Gang Bang Meeting Tonight!

We’ll be leaving for Ottawa in less than an hour. The Ottawa Gang bang Meeting starts at 7:00, but we won’t be there until about 7:30. It’s taking place at Monkey Joe’s at 1265 Carling Ave. in Ottawa. (Google Map Link = Most people will be there by 7:00, and if you are joining us, just ask for the “Choristers Group” (Choir Group will do). That was just an inside joke name.

This is just a get-together to meet up and show that you are real and serious about taking part in future Gang-Bangs in the Ottawa area. We have one planned for September 8th with me and a couple of other women that will take place in Casselman (Google it, don’t ask me where it is!) The ONLY way to take part is to personally know or have met another member of the Group, which is why we hold these public get-togethers. I already have had about 20 guys ask if they can come to the Gang-Bang but don’t want to meet anyone first! Sorry, I didn’t make the rules…we all did!

We hope to really build up a good membership so we have lots of people who can play safely together without worrying about the usual no-shows. We are getting quite a few hot women joining, so there will probably be lots of Gang-Bangs coming up. I’ll be involved in some, but not all. There will be standard Gang-Bangs, Sex Parties, Bukkakes, and even some Bareback Creampie Gang-Bangs. Whatever someone wants to do or try can be brought up.

So if you are joining us this evening, I will see you later! :)

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Busy Times

My father-in-law is back home and recovering. We were told he was to come home today (Tuesday), but we got a call on Saturday morning to come pick him up! It was unexpected, but we went to Montreal to get him and bring him back home. We have been busy caring for him since then.I am hoping he gets better faster as this is tiring me out!

We had a couple of guys over on Friday night for drinks and some fun, and I had lots of great fun! Loads of fucking, anal, and even a great Double-Penetration. I even got to enjoy some messy Watersports! We played for close to 4 hours, with breaks of course, and one guy came 4 times (twice in my ass, twice in my mouth)! That’ll probably be the last fun I have until my Gang-Bang on September 8th.

Speaking of that Gang-Bang on the 8th, everyone is welcome to join in and do whatever you want to me and with me. There is a catch though, you have to attend the Ottawa Gang Bang Meeting on the 23rd first! ;)

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Ottawa Gang Bang Meeting – Aug. 23rd

The next meeting for joining the Ottawa Gang Bang Group will take place Thursday, August 23rd at Monkey Joe’s Bar & Grill at 1265 Carling Avenue in Ottawa. That’s at the Westgate Mall at Carling and Merivale. Everyone will be meeting up at 7:00PM and the event is being hosted by “Lyx2watch”.

Our rules for being part of the Ottawa Gang Bang Group, which is a group that holds actual Gang-Bangs and Sex Parties, is you MUST first know or meet an existing member in person. We set up these semi-regular get-togethers to give people a chance to come out and meet some of the existing group. So if you would like to get involved, you must take part in one of these public get-togethers.

We do this because the common complaint amongst the women of the group is that most guys are just flaky and never show up! In truth, the majority of men who say they will attend a Gang-Bang just don’t show up. It gets frustrating for us women, so in this way, we know the people are real.

If you would like to join the Group, and are planning on attending, please post here so we know how many people will be there, and who you are. We are a “One Strike” group so if you say you will be at a party or event, even this, and you don’t show up without proper notice, then you are OUT! We’ve had enough of the flakes, especially the ones with the after-the-fact ridiculous excuses!

That’s it, and to put it very bluntly, if you want to fuck me or any of the other women in or Group, then you must meet us first. Let us know if you would like to attend.

Carol xoxoxo

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Just Some Updates

My father-in-law had his Heart Valve Transplant Surgery on Friday…finally! Once again, he was bumped but now it is done. He is doing well and in the step-down ward at the hospital. He should be in a normal room later today. It’ll be about a week before we can bring him home. The travel is such a pain in the butt! It’s 2 hours each way for us, and we have been driving back and forth every day. I just haven’t been able to do much at all because of it, and usually have to rush just to get through my customer service work for the websites. But it will soon all be over and things can go back to normal.

I did manage to have some fun this past weekend! I got to fuck 5 different guys! Well, 6 guys if you include my husband. On the way to the hospital Friday morning, we dropped my son off at his friend’s place in Montreal for the weekend. So we had the house all to ourselves! I was able to do something I haven’t been able to do in quite a while, invite a hot young guy over on a Friday night! There is a cute young guy I met on my website. I haven’t met him in person, but we have been messaging for close to a year and I have sen all sorts of pictures of him as well as some videos he did just fun me. He is 21 years old with a great cock and a really big load. He has done a few Tribute videos for me, where he jerked off and came on my picture, so I have seen him shoot. He also did a fun one where he peed all over a picture of my face ;)

We got home from Montreal at 5:30 on Friday (left the hospital at 3:00, the traffic was crazy!) and I saw he had sent me an e-mail. Long story short, I invited him over. He had a friend with him and asked if he could come to, and I said sure! They showed up at around 9:00 and his friend was even cuter! (oops, sorry if you are reading this) After having a drink, we all ended up naked in the living room. I decided I wanted some bareback fun, so I excused myself and put in a contraceptive sponge.

