A Last Minute Lunchtime Quickie

I just had a great lunchtime quickie with a guy I met on another website. The funny thing is the guy is from up in town, Alexandria, about a 5 minute drive away!

He messaged me last night, and we chatted a bit. Then he messaged me again earlier this morning. He e-mailed me some pictures of himself, and he is a good looking young guy with a nice body and a great cock! My husband had gone into the city, Cornwall, about half an hour away, to pick up some things, so I was home alone. I ended up doing something I almost never do when I am alone…I invited him over for sex!

He quickly said yes, and we set the time and I went and had a quick shower. I met him in the door in my big fuzzy robe, kissed him, grabbed him by the hand, and led him to my bedroom. We kissed and he took my robe off of me, and as we kissed, I undid his pants. His cock was already rock hard and just popped straight out! He was almost 8 inches and nice and thick.

After he was fully undressed, we got on the bed and he as on top of me kissing me. He slowly worked down my body, kissing me everywhere, until he got to my pussy. By this time my pussy was just dripping as I had already orgasmed! He licked and fingered my pussy, and made me CUM quite a few times. I then pulled him up, pushed him on his back, and returned the favour. I spent the next 10 minutes sucking his cock and licking and fondling his balls.

It was time to fuck, and I moved up on top of him and slowly lowered my pussy onto his cock, then rode him for a few minutes. He flipped me over and got on top, and fucked me quite nicely while we passionately kissed. We then moved to a doggy-style position and he just pounded my pussy, fucking me nice and hard. That got really good to him and he told me he was close to cumming. I told him I wanted him to finish in my mouth.

he laid back and I went down on him, and within a minute I could feel him stiffen and start jerking, while he moaned. he then just exploded in my mouth with quite the big creamy load. I swallowed everything and then milked every drop of CUM out of his cock. It was the perfect mid-afternoon break πŸ™‚

We cleaned up and dressed, chatted for a few minutes about getting together again, and he left. I’m actually writing this and telling all over you before my husband even knows about it! Maybe I won’t tell him and just see if he stumbles across this πŸ˜‰

BTW, before anyone asks, no, I do not have any pictures of this to share.

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Cassie’s First Time, Sylvia’s Second

I just put up a fun video with some pictures in the PornAudition area of my Member’s Area.It has Cassie in it, on her very first visit to the studios. She was curious about getting into Porn and came by to watch and get an idea of it all. Sylvia’s very first shoot ever was the day before, so this was her second Audition with us.

This was shot on a very busy day at the PornAudition Studios. As this was going on, I was in the next room auditioning some new guys, and we had another Audition going on downstairs in another studio.

We did a little interview with Cassie, and then Sylvia joined in. They were live on webcam at the time, and chatting with the members. Dugmor hooked up the Sex Swing and got Sylvia into it, and spent almost an hour fucking her hard! They moved to the couch next to Cassie and fucked some more, until Dugmor came on Sylvia’s ass. The video is 12 minutes long and there are also a load of pictures. You can see it now in the Member’s Area of my website. If you aren’t a Member, you should be! JOIN NOW!

About an hour after this shoot was done, I did my first shoot with Sylvia, which also happened to be her first time with another woman! She really enjoyed it, as did I. That shoot is already up and available on my website. At the same time, Cassie was watching us and she also had never been with another woman, so I went to her, and spent some time licking her pussy. That’s when I found out she was a squirter!! πŸ˜‰

Below are some pictures from Dugmor and Sylvia with the Sex Swing, and with Cassie looking on and playing with herself.

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There was a change in plans

Late Saturday afternoon I posted that since we had no plans we were going to head down to a bar for Karaoke. Well, just after dinner, I checked my e-mail and messages and there was one from a new couple on my XRV.com website. It was a cute younger couple who were also free for the evening and asked if we wanted to get together. I talked to my husband and we ended up inviting them over.

The couple were both in their early 30s and from just outside of Ottawa, about an hour’s drive away. I messaged them back about coming over and they agreed, so at about 9:00, they showed up. We sat in the kitchen for a while, having drinks and chatting. We found out that they had never been with a couple before, so this was a first. They did enjoy a bunch of threesomes with one of her girlfriend’s, but never had another man join them.

After more than an hour of chatting, we made our way to the bedroom. We started off with just her and I having some fun together while the boys watched and fondled us. We made each other CUM, a lot, and then we took care of the boys. She sucked my husband’s cock while I sucked her husband’s. About 2 minutes of sucking, I could feel him tense up and I knew what was cumming! He exploded in my mouth, and it was a really big load with strong powerful spurts! I swallowed and swallowed, and didn’t spill a drop πŸ™‚

He apologized about cumming so fast and mentioned about how he had been fantasizing about me for years! Of course, I blushed. I was flipped over, and he went down and started licking and fingering my pussy. Next to us, the wife was still sucking my husband but then moved up and sat on his cock and started riding him. Since theye were right next to me, I could fondle her boobs and reach down and rub her clit as she fucked. She was maoning away, and after a while, my husband said he was going to CUM, so she rode him even faster! He came in her pussy and when he was done, with her still on him, I told her to come over and sit on my face!

