Carol Fucks An Asian-Canadian Guy

This past Wednesday I had a new fan comes over to my place to shoot a video with me. he happened to be Asian-Canadian, which is something I probably never would mention. However, I have received lots of messages from guys asking why I never shoot with Asian guys! I have shot with a large number of Asian men, from all over Asia and South-East Asia. Since I don’t show their faces, it just isn’t obvious that they are Asian.

Anyway, this is Chris, an Asian-Canadian guy from Quebec. We had some fun and then he came, in his condom while inside of me. Yes, he wanted to use a condom and I am fine with that. My husband did have him pour his CUM out down my ass crack 😉 Messy!

Friday Night Fan Fuck

Friday night turned out to be a lot of fun! It’ always when you never expect anything that things happen 😉

We went over to La Kachette to meet up with friends and have a few drinks as we usually do on Fridays. It was really quiet due to the “Construction Holidays” here in Quebec where half the city takes 2 weeks off. Many of our friends are away, so there was just a small group of us there. being a warm summer evening, I was just wearing a little black skirt and top, and of course, with nothing at all underneath. Later in the evening, and after a few drinks, I was “accidentally” flashing the various bar patrons around. It’s more fun to make it seem like an accident where people think you don’t know you are “showing”. After a while that went out the window with my various friends playing with me, and one of my girlfriends actually getting her toe into my pussy…right at the bar!

A new guy came out to met me. His bane is Peter and he just found my website a few weeks ago. he decided to take the chance and come over to meet me. he ended up meeting everyone and chatting with me and all my girlfriends. He even played with my pussy for a while, getting his finger deep inside of me and getting me really wet. Since there were not too many people around, and we had no plans to party after the bar, Peter ended up taking off at around 11:00. There were only a few of us left and I had told him we were planning on leaving at the end of the band’s first set, which we were.

At this point, there was only me and my husband Danny, and two friends, Brad and Denis. their wives were in Jamaica together having there own party. We were planning on leaving when another guy came over and introduced himself. He was a really cute Asian guy named Chris who also just recently found my website and took the chance of dropping by to meet me. we hit it right off, and just stayed at the bar for quite a while longer than planned. we talked about all sorts of things, and of course a lot of it was sexual. he told me he had never been with a white girl before and that all his partners have always been Asian. I told him I would love to be his first! 😉

I also had fun flashing him and other people who were walking by, and I did (once again) become the talk of the bar. I think the singer of the band thought we were together! A middle aged white woman and a young Asian guy. Don’t see that one too often 😉

Danny could tell I was into him and asked me if I planned on bringing him home. Chris told me he was interested in trying a threesome, so I told Danny that and then told Chris he was welcome to come home with us to play, if he was interested. he quickly and immediately agreed. We left the bar and he followed us back to our place. as soon as we got in, I dragged him upstairs to my bedroom. Danny left us alone to get started, and Chris quickly got started. he went right for my pussy and gave me an amazing licking. I quickly get really wet, and that set him off. he started fingering my pussy deep and hard and in no time at all, I was squirting everywhere! By the time Danny walked into the room 10 minutes later, the bed beneath me was just soaked. It looked like someone had poured a glass of water on it. Danny just lay next to us nd watched the CUM fly!

I needed a little break, and to finally pull my skirt and top off, and then I went down on Chris while Danny went at my ass and pussy. Danny then fucked me doggy-style while I sucked Chris. After a while, we moved around and I quickly climbed on top of Chris, pushing his cock into my pussy. We only fucked for about a minute and I felt him going soft. Danny thought that him being in the room may be making Chris nervous, so he left us alone for a bit. Chris went back to my pussy in a 69 position and once again had me squirting in no time. this time we were on Danny’s side of the bed, and I made an even bigger mes. The wet spot was easily 2 feet in diameter! I didn’t know I had that much in me! I came constantly for almost 15 minutes. Danny finally came back in and joined us.

This time, Chris tried to fuck me in a missionary position. He got inside me and did fuck me for a bit, but once again lost his erection. Most guys don’t realize how unnerving having another guy there can be, especially if it’s the husband of the woman you are fucking! Add to that fucking me, and many guys just get too nervous to finish.

Danny pulled me on top of him, and we fucked while Chris watched from behind and played with himself. he did want to try a Double-Penetration, and I was more than ready, but it just didn’t happen. I told him not to worry about it and that it really was quite common for a guy to lose it his first time with a couple. We made plans to fuck again, and he went on his way…at 5:00 in the morning. Danny and I finished fucking…my pusy, then my ass, then my mouth, where he came! we then slept right though to 11:00 in the morning 🙂

Below are a few pictures tht got snapped on Friday night. Nothing too exciting: