Saturday Night Booty Call

I was really quite horny last night and was looking for someone to come over and play. I decided to make a “Booty Call” post on the website, just to see what would happen. I did receive a few messages from some of the guys, thank you. But I got a message around 8:00PM from a local guy I know that I didn’t realize was on the site! I’ve known him from the bar for about a year, and I knew he was interested, but he’s the shy type so never approached me sexually.

So, as I said, I received a message on XRV, saying that it’s “Bob” from the bar (okay, not his real name) and that if I was serious he would love to come over. I messaged him back asking f 11:00 was too late for him and he wrote back saying it was perfect. I have to wait until 11:00 so I know my father-in-law is fast asleep. He takes sleeping pills, so once he is out…he stays out! I messaged Bob my cell number so he could text me when he got here. I didn’t want him ringing the doorbell or even knocking on the door as that would set the stupid dog off!

He showed up right at 11:00 and I opened the door completely naked. Danny dared me to do that, so of course I had to! He had a look of surprise on his face, and I grabbed him, pulled him in, and down the stairs. Danny was sitting in the livingroom and waved at him. I brought him to the guest bedroom, and started kissing him as I undid his pants. We hadn’t said a word to each other yet. I should mention that”Bob” is a really cute 23 year old guy who (to me) looks like he’s 16! He is by no means a virgin, and gets fucked a lot. He is one of those lucky guys you all hate that can find them, fuck them, and leave them, and the girls will thank him for it! πŸ˜‰

I got his clothes off and his cock was rock hard and ready. I went down to my knees and gave him a nice wet blow-job. As I was sucking him, Danny quietly came into the room and asked if he could take a few pictures, just close-ups with no face shots. Bob said he was okay with that. I laid back on the bed and told Bob to rub his cock on my pussy, so he did. Of course it “accidentally” slipped right into my pussy, and “accidentally” stayed in the for a few minutes πŸ˜‰

After a few minutes of fucking this way, with my knees back by my ears (I am getting od and can only take so much of that), we changed positions. I had him lie back on the bed and climbed on top of him. I rode his cock for a nice long while and told him to let me know when he was close to cumming. He knew NOT to CUM in my pussy. He told me he was close, so I jumped off of him, and went down and sucked him until he came in my mouth. He had a really big, thick load too!

I kept sucking him and kept him hard. We moved into a 69 and enjoyed each other for quite a while. Then we moved around and he licked my pussy and made me squirt! That set him off and he climbed up on me and fucked me hard. We then moved to doggy-style and after another 10 minutes of hard fucking, he asked if he could fuck my ass. While he was fucking me, he was using his spit and his thumb to get my ass ready, so when I told him he could, it slipped right in fairly easily. As he was ass fucking me, Danny came back into the room to watch. Bob was pounding my ass and said he was going to CUM! He was ready to pull out and I told him to CUM right in my ass, so he did. I could feel his cock pulse as he pumped his CUM into me, I just love that feeling.

After he came, he pulled out and collapsed next to me on the bed. Danny told me not to move, dropped his pants, and slipped his cock into my CUM filled ass! As he fucked me, I slowly moved around a bit so I could take Bob’s cock in my mouth. It was still glistening with his CUM and my “ass juice” (as Danny calls it).Β  After a couple of minutes, Danny pulled out of me and pulled my mouth off of Bob’s cock and onto his. I sucked him clean and then he went back to fucking my ass. He finally came inside of me, then had my lick and suck his cock clean again :)

It was just after that when Bob asked where the bathroom was. Danny asked him if he had to pee and when he said yes, Danny said he had to go to. He told Bob that they should pee on me! Bob wasn’t too sure about that, but when I said it was fine, he said he would try. We went into the laundry room, which is also the basement bathroom, and I laid a bunch of towels on the fllor. I got on my knees, opened my mouth wide, and waited. Bob was trying. but he had never done anything like this before and was a bit “pee shy”. Danny is an old pro, but he was aiting on Bob to start. Since it was taking some time, Danny decided to let go and started peeing on me, my face and in my mouth. Only a few seconds after Danny started, Bob let go, and he has that young strong stream! He was aiming at my boobs, so I quickly moved closer to him and down to catch his stream right n my mouth.Β  Danny was finished and Bob was still going. As his stream of pee started to die out, I took his cock right in my mouth and the last squirts of pee went right down my throat.

