Friday Friday!

TGIF! Really! It’s been another long and tedious week but I did manage to squeeze in a little fun. My new BoyToy was over again today for another lunchtime quickie. The only problem we had was I just started my period, so my pussy was off limits. That was fine with him as he is really into fucking my ass. So after some quick oral to each other, he got my ass ready and fucked me deep and hard. He came inside my ass again and it was a big load. My husband was watching us this time, and as soon as the BoyToy pulled out, my husband went in! He fucked my ass for a minute, using the other guy’s CUM as lube, then pulled out, spun me around, and had me suck his CUM covered cock. It didn’t take him long to fill my mouth ;)

The BoyToy was watching and got really excited seeing me do ass-to-mouth. he asked if he could do that next time. Since it isn’t a big deal for me, and I’ve been doing it for as long as I’ve been having anal sex, I agreed. That’ll happen sometime next week :)


I’ll be over at my local bar this evening. We were supposed to head up to a private party near Ottawa, but have to stay close to home tonight, so we had to cancel. So, the bar it is.

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Long Past Couple of Days

I am beat! It has been a long couple of days. We have been working on the basement of our home and after removing a closet, Danny found all sorts of problems with both the framing and the wiring. he decided to gut half the basement, rip out all the wiring, and redo it all properly. Well, we just finished! All the wiring is done and working perfectly and all that is left is to install the drywall and do the finishing.

I did have a nice break earlier today, and left Danny to do the work alone for about an hour. My new young local BoyToy dropped over at noon for a lunchtime quickie. I actually invited him over when we talked last night. We went to my bedroom, got naked, and fucked! He’s become addicted to cumming in my ass, so that’s how we finished up. :)

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Great Party Last Night

It was a good friend’s birthday party yesterday, so we went out to party last night. It was a house party, and a fairly big one at that. About half the people there were “Swingers” with the other half not being, but everyone knew who was who (sexually at least). I ended up having a great time with lots of sex!

I fucked 5 different guys, all individually in a one-on-one basis, and one amazingly hot woman! She was 26 years old, just beautiful with a perfect body, and she hit on me! She was my first “play date” of the evening as we went to the basement guest room and had fun for about half an hour. She really knew how to lick pussy, and we had each other cumming and cumming.

After 30 minutes, the door opened and in walked her husband with one of their friends. They closed the door, took off their clothes, and jumped on the bed with us. I fucked her husband while she fucked the friend, and we finished both guys off with a double blow-job together. We also did the CUM Swap thing with both guy’s CUM. Then, for fun, she and I just stayed naked with CUM spread all over our faces and walked through the party to the bathroom. We cleaned up, and as I came out of the bathroom, another guy I know grabbed me and pulled me back in. After some fooling around, I had him sit on the toilet and rode his cock until he came inside of me (He’s one of my V-Safe Fuck Buddies).

After that, I fucked the birthday boy, then another friend, and then finally I ended up back in the guest room with a young guy I didn’t know and still don’t know his name! He was fun though and the only guy to fuck my ass last night.

We ended up getting home after 4:00 in the morning, so we both just passed right out. I didn’t get up until after 10:00 this morning!

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I Think I Am Getting Old For Car Sex!

Last night we went to our usual bar for a few drinks. My tooth where I had the root canal yesterday was feeling fine (although it is hurting right now), so I was in a good mood. A bunch of new people were supposed to come and hang out with me, but one by one, they all canceled! It was a quiet evening.

