A No Sex Weekend

I went the entire weekend without any sex! Okay, no sex other than with my husband 😉

We had a house party at our place on Friday night that was a lot of fun. We all hung out on the dek, drank lots, and my husband made a bunch of great food. We got a big bonfire going (don’t tell anyone as we have a fire ban in the area right now) and even set off a bunch of fireworks! It’s nice when you have a good sized property in the country and can get away with all that 😉

But it was just a get-together of a bunch of local friends that we hung out with on Friday nights at the bar. So, no playing.

On Saturday, we were planning to go up to Ottawa for a big House Sex Party, but we never made it. The party wasn’t starting until quite late, and was going to be an all night thing. So first we went out for dinner, then came home to get ready. Instead, we were both a bit tired, so ended up just staying home and watching a movie. Around 1:00 in the morning, we went to bed, had sex, and then went to sleep. Yep, we are an old married couple 😉

I was planning on laying out back in the nude today and enjoying the sun. But after about 5 minutes, it was enough. It was just way too hot and humid! I’ll be doing that later on this week when it cools down a bit.

So there you go, even I have weekends with no sex!


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Sex and Work

I was going to write about my “affair” when I got home on Tuesday afternoon, and then again yesterday, but it was such a nice day, I ended up working outside. I had some gardening to do, and we finally got around to cleaning up the over-poured cement and all the rocks from under our new deck. That took hours! We are getting it all nice and level, then putting rock-dust and white gravel underneath. The prep work is done, so now I have time to sit down and do a few things.

I went for my laser appointment on Tuesday, then my husband dropped me off at the guy I am having an affair with (I love that word). I spent almost 2 hours with him before my husband was done with his running around and picked me up. When I got there, he had just made a pot of coffee, so we sat in the kitchen for about half an hour and just chatted. He then grabbed the empty cups and went to put them in the sink. I followed him over, and when he turn around, I pulled down his shorts (loose, baggy ones), dropped to my knees, and sucked his cock and balls. I just did him softly and lightly, and it went on for about 10 minutes before I picked up a bit of speed. All of a sudden he tried to push me away saying I had to stop or he was going to CUM! So I grabbed him tightly, fighting against his push, and he then realized he had no choice but to CUM! He squirted a nice big tasty load into y mouth as I sucked and swallowed, and he just happens to be one of those guys that gets super-sensitive when he CUMs (which I love) so I tortured him by refusing to let go off his cock! I love making guys jump and squirm 😉

We then moved to the bedroom wher we both got naked and got onto the bed. We just lightly kissed and rubbed one another until he was ready once again. He went down on me and licked and fingered my pussy for quite a while. We then moved into a 69 with me on top. I then slipped a condom on him and we fucked in a few different positions for about half an hour. I was even starting to get a bit tired, but luckily, he was close to cumming again. We went back into a 69, and I sucked his cock as he licked my pussy. When he let go and came in my mouth gain, he also grabbed my hips and pulled my pussy down hard on his face. I actually squirted a bit in his mouth!

We cleaned up and went back to the kitchen, and had another coffee. We just chatted again until my husband got there to bring me home. It was a fun and quite relaxing time. I was still horny on the way home, so I ended up sucking my husband’s cock while we were driving. We were in my Jeep with a somewhat high center console, so I had to kneel up on my seat to get over that. I was wearing just a sundress with nothing underneath, and my husband pulled it up so my ass was in full view of anyone driving next to us. A few truckers and drivers in higher vehicles got a good look 😉

When we got home, we had a quick hard fuck. Then again about 8:00 at night. Then again at bedtime! I am really getting hornier in my “advancing age” 😉

Today, I am just catching up on a bunch of work on-line. I was hoping to get about an hour or so of sun this afternoon, but it got cloudy! I hope it clears as I really ant to lie outside naked for a while.

Tomorrow, we are inviting everyone over to our place for drinks and snacks out on the deck. Since our bar closed down, we thought it would be fun to invite the regulars over. This is just a neighbourhood get-together and not a sexual party by any means. I will have some of my “Swinger” friends and BoyToys over, but I am not planning on playing.

