A Very Boring Week

I’d love to tell you guys all about the exciting sex filled week I am having, but I can’t :( It’s just been a week of doing nothing but work on our various websites. Very tedious!

I did have a bit of fun on Saturday night though. A guy contacted me last Thursday on my XRV.com website about getting together. He is 32 and really cute and lives about 20 minutes away. One of his fantasies was having a MFM threesome and trying to do a DP with his cock in the girl’s ass. Since we had no plans, we ended up back at his place.

Danny and I first went for dinner, at the new Denny’s down the road (Yes, Denny’s!)! After that, we headed over to a bar and met him for a drink. We only spent about 30 minutes there before heading back to his place. We quickly ended up in his bed and had a great time. The sex was all quite relaxed and nothing was rushed. I fucked both him and my husband, mixed in with lots of oral. I first made him CUM in my mouth, and then after a little break, I had anal sex with both guys, went into the DP, and in just a few minutes, he came deep in my ass. A minute later, my husband squirted in my pussy :)

It wasn’t a late night at all, and we got back home around 10:30. The new guy was a great fuck and I intend on “using” him again. I invited him out to the bar this Friday with the promise of fucking him in his truck! ;)

But…that was it for any sexual fun since then, even with my husband! We just have been working non-stop and haven’t even felt like fucking! It doesn’t look any better for tomorrow either.


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It was supposed to be a party…

Last Saturday evening, we were invited to a Swinger house party up near Ottawa. At the same time, I had a few young guys that wanted me to head to their place in Cornwall for a small Gang-Bang. There was 4 of them and they were all in their early 20′s. We decided on the Swing Party.

We got up to the part about 9:00 and, I am sorry to say, walked into a horror show! Someone has to explain to me why very over weight people try and wear skimpy and “sexy” things that just don’t work! There were a couple of guys in their late 40s, both about 100 pounds overweight, wearing thongs! It just wasn’t a pretty thing to look at. The same for some of the women, very overweight, and wearing things they just should not have been wearing! I really don’t want to sound like some sort of Swinging Snob (although I admit, I probably do), but even I wouldn’t wear what some of them were wearing! I do have playfriends that are overweight, and that really doesn’t bother me. But at least they dress sexy for their size!

Needless to say, I did not play much and kept excusing myself. There was a single guy there, in his mid 40s, that I did end up hooking up with. But we sneaked off to the basement bathroom so we would be left alone. We had a fun quickie suck and fuck, and he was tall enough where I could sit up on the counter while he got between my legs and fucked me. he had a really nice thick cock, just over 7 inches long, so the perfect size for me. When he was about to CUM, I jumped down off the counter, dropped to my knees, and finished him off in my mouth. He tasted so good.

That was it for any sex for me that night! When I went back upstairs, my husband was on the couch with a very round older woman sucking his cock! I could tell he was struggling keeping an erection, so I went over and started kissing and rubbing him while she sucked his cock. he finally was able to CUM in her mouth and she slurped it all down. That was it for us and we had to excuse ourselves and head for him. It wasn’t even 11:00 yet!

I should have gone and partied with the young guys in Cornwall!

That was it for fun this past week for me. I was helping my husband with the reprogramming and redesign of the Sex Community site we are building at http://www.xrv.com. It is a site we actually started building over a year ago, but had to put on hold due to our move and everything else that was going on. Now we are able to get back to it. It’s a site for people who are into Booty Calls and various types of anonymous sex and Public Sex. We will have listings for all the Glory Holes, Adult Theaters, Sex Clubs, places for Dogging and Cruising (outdoor sex), and much more more. Basically, if there is a place in North America (for now, we’ll add more countries later) where you can have sex, we will list it. And every location will have it’s own special page for pictures, discussions, hook-ups, etc. We are also using Google Maps to list each and every location to make it easy to find. Check it out! :)


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Great Fan Video From A Hot Couple

A local couple sent me this video of him fucking her Doggy-Style, cumming deep in her pussy, and when he pulls out, they had a surprise for me! I won’t give it aay, you’ll just have to watch and see ;)

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Play Updates

Wednesday night, my Pee Buddy came over. It was quite late when he got here, close to 11:00 and my husband had just gone to bed. He had to be up very early the next morning to go in for blood tests for his yearly physical, and as a favour to me, he went and slept in the guest room leaving the main bedroom free for me :)

