Welcome To A New Hot Girl On The Wild Rose Network

I would like to introduce you all to Kore Goddess, the newest webgirl on the Wild Rose Network! She is a naturally busty beauty with a diverse and exciting collection of videos and pictures that Big Boob and BBW lovers will just go crazy over! 38J chesy and a rockin’ attitude to match!




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Weekend Extremes

Last weekend was just wild with me fucking 14 different guys from Friday through to Sunday. This weekend…nothing! We ended up over at a friend’s place for drinks and a bonfire on Friday, where nothing happened. On Saturday, we picked up some Chinese food, saw the fireworks in a nearby town, and then went back home and watched movies. Sunday, nothing but television! And this was an almost holiday weekend in Canada!

Hopefully next weekend is better!

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The World’s Quickest Orgasm!

I just experienced a guy cumming quicker than any before him, and I have been with quite a few “quick shooters”!

A really cute young guy contacted me about doing a Blow-Job and Facial video with me. He sent me his pictures and I liked what I saw. Cute, in great shape, and with a really nice cock. It was supposed to be a nice day, and the plan was doing another outdoor Blow-Job s I love dong them outside and we never seem to have cooperative weather for it. He came over at noon, just as the sky got really cloudy and dark. So instead, I thought we would do it in my new kitchen.

The plan was my usual…me undoing his pants and dropping them, then sucking his cock and balls for a while until he was ready to CUM. Then have him finish on my face and in my open mouth. I undid his pants, pulled them down, and his cock was stretching his underwear. I reached up to give him a little rub before pulling down his underwear and as soon as I touched his cock, he grunted and came! I kind of just sat there in shock, watching this big wet spot spread on the crotch of his underwear!

It then hit me that I could maybe save the video by licking the CUM from his underwear and sucking and licking him clean, then try to get him hard again for another round. But he was so embarrassed, he jumped back, pulled his pants up, and ran down the front stairs to the front door. He stepped in his shoes, and ran out the door, the whole time saying “I’m sorry” over and over. It was a first for me!

I did e-mail him telling him to not be embarrassed and not to worry about it at all. I even told him we can try it again, just for fun and without the camera. Just waiting to see if he responds.


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I Had A Pretty Good Weekend

I had a pretty good weekend if you consider that I had 14 different cocks in me to be a good thing! I do! 😉

On Friday, we hooked up with a bunch of people from the XRV.com website. Everyone ended up back at my place for a little party that went on pretty late. I ended up fucking 5 different guys, and one of them, a young 19 year old, fucked me 4 times that night! He was a machine!

Saturday, we had a BBQ at a friend’s place in the country. There were quite a few people there and over half were Swingers. The rest knew, and could do as they liked. It started in the early afternoon and went until close to midnight. Early on, I had three guys, all in their early 30’s, bend me over a car and take turns fucking me from behind. It was like one of those Dogging videos! As we were fucking bareback, and I hadn’t put in my usual contraceptive sponge, I aksed them not to CUM in me, so they all finished in my mouth. I didn’t spill a drop and no one needed to clean up a thing 😉

Throughout the day, I played with four more of the guys there, and a few of the women too. By this time, I had inserted my sponge so enjoyed a bunch of nice gooey Creampies. I loved it!

I had a couple of friends from Toronto who were in the area for a concert on Saturday, and they dropped by on Sunday afternoon for a BBQ and some fun. They spent the night and slept with me in my bed while my husband stayed in the guest room. Of course, we went for hours, sucking and fucking, and I even got woken up at 6:00 in the morning with a cock working its way into my pussy! 😉

So all in all it was a pretty fun weekend 😉


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It Is A Party Weekend!