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Having Some Fun Tomorrow

I had a laser session planned for Wednesday, but I just got a call from the girl who asked if I could come in tomorrow instead. Unfortunately, as I got older, I started getting those ugly thin spider veins on my legs, so I have been having them removed. I go in ever couple of weeks to get it done. Since I was going into Cornwall on Wednesday, I had set up a “date” with one of my BoyToys that lives there. I just had to call him about the change in plans, and luckily he is also free tomorrow afternoon. This is one of my Bad BoyToys in that he is married and his wife knows nothing about me! Years ago that would bother me, but these days, I could care less! Yes, I know, I am just awful. But I tend to prefer affairs with married men as they don’t get attached and we are both there for the same thing.

The only difference between the original Wednesday and going tomorrow instead is that my husband will be driving me in! He has things to do in Cornwall tomorrow, so he is taking me to my appointment first, then dropping me off at the guy’s house. How many women have a husband that will actually drop them off and pick them up from a sex date with someone else?! I was just thinking about it, and do think it’s a bit funny. Here I am, a married woman having an affair with a married man, and my husband is also my driver! 😉

So, he’ll be dropping me off, and I’ll have close to 2 hours of fun before I get picked up again. That gives us lots of time to do just about anything and everything we can.


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Fun Weekend

Although the weekend started with me not knowing if anything would be going on, it ended up being a fun weekend. We were thinking of going to another bar on Friday night but in the afternoon, for fun, I posted on a few sites I hang out out (like XRV.com) saying I had nothing to do and was looking for some fun, and if anyone had anything going on to let me know. Of course I got all those responses from people who said they were willing to have fun, but of course, had nothing planned or nowhere to go. I mentioned I was looking for something and didn’t want to plan a thing! But, so many still didn’t understand.

I did get a few responses from people having Swinger parties, two of which were in Ottawa where I didn’t feel like driving to. But one guy wrote me saying he was having a house party at his place, in a town only 15 minutes away. He said it wasn’t really a Swinger party, but everyone was crazy and there was always lots of sex going on in the bedrooms. He invited us over, and we figured we would go check it out. There was about 30 people there and a pretty even mixture of men and women. The average age was about 30. We spent most of the time in the backyard around the bonfire drinking and talking, but at about 11:00, things started to get fun. A guy about 25, who was really cute, started hitting on me. I was wearing a strapless stretchy summer dress and he asked if I was wearing anything underneath (which I never do) so I told him to check! He slid his hand down my back, under the dress, then up to my ass, which he rubbed and kneaded for a minute. He then spun me around to face him and his hand was right on my pussy. I was already wet and he slid a finger into me. As he played with my pussy, he kissed me and then said “I want to fuck you!”. I just nodded.

We made our way into the house and to a bedroom, and quickly got undressed. He licked and fingered my pussy for about 15 minutes and actually had me squirting. I came a lot! It git to be too much and my legs were just shaking, so I stopped him and took my turn sucking his cock. after a short while, he grabbed his pants and pulled a condom out of his pocket. I helped slip it on him, then I climbed and rode him for a nice while. We changed positions and he fucked me doggy-style. Just as he started fucking me, in walks another guys (one of his friends)! This got stops at the door, looks at us, then suddenly drops his shorts and climbs up on the bed, kneeling right in front of me! His cock went from soft to rock hard, right in front of my face, in about 10 seconds! I took him in my mouth and started sucking him while I was still being fucked. After about only 2 minutes, this guy gets REALLY loud! He starts yelling out (and I quote), “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, OH GOD, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST” and then he CUMs with the loudest groan I think I have ever heard. As he is squirting in my mouth, he is making these ridiculously load noises. Even after he finished, I kept sucking him, and he was twitching and yelping! It was funny.