I have played with this guy a couple of times before, and we did pee on each other once before. He had a “problem” back then, being a bit Pee Shy, and wanted to make up for that this time. It was supposed to be me peeing on his face first, and then him on me, but when he showed up he was desparate to pee! He had been holding it in for so long that he was about to burst. So we quickly went into my bathroom, got undressed, and I got on my knees in my shower. As soon as he stepped in he just let go. He really had to go too as he peed for over a minute! ll over my body, my face, and right into my open mouth. I even held some in my mouth and when I stood and kissed him, gave him a little of his own pee ;)

It was now my turn. I laid a bunch of twoels on the bathroom floor and had him lie on his back. I squatted over his face with my pussy right against his open mouth and then let it flow. I filled his mouth and he swallowed as much as he could. But a lot of it ran out all over his face and into his hair. I bent down and we enjoyed a 69 for a while, right there in the pee, with him licking my pussy while I sucked his cock. I spun around and sat on his cock and rode him for a few minutes before moving to the bed.

We then spent a fun while doing lots of oral sex on one another before fucking in a bunch of different positions. I finished him off in my mouth, and swallowed every drop of his tasty CUM. He had to pee again, and this time I was able to hold his cock in my mouth while he peed. We then took a quick shower together, and headed for home, and I headed for bed.

Yesterday I had my two “Gay” friends drop over just after noon. My husband had run into Montreal to bring my father-in-law some stuff he needed in the hospital, so I was alone. The guys knew I wanted to watch them for a while, so they started things off kissing and sucking each other while I lay on the bed next to them, playing with myself. I finally joined in for some shared oral and we all licked and sucked one another. I fucked both guys, just moving back and forth between them which was fun. Then I helped the guys fick! I got the one guy’s ass ready with my tongue and fingers, and the other guy’s cock wet with my mouth, and helped guide the cock into the as! As they fucked, I reached under and played with their balls. I love watching men fuck.

We even tried and anal train! The one guy got his cock into my ass, doggy-style, and the other guy got his cock into the first guy’s ass. We managed to last almost a full 30 seconds before everything fell right apart ;) We finished with me snowballing CUM with both guys! That was so hot!

The guy who was supposed to come over last night had to cancel on me, which was upsetting. I was really really looking forward to having some fun with him. I was also supposed to have my old boyfriend over this morning, but I had to cancel on him! They are letting my father-in-law out early…today! So we have to head out to Montreal in a couple of hours to pick him up. There goes the Sex Party at my house tomorrow night! :(

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My Young Man Just Left

My new young guy just left about 20 minutes ago, and I don’t think things went as he hoped they would. First off, he was really nervous at first, especially when he found out my husband was home and was downstairs working on the computers! He kept asking if it was all okay and was worried my husband would be upset at him. he was also worried my husband was going to walk in and “catch us”! I kept having to reassure him that Danny stays out of the way when I invite guys over to play.

I took him into the bedroom, and after a good 10 minutes of reassuring him that he wouldn’t even see my husband, I finally just pushed him back on the bed, and pulled off his pants! I crawled between his legs and took his cock in my mouth, which was still soft as he was just so nervous, and began lightly sucking him. He started slowly stiffening and when I moved down to lick his balls, he got rock hard. He mentioned that he had never had his balls licked and sucked before, and loved it.

After about 10 minutes of working on his cock and balls, I had him roll over onto his stomach. I started lightly licking and kissing his butt cheeks, slowly moving close and closer to his ass. He started moaning and dry humping my bed! I thought he was going to CUM! I teased him for a few minutes before moving right in and very lightly, with just the tip of my tongue, licking his asshole. All he said was “Oh My God!” and moaned even louder. I spent a while down there, using lots of spit and getting my tongue as deep as I could in his ass. I then wet a finger, and tried to slowly slip it in, but only got the tip in! He was just so tight! I grabbed some lube, used a fair amount, and it still took me a good 5 minutes to work it all the way in to the point where I could feel his prostate. I knew I would not be using my strap-on on him as he was just too tight and nowhere near relaxed enough. He did understand and we’ll try that another time.

I finally got undressed and he went down on me. he did an excellent job of licking and fingering my pussy, and had me cumming over and over again. he then had me flip over and started licking my ass. He worked two fingers in and finger fucked me while he licked me. It did feel good.