I kept sucking him and in no time at all he was rock hard again. He then said that he wished he could CUM in my pussy as that was his biggest fantasy. I told him he could, but just had to wait a few minutes. So while Danny went to grab a couple of beers for them, I went o my room and put in one of my contraceptive sponges. You have to wait about 20 minutes before someone CUMs inside of you, but that gave us a chance to have a drink, relax, and chat. I ended up climbing up on his cock while he sat on the couch in the family room. We changed around with him on top of me inΒ  missionary position, and he fucked me hard until he came. It felt amazing! When he got up off of me, I clamped my pussy tight to hold the CUM in, and waddled over to where Danny was sitting, stroking his cock. I climbed on him and fucked him, with Bob’s CUM running down all over his cock. That is something Danny just loves. Danny came inside me, and we were all done! It really wore me out! I just can’t fuck as long or as hard as I used to πŸ˜‰

In just over an hour, at 3:00PM, I am going shopping. Actually I am meeting Bob at the grocery store in town and I am going to fuck him in his truck! I told him to make sure he has a towel or something to cover his seat as he will be cumming in my pussy, and I will be dripping all over his seat! It was my idea πŸ˜‰

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Have To Catch Up!

I didn’t even realize it’s been this long since I posted last. Time has just flown by! Dealing with my father-in-law, working on some websites, and trying to get the new website properly launched have just been taking up all my time.

Now, I have been having my fun too, and I will try n catch you up on some of it. I ever have pictures of some of my play. The next bunch of posts will be catch up ones with new things thrown in. Nothing will be in any sort of order as I’ll just write about things as they hit me :)

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Some Good News

After almost a month, my father-in-law was released from the hospital today! He’s not coming home just yet, but is being moved to a rehabilitation facility to get his strength and balance back. He lost 50 pounds due to his illnesses and lost a lot of his muscle mass and strength. I think he’ll be in the place for a couple of weeks at least. Of course that means still driving into Montreal every day!

This is a man who was 82 and people thought he was 65. Really. He was never sick in his life, and then everything hit at once. 4 months ago, he had prostate problems and had to have a TURP where they literally shave down the prostate through the urethra! 3 months ago, he was in a huge amount of pain and we rushed him to the hospital. He had a mass on his colon that they couldn’t operate on due to his upcoming heart surgery, so they installed an intestinal stent. Then 2 months ago, he had to go in for heart valve transplant surgery. And now, he was in to have the mass removed from his ascending colon. Everything together has really taken it’s toll on him. But now he is finally feeling fairly good for the first time this year.


I did have some fun last Friday night at home. A couple of new guys from Cornwall came over for a little “party” as we had the house to ourselves again. They were both young, one was 21, the other 22. The older one I had been chatting with on the website for quite a few months now and the younger guy was his friend, who was still a virgin! He was a cute guy, but somewhat geeky and shy.Β  Well, we ended up naked down in the family room, and as the other guy and my husband watched, I knelt between his legs and gave him a light blow-job. Just touching his cock almost had him cumming! I then climbed up on him on the couch, and slowly lowered my pussy on his cock. I hadn’t even got all the ay down whn he stiffened and started cumming! I ground my pussy on him, and he just kept pumping and pumping. His load was huge! When I lifted off of him, the CUM just poured out of my pussy! It really was a big one!

That started off the night, and I spent the next 3 solid hours sucking and fucking everyone. Each guy came 3 times, twice in my pussy and once in my ass. I never swallowed a single drop of CUM all night!

This week is all booked up with traveling back and forth but I do have some fun planned for this weekend πŸ˜‰

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Nurse Carol Update

My father-in-law is STILL in the hospital in Montreal. It’s now been three weeks, but at least he finally had the operation on his colon done last week. Because of his age and his recent heart valve transplant surgery, recovery is going really slowly. It doesn’t help that he came down with C.Dificile and had to be put into isolation, where he still is. We have been driving back and forth to Montreal almost every day, and with all the road construction going on, it is averaging out to about 4 hours of driving each and every day. It looks like he’ll be in for at least another week.