She carefully lifted off my husband, shuffled over on her knees, and lowered her pussy right on my mouth. As soon as that first drop of my husband’s CUM hit my tongue, it set me off, and I had a mind-blowing orgasm! I greedily licked her pussy clean, and made her CUM hard with a big gush right in my mouth. I loved it! After a few minutes, she moved off of me, and I reached down and pulled him up on top of me. His cock slid right into my pussy, and it felt so good. We fucked for about 20 minutes, moving around, and he came while fucking me doggy-style. He pulled out and squirted all over my ass.

The guys took a break and left her and I alone for close to an hour, and we really enjoyed ourselves. No toys, just fingers and tongues, and lots and lots of hard kissing. The guys finally came back in and we all fucked some more until both guys came again.

It was after midnight and they had a long drive ahead, so we all cleaned up and they left for home. We’ll be playing again soon πŸ™‚

I didn’t do a thing yesterday! Just sat back on the couch, watching TV and knitting πŸ™‚

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No one contacted me with anything fun to do this evening, so it looks like we’ll be heading over to Berrigan’s Pub in Lancaster for Jukebox Pete’s Karaoke & Dance Party! πŸ˜‰

Pete is a friend who does Karaoke, which my husband used to help with, a year or so ago. I was actually hoping to do something more sexual in nature, but no one had any ideas and the people I did contact were all busy! That sucks! But hopefully I’ll meet some new fun people and maybe some will want to come back home with me πŸ˜‰

Honestly, I would love to meet some open and fun local people who would like to play. Singles, couples, groups, it would all be good. I really need some local boyfriends, and girlfriends!

If you ever do come to meet or hang out, just don’t be one of those drunk, grabby guys! That turns me off!


I did a fun members area picture and video update earlier today with a new girl, Sharon, peeing on camera for her very first time. She was a bit Pee Shy, and couldn’t get started, so Jizzabelle jumped in and pissed first! That got Sharon going, and she peed in the kitchen sick. Silly but fun πŸ™‚

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Finally Friday!

Since I do work every single day, and Monday through Sunday are all the exact same to me, I don’t really know why I still look forward to Fridays! I think it’s that psychological thing left over from my previous life πŸ˜‰

But, Friday is here and I will be heading to The Pub tonight to have a couple of drinks and relax. Hopefully it’s busier than last week, as it was almost empty then, which is never any fun. I don’t have any plans for The Pub, or for afterwards, other than maybe with one guy. But I highly doubt he will actually show up. I tend to get feelings about people that are almost never wrong. This guy has been writing me for weeks and he wants to meet me tonight and hopefully have me bring him back home. Yes, I do that when I meet and like someone. But all he wants to do is lick my pussy while I pee so he can swallow it! He also just wants to jerk off while he is doing it and CUM on my toes. I even asked him about sex, and he said maybe, but he really anted to do the Pee and CUM thing. But with his other writings, I get the feeling it’s all a masturbatory fantasy and he won’t show up.

And remember, if you do plan on coming out to my local Pub to meet me on a Friday, please let me know first, and then actually come up to me and introduce yourself! I really hate getting messages after the fact from people saying they were there and were too shy to say hello. If you are that shy, why re you even coming out to meet me?!

So, I have no real plans for tonight, or for tomorrow night! A friend of ours is doing Karaoke down at Berrigan’s Pub in Lancaster on Saturday, so if no one comes up with something sexual and fun, we’ll probably just head down there and hang out.

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Enjoyed A Fun Creampie Today

I had one of my website members over earlier this afternoon for a little fun and to shoot a video with me. I wanted to do a Creampie video, so after a lot of hard sex with loads of sucking and fucking, we ended with a nice Creampie. I really do love that feeling of someone cumming in my pussy πŸ˜‰

Below are a big bunch video captures from the fun today and I’ll have the video up in my Members Area in another week or so πŸ™‚

Please note that I am really looking for suitable guys that can come by my place in eastern Ontario on weekday afternoons to shoot with me. Hiding your face isn’t a problem at all, and we can do basically anything you would like to do or try. I am into yet another “Cougar” phase, so I would really like some younger in-shape guys, from thin to buff, with nice cocks and hopefully big loads! πŸ˜‰

Just e-mail me at carol@carolcox.com with pictures and information of what you would like to do. All you local guys are welcome, and I do keep it VERY discrete so no one will ever know you were here! πŸ˜‰

And now for the pictures….

