The Weekend

I had a pretty good weekend, and I hope you all did also! Friday was busy early on then quiet later on as I had all sorts of work to do all day on my website and the XRV website. People were asking me if we were going out to the bar, and I just didn’t know. We did decide to go out at the last minute and hit the bar around 8:30. As there were different fairs going on across Eastern Ontario, and a big one just up the road in Vankleek Hill, the Pub was quiet. We stayed until almost midnight though.

Saturday was another busy day during the day as we decided to wash and wax the vehicles and I got some gardening done. We had no plans at all for the evening and it turned into a kid free night so after dinner (and our Dairy Queen run) I invited some of my BoyToys over, and three of them came! It ended up being a great, and long, night. We just hung out in the kitchen and the family room, drinking and chatting, and fooling round until we were all naked. Instead of a solid Gang-Bang, I just took turns playing with and fucking the guys while the rest sat back and watched. And it went on for over 6 hours!

We started in the kitchen with me on my knees sucking all their cocks. Then one of the guys picked me and and carried me to the couch. He sat down while still holding me, and lowered me on his cock! I rode him quite hard while the other guys all cheered us on and it didn’t take him long before he started cumming inside of me! I could feel him just pumping his CUM into my pussy, and I knew it was a really big load. ow, one of the BoyToys is a Bi-Curious guy who wanted to clan up every Creampie that I got. So he had laid on the floor right behind me and I just lifted off the one guy’s cock and lowered my pussy right on the guy’s mouth. He went crazy trying to get every drop of CUM out of my pussy, and I loved it! I then fucked him, and made him lick his own CUM from my pussy, then fucked the third guy and then my husband. That one guy licked my pussy all four times πŸ™‚

We took a break, and had more to drink, and then the “anal round” started! All four guys took turns fucking and cumming in my ass, and that whole process went on for over an hour! It was a much needed break time again and we all took it easy for close to an hour. When we started up again, I wanted a bit more comfort so I grabbed one of the guys and brought him to my bedroom, telling the other guys to stay out. We sucked and fucked for quite a while until he came in my pussy, then went back out to the kitchen.

By now, it was almost 2:00 in the morning and I mentioned to the guys that I still hadn’t had a Double-Penetration! Two of the guys helped me out with that one. One guy sat on the couch and I climbed on his cock. The other guy came behind me and I guided his cock into my ass. It took a few minutes to get the proper rhythm but we did and it was amazing. The guys had me cumming so hard, I was just gushing. The couch was getting soaked and it’s a good thing it’s leather and easy to clean up! We spent close to 15 minutes in a DP before the guys just couldn’t take it anymore and started cumming. The guy in my pussy came first which set off the guy in my ass. When we finally broke up, I basically collapsed! I was exhausted, in a very good way.

We all were completely burned out and just sat back and relaxed. It was just after 3:00 in the morning now, and the guys all felt it was time to leave. I did not argue. They left and I just climbed right into bed and was asleep in seconds. I didn’t even take the time to clean up or even brush my teeth before bed!

I slept in until almost 10:00 on Sunday, and took it very easy. I finished up some of my gardening and did some laundry, but it was all done in slow motion. We didn’t even make dinner and for the first time in years, ordered pizza on a Sunday night! We were than beatΒ  πŸ˜‰

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Jizzabelle Takes Three Loads Of CUM!

This is the second part of the Jizzabelle video that I just put up in my Members Area yesterday. The first video had loads of anal with toys, and in this one, Dom was supposed to bang her ass hard. But…after lots of oral and some hard straight fucking, he couldn’t help himself and had to CUM! He let go right in Jizabelle’s mouth, and you see her swallow the big blob of CUM that lands right on her tongue (Jizzabelle is like me and would rather swallow a nice load than waste it on a Facial)

After she sucked every last drop from Dom’s cock, the cameraguys were ready to CUM themselves! Robmor dropped a load on her stomach while Dugmor lays one right on her forehead! The member video ends with Jizzabelle taking a nice long pee in the toilet. πŸ˜‰

Here is a little teaser video for you all. As I mentioned, you can see the full length version with all the action in my Members Area, right now.

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Adam & Eve Enjoy A Quickie On Video

Adam & Eve were hanging out at my studios and playing around in chat. They decided to do a quick show for everyone, so got naked and went at it! They fucked, sucked and licked until Adam dropped a load on Eve’s boob. For Adam, it wasn’t that big of a load at all but he can be forgiven since he came in me three times the night before πŸ˜‰

Below is just the teaser video. The full video is already up in my Members Area. Check It Out Right Now!