Then, just before midnight, one of my new local BoyToys showed up! He’s the guy I played with back in November and have been with a few times since then. 20 minutes after he showed up, we sneaked outside to his pickup truck and started making out. I undid his pants, pulled them down to his knees, and started giving him head. It was a bit awkward as we didn’t have much room. I then had to take my boots and jeans off, and climbed up onto his cock. After about 5 minutes of me riding him, he was close to cumming. He said he wanted to CUM in my ass, so the comedy ensued! I lifted off his cock and tried to ease his cock into my ass, but the position was all wrong. It took a while to get it just right and get it in, by which time I smashed my knee, my elbow, and my head! So much for me being a smooth lover! ;)

Once I got the rhythm going, it only took a couple of minutes for him to CUM. As he started squirting, I sat down hard and his cock and used my butt cheeks to squeeze every drop of CUM out of his cock and into me ass. I just sat there for a few minutes while he slowly softened. I then realized I had nothing to wipe up with! I had left my purse in the bar and he had nothing in the truck. All I could do was clamp my butt tight, lift off of him and quickly get my g-string and jeans back on. But as soon as I stepped out of the truck, a big load of CUM squeezed out! I was going to go clan up in the bathroom, but then decided not to. I had a nice wet spot right on the back of my jeans, and the squishiness felt good. When we finally got home, my panties and jeans were stuck to my butt with crusty CUM ;)


This evening, we have to go into Montreal for a friend’s birthday. His wife has already told me that he wants me to fuck him for his birthday, so that’s what I’ll be doing. It isn’t the first time ;)

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Hello Again

Once again I do apologize to those that actually like to read my drivel. The past few weeks have been somewhat of a nightmare around here with all sorts of health issues with my father-in-law, my son being sick, and me suffering with an abscessed tooth! It has been, by far, the worst tooth pain I have ever had, and even after 2 weeks of antibiotics and painkillers, it still hurts. But I have to go into Montreal this afternoon for a root canal. Due to the curvature of the tooth root, I need to see a specialist. And of course that equals EXPENSIVE!

My day has been packed with being a nursemaid, a chauffeur, and keeping up with the customer service with all our various websites. I have had very little time for myself. So things like this and my other Blog as well as the various message forums have been put on the backburner.

But, I have had a remarkable amount of sex during this time. Since just before Christmas, I have enjoyed sex almost every Friday and Saturday night as well as on the odd weekday. And it’s mainly been with new people, not people I have known. It’s been the best stress reliever ever!

I don’t have time to get into anything right now. I have to drive my father-in-law over to the hospital to get a catheter changed, then get ready to drive to the Dentist in Montreal. I probably won’t be back home until 5 or 6

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No Bar Tonight

I had a few people ask if I would be at my local bar onight and I am sorry to say, I won’t be there this evening. We are heading into Montreal this evening to meet up with a couple for some fun at their place. They are new to it all but really quite kinky and she wants to try all sorts of new things with me, and my husband! I’ll let you all know how the evening went tomorrow :)

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A New BoyToy

So, finally after almost 6 months, I found a new BoyToy to play with and use for Booty Calls! It took long enough! He’s a local guy who is recently divorced (well, divorced for close to a year) and is really good looking. He’s 37 years old, about 6 foot and in great shape. He also has a really nice cut cock that’s close to 8 inches and thick, and has quite a big load of thick, and surprisingly sweet tasting, CUM. He’s also really into licking pussy and ass, and as a bonus, he’s also into watersports!

I first met him a few months ago at the bar and we hit it off, chatting most of the night. I met him a couple more times after that too. Then a few weeks ago, just before I disappeared for the Christmas holidays, I invited a bunch of local people over for drinks at my place. He was one of them who dropped by. We just sat around drinking and talking and then at one point I mentioned I had to go pee! As I walked off to the bathroom in my bedroom, he followed me and asked if he could watch me pee! I laughed and said sure, so he came into the bathroom with me and closed the door behind him. I took off my sweat pants (yes, I was dressed really sexy ;) ) and sat on the toilet. He was standing right in front of me, and I could actually see the bulge grow in his pants! I started peeing, and just as I was finishing he dropped to his knees, grabbed my hips, and pulled my really wet pussy right into his face! I managed to squeeze out a few squirts of pee right into his mouth, and he loved it. He licked me clean and had me cumming and cumming in no time.