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Pee Video Is Up

The Double Pee video I did is now available in the ChickPee section of my member’s area. Just letting my members know as I was asked to keep them informed! This video has me peeing on a picture of a T–girl, and then my husband peeing in my mouth with me spitting the pee onto the pictures. Just something fun and silly πŸ˜‰

I have one of my website members coming over tomorrow afternoon for a video shoot with me. I think I’m going to finish this one with a Creampie! I plan to ride his cock until he CUMs inside me, then I will slowly lift off his cock, letting his CUM run out of me and all over him. I’ll then slide down and lick him clean πŸ˜‰

I’ll share some pictures tomorrow after we’re done.

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Peeing On A Picture!

I had a T-Girl see one of my pictures of me peeing on a picture ofΒ  cute girl, so she asked me if I would do the same for her! I agreed and she sent me the picture that she wanted to get soaked.

Instead of doing just a picture, I had a nasty but fun idea of doing a video instead! It was all done very last minute, and I had to get my husband involved, and he wasn’t really ready! Ready being that he didn’t really have to go pee that badly πŸ˜‰

What I did was pee on the picture as I usually do, with my husband filming. But then I dropped to my knees and had my husband pee in my mouth, which when my mouth filled up, I spit onto the picture! I told you it was nasty. I swallowed the last mouthful as that one was for me! πŸ™‚

I’m going to put the video up in my ChickPee.com area of the Network tomorrow, but I can share some of the video screen captures with you now.

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Not A Bad Weekend

The weekend wasn’t too bad, although it started off slow. I was supposed to meet two new young guys at the Pub on Friday, both quite cute and both 21. They come out to my area every few weeks as a friend of theirs moved out here. But they wrote and had car troubles, so had to cancel. There is always next time! πŸ˜‰

I am not sure if anything would have happened as we were just planning to meet. It really would have depended on how we hit it off. If things had gone well and I liked them, I would have invited them back to my house. But whether or not they would have come was all up to them.

The Pub was almost dead on Friday. It was REALLY quiet with just a handful of the older regulars there. I did have a guy show up to meet me, a guy who has been e-mailing me for a few months about meeting! But…I never met him! He didn’t tell me he was going to come, so I wasn’t on the lookout for anyone. We only stayed until 10:00 and then headed home, and right after I left he e-mailed me to say he was there! He said he was too shy to come up and introduce himself! That drives me crazy! If you are that nervous, then just don’t bother! For some reason, people expect me to approach them! Well, I don’t know you, don’t know if you are there to meet me, so I’m not going up to you on the chance you are! All people need to do is come up and say “Hi Carol! I’m ‘so-and-so'”. That’s it!

So on Friday, we got home about 10:15, I made some tea, and we watched a video then went to bed. Exciting, isn’t it! πŸ˜‰

Saturday was more fun. I was supposed to go to a Gang-Bang in Ottawa on Saturday night, but the friend that was doing the planning had a last minute family emergency and had to cancel. It’s a guy I know well, so I know it was real. We are planning to reschedule. So instead, on Saturday afternoon, one of my younger BoyToys hit me up on-line and asked if we were doing anything Saturday night. Since my plans had been canceled I told him I was free. I ended up inviting him over, and then he asked if a couple of his friends could come to. I knew one, but the other was new. I said yes.

They showed up about 10:30, a bit later than I would have liked, and we went don to the basement family room. We were all just drinking and joking around, and then as it always does, we started having a little sexual fun! We all ended up naked and enjoyed a fun little mini-Gang-Bang. There was no anal sex or Double-Penetration as I am having a little hemorrhoid problem at the moment (yes, I know, disgusting), sp it was a lot of sucking and fucking! The boys ended up staying until just after 2:00, and I was actually a bit sore on Sunday! Well, there was A LOT of fucking!

Sunday I played catch up with my e-mail, messages, Tribute pictures, and website stuff. It wasn’t a day of rest but of too much work!!

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Life Gets In The Way

I have been ridiculously busy this past month, not only with Christmas and New Years, but just working! I have just a stupid amount of work to do with my website, the other sites, and I’m STILL trying to get the new XRV.com website finished! My husband hasn’t been well this past while, and I have had to take up a lot of his work to keep on top of things. I still don’t see that light at the end of the tunnel!

But I have been having my fun, when I can. I’ve met some hot new guys and have played. I’ve done a few fun shoots and have been updating my website three times a week with new fun content. I haven’t been getting out as I would like to, so have only hit the pub once in the last month. Well twice as we did go out on New Years eve…first to the Pub and then after midnight to a friend’s place for a little erotic fun πŸ˜‰

I have started shooting again, but as my time is limited and I can’t accommodate everyone and everything, so I am being a bit selective right now. I am trying to get more very local young guys to come over and shoot with me, it’s just so much easier when they are close by.

Which reminds me….

TO THE LOCAL GLENGARRY GUYS: I know many of you follow my Blog and that I see many of you on Friday nights over at The Pub. If any of you want to play, just message me and let me know! No one will ever see your face nor will they ever find out! One thing about me is I am very discreet. There are a bunch of you I see at The Pubs that I do fantasize about fucking! πŸ˜‰

I should be up at The Tic this evening, but I won’t know for sure until later on.


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