Meeting A New Bi-Curious Guy Tonight

I have been messaging back and forth with a younger guy from Ottawa about his curiosity of Bi-Sex. He told me he was really curious, and excited, about sucking a cock, but only would want to do it if there was a woman present and taking part. This is very common, and something that curious men tell me all the time, how they wanted to try a cock, but could never do it one-on-one with another man. We all have to start somewhere and in a way we are comfortable with.

He is a very good looking guy in his late 20’s, and he also has a very nice cock. he is coming over to meet us tonight, and if he is comfortable, we will play. I told him he could satiate his curiosity with my husband’s cock, and that I would help him and work with him on it. I’ll probably start with my husband sucking the new guy’s cock with me, to get him more comfortable.

His other request was to lick CUM out of my pussy, but he doesn’t think he’ll be able to clean up his own. So I will get my husband to CUM in my pussy and let him lick all that up. Finally he asked if he could fuck my ass in a Double-Penetration and CUM in it, which is something he hs never done. he hsn’t even tried anal sex before! So we’ll start with just him in my ass, then move to the DP, and the CUM. I may mke my usband lick up the anal Creampie πŸ˜‰

I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow, if it even goes at all! I haven’t been having good luck lately.


Tomorrow night, we have a bunch of friends coming over for a dinner party, and lots of drinks πŸ˜‰

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The transfer of the website to is still “in progress”. There is a problem somewhere, so the site is acting up. The IT Boys are looking at it, trying to figure out what’s wrong, and I am just sitting and waiting.

I guess it will be back up when it’s up! πŸ™

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A Note on the Website

People have noticed that the website is coming back with a “403 – Forbidden” page. That is because we are changing to and the server guys made a mess of the move! There was supposed to be a new page at telling you about the move and the new website with a link to it, but sadly, that isn’t working yet. Also, if you go to, you’ll see an atrocious looking page taht isn’t working, that’s because it got broken in the move!

The guys are working on it, and I am heading to bed, with the hopes that everything will be working properly again in the morning.

Everything is 2 steps forward, and 3 steps back! I think I should just go and become an escort! I can have sex, make money, and not have to worry about technology!! πŸ˜‰

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Creampie Gang-Bang Video Is Up!

I finally have my big 13 man, Creampie Gang-Bang video up in my members area. Members can see it by clicking here and if you aren’t a member..Why the hell not? You can join right now by clicking here, and then see this video for yourself! πŸ™‚

The video is 31 minutes long, edited down from an hour and a half of action, and shows my pussy getting used and abused with lots of cocks and CUM! It ends with an amazing scene of my Fluff Girl going down on me and licking me clean. She licked up all the CUM in my pussy, plus the 3 more loads the guys dropped on my stomach for her. Lots of CUM play here too!

We did get a handful of pictures, but since my husband was shooting video, he only managed to get a few pictures.

I plan to do just a normal, anything-goes Gang-Bang next where the guys can do whatever they want to me and CUM wherever they want! I expect a lot of Anal and Double-Penetrations, and I guarantee that every guy fucking my ass will make me suck their cocks! Ass-to-Mouth has been happening a lot lately πŸ˜‰

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One Hell of a Messy Winter Storm

We got hit by that thing yesterday that hit everyone in the north-east, a really messy winter storm. It would have been fine if it was just a lot of snow as we are Canadian and can handle that easily. I have a Jeep that never gets stuck and we have a big snowblower for the driveway. But yesterday was a mess. It started as snow, then turned to freezing rain, then lots of cold rain, followed by freezing rain and then snow again! Just awful.

The power kept flickering and going off and on rather quickly in the very early evening, then about 8:30, the power went out fully. We have a large generator, but didn’t bother bringing it out as we thought the power would be back on soon. It didn’t come back on until 12:30. But we lit some candles, had an enjoyable fuck, and then watched Netflix on the Tablet πŸ™‚

I was supposed to do some filming today, but my schedule got messed up by the storm, so I had to put that off until tomorrow.

