First Double-Penetration

This wasn’t my first Double-Penetration (DP) as I had been enjoying them for at least 10 years by this time. But it is my first DP ever recorded. The first time a picture was snapped with a cock in my pussy and another in my ass!

This is a new scan from an old print taken on July 13th, 1996 at my home. A couple of guys came up from Boston to play. I had 3 guys, all taking turns, so all 3 got to my fuck my pussy and my ass in a DP.  🙂

Old Picture New Scan from 1996

This was from early 1996 when a couple of guys from Boston came over for a night of fun. I met them through my websites, and just e-mailing back and forth. I’m using this one to show the difference between pictures then and now 🙂

From 1996, a scan of a hard-copy picture:

and now the same picture that I just scanned again. You need to click on this one to see the full size (and I don’t put up huge pictures):

Other than doing “auto-levels” for balance and brightness, this picture was not edited.

I think I will be spending some time re-scanning the good pictures in my box :O)