Now I wanted to fuck! And that is where more problems started. I won’t go into it, play by play, but let’s just say that after 45 minutes and 5 condoms, he kept loosing his erection! I would suck him, get him rock hard, slip the condom on him, then as I tried to get his cock into my pussy, he would go soft. he was embarrassed about it and kept apologizing. He just said he was still so nervous about fucking me, he was just losing it. I told him not to worry about it. I then lubed his ass up again, and worked my middle finger in as deep as it would go. I gave him a nice wet blow-job while I rubbed his prostate. After a very short while, he started moving and saying things like “Oh My God”, “Oh Fuck”, “Oh Shit” and other similar expletives ;)

He was shaking and started actually bucking! It was hard to hang out and still suck his cock. Finally he let out a loud moan, almost a yell, and came. I was expecting a good sized load based on how he was reacting, but he surprised the hell out of me. The first spurt was one of the strongest I ever felt, and it was huge. I had a hard time swallowing it. And he kept it up! I counted 7 hard spurts of CUM. It was Spurt, Swallow, Spurt, Swallow, etc., 7 times. He was easily up there in size of loads.

He told me that it was the most intense orgasm he has ever had, and didn’t think it was possible for something to feel so good. We talked for a few minutes, laying next to one another, as I lightly stroked his cock. He quickly got hard again, and this time we did a 69 with me on top. He fingered my ass while he licked me and I fingered his ass again as I sucked him. It took him about 5 minutes before he came again. Not as intense this time, but it was still a bigger load than the average guy!

I told him that I’ll fuck him bareback next time and he can CUM inside of me :)

Now it’s off for another shower and get ready for “Round 2″ with the other guy later tonight!

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A Fun Few Days Ahead

I was back in Montreal earler today for two reasons. I had a Dentist appointments, and, we had to bring my father-in-law in for an operation! He’ll be gone until Sunday and I plan to use that time to have some fun!

I have a “backlog” of about 20 local guys that all want to fuck me, but it’s been hard to find the time to actually get together. The last while, I’ve only had my local young BoyToy because he is great for really short notice, which is all I usually have these days. But now I can actually plan! I went through my “list” and selected the guys who were into more than just straight fucking.

It started earlier this evening when Danny and I went over to a new couples place up in Alexandria (just up the road) for a coffee and a quickie! They are a couple in their early 40s who are fairly new to Swinging, but have played a fair bit in a short time. We spent about an hour just doing the basic sucking and fucking, which is really all I wanted. I finished him off in my mouth while she did the same to my husband. We will be back for more!

Tomorrow, I have two guys “scheduled”. One in the afternoon and the other later in the evening. The first guy wants me to use a strap-on on him, but since he has never done it before, I don’t know how far I’ll get. First-timers tend to have problems. He also has never had anal sex or came in a girl’s mouth, so I’ll be helping him with both of those. Oh, and he is only 18 ;)  The guy coming tomorrow night is into watersports and wants me to pee on his face to start things off. Then he wants to pee on me. After a quick shower, we’ll have some fucking fun.

On Thursday, I have three guys dropping by! Two are coming together in the early afternoon. The funny thing with them is that they live together as a couple and everyone assumes they are Gay. Well, they may be living as a Gay couple, but they are Bisexual and like playing with women together. So not only do I get to play with both of them, I get to watch them suck and fuck each other which really turns me on! That’ll be a fun afternoon. Then later that night, I have a guy I know pretty well but have never played with coming over. He’s in his late 40s and a really nice guy, and a few weeks ago he finally told me he really wanted to get together with me. So he was actually the first guy I invited over! He’s also guy to be the only guy that I will be fucking bareback as I told him that I wanted him to CUM inside of me the first time.

Then on Friday afternoon, an old boyfriend is coming out from Montreal for some late morning fun. We have seen him a few times since we have moved, but it’s been close to a year since I last fucked him! The first time I ever met him, and fucked him, was at a Gang-Bang another friend set up for me back in 1996. We really hit it off, started having regular sex, and then he became my actual boyfriend for close to a year. In that time, I think I had more sex with him than I did with my husband. He met another woman and we broke up. I didn’t see him for almost two years, but then we reconnected and stayed good friends and Fuck Buddies. So it’ll be great to play with him again on Friday.