We spent the next couple of hours just having hard sex with lots of fucking. My husband started on my ass, and that got the other two VERY interested. They took turns fucking my ass, but not for long, as they both came rather quick! After a break, I fucked both guys and this time they both came in my pussy. We did try a DP, but just couldn’t get it worked out! Cocks kept popping out, so we just gave up. My husband came last, in my mouth. It was a fun night that I really needed.

On Saturday I had a mini-Gang-Bang! We invited over some friends from Montreal that I have been with quite a bit over the years. These are all guys in their 40’s who know me well and know what I like. There were three of them and we all had fun on my bed. This time I did get my Double-Penetration…twice! I also didn’t get to taste a drop of CUM as all I received were creampies! Both pussy and anal ones! It was really messy on my sheets ;)


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Off To Montreal Soon

We are just waiting on the call from the hospital then it is off to Montreal to take my father-in-law in for his Heart Valve Transplant Surgery. He goes into surgery first thing tomorrow morning but has to go in later today for all the prep. He’ll be in the hospital anywhere from one to two weeks. We will be traveling back and forth quite a bit during that time.

I did manage to squeeze in some fun on Tuesday. An old friend of ours from out West was in Cornwall for a few nights on business. He invited us out for dinner but I had decline that. We were able to meet him after dinner at his hotel and had a little fun. The last time I fucked him was back in 1999 in Montreal! It has been quite a while. Luckily, he still has his big thick cock and monster load! ;)

We just ended up on the bed in a fun MFM threesome, with me sucking and fucking him and my husband. Our friend came in my pusy first while we were fucking in a missionary position, and then my husband jumped in and slid his cock into my CUM filled pussy. he loves that feeling and came quite quickly. After a short break and a drink, I fucked my friend again, and he came inside me while I was riding him. We only stayed about an hour, and then headed for home.

Ottawa Gang-Bang Group Update

As I mentioned in a previous post, a bunch of us are starting an Ottawa Gang Bang Group. We had our first meeting and plan to get the fun started very soon. Because my father-in-law is undergoing his operation and needs time to recover at home, we won’t have the first Gang-Bang until early September, or at least I won’t. My girlfriend TillyOh is trying to get one happening for herself with the Group very soon. Once we get started, we hope to have something going on every few weeks and hope to build up the “stables” of men and willing women. But we are being very careful with our selection of people who can join us. We will only allow in people that have met one of the existing members in person and is vouched for. That is because we women have learned we just can’t trust men we don’t know to show up! So this way, there will be a small personal connection which will better the chance of someone actually attending. We’ll also be doing the “one strike” rule! In other words, if you say you will be there and don’t attend without notifying anyone…YOU ARE OUT! ;)

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It Was A Great Weekend

I had a really good weekend with lots of fun sex. A girl couldn’t ask for more ;)

On Friday, we went to Montreal for a friend’s house party. As usual, things got quite wild, and there was lots of sex going on everywhere. Most of the people there were long time friends, a few of which I haven’t seen since before I moved away last year! My evening got started with one of my old girlfriends who whispered in my ear that she had to go pee! She took my hand, and I followed her to the bathroom. I introduced her to Pee Play almost 10 years ago, and she just loves when I lick her pussy while she is peeing. She sat on the toilet, and I got on my knees in front of her with my face right down between her legs. I can’t really get my tongue into her pussy that way, but I can lick her clit and lips. I licked and nibbled her clit for a few minutes, and then she let the stream go. I know this isn’t for everyone, but My God, does it get me off! I had one hand between my legs masturbating like crazy while her stream of Pee ran off my tongue and in my mouth. When she was done, I licked her clean, and then she returned the favour, licking me while I peed. Unfortunately, I didn’t have to go that much, so I could only manage a little trickle. ;)

After we cleaned up, we went back down to the party. I soon found myself on the bed with another girlfriend and three guys. All were old friends and Fuck Buddies. Everyone fucked everyone and she and I snowballed two big loads of CUM. The third load was left in my pussy ;)

I cleaned up again and went back to the party. My girlfriend, who was hosting the party, has a couple of really hot young guys as neighbours. I’ve seen them before and joked with her about doing them. Well, she told them and set me up! I ended up in another bedroom with one of the guys, had a quick suck and fuck, and then he asked where he could CUM. I told him either in my mouth or in my ass! He picked my ass. I was on my hands and knees and helped guide his cock into my ass. he then took his time and slowly fucked me. As he was doing that, the other guy came into the room, saw us, dropped his clothes and jumped on the bed. He had his cock in my mouth in no time. Within a couple of minutes, the guy in my ass came deep in my ass! he let out a huge moan and I could feel his cock pulsing inside me. As soon as he pulled out, the guy who I was sucking said “I want some of that”, and moved around behind me in seconds. He slid his cock into me and fucked me fast and hard for only a couple of minutes before he to came deep in my ass.

