Sucked A New Fan Today

The following pictures are from earlier this afternoon when I had a new guy drop by to get his cock sucked. He messaged me on my website about fucking, but since it is the “wrong time of the month” for me, I invited him over for a Blow-Job instead! (He is coming back over next Tuesday to fuck me)

He showed up right on time, and I quickly got his pants off and started sucking his cock and balls. I gave him a nice long and wet blow-job, and then I went and made a big rookie mistake that I hadn’t done in years!! …when he started cumming, I was so into it I had forgotten all about my husband videotaping us and I swallowed everything. He had a really big creamy load that tasted so good, and I just kept sucking and swallowing as he came. It was supposed to be a Facial Finish, but…oops! As I mentioned, I wasn’t even thinking about it until my husband asked if he just came! Needles to say, my husband was a little pissed off at missing the “money shot”! 😉

I told the guy he owes me a Facial now, after the creampie he gives me next Tuesday 😉

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Another Week Of Cancellations :(

I had two fun shoots planned for today and for tomorrow. The guy for today wanted to do a quickie shoot where he would fuck me bareback,  hard and fast doggy-style, and then CUM all over my face. I was looking forward to it, but he wrote yesterday and cancelled with no excuse. The guy who was supposed to be over tomorrow also cancelled yesterday. That was supposed to be a Watersports and Facial shoot where the guy wanted me to suck his cock, give me a facial, then pee on my face to wash off the CUM…then do it again! A Double Facial with Pee! What I have been trying to do for months! But he cancelled last minute too 🙁

This past weekend was basically a bust too! There was no one around to play with. I could have gone up to Ottawa for a house pary on Saturday, but I really wasn’t in the mood for a long drive back home afterwards.

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A Long Boring Week

This was one of those weeks where absolutely nothing happened. Not a thing. Nada. Nothing! I had nothing planned, even though I did try to get some guys over for some shoots, so ended up just doing work and running around shopping. I couldn’t think of a single thing to write in this Blog this entire week! That’s how bad it has been.

At least I do have fun coming up including some shoots scheduled for next week 🙂

Tonight, we are going to a new place that just opened down in Martintown called The Grand Hotel. It used to be Johnny Mac’s, a local bar, but changed hands last year. They are having a “Ukrainian Buffet” for dinner, and me being of Ukrainian heritage want to try it out. So, as an expert who ate what her Babushka made, I get to judge their holubtsi or golubtsi (cabbage rolls), varenyky or pierogi (perogies), kovbasa or kubasa (polish sausage), and hopefully the borscht (beet soup). I am a snob when it comes to this as it is my families food 😉

After dinner, we’ll head up to The Atlantic Pub in Alexandria where once again I hope to pick up a person or three to bring home for some fun! I am overdue! And I never know how much of a hint I have to throw out to people! Maybe I will have some good news to share with you all tomorrow.

At tis time, I have no idea as to what we will be doing tomorrow night. We were invited to a Swinger House Party up in Ottawa, but I don’t think I’ll be in the mood to drive up there. So if anyone has a better idea of where and how we can play Saturday night, let me know! 🙂

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Mia Has Some Fucking Fun At My Studio

Mia was over at the studios doing some webcam work for me. She also helped me out by testing out a couple of guys that wanted to fuck me, and her method of checking them out was to fuck them and make sure they could perform! She had finished with the boys, and had even written me a little “report”, and got back onto the studio webcam and chat to play around. She was still horny, and the people in chat got her even hornier, so she decided to get Dugmor to fuck her! They had a shower together so Mia could wash the old CUM off her body, and then had a quick suck and fuck. This one ends with a great messy facial!

Theer are close to 200 pictures from this fun as well as a full video in the Members Area of my website. Check it out right now!

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Hanging Out With Friends Tonight

I have some Montreal friends who we used to hang out with all the time coming out to meet us for dinner and drinks at the Pub. Other friends will be joining us to, and since everyone are crazy “Swingers”, it may turn out to be an interesting night! Since my little Gang-Bang on Wednesday, I have been insatiably horny! It’s crazy! So I really really need to fuck hard tonight! One cock is just not enough. So I have a feeling we’ll end up back at my place for a nasty little sexual get-together 😉

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Wednesday Night Gang-Bang

I had a great time last night that was unplanned and very last minute. One of my young BoyToys from Cornwall told some of his friends about me. One of them plays hockey for a certain local Pro (or Semi-Pro?) hockey team. He contacted me yesetrday afternoon mentioning the guys were going to “party” at his place later in the evening and wanted to know if I wanted to come over and “play”. I mentioned it to my husband and he asked if I wanted to do it. I thought about it for a minute, and said yes! I texted the Boy back asking him what time and how many guys. He said the guys were all getting over there early and that he wasn’t sure how many. It could be anywhere from 4 to 14!

We had dinner at home and I changed into one of my knit black dresses with nothing else on. We got to the house at 8:30, and there were 7 guys there who had all been drinking for a couple of hours! They were all really cute and hot! They ranged from 20 to 26, and since they were all athletes, they were in just amazing shape. After a drink and a little light chat, I asked who wanted to go first! You would think that was the most difficult question in the world! They were all immediately shy, and no one wanted to be the first. Finally they picked on one of the guys saying that since he had a birthday coming up next week, he should go first.