It looks like this will be one of those non-stop party weekends! Tonight, we are meeting a bunch of people for a Get-Together for the XRV.com website. We are meeting at my usual Pub in Alexandria, The Atlantic, hanging out, having drinks, and then we’ll move on from there. I’m not sure where we will end up, but I do know that I have a lot of people that want to fuck me, wherever we end up! 😉

Saturday, we have an all-day house party to go to at a local friend’s place, out in the country. Very private!  BBQing, drinking, and lots and lots of sex! There will be a lot of people there and it goes from early afternoon to late at night, so my pussy may be a bit sore the next day 😉

I have a couple of guys I know from Toronto who are in Montreal this weekend for Rockfest. They are coming over to my place on Sunday for another BBQ, drinks, and some play! They will also be spending the night and heading back to TO first thing Monday morning. I invited them back a couple of months ago before I knew of the other parties this weekend. So it looks like I will be enjoying quite the large variety of penises this weekend! 😉


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Just Got A Great Facial

My young BoyToy just left after sharing his CUM with me. 😉

We started with an outdoors Blow-Job, but after a bit, he got nervous with the people driving by and walking around as we could have easily been seen! That type of thing really excites me, but I can understand how some people can get nervous about it. We ended up finishing up back at my place. 😉

I don’t have any pictures of the outdoor blow-job as that was all video, which I’ll have up in a few days, but we snapped a couple of the “finish” back on my couch 😉

So, we wants their cock sucked in the great outdoors?? 😉

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Shooting Today

I have one of my young BoyToys dropping over at noon for a Blow-Job shoot. We were supposed to do a fucking with creampie shoot but once again, that “time of the month” surprised me at the last minute! So I am thinking since it is a nice day to enjoy and outdoors Blow-Job and Facial 🙂

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My New Kitchen Is Finally Done!

It has been a long month! You never know how hard it is to have no kitchen until it is gone! For 2 weeks, we had no way to cook other than microwave or BBQ, and that can get tiring. The novelty of eating out wore off after just a few days too. But it’s finally over and my new kitchen is in and complete.

We gutted the kitchen and dininy area down to nothing and rebuilt everything. We put in the Mannington Adura vinyl tiles as I did not want ceramic or any natural stone in the kitchen and wanted something softer. I also don’t like wood or the wood look for floors in a kitchen, which is what we ripped out! My husband and a friend did the install for that and then I did most of the grouting after it was in. We also took our old kitchen and reinstalled it in the mezzanine area of our garage, which you walk into right off the kitchen, to use as a working pantry. My husband did all the new plumbing and wiring for both the kitchen and pantry.

Now that it is all done, my husband is now back in the kitchen cooking up dinner every night 😉

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I Lost A Bet!

Montreal lost to the Rangers last night in Game 6 of the NHL semi-finals, and I lost a bet! I had bet three local guys that Montreal would win and go to Game 7, but it looks like I was mistaken. If I had won, I would have had free drinks at the Pub for the next month, but since I lost, I now have to give all three guys a blow-job! I did set up some rules for it though which is that each guy has 5 minutes to CUM, and if they don’t, too bad. They also have to CUM in my mouth with no pulling out and no Facials. I will also be fully dressed 😉

They will be over late this afternoon to collect!

I’ll probably head over to the Pub in Alexandria tonight, and pay for my own drinks, as I do need to get out of this house! I did have a few guys that wanted to meet me and hopefully play, but unfortunately, it’s the “wrong time of the month”, so none of that tonight.

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Renos are almost complete!

It has been a long few weeks, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! We have everything done except for the flooring which we are installing tomorrow. A friend who dos flooring for a living is coming over to help my husband with it. We are putting in high end vinyl tiles that cost us almost twice what ceramic tiles do. I just wanted something softer and warmer in the kitchen than ceramic, but I wanted the look of tile. So this stuff goes in with a special adhesive and needs to be grouted. We have never worked with this adhesive before which is why we have a friend helping.

The new cabinets come on Tuesday, but the counter top won’t be in until next Friday. So, we will get the cabinets all installed and we’ll set up the dishwasher and the OTR Microwave. Then next Friday, after they install the counter tops, we’ll finish up the plumbing and the little things that need doing. I’ll have to do a kitchen shoot as soon as it’s done 😉


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