It has been a busy week!

This has been such a bust week. Today wasn’t fun though as I had to go to the Dentist to get a Crown replaced, so I was there for over 3 hours! Really no fun πŸ™ But I did have a couple of great video shoots earlier in the week, and then on Wednesday afternoon, I went and played with a new hot young couple! That went great, and I had an amazing time with the both of them. Yesterday, one of my Cornwall BoyToys came over to help my husband move some heavy stuff and to thank him, I fucked him! πŸ˜‰

On Wednesday, we found out our new kitchen will be delivered on June 2nd, and we have a LOT of work to do to get ready for it. Fist, we have to clean up the mezzanine area of our garage that we use as a pantry. It’s right off the kitchen and perfect for kitchen storage. Right now we have a freezer and second fridge in there along with all sorts of shelving where we keep all our small kitchen appliances and things like extra can goods and dry goods. All that has to be moved and my BoyToy offered to help us get started. He came to help Danny move the fridge and freezer and some of the heavier boxes. Since I am a big believer in “bartering” and like to return favours (there’s a big hint for all you Tradesmen πŸ˜‰ ), when the guys were done, I brought him into the living room, pulled out his cock, and sucked it! I then dropped my own pants, climbed on his cock, and fucked him. When he was close to cumming, I finished him off in my mouth. He thought it was an excellent trade πŸ˜‰

I will be very busy over the next three weeks, and my times on-line will be erratic. I still have some shoots lined up and will keep playing, but I won’t be working on my websites as much so I have the time to do the work at home.

The first thing we have to do is fix and prime/paint the walls and ceiling in the garage mezzanine. We’re there tearing up the floor and replacing it with heavier 3/4 plywood. Danny is also changing all the electrical in there. We also have to install the flooring, and when that is finally done, we will disassemble our current kitchen and reassemble it in that mezzanine area! We then have to tear out the existing flooring in the kitchen, and fix and paint the walls in the kitchen. Then we have to put in the plywood for the tile base, and then do all the kitchen floor tiling and grouting. Trim and baseboards is next, and then we are ready for the new kitchen parts to get delivered so we can put that all together, finish the plumbing and electrical, and finally…enjoy our new kitchen!

So, who wants to come over and help in exchange for “favours”?? πŸ˜‰Β  (j/k)

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Meeting A New Couple Today

About a month back, a young couple came out to the Pub to meet me for a drink and to have a chat about getting into “Porn”. They are a really hot couple from Cornwall and both around 21 (I think). We hit it off really well and have chatted quite a bit since then. Of course, much of our discussions have been about sex! πŸ˜‰

So, this afternoon my husband has some medical appointments in Cornwall that will take a couple of hours and since I can free up some time, we decided to get together for some fun. Danny will drop me off at their apartment (which funnily enough, is three doors down from another Swinger couple we know!) and pick me up when he is done.

I’ll let you know how it all went after I get back home πŸ™‚

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A Few Pictures from my Creampie Shoot

I had a fun, albeit it quite short, bareback fucking and Creampie shoot this afternoon. I also have a few pictures for you. My young fan showed up right on time and we talked about what we were going to do. I started by sucking his cock for a bit, and just that got him close to cumming! We then moved around, and he pushed my legs up and slid his cock into me and fucked me hard for a couple of minutes. We then moved again, and this time I got on top, and in the video you can see that from the time I slid his cock into my pussy until the time he came inside of me was only 70 seconds! I seen to have that effect on so many guys for their first time with me πŸ˜‰

But I had a fun time and a couple of great orgasms, including a huge one as he was cumming inside of me. I love to feel a guy’s cock “pulse” as his CUM is pumping inside of me πŸ˜‰

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Creampie Video Shoot Today

I have a cute young guy coming over in an hour to shoot a video with me. We’re going for a big Creampie and he says he has been saving up! Hopefully, I’ll have a few pictures from the fun to share with you later this afternoon πŸ™‚


I did have a pretty good weekend! Friday afternoon, I had no plans whatsoever for the weekend, and that all changed within an hour. A really hot guy I have been chatting with on the website asked if I wanted to meet for a drink. So I invited him up to the Pub to join me and my husband. We hit it off right away, and within an hour we were back at my house. We ended up down in the lower level family room and spent the next two hours all fucking. I really wish I could have enjoyed a Double-Penetration, but I am still suffering from a small hemorrhoid problem back there! I fucked both guys, a lot, and the new guy also happened to be fully Bi, so he sucked my husband! Danny said it was a great blow-job and even came in the guy’s mouth. he will be back.

