I Got Lucky Last Night!

Last evening, I had to go to a candle party that a girlfriend of mine was throwing. This is like a Tupperware party where you sit around, drink wine, and look at candles and other things and maybe buy some.Another girlfriend picked me up at my place and brought me over. We stayed until about 10:00PM, and when it was over, a few of us went for a drink at a bar that was close by. I had never been there before, and the place was quite busy with mainly younger people in their early 20’s.

We had quite a bit of wine erlier in the evening, so we were all a bit tipsy. I started fooling around with one of my girlfriends, playing with each other and kissing, and we drew a little crowd around us! Of course, everyone was pretending not to be watching. Finally, a couple of really cute guys in their mid-20’s came over and asked if they could buy us a drink. we agreed and they sat with us and chatted. One of the guys, Luc, was sitting right next to me, and I put my hand on his leg and started lightly rubbing him. I very slowly worked my hand up his thigh, and was brushing my fingertips against his cock. the next thing I knew, we were kissing hot and hard while my girlfriends all cheered 😉

Luc’s friend, Phil, was with my girlfriend who was driving and he got the nerve up to come on to her! After about half an hour, Luc asked me if I wanted to get out of the bar and go back to his place. I checked with my girlfriend, and she said sure, so we left and followed the guys back to their apartment. Our other girlfriend decided to just head home. The two guys were roommates who had a nice place not far from the bar we were at. We went in, and Luc offered us a drink which we both declined. I had had enough and my girlfriend was driving, plus too much alcohol can ruin the fun!

On the short drive over, my girlfriend and I decided to have some fun with the boys and tease them, so when we did get settled in on the couch, I started kissing her and fondling. The guys just sat back and watched as we undressed one another. She sat back on the couch and I began to lick her pussy. After a minute or so, I asked the guys if they wanted a taste, and Phil rushed on over! I went to Luc, stood him up, then dropped to my knees and pulled out his cock. i started sucking him, and he almost came right away! I had to slow down a bit. Luc got undressed and I sat on the couch next to my girlfriend. he then went down on me while she and I kissed each other.

I then told Luc I wanted him to fuck me, so he grabbed a condom, slipped it on, and fucked me on the couch. While we were fucking, Phil also fucked my girlfriend, right next to us. Both guys came rather quickly, in the condoms while they were fucking us. After they pulled out and cleaned themselves up, I said I was ready to go again, but that I wanted to switch up! We sat the guys down on the couch and I sucked Phl’s cock while my girlfriend did Luc. They both got hard again  almost immediately. I sucked his cock and balls for a liitle while, then got a condom on put it on him. I climbed on his cock and went for a nice hard ride. My girlfriend also started fucking Luc on the floor. This time, the guys could both fuck for a good long time. I could tell Phil was close to cumming, so I climbed off his cock, pulled off the condom, and went back to sucking his cock. He let go in my mouth, and had a pretty good load that I fully swallowed. Luc ended up cumming in the condom again while fucking my girlfriend.

that was it! We all got cleaned up and got ready to leave. the guys gave us their phone number and I gave them my e-mail address. I don’t know if I’ll see either of them again, but I sure did have fun!

It Is A Party Weekend!

I have quite a busy weekend ahead, and it all has to do with partying (kind of) and drinking! Tonight, I’ll be over at Bourbon Street West for happy Hour and later. Once again, I have no idea what may happen this evening and what we’ll be doing after the bar. We just may stay later at the bar this evening, or we just may all head back to my house to party some more. I’ll just be taking it as it comes. You are welcome to join me this evening, just click the “Meet Me” tab at the top of this page to find the address and directions o the bar I’ll be at. I’ll be getting there at 6:30PM and staying until who knows when…at least 10:00.

Tomorrow I have a really exciting evening planned…I’m going to a girls-only “candle party” at a girlfriends house! Yes, it’s a party where someone tries and and sells you candles! The fun part is all the wine we’ll drink and the silliness we’ll get involved with. It will be another late evening.

On Sunday, we’ll be heading back over to Bourbon Street West to watch the Grey Cup game and see the Montreal Alouettes crush the Saskatchewan Roughriders 😉  We’ll be getting there for about 5:00PM (Kick-Off is at 6:30) and will stay until the end of the game, around 10:00PM

Meet The Lovely Anonimuska

This is the first time I’ve done this, which is to introduce you to a new girl on our network of sites! I would like you all to meet Anonimuska, whose website was just launched today! Anonimuska is a 23 year old girl from Hungary who contacted me a couple of months ago. She told me she was a big fan of mine and wanted to know how she could start her own personal website. I offered to help her out and bring her aboard, and here she is!

I will admit to masturbating a few times over her so far as I just love her ass! her pussy is also just perfect. She loves being naked and is a real exhibitionist who loves to flash people. I know you guys will love her too, and of course, members of any of the sites on my network also get full access to all things Anonimuska.

You can check her site out at anonimuska.com.  Network members can see her members area by clicking here

I Am A Naughty Neighbour

I really am a very nasty and naughty neighbour to have. All the housewives in my area just don’t like me as they all think I do their husbands…well, they are right! And they started it with all their snarkiness! I had a close by neighbour who really want me to suck his cock, so he snuck over one afternoon, and I quickly took care of him. The funny thing is that about 15 minutes after he left, I ran into his wife at the mailbox down the street! And I still had the taste of his CUM in my mouth 🙂

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Hand Job Shoots Are Hard!

I just found out that it’s almost impossible for me to give just a hand-job! Keeping my mouth off a cock right in front of me is really really difficult 😉

Jacques was over earlier this afternoon and he wanted to try just getting a hand-job. I’ve actually never done a hand-job only scene before, so I was willing to give it a try. I was going to jerk him until he came…all over my reading glasses! (that was my idea)

We got started, and in less than a minute, I had Jacques cock in my mouth, I just couldn’t help it. That just kept happening, even though I was supposed to! We moved to the couch and I got on my knees in front of him. I jerked him for a bit and then went down to lick and suck his balls (my loophole, I wasn’t sucking his cock and still jerking him off). I then had an idea I knew he would like, I grabbed some lube and squirted it all over his cock, getting him really nice and slick. He loved it!

Jacques then said he wanted to fuck my boobs for a bit, so I leaned forward and wrapped his cock in my boobs and slid them up and down. he grabbed the lube and squirted it all over his cock and my boobs, and that really made things slick. It was getting really good for Jacques and he just had to CUM. he stood up, grabbed his cock, and jerked off on me. He was trying to get my glasses, but kinda missed and got me in the mouth and all over my boobs. Oh well, who wants to try again with me?? I really need help from all you guys working on my hand-job technique 😉

Below are some of the pictures from today. I’ll have the video available in a couple of weeks.