I finally stopped him, pulled him up to his feet, and while still sitting on the toilet, got his pants down. Out popped a really beautiful cock that I quickly too into my mouth. He came in about a minute, with a HUGE load of really tasty CUM. I swallowed every drop and milked him dry. he apologized for cumming so quickly and said he had only had sex once since he and his wife split up over a year ago. He was long overdue!

I kept sucking his cock and within just a few minutes, he was rock hard and ready again. He lifted me right off the toilet and sat me on my vanity top. I couldn’t wait to fuck and grabbed his cock and guided him into my dripping wet pussy. I did tell him not to CUM inside of me and that I wanted to finish him in my mouth again. He fucked me hard for about 5 minutes, then pulled out. I jumped off the vanity, dropped to my knees, and took him in my mouth. His second load was almost as big as the first! And really tasty again.

When we were done he had to go pee. He jokingly asked if he could pee on me, but since we had a bunch of people over, and I didn’t want the hassle of cleaning up, I told him another time. I did hold his cock while he went pee, and then licked off the little drops when he was done ;)

We went back into the other room and no one even noticed we had been gone. That was it for the sexual fun on that night.

He called me on Wednesday about getting together and wanted to come over. The big problem was, and now is, my father-in-law has just moved in with us. That is really going to curtail the fun at my house now. But he is 82 and we didn’t want him living on his own over 2 hours away. My BoyToy’s solution was to invite me over to his place. The thing was I still don’t know the area that well so have to get my husband, Danny, to drive me. So, he did! My sweet cuckold of a husband drove me there and then sat in the living room watching TV while I fucked my new BoyToy in his bed. I did prepare myself for the fun so was using one of my contraceptive sponges. He came three times, once in my mouth and twice in my pussy…he did give me a huge creampie! It was a great two hours ;)

We’ll be playing together A LOT as I really like him and LOVE fucking him. I am trying to talk him into letting me get some pictures, but like most of you guys out there, he is quite shy about it. Even close up pictures worry him as he has a distinctive tattoo on his thigh that people know. But I’ll work on him ;)

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Back from the Holidays

Well, I am back! I kinda disappeared for a few weeks for the holidays and didn’t have any Internet access. I did have my iPhone which I thought I would be able to use for some quickie posts now and then, but I barely had any service!

I don’t really have much to tell anyway as not much happened! I did have a couple of fun “encounters”, but that was about it. One guy was a member of my website who happened to be staying about a mile away! We met up for drinks and ended up back at a motel for some fun. he ended up cumming three times, once in my mouth and then twice in my ass! His fantasy was to CUM in my ass and I was in a giving mood ;)

The other encounter was with a couple who are friends of ours. Just some fun sex.

I have to get caught up around here and get back in action! :)

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Lazy Day

It’s almost 3:00 in the afternoon, and I still haven’t done a thing except for sit back on the couch, drink coffee, and watch home improvement shows on TV. I think it’s time to get dressed!

The bar was somewhat quiet last night, but we stayed right until close at 2:00 in the morning! Some people said they were coming out to party and as usual, no one showed up. I live about a minute away from the place and was planning on partying back at my house, but since no one showed up, so there was no one to party with, we just stayed at the bar.

I’m still not sure what we’ll be doing tonight. There is a big party at a Swing Club in Ottawa we are thinking of going to. Luckily, it isn’t one of those ridiculous “Couples Only” things, so there will be loads of hot single guys to play with. I just don’t know if I feel like driving out there, playing late, then having to drive home. Yes, I am getting so lazy these days! ;)

We may just invite some people over to our place for a few drinks and some more private fun. I just have to get off my ass and get hold of some people! Who wants to come over?

Okay, I am off for a quick shower and then we have to run down to the Home Depot in Cornwall to pick up some more paint. Back soon…

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A Sexual Catch Up … with Pictures!

I have had some complaints from you guys about not updating my Blog lately, and you are right! I have been a bit lax with it all, mainly because I have been just exhausted at the end of the day. Between all the work on my home, and the sex I have been having, I just haven’t had the time, nor the inclination, to update anything!

