A Fun Afternoon

I had a pretty good afternoon. I went into Cornwall, about half an hour away and the main shopping area, to go to the grocery store and Walmart to pick up some things. But before I did my shopping, I stopped off at one of my young Boytoy’s homes for a little fun. I hadn’t seen him since November, so it was a few months since last we played.

He was home from school which is why I was able to drop by. He still lives at home, but of course, his parents weren’t home so we had a place to play. he met me at the door fully nude, and with a raging hard-on! I stepped into the house, he closed the door, then grabbed me by the hair and ulled me down to my knees! He pushed his cock into my mouth and basically face-fucked me until he came…and it was a huge load! I swallowed it all and milked him dry, thenΒ  finally took off my coat! That’s when he told me that was the first sex he has had since I was over at his place months ago!

We went into the livingroom and he undressed me. He pushed me back on the couch and went down on my pussy, spending close to half an hour licking and fingering my pussy. He had me gushing CUM, and I ended up leaving a huge wet spot on the couch! I was worried about what his mother might say, and he said not to worry and that if someone asked, he’ll just say he spilled some water πŸ˜‰

We ended up fucking all over the place! On the couch, the floor, the coffee table, and ended up working our way into the kitchen where he bent me over the counter and fucked me from behind. He came all over my ass, and rubbed it all over me! I can still feel the crustiness of the dried CUM, three hours later! I got dressed and kissed him goodbye, and left to do my shopping.

It was something I needed and thankfully I have aΒ  couple of guys around. I really wish I had more, and who were even more local than that! Yes, that is a hint to you local guys! πŸ˜‰

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An Uneventful Evening

We were originally planning on heading down to the Pub in Lancaster for Karaoke last night, but the weather ended up being quite poor with snow and high winds, so we just stayed in. It tuned into a movie night at home!

That is all πŸ™‚

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A Fun Night With A Bizarre Start!

So last night, I had three young local guys come over for some fun with me. These are all 19 year old guys that live up in town. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I already knew one of the guys, but the other two were new.

Now for the bizarre part…the doorbell rings about 8:30 and I go and answer it. It’s the three guys, but I notice there is no vehicle in the driveway! I asked them how they came and one of the guys said that his Mother dropped them off!! They told her they were going to another friend’s place to play video games and asked for a ride!! I wonder what she would say if she found out the truth, that a 50 year old woman was banging her young son?! πŸ˜‰

I brought them down to the lower familyroom and closed the door so the dog would leave us alone. My husband was upstairs in the livingroom watching TV. I put on a Porn Video, one of my own in fact, to get them in the mood as they did seem nervous. I then asked them what they would like to do as I was leaving it all up to them, and after a bit of coercion on my part, one of the guys finally asked if I would suck his cock. It was as good a place to start as any, and would hopefully get the other guys ready to go.Β  I pulled him up to his feet and knelt down in front of him, undoing and dropping his pants. He had a really nice cut cock that was average in size, but really good looking. I took him in my mouth, and before I could really get going well, I felt him stiffen, grunt, and then CUM! He must have been holding back for a few days as he had a HUGE load! I swallowed everything and milked every last drop of CUM out of him. It was so good.

Of course, the other two guys wanted the same thing, so I sucked and swallowed both of them, one after the other. Only then did we all finally get naked, and I had the guys undress me. One of the guys had a big thick cock, right around 8 inches. He wanted to lick my pussy, so I sat back and had him kneel in front on me and get to work. He had me cumming rather quickly, and I came quite a few times too. I finally grabbed him, pulled him up, and slid his cock into my pussy. he fucked me pretty hard and it felt amazing. I had one of the other guys come up on the couch and let me suck his cock while I was being fucked. When he came, he pulled out and the other guy that was waiting got right in there! I think he was in me for maybe two minutes before he came, again! I was still sucking the one guy, but I had to change positions as I was getting stiff! I had him sit down and I climbed on his cock and rode him until he came.

We took a little break and then I sucked and fucked each guy until they came again. So in about an hour and a half, I made each guy CUM three times. I love the young guys πŸ˜‰

It was just after 10:00 when the one guy called his Mother to pick them up! She showed up about 10 minutes later and I gave the guys a kiss and a cock squeeze just before they went out the door, not in view of the Mother of course! πŸ˜‰

Right after they left, I went to the livingroom and made my husband lick my freshly fucked and cummed in pussy πŸ˜‰


We are probably heading down to the Pub in Lancaster this evening for the karaoke. If I’m lucky, they’ll be some suitable single guys to pick up and bring home πŸ˜‰

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Finally Some Fun Tonight!