On saturday we went to a “Swinger Dinner Party” back in our old neighbourhood in Montreal. I thought it was going to be small, but there were 20 people there, and two guys for every woman too! It was a non-stop night of sucking and fucking, and the guys kept me so busy, I never got to touch a single woman! I was also the only woman to fuck every guy there, all thirteen of them, and I only got three loads of CUM! Just not fair πŸ˜‰

Okay, I have to finish getting ready for my new BoyToy πŸ™‚

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Fun Shoot Today…without the camera!

It’s been a good week for video shoots! No guys cancelling, and everyone has been cute with nice cocks. I had some nice young men over on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday! And I had a shoot planned for today too with another new guy!

The shoots for yesterday and today were supposed to be good old-fashioned sucking and hard fucking videos, but I woke up yesterday morning and found out my period started a week early! At my age, it is very erratic. So all I did yesterday was a Blow-Job and Facial shoot, as you can see from the previous post (that guy is coming back over on Tuesday to Creampie my pussy). That was also going to be the plan for today too.

Now, at about 11:30 this morning, the phone rings and it’s a Doctor’s office calling for my husband about an appointment he has been waiting for. They had an opening at 1:00 he could have, and if he didn’t take it, he would have had to wait until the end of May! So we talked and he decided to go. Of course, I had a new guy coming over at noon and it was too late to get hold of him. I had to just wait and tell him the bad news when he got here.

My husband had left and the new guy showed up right at noon. He is in his late 20’s and really hot! I invited him in and told him the bad news but since I felt bad about him driving down to Ottawa, I told him I really anted to suck his cock to show my thanks. Needless to say, he was VERY into that idea. We went to the livingroom and he removed all his clothes, and sat back on the couch. I went down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth.

After about 10 minutes of me sucking his cock and balls, he stopped me and pulled me up to kiss me. He whispered that he wanted to taste my pussy and I had to remond him that I was on my period! But like my husband, he said he loved to lick a women who was “flowing” and after a few minutes of his verbal seduction, I gave in! Believe me, for me this is a really rare occurrence! He undressed me, laid me out on the edge of the couch, and went down on me. Within just a few minutes, he had me gushing CUM and I had orgasm after orgasm! He was really really good.

I just couldn’t take it anymore as I got super sensitive, so I grabbed him and pulled him up to me to kiss, which we did, passionately. His cock was just an inch from my pussy and I found myself grabbing it and pulling it into me! It slipped right into my pussy, and he fucked me hard in that position, me with my ass on the edge of the couch and him kneeling in front of me, for about 10 minutes. He grunted, and let go inside of me. I could feel his CUM just pumping into my pussy, and if felt so good. We ended up just staying like that for another 5 minutes while he slowly softened.

When he finally pulled out of me, a huge glob of CUM fell right out of me and right onto the floor. Of course it landed right on the edge of the rug, which is harder to wipe up than if it landed on the hardwood. We both cleaned up, and he left. But he will be back for a proper shoot πŸ˜‰

Now, I just have to tell my husband…


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Great Facial Today

So, I got a great Facial earlier today! And from a last minute guy too. There is a young guy from the Ottawa area that reads on comments on my Blogs quite a bit. he left a comment on Tuesday about wanting to do a video with me and left me his e-mail address. So, I wrote him back as soon as I saw it, and we set it up for today!

He came over, and he is one of those thin young guys with the big cocks! I sucked his cock and balls and he loved it based on the noises he was making. And we he finally came all over my face, it was a wonderfully creamy and thick big load! It came out great on video and in the handful of pictures I have attached below.

