that as to me, it shows a real man who isn’t afraid to have fun. Tyler seemed to be into it as he went at my pussy hard and had me cumming in no time. He grabbed another condom, and got on top of me, fucking me in a missionary position. He pounded me for about 10 full minutes, then pulled out, threw off the condom, and came up by my head. He jerked off into my open mouth and I swallowed every drop, sucking him clean.

I finished off the night by giving Dave a nice long blow-job, and as it was his fourth time cumming, he lasted longer. He still had a good sized load when he came and I swallowed it all. We cleaned up and left as it was almost 1:00 in the morning. On the drive home, I gave Danny a nice blow-job but didn’t make him CUM. When we got in, I wanted to break our new shower in (again), so had Danny pee on my face and open mouth as I knelt in front of him. I then did the same to him, and we crawled into bed still both wet with pee (I do change sheets almost daily!). We had a quick fuck, and fell fast asleep.

Sunday was another day of working on the house, as is today. Tomorrow, I have to run into Montreal to do some things and will be having lunch, and some fun, with one of my girlfriends. It’s been almost 2 months since we have played together! I’ll let you know how that goes πŸ™‚

Just an update

I have been just swamped with working on the renovations in our new home and have not done a single exciting thing over the past week! I did stop by the local bar for a few hours last Friday, but didn’t stay that late. I really have had nothing at all to write about in my Blog and as I have been told by a few, I’m just boring everyone.

But, we did get our new hardwood floor installed over the weekend. Well, just in our new bedroom for now. It took us 3 days when a “Pro” would have done it in less than one! We still have the hallway, living room, and 2 other bedrooms to put the hardwood down in. Tomorrow we will be tiling the new bathroom floor so we should be able to get the vanaties installed early next week and then finally move our furniture in. I can’t wait.

I won’t be doing any new shoots until September as my son is home for the summer school holidays. Normally I would go elsewhere, but I have nowhere else to shoot right now! And as you all know, I never do anything when the kids are around.

Back to work for me, and as soon as something fun happens, I’ll let you all know πŸ˜‰

The Real Work Has Begun!

It’s a long weekend here in Ontario with today being a holiday. So everyone is off of work, except for me! The contractors finished their work on Friday, so our real work has begun. We had them in tearing down some alls to make one large bedroom out of two smaller ones and moved the old en-suite bathroom. The new one is larger with a large shower and two separate vanities for me and Danny.

We stared the final finishing of the drywall on Saturday, and after sanding, my house was just covered in dust! It was everywhere, and that was after trying to contain it. We also patched up a bunch of the walls in the hallway and other bedrooms as there were holes everywhere. Yesterday we were able to do the priming in our bedroom and bathroom and we hope to get the first coat of paint on later today. We have to run out to Montreal in a few minutes as my older son is moving into a new place and we are giving him our old fridge and stove and need to bring those out to him. Hopefully we don’t get caught up with things and can get back to paint.

After we finish the painting, we have to install the new bathroom vanities and tops, the toilets, and all the fixtures. Then comes the flooring. We bought really nice solid oak flooring for the entire upper level of the house and a friend who does flooring for a living is dropping over to help us install it. When the is done, we can finally get our doors in! Then the trim and base and we are done! Well, our room at least. We are changing all four of the bathrooms we have and our garage is full of bathroom vanities right now, five in total.

We still are waiting on the flooring to be delivered as well as the doors, the closet doors, and a few other things. They should all be in this week. So far we are at around $50K in the renovations! It’s a good thing we made some money on the sale of our last house πŸ˜‰

But I did take a couple of breaks this weekend. On Friday, we went over to the local bar for a couple of drinks, and then on Saturday evening a couple of friends dropped over to viit for a couple of hours. But it was all very relaxed with nothing else going on. It’ll be a few weeks before I am able to “play” again as we have just too much work to get through on the house. So I’ll probably just be boring you on here the next little while πŸ˜‰