After a long and very busy week, I’m actually going to have some fun tonight! I am not going over to the Pub as I usually do on a Friday evening as I have some very cute, very young local guys coming over! There are three of them, and I have met one of them already. We have chatted on-line quite a bit and have met a few times already. He mentioned me to his friends and then asked me what I thought about them joining us for some fun. He sent me pictures of them, including cock shots! I liked what I saw and told him they were more than welcome.

He mentioned how they were a bit nervous about my husband being there, so I told them not to worry about it and that I’ll tell him to go watch TV and leave us to our fun. When they get here, I’ll bring them down to the basement family room and we’ll have or fun while my husband stays upstairs and does whatever. Of course, these young guys want to do and try everything, but we’ll see how it goes. Usually they CUM really quite, and we never get beyond sucking and fucking πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow we will be going to the Pub, but not the close one. We’ll be down in Lancaster at Berrigan’s Pub for our friend JukeBox Pete’s Karaoke party! As I have mentioned in the past, I don’t sing. I just sit back, listen, and chat with whoever else wants to chat. And if things go well, maybe I’ll meet a gou or ten to bring home for some more fun! πŸ˜‰

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My Video Shoots

I had two shoots set up for today and tomorrow with a couple of new guys. The guy for tomorrow had to cancel, but gave me notice and we rescheduled for March 3rd. That’s be a fun shoot with me inserting a shoe into his ass, and doing other nasty things with him.

I e-mailed the guy for today to confirm, and never heard back, until this morning when he said he woke up felling nauseous! Well, I don’t believe that at all as if he was planning on actually coming, he would have written me back yesterday or the day before to confirm, but I didn’t get a thing until today. He lives quite a distance away, and didn’t have my address, so there is no way he would have even got here in time. All this is after close to 100 e-mails over the past year! AARRGGHH!

I REALLY need some very local guys who want to have some fun and fuck me on video! The problem is we all live in a small community in the country, where everyone knows everyone, and the guys are afraid they’ll get “outed” if they come over to play. But I don’t have to show their faces and can ever say that they are from far far away to take the suspicion off of anyone.

So all you local guys in the Glengarry area, drop me a message and we’ll set something up! I’m looking for younger, in-shape guys with nice looking cocks to suck and fuck, and basically do anything you like with. Just think of me as your local Slut or Whore, but one who fucks for free! Lets get together and just use one another, and have some fun! I will never tell anyone who you are πŸ˜‰

If you are curious, interested, or have any questions, just message me here or e-mail me at wildrose@carolcox.com πŸ™‚

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I Pissed My Pants!

Pants PeeΒ I just uploaded a really fun video to theΒ  ChickPee section of my Members Area where I am masturbating on the floor while fully dressed. After a few great orgasms, I had to pee really bad, so I just let it go in my pants!! Of course I kept masturbating while I peed, and licked the piss off my fingers a few times. I do taste good! πŸ˜‰

The video is available to Members of my site, and if you aren’t a member…Why not!! SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW and check out what I have for you πŸ™‚

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My First Gang-Bang Ever

I just put this picture up on my Picture Blog as part of Throwback Thursday. I thought I would show it to you here, but tell yo the story, however brief, of that evening.

It was my 20th birthday, way back on September 16th, 1983, and for a birthday present, my husband got me 4 really cute guys that I liked and who he went to University with at the time. he had quietly told them what he wanted from them, and they all agreed to take part. I remember how nervous they all were when they came over πŸ˜‰

1983-09-16We started with drinks, with all the guys drinking beer, spread out on the couch and loveseat. After a few beers, I went upstairs to change, and came down in that sheer shirt you see in the picture, sheer panties, and high heels. To get things going, my husband thought it would be fun to take a few pictures with our Polaroid camera while the guys watched. So this was one of those pictures. I then masturbated in front of them with my vibrator, which not one of them had ever seen before!

