It Was A Wild Wild Night

I had a very unexpected surprise last night, but one that was just so much fun! We had plans to go to a friend’s place just north of town for a big bonfire and drinks. We got there just after 9:00 and went to the back of the house where everyone was. There was our friend and four other guys, all standing around a big fire and drinking beer.Β  We joined them and chatted for a while.

It wasn’t long before our friend came up next to me, slid his hand down and slipped it under my dress, and started rubbing my butt. I was just wearing a knit dress and a sweater, but with nothing on underneath. As he did that, a couple of the guys disappeared for a minute and came back with a plastic tarp and a couple of sleeping bags which they opened up and laid out in front of the fire. Now, clueless me thought they just brought it out as a place to sit on in front of the fire! But the next thing, our friend and my husband grab me, pull off my sweater and my dress, and lay me down on the sleeping bag! As they held me there, one of the other guys quickly dove between my legs and started licking my pussy. After a few minutes, and with his face still buried between my legs, he undoes his pants and manages to get them down to his knees. He slithers upon me and slides his cock into my very wet pussy and starts fucking me hard. In less than a minute he is cumming and I can feel his cock pulsing inside of me!

As soon as he pulled out, I got flipped over on my stomach, and then felt the cold feeling of lube being poured on my ass! My husband used his fingers to get it up inside of me, and then another guy got behind me and pushed his cock into my ass. It “popped” in, and he just buried it inside of me. he fucked my ass for at least five minutes, then pulled out and quickly moved in front of me. The guys lifted my up onto my hands and knees, and he pushed his cock into my mouth! As I was cleaning his cock, yet another one of the guys got behind me and started fucking my pussy. The guy I was sucking started to CUM which set off the guy in my pussy who also came! I finished swallowing, and both guys moved away. It was now three guys in about 10 minutes!

I was finally let go of, and the next guy wanted me to ride him, so he laid on the sleeping bag and I climbed on his cock. As I rode him, my husband came over with his cock out and had me suck him. After a while of riding, the guy finally came inside of me, and then my husband fucked my ass until he came. The last guy, who happened to be our friend, just wanted to start out with a blow-job and to have me swallow him, so that’s what we did. All six guys had CUM, and now they were ready to go again, so I fucked them all, one at a time. My ass became the real “dumping ground” that second time around as four of the six guys came in my ass! All in all, it was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again very soon (maybe with more men next time) *HINT*HINT*Β  πŸ˜‰


Tonight I am going down to the Pub in Lancaster for the Karaoke. I don’t sing, but many of my friends do, so you can find me there after 9:30 :)

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Hunter CUMs Twice in 15 Minutes – The Video

I just put up a really fun little video of one of the old BoyToy’s Hunter and his first time with Elsa. Hunter was a young guy that hung around looking to get laid, and he probably did end up fucking every girl that ever shot for me! The thing with Hunter was he always came VERY quick! Always! But he could also quickly get it back up and CUM again. His “record” was cumming 5 times in one hour.

In this encounter, he actually CUMs twice in 15 minutes. After Elsa gives him one of her amazing blow-jobs, she gets his cock into her pussy, and 53 seconds later, he pulls out and CUMs on her stomach! Elsa then sucks him clean and quickly gets him hard. She rides him and once again he CUMs fairly quick. She tries to catch it in her mouth, but she was just a wee bit too slow.

The full video is available right now in the Members Area of my website. If you aren’t a Member, you really should be. Join Right Now!

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Busy Day Ahead

I have a busy day ahead. I have to run into Montreal and get a bunch of things done. Then from there, I have to head to Cornwall and do even more things. I’ll probably be gone for at least 6 hours, and I have to get out of here!

Last night I got a great new video up in the PornAudition section of my Members Area. This one features Amy and her boyfriend Frank, but it isn’t just the usual audition style thing. In this case, Amy saw one of my BoyToy’s Kevin and wanted a piece of him, so she had her boyfriend set something up with me! He wasn’t going to et involved, but had to sit back and watch her fuck someone else. like a good little cuckold πŸ˜‰

Kevin ended up fucking her, and cumming on her, twice. But the thing is, he already came twice more before that! At 11:00 in the morning, he was in my bed fucking me. He came deep in my pussy (which I made my husband clean up, like the good little cuck that he is) then had a shower and headed downtown to the studios. At around 1:00 in the afternoon, he ended up playing with Sonia and came right down her throat. Then at 3:00, Amy showed up and he fucked her twice. he also fucked two more women that evening. The mn is a sex machine! πŸ˜‰

But Amy had an amazing time, and the video is 22 minutes of non-stop action. There’s even some Drilldo use and a Threesome when Dugmor jumped in for a quickie. It all came out great. I am sorry in that I cannot show pictures or a video clip from this on here as I promised the people involved it would stay only in the Members Area. I do have a number of those, and I do keep my word.

