Pictures From My Bukkake

I won’t be getting the full video up in my members area, or all the pictures, from my Bukkake last Saturday for a couple of weeks. But for now, I thought I would tease you with a few of the pictures from the fun. There is some really messy ones in here 😉

I plan to do another Bukkake next month, so let me know if you’d like to take part. Hopefully, I won’t have as many chickens and time-wasters the next time, and the guys who do want to come actually have the balls to show up and take part!

Happy Valentine Day

I wish you all a great and happy Valentine Day. I hope you get more sex than you can handle!

I have a fun video I did a while back for Valentine that I thought I would share with you. It’s just me, dreaming about what I want for Valentine Day. Does it come true?? Or was it just a dream?!

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Point Of View Fucking

So today, I was supposed to have a guy by the name of Ivan come over and play, but he had to cancel due to a tooth infection. Since he canceled, Danny decided to take off for the day and catch up on a bunch of stuff. I was quite horny, since I was expecting a good fuck, and then Johnny Pearl called! He actually called to talk to Danny, who wasn’t home, and I ended up asking Johnny if he would come over for some fun. He was here in no time!

I mentioned that it was too bad Danny wasn’t at home to film us, and Johnny got the idea of just grabbing the camera and doing a POV shoot! I showed him how to use the camera, and that was it…we went at it. We didn’t bother with lighting or anything like that, as that’s Danny’s job, but I think everything came out quite good! There was some good oral sex and lots of bareback fucking in a few different positions. I told him I wanted him to give me a nice juicy facial, but when he was about to CUM, he was holding the camera in one hand and that slowed him down! His first squirt was right in my pussy, followed by a couple of squirts up my body, until his last few squirts got me in the mouth and right up my nose! Really! (at least he didn’t get my hair). You see that all quite clearly in the video.

We finished up and Johnny hung around for a while. He left and 15 minutes later, Danny came home. I didn’t tell him what we did, but just gave him the video camera and said I did a little thing for him and could he edit it 😉

He hooked the camera to his video editing computer and grabbed the video. I left the room for a while, and when I came back, his cock was in his hand, stroking to me and Johnny fucking! I got on my knees and sucked his cock while he watched the video until he came in my mouth.

Danny decided not to edit the video at all, but to leave it as it was from start to finish. So because of that, there are a few seconds here and there where we lost focus when we changed positions, and the bit where I was sitting on Johnny’s face and holding the camera, isn’t the best. But since it is real POV, we just left it all in.

I will have the video up on my site shortly. It’s almost 18 minutes long and really a lot of fun. I attached some pictures that were captured from the video below.