He is coming back over next Tuesday, this time to fuck me and CUM deep in my pussy. I think a Creampie from him will look, and feel, great πŸ™‚

As this is the first shoot of the month I hope this bodes well for me and fro the rest of the shoots I have lined up πŸ™‚

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Shooting Today!

I have a fun video shoot planned for today with a cute 26 year old from Ottawa who looks barely 18! He is very young looking but has a nice body and a great cock. We are going to do a “Role Play” video with him being my very young neighbour who catches me changing, and I catch him watchingΒ  me! Of course, sexual fun will ensue πŸ˜‰

I plan to end this with me riding his cock and him cumming inside of me. Then I will slowly lift off his cock, letting his CUM run all down his shaft. I’ll slide down and slowly lick him clean. Should be a lot of fun πŸ˜‰


April has been the worst month ever for cancellations and no-shows for video shoots. I had 8 shoots set up and only did one! Of the 7 other guys, 2 wrote and cancelled at the last minute and 5 just never showed up! I really wish I could find a local guy who wanted to play…

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An Afternoon Quickie

I hd a very enjoyable afternoon quickie with a new guy I met at a friend’s party about a month or so ago. My husband and I had to run around Cornwall today doing some shopping and checking on things for our new kitchen that will soon be going in. Our new friend, Andrew, invited us over to his place as he lives across the street from the Home Depot we had to stop in at. The sex was planned, and we all knew that time was limited, so it was a real quickie lasting maybe 20 minutes total! I started by giving both Andrew and Danny blow-jobs, and then Danny fucked me on the couch while I kept sucking Andrew’s cock. Danny came in my pussy, and when he pulled out. Andrew went right down and licked my pussy clean! God, I love that! He then slid his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard for about 5 minutes until he was close to cumming. He really wanted to finish in my mouth, so that’s what he did with me swallowing every drop. We cleaned up, dressed, and were out the door. It was great! πŸ™‚

BTW, him cleaning up the Creampie came as a complete surprise, albeit, a very pleasant one. I just love when someone goes down on me and licks the CUM out of my pussy as I have the most amazing orgasms. I make my husband do it quite often, even when it’s another man’s CUM in me! Whenever I meet a guy who is into cleaning up Creampie’s, my pussy is his to CUM in πŸ˜‰

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Sucked A New Fan Today

The following pictures are from earlier this afternoon when I had a new guy drop by to get his cock sucked. He messaged me on my website about fucking, but since it is the “wrong time of the month” for me, I invited him over for a Blow-Job instead! (He is coming back over next Tuesday to fuck me)

He showed up right on time, and I quickly got his pants off and started sucking his cock and balls. I gave him a nice long and wet blow-job, and then I went and made a big rookie mistake that I hadn’t done in years!! …when he started cumming, I was so into it I had forgotten all about my husband videotaping us and I swallowed everything. He had a really big creamy load that tasted so good, and I just kept sucking and swallowing as he came. It was supposed to be a Facial Finish, but…oops! As I mentioned, I wasn’t even thinking about it until my husband asked if he just came! Needles to say, my husband was a little pissed off at missing the “money shot”! πŸ˜‰

I told the guy he owes me a Facial now, after the creampie he gives me next Tuesday πŸ˜‰

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Another Week Of Cancellations :(

I had two fun shoots planned for today and for tomorrow. The guy for today wanted to do a quickie shoot where he would fuck me bareback,Β  hard and fast doggy-style, and then CUM all over my face. I was looking forward to it, but he wrote yesterday and cancelled with no excuse. The guy who was supposed to be over tomorrow also cancelled yesterday. That was supposed to be a Watersports and Facial shoot where the guy wanted me to suck his cock, give me a facial, then pee on my face to wash off the CUM…then do it again! A Double Facial with Pee! What I have been trying to do for months! But he cancelled last minute too πŸ™

This past weekend was basically a bust too! There was no one around to play with. I could have gone up to Ottawa for a house pary on Saturday, but I really wasn’t in the mood for a long drive back home afterwards.

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