So you can see it right now, by joining right now!

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Sarah & Jack Pictures

I put up the video from Sarah and Jack the other day, and today I uploaded a bunch of fun, high quality pictures from their fun together. Website members can see those by clicking here. That will also take you to the full video.

I am working on the next video they did for me where Jack was finally able to get it up and perform quite well. He had a nice CUM=Shot to, which Sarah licked right up. But that’ll be next week some time πŸ˜‰



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Not Feeling Well Today

I am having a very off day and am not feeling well at all. I think it may be just a summer cold, but it has just knocked me down. All I have managed was my customer service work and to answer my e-mail. I did manage to get a cool new video up in the ChickPee area of my website. In this fun little scene, we have Katia running up to our studios in desperation…she has to pee, bad! But Dugmor won’t let her, so she pees her jeans all over the floor!

Because she has been so bad and made such a mess, Dugmor gags her with his cock until she almost pukes all over him, a few times! He then CUMs right into her throat, and this time she just can’t hold it in πŸ˜‰

There won’t be a video teaser or pictures for this one. It really is for Members Only!

I think I’m going to take the rest of the day off and just lie back and take it easy. Hopefully I’ll be back up to speed tomorrow.

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Video of Sarah, Jack and the Drilldo!

Here is the video teaser of the PornAudition update I put up in my Members Area yesterday. Check the previous post on what it’s about and what happened :)

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I’m doing a fun video right now with a new girl named Katia who ended up pissing herself in desperation when she showed up at the studio! Dugmor thought it would be funny to keep her out of the bathroom, and she really had to go, so next thing she pees herself and saoks her jeans. It is really quite hot. Of course they get down to the real audition and this young innocent looking girl gets fucked hard! You have to wait until tomorrow for all that πŸ˜‰

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Sarah and Jack Meet The Drilldo!

Sarah and her boyfriend jack came out to the studios to audition and try to get into Porn. The problem was that Jack just could not get it up! Sarah spent close to an hour sucking his cock, and it just stayed limp. We even had Sonia and Anna-Karen work on him, and nothing! The boy was dead. But that happens more often than you think as guys get “shy” when others are watching them.

We ended up dragging out the “Drilldo” and got Jack to just abuse Sarah’s pussy with it! He spent quite a while just “Drilldoing” the hell out of her until she couln’t take it any more. We then got into some fisting and then did her pussy with a HUGE toy. Sarah couldn’t even belive she could take it!

The funny thing was the next day she showed back up, alone, at the Studios, and without Jack knowing, and ended up fucking ALL the boys! Even my husband dumped a huge load of CUM right in her ass! She took it all.

I should have the teaser video up here tomorrow at some point, but for now, here are a handful of lower quality screen captures πŸ˜‰

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It’s Saturday

I didn’t do a thing last night except sit on the couch and watch a couple of movies. We just didn’t feel like going out to the bar, so we didn’t. I was in bed before midnight which is really quite rare for me.

We have to go to a local friend’s place for an afternoon BBQ and all ight party. There will be A LOT of drinking and it should be fun. There will be nothing sexual going on as none of the people are Swingers or “Players”. It just starts early so I won’t be getting the new video up today in my members area as I mentioned yesterday, but will do that one tomorrow.

Okay, off for a shower and to get ready. Have to be over there at 1:30 to help set up :)

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A Quiet Weekend Ahead…Sexually Speaking

It looks like this will be a fairly quiet weekend coming up, at least as it realts to me having sex! I have absolutely no plans to fuck anyone this weekend, but that’s not for lack of trying πŸ˜‰

I may head down to the local Pub later this evening for a few drinks and see what’s going on. I have a feeling it will be somewhat quiet there, so I am not expecting to get “picked-up” or find someone to bring back home with me.Β  Tomorrow we have a BBQ andΒ  house party at a local friends to go to. These are all very “vanilla” people, so nothing will be happening, so theer is no need to ask. It’ll just be a big bunch of local people, eating and drinking, and getting silly, but nothing in a sexual way.

See, that’s it….quiet.

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Lesbian Strap-On Fun and a New Young Couple Meets The Drilldo!

I put up a new video in my Members area with a couple of my girlfriends doing each other in my bed! It’s all quite hot with lots of oral and some toy play as well as some really hard fucking with a strap-on. You can check it out right now!

I also just finished editing a video of quite a young couple who came to the studios to audition. They ran into a problem when the guy got too nervous to get a hard-on and stayed limp throughout. So instead we brought out the famous Drilldo and he went to town on her with it! She went crazy! There’s also some nice fisting and super-big toy play. That will be live in my Members Area tomorrow, and I’ll get a teaser video up right here for you guys too.

Sales Pitch Warning…remember, you can see everything in high quality and high definition in my Members Area. Join Right Now!! :)

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