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What a day!! I have been sitting here since before 9:00 this morning trying to get the website upgraded and updated. It took the entire day to do the upgrade then fix ALL the bugs. And there were lots of them! There are still things to fix here and there (including the graphics slider right on the entrance page) but I am just too tired to do anything else. I never even had a chance to work on anything for my own website today!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, have a look at It’s a free website but you do have to register to see it fully. It is an Adult Community site, similar to a Swingers site, but open to all, regardless of gender, partnership status, or sexual identification. All are welcome. It’s really for the very open minded who are looking for more than just a relationship. It’s for people wjo like to go out and play, and we help you find the people to play with, and the places to play! There will be listings for all the Dogging & Cruising Areas in North America, Adult Theaters, Peep Shows, Sex Saunas, Sex Clubs, Swing Clubs, and much much more.Β  I can’t wait to get the actual content and listings finished! πŸ™‚

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Anal Fun With A Neighbour

These were taken a couple of weeks back by one of the local boys when I dropped over to his house for some fun. He snapped these with his phone and just sent them to me so I thought I would share. I first sat on his cock to get it all nice and wet with my pussy, then turned around so he could do me from behind. He slipped it back in my pussy and fucked me for a short while before pulling and and slipping it in my ass. When he was going to CUM, he pulled out and spurted all over my ass. It ran down onto my pussy, and then onto the floor! I like a good mess πŸ˜‰

I haven’t even mentioned this to my husband yet, so lets see how long it takes him to even notice this post!

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Vivid Contract Star Malezia’s Very First Shoot!

MaleziaIt’s amazing what you find when you are digging through things! I just came across two photo shoots that we did of Malezia, which are her first two shoots ever! Malezia went on to become a big time Porn Star with a Contract with Vivid Video and some big movies behind her. But everyone has to start somewhere, and Malezia started with me!

Below are a few pictures from her very first shoot. These were done 3 days after her 18th birthday. Her birthday is April 17, 1984 and these were shot on April 20, 2002! The picture at the top is one that was taken just after she signed with Vivid Video. The last picture of the set is how she looks now with her Breast Enlargement! The pictures in between were shot in my studio, and as you can see, I even allowed her to shoot on my personal bed spread (the one I still use to this day)

I had to find a guy for her to shoot with and my BoyToy GeeDee quickly volunteered. This was just a blow-job shoot that we did around 5:00, and Malezia sucked on GeeDee’s cock for quite a while before he squirted all over her boobs! Two hours after this, I set her up with another shoot with Sacha who fucked her hard and came all over her stomach. So I have the first two shoots that a big Contract Porn Star ever did!

I have the full set of pictures up in my Members Area, so members can access them right now. Of course I welcome everyone to become a member, so Join Me Now! πŸ™‚

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How Much CUM Have You Swallowed?

“How much CUM have you swallowed” is a question I get almost daily, in e-mail, on Facebook, and on just about every site I am on. In fact, I just got that same question three times already today! I thought I would answer it, yet again, here on my Blog.

For my calculations, I will use the answer I got for “average volume of ejaculate in humans” on Google. The various sites say that the average amount of CUM a guy spurts out is about one teaspoon, so I will use that even though many of the guys I have been with, including my husband, squirt twice that!

I suck and swallow my husband about 5 times a week, and have been doing that since we were dating 32 years ago! So 32 years times 52 weeks a year times 5 times a week at 1 tsp a shot equals 8320 teaspoons, or almost 11 gallons of CUM. I have also sucked and swallowed closet o 2000 men over those same years, many of them multiple times. Up to a couple of years ago when I moved, I averaged 2 guys a week (it used to be even more), but to be conservative and average it out, I’ll say it’s 1.75 loads a week from other men. So 32 years times 52 weeks times 1,75 loads times 1tsp equals 2912 teaspoons or almost 4 gallons of CUM

All together, I have swallowed approximately 11232 loads of CUM at 1 teaspoon each or 14.6 Gallons of CUM!

Before you ask, I also figure that I have had even more CUM ejaculated into my pussy over that time, approximately 18 Gallons, and about 3 Gallons spurted in my ass.

See, I can also do basic math! πŸ˜‰

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Karaoke Tonight!

If you are into Karaoke then you should come out and join me in Lancaster this evening for a fun filled night of singing. I don’t sing, ever, but I enjoy seeing others get involved. We have friends coming for dinner and then we’ll be heading down to the Pub at 9:00.

If you are nearby and have no plans, then come on out. You can see the event on Facebook and get the address and directions at

If you aren’t on Facebook, then just go to:
Berrigan’s Pub
184 Military Rd (the main street, county road 34, just south of the tracks)
Lancaster, ON

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Anal Fun with Jizzabelle – The Video

Here is the teaser video form the full length one I put up in my Members Area yesterday. This had so much different anal penetration and ass to mouth, I could only give very brief samples. It’s also just the first part of a great two part scene.

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The Weekend Is Here!

It felt like a really long week to me! I’m not sure why as I was basically taking it easy and being really lazy, but it just felt long. But it is now Friday and I am ready to party!

Later this evening we’ll be heading out to our local Pub to meet friends for drinks. I have no idea as to what I may be doing afterwards, I guess I’ll just take it as it comes. I can’t really “play” as it is that wrong time of the month, so I have to find other way to entertain myself. Tomorrow night, we’ll be down at the Pub in Lancaster for Karaoke. We have friends coming for dinner first and then we’re all heading down to listen to the singers and drink some more.

So, that’s really it. A long week followed by a non-sexual weekend. Hopefully next week will be a lot better! πŸ˜‰

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