To get things really started, I went to my husband, pulled out his cock, and started sucking him. I then told the guys they should get undressed and ready. Once they did, and were all sitting back again, I went to the first guy on my knees, sucked his cock for a while, and then climbed up onto his cock and rode him until he came in my pussy. I cleaned up some of the CUM, and went to the next guy and did the same thing, and then the next, and then the last guy! I ended up doing all 4 guys the same way, without them moving at all! They all just sat there and I did everything πŸ˜‰

I went back to the first guy and started sucking him again, and my husband came behind me and fucked me. Watching me fuck the four guys got hm really excited, so he didn’t last long, but when he was about to CUM, he pulled out of me, stood up, and pulled me over to suck his cock. He came almost immediately, and I swallowed every drop. The guy that I had been sucking asked if he could do that too, and I went back to sucking him as my answer. He didn’t last long either, and within a minute was cumming in my mouth. I swallowed it all again, and moved to the next guy. I swallowed him and the other two!

We then took a break, and everyone sat back drinking beer, naked, and watching some Porn tapes we had borrowed off another friend. The next few hours, I would suck or fuck one of the guys when they were ready again. One guy came 6 times that evening! It went on until almost 3:00 in the morning, and I was sore the enxt day, but not my pussy…my knees were rug burned and my legs were sore from doing all the riding!

So my first Gang-Bang wasn’t really a Gang-Bang as I did every guy separately with no group sex at all. The closest I came was when my husband fucked me while I was sucking that one guy. One of the guys did become my first long-term boyfriend and Fuck Buddy, and we would fuck a few times a week for many years.

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The Latest Tribute Pictures

For those that don’t like these…too F’n bad! They aren’t for you anyways, but for the guys who did them for me and for those that enjoy Tribute pictures.Β  πŸ™‚

These were pictures I received over the last few days, and the pictures I did in return πŸ™‚



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A Quiet Weekend Here

This was a quiet weekend for me, and I can blame it on the weather! On Friday, I had a couple of cute young guys lined up to come over to my place for a few drinks and some hard-core play. But we ended up getting a full foot of snow, so the guys couldn’t make it down from Ottawa. We ended up just staying in and watching movies.

On Saturday, we went way out for dinner with some friends, and then ended up at Berringan’s Pub down in Lancaster for the Karaoke. As I mention, I do not sing but just watch and support those that do. There was a lot of people there including a huge bunch of young guys, some of which I would have loved to bring back home with me! My pussy actually got a bit wet thinking about fucking a few of them! But, that never happened πŸ™

Today I did some house cleaning and laundry, and did some work on my website getting some new videos ready.

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Happy Valentine Day

Just wishing those that are into it a happy Valentine’s Day. I’m not a romantic, so it’s just another day for someone like me, but have a great one if you get into it πŸ™‚

This has been a long week for me. Just problem after problem, and I thought it would never end. I had shoots set up for both Tuesday and Wednesday, but both guys canceled. They did give me proper notice, so it wasn’t a problem with them. I just didn’t have the time to find replacements. Not that the time wasn’t there, just that I got so tied up in other things, I ran out of time!

Mouth Pee!I did manage to get a new “Pee Shoot” up in my Member’s Area on Tuesday. This isn’t for everyone as I know that Watersports does turn some people off, but I’ve always been into it so have my fun little ChickPee section just for that. I had a hot young member of my site, whom I first met at a Gang-Bang a few years ago when he had his big cock in my ass (absolute truth), contact me about pissing on me! He knew I liked it and he wanted to try it. So he came over to do a Pee & Blow-Job video with me. I knelt down in front of him, and when he finally got started, it was like a fire-hose was shooting right in my mouth, and it never ended! HUGE amount of pee! When he was finally done, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him until he gave me a nice facial. The video came our great and is available right now to website members. If you aren’t a member, you can be right now….

On Wednesday, I shot a solo Desperation Pee video, where I pee in my pants while I masturbate. It was messy and fun, and something I actually do a lot! I’ll have that one up early next week for your enjoyment πŸ™‚


I’m not sure what is going on for this evening. We are supposed to have a couple of guys we know come down from Ottawa for some fun, but with the weather the way it is, I am not sure if that’ll happen. I guess I just have to wait and see.

Saturday night we are going out for dinner with local friends and then down to Berrigan’s Pub in Lancaster for the Karaoke.

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