Getting Comfortable While Giving A Blow-Job

I am getting older and enjoy more comfortable sex. Same guy as in the previous photo, but this was after we fucked and he was about to CUM in my mouth 🙂

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His Face Shows His Enjoyment

This was a fan who drove 6 hours to fuck me. I started him out like this, and as you can see, he really enjoyed it 😉

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About To Go For A Ride

This was snapped just as I was getting ready to mount this cock! The guy is a new one who lives fairly close, so I decided to give him the opportunity to fuck me, which he took.

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He Just Finished In My Mouth

This guy was just laying back, all relaxed, while I worked on his cock. He came in my mouth and I did swallow most, but let a little run back out again for this picture 🙂

The guy was a fairly recent fan who I met right here on my Blog 🙂

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Hot Lesbian 69 With The Tasty Emmanuelle – The Video

Emmanuelle is an old girlfriend of mine who I just love being with. I talked her into coming in and doing a live webcam show with me, and it was amazing (for us, at least). Emmanuelle is a “squirter” and she just gushes when she CUMs. My favourite thing to do with her is to get into a 69, with Emmanuelle on top, and lick each others pussies. I love when she CUMs and gushes in my mouth. I don’t waste a drop.

This was one of my silly live shows, that usually happen when I am playing with friends. We giggle and fool around, and have a great time. The video is just a teaser one, the full-length version is available to my members 🙂

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Fellatio Friday – Sucking A New On-Line Fan

It’s Fellatio Friday so it’s time to orally take care of a new fan 🙂

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Glory Hole Return – The Video!

I went back to the Glory Hole to see what I would find. Seconds after getting into the booth, I could see movement on the other side of the hole, and the next thing, a nice cock came through!

The full video for this is much more action packed, and much longer. This is just the teaser for you all. I get his cock in my mouth, and begin sucking him. It olny took 18 seconds for him to CUM the first time! That is from the second I put my mouth on his cock, to when he came. 18 seconds. I suck him clean, and kept sucking him as he did remain quite hard.

I slipped him a condom through the Glory Hole and told him to put it on. He did and stuck his cock through the hole again. By this time I was naked and I backed up onto his cock, guiding it inside of me. We fucked for quite a while and he finished off during another blow-job.

Enjoy, and remember the full HQ version is available in my member’s area.

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Getting Ready For A Nice Young Cock

I’m just about to suck a really nice 18 year old cock. This young guy had waited 2 years to meet me for this as I told him to get hold of me when he turned 18 and was “legal”. It was supposed to just be a Blow-Job Video, but I could not help but fuck him to! He finished in my mouth 😉

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A Funny Failed Video Shoot

A very long time fan was curious about doing some Piss Play, so I invited him over to try it out. Of course it was going to be on video so I could share with all of you 🙂

The plan was for him to Piss all over me, from mouth to pussy, and then for me to suck his cock until he CUMs. Something quite fun and straight-forward for any cameraman. Except for my idiot husband who turned off the recording, by accident, just as we started with the Pissing! Once we were done, he realized that he hadn’t been recording and you can see our reactions on the video 😉

I did suck the guy’s cock, but the camera mishap shook him up a bit and he couldn’t CUM at that time. But while it was all a total fail, mainly because of my husband, it still is a hot video as you can see below.

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Riding his face, hard!

One of my on-line fans came over to taste my pussy. I ground it in his face! 🙂

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