We did take today off from traveling as we are going out to Ottawa this evening for the Gang-Bang meeting. I need this break! I did take a day off last week when my husband went into Montreal alone. On that day, I had 2 BoyToys come over, not together but at different times. The first guy came over at 10:00 and then he came twice in my pussy! I cleaned up and the next guy showed up at 1:00. I actually fucked him first, with one of my strap-ons. Then we fucked, and he finished in my ass. It was a great day and one that I really needed.

We’ve also been playing at our house on the weekends since my father-in-law hasn’t been here and my son stayed over at some friend’s places. Two weeks ago, we had a couple of fiends come out from Montreal for a night of fun, then the next night, a guy we know from Ottawa came over and spent the night. Last Friday we had 4 really young guys from Cornwall over (I had met one of them previously) and I had them do things to me that they had never done before! Anal sex and Double-Penetration! One guy, who was only 18, got so excited that when I guided his cock into my ass, halfway in he came! The fun went on for hours, and the thing I love about young guys is how fast they can recuperate and CUM again! I had so much anal, my ass was actually a bit sore the next day!

As I mentioned, tonight I’ll be up in Ottawa and then tomorrow, I have some new guys I met on the website coming over for a little party. Saturday I’ll be at the La Maison Tavern in Cornwall to see a friend from Montreal and his band.

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The Next Gang-Bang Meeting in Ottawa

I have had lots of people ask me when the next Gang Bang meeting is, and we do have a date. The next meeting will be on Thursday, October 11th (2 weeks from today) starting at 7:00pm.

These are not Gang-Bangs, but just a way for people to meet one another and make sure the people who want to attend are fairly “normal”. We have a number of women taking part in the Gang-Bangs, and as a group we have decided that we will ONLY play with people we have met in person, and we are sticking with that rule. So the meeting is a place for the initial meet, to talk to one another, discuss the Gang-Bangs, and maybe even set one up.

We do get some “creepy” people that want to take part, and like you, the women are also somewhat selective. They want to see you first and see what you are like. This is just not about physical appearance as most of us are older and care more about the person’s attitude than appearance, but of course there are limits! An example is me! I am quite petite, only 4’10” and about 100 pounds, so any guy over say 220 pounds just does not fit with me! I know, I have tried. But we have other women who are fine with that!

Now, this is the important part that I know some of you just won’t read and you’ll end up e-mailing me asking where it is! The ONLY way to attend this meeting is to go to and join the site (it is a fully free Fetish community). Once you join, go to the Ottawa Gang Bang Group at and click on “Join Group“. Once you have joined the Group, then go to the post at, read it, and then post that you would like to attend. You will be then added to the list and will be sent a message on where the meeting will be held. I will not tell anyone as we are keeping track of people.

That is all there is to it πŸ˜‰

But pay special attention to the “one strike” rule. Since all of us women have had our share of guys who aren’t serious and just time-wasters, if you say you are going to attend and don’t show up, you are out for good! I will tell you right now, that if you say you are going and don’t show up without notifying someone beforehand, we do not care what excuse you come up with, you are out.

So if you really are serious about becoming part of our Ottawa Gang Bang Group, then just folw the instructions above :)

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I’m still here :)

I am sorry I haven’t been around but we have been spending the last few weeks in various hospitals, pushing and pushing the medical staff! For the last week and a half, we have had to drive into Montreal every morning, and spend the day at the hospital to get care for my father-in-law! By the time we get home in the evening, I am just too tired to do anything more than my customer service stuff. We are hoping this will all end positively very soon.

We actually got home at a reasonable hour today and will even be able to have supper at home! We have been eating at the hospital or just fast food stuff, and I am sick of it. I need a real meal πŸ˜‰

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Absolutely Nothing Has Been Going On!

I haven’t written anything as NOTHING has been going on! My father-in-law has been keeping me busy, but he is slowly getting better. Been doing LOTS of running around, to Montreal, to Cornwall, to Ottawa, all for him.