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Fun St. Paddy’s Day

I’ll do a quick catch up again for all you guys. Friday was bar night and we had a fun time. No sex though as no one showed up for sex! Oh well, next time ;)

Saturday night found us back in Montreal at a friend’s place for a wild St. Patrick’s Day party. It was a “Sex Party” so the place was full of Swingers, both couples and singles. I knew about half the people, and the other half were a fun bunch. Everyone ended up naked after the first 30 minutes, and stayed that way all night. The hosts set their family room up as an Orgy Room with mattresses all over the floor, but all the rooms were in use too. There had to be 60 people there!

This time I actually kept count! I sucked 21 different guys, licked 8 different pussies, and fucked 12 different guys. I had my pussy creampied by 3 guys, my ass by 4 guys and I swallowed another 8 loads. I got to lick up a creampie from another woman, and had one licked from me. I also snowballed CUM twice, with 2 different women.

All in all, it was a wild night and a truly great party. I should mention that our hosts also supplied some amazing food and had a fully stocked bar. We left at 3:00 in the morning, and got home at 4:00…

…and I was up and feeling great by 9:00 on Sunday morning. The day turned out great, and I even had a chance to suntan naked on my deck! Imagine suntanning naked on March 18th in this area! That is unheard of!

Yesterday was spent catching up on neglected housework and laundry! :(

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At The Bar Tonight

I’ll be at my usual bar tonight, having drinks and having fun. I haven’t been in contact with anyone all week, so I have no idea if or who may be joining me this evening. But everyone is always welcome to join me. To see where I am, just look a few posts down. I’ll be there at 9:00 as I usually am.

Tomorrow night, we are supposed to go to a St. Patrick’s Day party at  friend’s place in Montreal. We are hoping to make it, or we’ll just be sitting at home alone, not having any fun :( ;)

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Fooling Around With A New Video Camera

Here is a never before seen video I just found! This was shot way back in 1998 when we got our brand new Canon XL-1 video camera. We decided to test it out and shot a bunch of silly stuff. Me playing with myself, me stripping and showing off, and me sucking, fucking and getting a Facial! This is just the teaser video and the full 14 minute video will be up in my members area shortly.

I came across close to 200 miniDV tapes from “back in the day” that have scenes that have never been seen! In fact, we forgot all about them long ago. I’m now slowly going through them and will put them up.

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A Broken Record

I am starting to sound like a broken record, and it must be pissing what followers I have left, off! Again, we had another very long and tedious week, and other than doing e-mails, messages, and customer support, I was barely on-line. We were back and forth to Montreal most of the week taking my father-in-law in for various appointments. The good news he goes in next Tuesday for his Prostate surgery, so at least that will be out of the way. We are just waiting on a date for his heart valve transplant surgery, and once that is done and he is recovered, I will have a lot more free time.

Okay, I’ll try a quick catch up….

Last Friday, we were at the bar and a big gang of Montreal area friends came out to join us. We ended up closing the place and I did drink a wee bit too much. So no sex for me that night, I just went home and passed out!

Saturday was better! We went out for dinner in Cornwall at our favourite little Thai place, then met up for drinks with a new couple we met on-line. We ended up back at their place, and had some great sex. They were both in their early 40s and experienced, so no teaching/learning curve! There was lots of mixed play, sucking and fucking, and her husband came twice in my mouth while my husband came twice in ehrs! It was a really fun evening.

Sunday was housework day! I had a lot to catch up on, so it took me most of the day. Monday and Tuesday found us in Montreal most of the day, doing nothing fun at all.

Wednesday was a great day! My husband took my father-in-law in to Montreal and they were going to be there most of the day. Since I was home alone, I once again invited my local young BoyToy and his friend over for some afternoon fun! We enjoyed loads of oral sex and fucking, and I even got to enjoy a Double-Penetration…for about a minute! I was riding the friend’s cock and told my BoyToy to do my ass. He got behind me and I helped guide his cock in my ass. We got the rhythm down but in about one minute, the BoyToy in my ass said “I’m gonna CUM!” and just as he let go, the guy in my pussy came too! The both came inside me at almost the exact same time. I just love that feeling as I can fully feel both cocks pulsate when then are pumping CUM into me. We took a break, and then all went at it again. My BoyToy ended up cumming three times while his friend came twice.

Yesterday, we were BACK in Montreal, and today, my husband had to take my father-in-law back into the hospital AGAIN for more testing before his operation next week. So once again, I am home alone, but with no one to play with. :(

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