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Just Did My Part In Supporting The Troops!

I just did my little part in supporting our great Armed Forces troops! I had a hot 24 year old Army guy over so I could give him my thanks, in my own special way πŸ˜‰

He should up, right on time, as you would xpect from someone in the Military. I was so horny, so we got right to it. I pulled of his clothes and dropped to my knees to suck his cock. He then pushed me down on the bed and spent about 20 minutes with his tongue deep in my pussy. I came a few times! A great 69 soon followed, until I couldn’t take it anymore and had to get his cock into my pussy. I spun around, got on top of him, and guided his cock into my really wet and hot pussy!

I rode him fast and hard and had a couple of amazing orgasms, and almost made him CUM a few times! I wasn’t ready for that, so had to slow down at times. We moved around and he fucked me hard Doggy-Style, then he flipped me over and fucked me hard that way. He did CUM, with his first Squirt was deep in my pussy, before he pulled out and finished on my stomach. The bigger load was inside of me, so there wasn’t a huge amount on my tummy πŸ˜‰

Below are a handful of pictures we snapped during our fun. The video will be up in my members area in a week or so πŸ™‚

And to all the Troops in the Coalition Countries…thank you πŸ™‚

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Fucking An Army Guy Today

In a little less than an hour, I have a real hard-body army guy coming by to do a Fan FuXXX video shoot with me! He is in his mid 20’s, in amazing shape, and really good looking. He has a nice cock too as an added bonus! I met him once before when he came by the Pub to meet me and join me for a drink. We then messaged a bit on-line and set up the date.

I’m not even sure what we will be doing, or where he plans to CUM. I’m just going to let things happen, as they happen πŸ™‚

I’ll put up a picture or two later this afternoon after we are done.


What to fuck me on video?? Go to to learn how πŸ™‚


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Pregnant Tracey is Lactating!

This is a new members area update from my PornAudition series where we had real people stop by to do live Auditions to see if they can make it in Porn. With this one, we had very pregnant Tracey drop by with her husband to see if she could audition. My studio guy, Dugmor, has a real weakness for pregnant women, so he invited her to do something right there and then!

She was having her third child, and was already lactating, and showed us on video by squirting some Breast Milk into a shot glas. Luke Loader happened to be hanging out that day, and he will swallow any bodily fluid from anyone, and asked if he could have a taste. Tracey agreed and the video shows her squeezing Breast Milk out of her boob and right into Luke’s mouth. He didn’t waste a drop, and swallowed everything he was fed. he even shows us his raging 10 inch hard-on!

Tracey then moved to the couch with her husband to answer some questions, and then she and her husband had oral sex together until he fed her his milk!

This was a different and quite unique PornAudition that those with pregnancy and lactation Fetishes will love πŸ™‚

See the full video in my website Members Area, right now πŸ™‚



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Weekend Recap

Here is my Sunday report on what I did over the weekend! We were thinking of hitting the Pub on Friday evening, but I was a bit tired after a very busy week so we just stayed in and watched television. If there was something going on, we probably would have gone out, but I think it would have been a slow night at the Pub, and no one was coming to hang out. I did the unthinkable…had sex with my husband! πŸ˜‰

Saturday was a different story as we had a couple of guys that I had first met on-line coming over for some fun. The two guys actually met each other through me and have become good friends. They are both in their mid 20s, and one of the guys is from Hawkesbury with the other from Alexandria (for those of you who know the geography around here). I had fucked them both before, but separately. This would be the first time they were going to “tag-team” me.

They showed up and we had drinks and hung out in the kitchen for a while, then moved down to my basement play area. In no time at all, we were all maked and I was on my back on the bed with one guy sitting on my face so I could rim his ass, and the other going pushing my legs and hips up so he could rim mine! There was an entire lead up as to what e started in this position, but I won’t get into it. So after I had my tongue up both guys asses, as well as my husbands, we got started for real.