One of my local BoyToys did come over last Friday night and I fucked him out on the back deck after my father-in-law went to bed. It was just a quickie with me giving him a blow-job, and then riding his cock on my lounger. It was hard and fast, and he came in just a few minutes (I came A LOT!). I just kept grinding his cock after he came inside of me, and all his CUM dripped out onto my lounger. I didn’t clean it up right away, and now I have a big CUM stain on it! πŸ˜‰

Tonight, we have some friends from Montreal coming over for dinner and late night Play.

Off to prepare! :)

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Gang Bang Meeting Tonight!

We’ll be leaving for Ottawa in less than an hour. The Ottawa Gang bang Meeting starts at 7:00, but we won’t be there until about 7:30. It’s taking place at Monkey Joe’s at 1265 Carling Ave. in Ottawa. (Google Map Link = Most people will be there by 7:00, and if you are joining us, just ask for the “Choristers Group” (Choir Group will do). That was just an inside joke name.

This is just a get-together to meet up and show that you are real and serious about taking part in future Gang-Bangs in the Ottawa area. We have one planned for September 8th with me and a couple of other women that will take place in Casselman (Google it, don’t ask me where it is!) The ONLY way to take part is to personally know or have met another member of the Group, which is why we hold these public get-togethers. I already have had about 20 guys ask if they can come to the Gang-Bang but don’t want to meet anyone first! Sorry, I didn’t make the rules…we all did!

We hope to really build up a good membership so we have lots of people who can play safely together without worrying about the usual no-shows. We are getting quite a few hot women joining, so there will probably be lots of Gang-Bangs coming up. I’ll be involved in some, but not all. There will be standard Gang-Bangs, Sex Parties, Bukkakes, and even some Bareback Creampie Gang-Bangs. Whatever someone wants to do or try can be brought up.

So if you are joining us this evening, I will see you later! :)

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Busy Times

My father-in-law is back home and recovering. We were told he was to come home today (Tuesday), but we got a call on Saturday morning to come pick him up! It was unexpected, but we went to Montreal to get him and bring him back home. We have been busy caring for him since then.I am hoping he gets better faster as this is tiring me out!

We had a couple of guys over on Friday night for drinks and some fun, and I had lots of great fun! Loads of fucking, anal, and even a great Double-Penetration. I even got to enjoy some messy Watersports! We played for close to 4 hours, with breaks of course, and one guy came 4 times (twice in my ass, twice in my mouth)! That’ll probably be the last fun I have until my Gang-Bang on September 8th.

Speaking of that Gang-Bang on the 8th, everyone is welcome to join in and do whatever you want to me and with me. There is a catch though, you have to attend the Ottawa Gang Bang Meeting on the 23rd first! πŸ˜‰

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Ottawa Gang Bang Meeting – Aug. 23rd

The next meeting for joining the Ottawa Gang Bang Group will take place Thursday, August 23rd at Monkey Joe’s Bar & Grill at 1265 Carling Avenue in Ottawa. That’s at the Westgate Mall at Carling and Merivale. Everyone will be meeting up at 7:00PM and the event is being hosted by “Lyx2watch”.

Our rules for being part of the Ottawa Gang Bang Group, which is a group that holds actual Gang-Bangs and Sex Parties, is you MUST first know or meet an existing member in person. We set up these semi-regular get-togethers to give people a chance to come out and meet some of the existing group. So if you would like to get involved, you must take part in one of these public get-togethers.

We do this because the common complaint amongst the women of the group is that most guys are just flaky and never show up! In truth, the majority of men who say they will attend a Gang-Bang just don’t show up. It gets frustrating for us women, so in this way, we know the people are real.

If you would like to join the Group, and are planning on attending, please post here so we know how many people will be there, and who you are. We are a “One Strike” group so if you say you will be at a party or event, even this, and you don’t show up without proper notice, then you are OUT! We’ve had enough of the flakes, especially the ones with the after-the-fact ridiculous excuses!

That’s it, and to put it very bluntly, if you want to fuck me or any of the other women in or Group, then you must meet us first. Let us know if you would like to attend.

Carol xoxoxo

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