I went over to him, dropped to my knees and undid his pants. I pulled out his cock, which was rock hard already, and lightly rubbed it. I kissed the head of his cock, gave it a little lick, then slid my mouth on him. About 15 seconds later, he grunts and CUMs! I was not prepared for that and he shot right into my throat…which caused me to choke like a beginner! I actually coughed his CUM all over his cock! But I did regain my composure and licked him clean. The next guy was now ready, and he quickly undressed. He too was hard and ready, and pretty big! His cock was right around 8 inches and really thick! I had him sit on the couch and I knelt in front of him and began to lick and suck his cock. I spent just a few minutes doing that and then stood up, hiked up my dress, and straddled him. I grabbed his cock and slowly guided it into my pussy. As he was thick and my pussy hadn’t been touched yet, I went slow. I got it all the way in, slowly lifted up on his shaft, lowered again…and he grabbed me by the hips and came! He apologized and I said it was okay, but I was a bit pissed.

The next guy wasn’t much better, not in that he came fast, but that he just couldn’t keep it up! I worked on his cock for quite a while, and it would get slightly hard, then soft, over and over. My BoyToy came up behind me and as I worked on the one guy’s cock, he slid his cock into me and fucked me nice and hard. After he came inside me, the next guy immediately jumped in and shoved his cock into me! The CUM was just oozing out of my pussy, and I could even feel it dripping out onto the floor. The BoyToy ran to the kitchen to grab a teo towel, reached between the guys legs to wipe the fllor, and left the towel there to catch anything else 😉

The guy fucking me pulled out and came all over my ass. Not a big deal, other than I was still wearing my dress and when I stood up, I completely firgot about all the CUM on my ass, so it ended up on the inside of my dress!I had also given up on the guy I was sucking as after 20 minutes or so, he just couldn’t get it up! He had drunk too much, and was too nervous. Of course all his friends making fun of him didn’t help the matter either 😉

Guy number 6 just wanted a blow-job so I sat him on the couch and knelt between his legs, sucking him. The first guy who came in my mouth right away got behind me and started fucking me. Once again he didn’t last too long and came in just a couple of minutes. He was replaced by guy number 2, the one with the thick cock, who finally fucked me long and hard. It was really really good, so much that I forgot about sucking the guy’s cock and just rested my head on his lap! But I did get back to it, and as he came in my mouth, it set off the guy fucking me who came right after.

That was it! The last guy was just too shy to do anything in front of the other guys, so he never got a thing. We left soon after and the CUM was dripping from my pussy all the way home! I had nothing to clean up with, so had to make sure my dress was low enough to catch the “drip”!

So what was supposed to be a very quiet night turned out to be fun.

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A Very Fun But Different Video Shoot

The guy in the video with me sent me a Tribute Video that was so good I really couldn’t help but invite him over for some fun to show my thanks. He lives in Montreal which was close enough for this to be possible. In the video, he actually fucked a life-size picture of my ass and then came all over a picture of my feet. I’ll post it up in a separate post so you can watch it if you wish.

We chatted on-line about what we would do, and finally got it figured out. So last Thursday, he showed up at my place with a bag full of goodies and ready to go. He wanted me to suck and fuck him, of course, but he also wanted me to play with his ass. He brought along a butt-plug and a speculum, and he also brought me a cool pair of “stripper shoes” to wear and to fuck his ass with! He also wanted to CUM on them at the end. I even got to keep the shoes, and they aren’t cheap ones!

So, that’s what we did! I lubed up his ass, and deeply fingered it until he was ready for the butt plug. I then slid that into his ass and sucked his cock for a while. I was now ready for some fun, so I climbed onto his cock and slid it into my pussy, bareback. I rode him in a reverse cowgirl position at first, and then switched around to a normal cowgirl. He made quite a few comments about how he loved how wet, hot and tight I was! I climbed off his cock and pulled out the butt-plug. I then slid the speculum into his ass, cranked it open, and fucked him with the heel of the shoe! After a bit of that, I sucked his cock some more and then had him fuck me doggy-style. When he was ready to CUM, I sat up on a bar stool and he jerked off all over my feet! See, I told you it was different! 😉

I am editing the video now and will have it up in my members area either later tonight or tomorrow. This is a good one that you’ll get off to.

Below are some of the video captures from the fun I had…

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These Cancellations Are Getting Ridiculous!

Two weks ago, I had two shoots planned, and both got canceled. Last week was Spring Break, so I didn’t have anything. This week, I had 4 shoots set up, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 3 of the 4 canceled, 2 at the last minute! The only fun is now set for tomorrow which luckily is still on and will be a very different and unique video shoot that you will have to see to believe! This guy is just wild! 😉

I didn’t plan anything for today as real-life dos get in the way and I have to spend the afternoon running around and doing all sorts of stuff! I even had to turn down one of my BoyToys who wanted to get together.

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Happy Early St. Paddy’s!

I know that St. Patrick’s Day is officially on Monday, but we’ll be heading up to the Pub this evening to celebrate early! I may not be Irish, but I’m married to one! So I think I’ll be the one driving home later tonight 😉

Everyone is welcome to come and hang out. We’ll be at The Atlantic Pub in Alexandria from about 8:30 until my husband falls over 😉

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Spring Break Is Over!

This was a very non-sexual week for me, only because it’s Spring Break around here so my son was home from school. I usually do all my shoots and have my fun during the day while he is gone, so I wasn’t able to do a thing. I did catch up on some tedious work I had to do.

Since it is St. Patrick’s Day weekend, we’ll probably end up at the Pub tonight and tomorrow night. I have no other plans, and no hook-ups planned at all! If I am lucky, maybe some cute guys will show up who want to play 😉

That’s it from me, it has been a boring week where I haven’t done a single thing of interest…

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