That was it for sex for the night. It was close to 1:00 in the morning and we had to get home! It is an hour drive. We had guys coming first thing Saturday morning to finish doing our new front walkway at the house, and we needed some sleep. We got home just before 2:00 and just passed right out. But, when I got undressed, I had a huge CUM stain on the inside back of my dress! The CUM from the guys had leaked out of my ass on the way home, and I never even noticed! ;)

Saturday was an interesting one. We got invited out to a big party in the country just north of Cornwall. It wasn’t a Swinger or Sex Party of any type, just a big bunch of people drinking around a huge bonfire. There was probably 50 people there. It was fun, with the only light coming from the fire, and a big radio cranked up for the music. I was drinking some sweet liqueur that was really good (I wish I could remember what it was!) and in short time, I had a pretty good buzz on. By this time, I had met and was talking to this guy. because of my feeling so good, I was really touchy feely, and at one point had my arm around him with my hand on his butt. I started squeezing it, and he quickly did the same to me. I was wearing a short black skirt and he worked it up with his hand and started rubbing my bare ass. He also commented on the fact I wasn’t wearing panties ;)

We slowly moved away from the light of the far, into the background, and I ended up slipping my other hand up the legs of his shorts and playing with his cock. He went for my pussy and started fingering me deeply. I pulled his cock out from the bottom of his shorts and was stroking him. So, here we were, about 15 feet from everyone else, petting like we were 14 years old! I was turned in towards him to block the view from the fire so no one could see what we were doing to each other. In just a couple of minutes, the guy lets out a huge groan, shudders, and CUMs…all over the front of my black skirt!! And also in my hand. I don’t think this guy has CUM in a year as his load was huge! I even gave the guy shit! Not because he came on me, but because I was about to suck his cock. he wasted his CUM!

I actually wouldn’t have even noticed the CUM on my skirt, but just as he was cumming, my husband walked over. I had showed him the big load of CUM in my hand, and that’s when he looked down, smiled, and said that wasn’t the only place. I mentioned to my husband and the guy that I had all this CUM on my hand and my skirt, and had nothing to clean up with. My husband just looked at me and said I may as well just lick myself clean. So I did. I licked and sucked all the CUM off my right hand, then using my finger, scooped up the CUM on my skirt, licking my fingers clean. Anyone looking would think I had spilled chocolate on myself or something ;)

We ended up leaving at 2:00 in the morning, and when we got home, we fucked hard for almost a solid hour. It was great.

Today, I just laid out naked on my back deck and did nothing!

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Great Gang-Bang Meeting Last Night

Last night we drove up to Ottawa for the first meeting of a new Gang-Bang Group a bunch of us are putting together in Ottawa. It was started because a bunch of us women were all getting sick and tired of the pussy men who always no-show! A few of us girls even spent some time last night sharing our “No Show” stories, and they were all so similar! It’s the same old story, invite 10 guys who all swear they wil come, and maybe one shows up! Well, we are all so tired of that so the idea of a Gang-Bang Group was put together.

We had 13 people for the first meeting, 3 women and 10 men. I had a few other girlfriends that wanted to attend, but they were all stuck working so couldn’t make it. But the people that did show were all great and all into this.

The plan is to set up a Group of people that have all shown they are serious about taking part in Gang-Bangs and Group Sex parties. The only way anyone can join the group is to be personally referred by a Member of the Group, and they have to have met the person…in person! What that means is that you are NOT allowed to write me and ask if you can take part. Before that happens, you would have to meet me in person so I can verify you are “real” and not just another guy masturbating to “Hot Chat”! ;)

Anyway, we had fun meeting new people last night along with a couple of hot women.

Tonight we are heading back to Montreal for a wild house party at a friend’s place. It will get crazy!

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Gang-Bang Meeting in Ottawa – July 26th

Over on the website, there is a group called the “Ottawa Gang-Bang Group”. A bunch of us are trying to set up a meeting at a downtown bar on Thursday, July 26th at 8:00PM for people interested in being part of a new Gang-Bang group. It’s open to everyone, and there will be couples, women, and of course, men there.