The good news is that we are just about done the main work on our home. Right now, we are doing all the final finishing work on the main floor, which does take time and is tedious.

It also doesn’t help that I have been acting like a real nymphomaniac lately and leaving my husband to do a lot of the work himself. That has slowed things down a little bit around here, but at least I have been having fun!

A couple of weeks ago, we went up to Ottawa to play with a new couple we met. I had a lot of fun and we all got nasty! You can read about it a few posts below. I do have some pictures for you, and of course, I am not showing any faces as we were playing just for fun and not for “website content”.



Last Friday, we went to the bar as usual and it was quite busy with a bunch of new people. We left quite late but I did bring home 2 new guys. Since it was quite late, we just had a threesome quickie that lasted about 20 minutes. I fucked both guys, brought the first guy off in my mouth while fucking the second guy, then had the second guy CUM in my ass. The thing is that I would barely even call what we did anal sex! I guided his cock into my ass, he gave me one stroke, grabbed my hips tight, and came! He lasted about 15 seconds ;)

On Saturday, we went up to a guy’s place who lives about 25 minutes away. We have been trying to set something up for about 8 months, but it just hasn’t worked out. Saturday was the first time it all came together. I had hoped for a nice long drawn out encounter, but it was over fairly quick! We got undressed and the three of us sat on the couch. He played with my pussy for a bit, then I sucked his cock. He went down between my legs as I sat on the couch, played with my pussy again, then slid his cock into me.he fucked me hard for about 2 minutes, then came inside of me! I really wasn’t expecting it all to be over so quick!I fucked my husband, we cleaned up, and were out of there within about 40 minutes. Danny did manage to snap a few pictures which are below.


On Sunday afternoon, we met up for coffee with another couple we met on-line. They live in Cornwall and are interested in “Swinging” and wanted to talk to us about it. They had never done anything with anyone before, but were really curious. They were both in their mid 30’s and very good looking. To make a long story short, we ended up back over at their place and started playing. She REALLY anted to see her husband fuck me, so as he sat on the couch, I climbed onto his cock, and rode him. The entire time, she was on her knees behind me, rubbing us both and watching intently. When her husband was ready to CUM, I lifted off of him and she immediately took his cock into her mouth, just as he started squirting! Danny then fucked her while her husband and I watched, and he ended up giving me and her a double facial ;)

On Monday afternoon, an old BoyToy from Montreal came to visit. So as Danny worked on the house, I enjoyed a nice long fucking in my bed.

Tuesday brought over my new young local BoyToy who I bedded a couple of weeks ago. I introduced him to anal sex that first time, and he really wanted to do it again. So we fucked normally for a bit and then he did my ass. Once again he came deep in my ass, and he pumped in quite the load! I spent about 90 minutes with him in my bed while my husband toiled away on the house ;)

Wednesday was a no-sex day where I actually had to work! No fun!

On Thursday evening we had an old girlfriend drop over. She moved from Montreal to Belleville about 5 years ago, and we had only seen her once since she moved. We started chatting again recently, and she said she would be in the area, so I invited her over. We played for about 2 hours, doing everything. We finished up with her and I in a 69, me on the bottom, and Danny fucking her over me. He came in her pussy, then pulled out so I could lick up a nice creampie :)

We finally get to today (I told you I had a busy busy week). My young BoyToy from Tuesday showed up again today! He just knocked on the door, taking the chance I was free to play. I really wasn’t as we were putting in baseboards, but I made myself free!  Since I was busy, we just had a quickie. It was so quick, I never even got off my back! I lay back on the bed and had him lick my pussy for a while. Then I pulled him up and slid his cock into me. When he was about to CUM, he pulled out, slid up a bit higher, and squirted in my mouth and all over my face. It lasted about 15 minutes, and I never moved once ;)

So now you can see how busy I have been. All I can hope for is that next week is just as “bad” ;)



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