For the next 2 hours it was just a lot of sucking, licking and fucking, including an intense Double-Penetration I got to enjoy. All 3 guys came in my ass the first time through, and then the 2 boys came in my mouth the second time. But, we were not done! Both guys wanted to try Watersports by pissing all over me, so we had set up our “waterproof” area in preparation of some Piss Play. I was on my knees, with all 3 guys (the 2 guys and my husband) in front of me. They were going to try to all piss on me at the same time, but as it was there first time, they were a bit Pee Shy. Since My husband isn’t, he went for it and pissed on my face and in my open mouth. Just s his stream was dying off, one of the guys let go with a fire-hose of piss! He really had to go! He moved even closer so his cock was less than a foot from my open mouth, almost drowning me! As his stream started weakening, I quickly took his cock in my mouth and swallowed the last bit he could give me. The 3rd guy tried and tried, but just couldn’t get it going! I stayed in front of him for about 5 minutes while he tried to relax enough to let go, but it just wouldn’t happen. He finally had to go to the bathroom alone to drain πŸ˜‰

I went upstairs and had a quick shower and came back down to all the guys sitting back, jerking off, waiting for me. I decided to ride each guy, one at a time until they came in my pussy. It actually went quicker than I would have thought πŸ˜‰

So that was my weekend. Today is my day of rest (not really, it’s the day I catch up on my work) πŸ˜‰

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My Creampie Gang-Bang!

I had a great afternoon at the Ottawa Gang-Bang Club house on Wednesday with 13 of the boys. There was supposed to be more, but a few couldn’t get out due to the previous day’s snowstorm. There was also a really nice Fluffer there to help me out getting the guys ready. She did a wonderful job sucking cocks and keeping the guys hard and ready.

It was a solid hour of non-stop hard fucking with one guy after the other taking their turns on me. They just used and abused my pussy, as they should, and it felt amazing. When you see the video, you’ll hear me grunting and moaning as they slam their hard cocks into me! I also got to suck a lot of cock, but seeing that I was being fucked hard throughout, I didn’t give the best blow-jobs. Just kept losing concentration πŸ˜‰

All the guys came in my pussy, and as they pulled out, my husband (who was my cameraman) moved in close to catch the CUM OOZE on video! Then the next guy was ready to slide into my CUM filled pussy. Of course, some guys had bigger loads than others as is apparent on the video πŸ˜‰

I received a wonderful surprise just after the last guy filled my pussy with his load. The girl who was acting as the Fluffer for me, slipped between my legs and licked my pussy clean. It felt amazing, and she did swallow a lot of CUM! It was so hot, that 3 of the guys watching got so into it, they were instantly hard. One guy came on me, right above my pussy, and the Fluffer kept on licking me clean. My husband, while still shooting, used his finger to scoop all the CUM onto my pussy for the Fluff Girl to enjoy. That set off the other 2 guys who both jerked off and came just above my pussy, with very respectable loads. The Fluffer used her fingers to push all the CUM down and into my pussy, then she went back to licking me clean. It’s a good thing we caught it all on video! πŸ˜‰

I just uploaded a 1 minute teaser video from the fun today that shows the very first Creampie of the event. The full video won’t be ready for a couple of weeks and I will have it up in my Members Area as soon as it is ready. I have uploaded the teaser video toΒ for your enjoyment.

I can’t wait until the next event. The next will be a full Gang-Bang with hard fucking, Anal, Double-Penetration, ATM,Β  where the guys can CUM wherever they like, and all the other fun stuff I enjoy πŸ™‚

I have some pictures that we managed to sbap. There really aren’t many as my husband was shooting video and could only take some still pictures now and then. So all the Creampies are on video, and not in the pictures. The pictures also do not capture the true feel of the event as you only see a few guys at the most in them. Again, the video shows the rea event.

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