It is being done as many of the women have had really bad luck in setting up Gang-Bangs for themselves. We have ALL had the problem of having a bunch of men saying they will attend, and after we spend the time doing everything with planning and getting ready, no one shows up! This has happened to me, and to every other women I know. It gets frustrating and is such a waste of time.

This is just a get-together to so who is actually “real” and truly serious about taking part in future Gang-Bangs.

You can get more information about it, and get an invite, over on (it is a free community website, but you do need to join to see the Group and the post). Once you have joined, you can join the Group at and see the actual post at

Hope to see the local Ottawa area people there. We all would like a lot of people to show up.

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A No Sex Weekend

I went the entire weekend without any sex! Okay, no sex other than with my husband ;)

We had a house party at our place on Friday night that was a lot of fun. We all hung out on the dek, drank lots, and my husband made a bunch of great food. We got a big bonfire going (don’t tell anyone as we have a fire ban in the area right now) and even set off a bunch of fireworks! It’s nice when you have a good sized property in the country and can get away with all that ;)

But it was just a get-together of a bunch of local friends that we hung out with on Friday nights at the bar. So, no playing.

On Saturday, we were planning to go up to Ottawa for a big House Sex Party, but we never made it. The party wasn’t starting until quite late, and was going to be an all night thing. So first we went out for dinner, then came home to get ready. Instead, we were both a bit tired, so ended up just staying home and watching a movie. Around 1:00 in the morning, we went to bed, had sex, and then went to sleep. Yep, we are an old married couple ;)

I was planning on laying out back in the nude today and enjoying the sun. But after about 5 minutes, it was enough. It was just way too hot and humid! I’ll be doing that later on this week when it cools down a bit.

So there you go, even I have weekends with no sex!


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Sex and Work

I was going to write about my “affair” when I got home on Tuesday afternoon, and then again yesterday, but it was such a nice day, I ended up working outside. I had some gardening to do, and we finally got around to cleaning up the over-poured cement and all the rocks from under our new deck. That took hours! We are getting it all nice and level, then putting rock-dust and white gravel underneath. The prep work is done, so now I have time to sit down and do a few things.

I went for my laser appointment on Tuesday, then my husband dropped me off at the guy I am having an affair with (I love that word). I spent almost 2 hours with him before my husband was done with his running around and picked me up. When I got there, he had just made a pot of coffee, so we sat in the kitchen for about half an hour and just chatted. He then grabbed the empty cups and went to put them in the sink. I followed him over, and when he turn around, I pulled down his shorts (loose, baggy ones), dropped to my knees, and sucked his cock and balls. I just did him softly and lightly, and it went on for about 10 minutes before I picked up a bit of speed. All of a sudden he tried to push me away saying I had to stop or he was going to CUM! So I grabbed him tightly, fighting against his push, and he then realized he had no choice but to CUM! He squirted a nice big tasty load into y mouth as I sucked and swallowed, and he just happens to be one of those guys that gets super-sensitive when he CUMs (which I love) so I tortured him by refusing to let go off his cock! I love making guys jump and squirm ;)

We then moved to the bedroom wher we both got naked and got onto the bed. We just lightly kissed and rubbed one another until he was ready once again. He went down on me and licked and fingered my pussy for quite a while. We then moved into a 69 with me on top. I then slipped a condom on him and we fucked in a few different positions for about half an hour. I was even starting to get a bit tired, but luckily, he was close to cumming again. We went back into a 69, and I sucked his cock as he licked my pussy. When he let go and came in my mouth gain, he also grabbed my hips and pulled my pussy down hard on his face. I actually squirted a bit in his mouth!

We cleaned up and went back to the kitchen, and had another coffee. We just chatted again until my husband got there to bring me home. It was a fun and quite relaxing time. I was still horny on the way home, so I ended up sucking my husband’s cock while we were driving. We were in my Jeep with a somewhat high center console, so I had to kneel up on my seat to get over that. I was wearing just a sundress with nothing underneath, and my husband pulled it up so my ass was in full view of anyone driving next to us. A few truckers and drivers in higher vehicles got a good look ;)

When we got home, we had a quick hard fuck. Then again about 8:00 at night. Then again at bedtime! I am really getting hornier in my “advancing age” ;)

Today, I am just catching up on a bunch of work on-line. I was hoping to get about an hour or so of sun this afternoon, but it got cloudy! I hope it clears as I really ant to lie outside naked for a while.

Tomorrow, we are inviting everyone over to our place for drinks and snacks out on the deck. Since our bar closed down, we thought it would be fun to invite the regulars over. This is just a neighbourhood get-together and not a sexual party by any means. I will have some of my “Swinger” friends and BoyToys over, but I am not planning on playing.

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