His yells did attract a couple of other guys, and as he pulled away from me, I saw them standing at the door. One of the guys jokingly asked if he could be next, and couldn’t believe when I beckoned him over. The guy with him quickly disappeared but that guy slowly came towards me as if he really wasn’t sure I was serious. The guy still fucking me told him not to stand there looking stupid but to get out of his shorts. He did and got up on the bed. He wasn’t big at all, only about 5 inches, which is just fine to me. I sucked him for a minute with him kneeling in front of me, but my neck was starting to hurt in that position, so we moved around a bit and I had him lie in front of me. Now I was able to give him a proper blow-job and also work on his balls. He also only lasted a few minutes before cumming, and I swallowed every drop. He then asked if he could fuck me later on! 😉

Through all this, the first guy was still pounding away at me, and finally he said he was close to cumming and asked me where he could CUM. I told him anywhere except inside my pussy (didn’t bring any contraceptive sponges with me). He asked if he could CUM inside my ass, and I think I made the mistake of saying “yes”! As soon as I said he could, he said “Oh shit!”, pulled out of me, and tried pulling the condom off. Unfortunately it got stuck, and he ended up cumming inside the condom as he was trying to get it off. I couldn’t help but snicker at that, and he did too afterwards.

We went back out to the fire, and I couldn’t see my husband anywhere. I asked one of the other guys if he had seen him and he said he thought he was in the livingroom with some other people. I went to check and there he was with his shorts down below his knees, standing next to another guy with his shorts down, and a young chubby girl sucking them both! He saw me, smiled, and gave me a thumbs up, so I left him and went back outside. I sat donw and chatted with some people for awhile until my husband came back out. I asked him what happened and he said that he and the other guy came all over her face, which I guess she wanted.

Soon after, the guy with the smaller cock came up to me and asked if we could go play. I agreed and we went back to the same bedroom we were in before. We started fooling around, and I grabbed my purse to get a condom. I pulled them out and all I had were Magnums! I had forgotten to “replenish” the supply! There was no way they would stay on him, so I had an idea. I asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass instead. He was up for that. Since I also had no lube, I had him lick and finger my ass, using lots of spit, to get it ready. Then I let him fuck my pussy for a couple of minutes to get his cock all nice and wet. I then guided his cock into my ass, and he just love the feeling! He had never done anal before, but said there and then, “this is my new favourite thing!”. he fucked me for a good ten minutes before he finally came in my ass.

That was it for the sex on Friday night. I had a few other guys that were hoping to play, but since there was a condom shortage, and I was feeling a bit tired, they didn’t get their chance 😉

On Saturday, we had nothing to do once again. We were thinking of having a party at our place, but we were both just too tired for that. Instead, Danny invited over a guy he knew I had the hots for. We had met him a few times for drinks, and my husband ended up chatting with him quite a bit on-line. He is in amazing shape, 35 years old, and has a gorgeous cock that is honestly almost 10 inches long, and proportionately thick. It’s a monster!

It was past 11:00 when we started playing, and the guy asked if he could give me a Facial. It had been one of his fantasies for quite a while, he said. I told him he never has to ask, but to just do it whenever he’s ready. We had a gret threesome and at one point I was riding his cock in the good old cowgirl way. It felt amazing, and I was cumming and cumming. he aid he was going to CUM and was ready for the Facial, but to heel with that! I was enjoying myself too much so rode him even faster and harder. He ended up squirting deep in my pussy, and it felt great. I slowly lifted off of his cock, letting his CUM run back out of me, and all over him. I slid down and licked and sucked his cock clean, which got him hard again! As I was doing that, my husband got behind me and started fucking me.

I was ready for a Double-Penetration, and so my husband got my ass ready for me. I climbed back up on that huge cock, and once I was “seated”, my husband got behind me and slowly worked his cock into my ass. We got the rhythm worked out, and I was just lost in another world. I didn’t even notice my husband cumming in my ass, only when he finally pulled out. The other guy was also close to cumming, and I remembered the facial, so I got off him, climbed off the bed and knelt on the floor, and he stood in front of me. He stroked his cock while I sucked the head, and when he was ready, he pulled back and let go on my face. It was quite the respectable load for a second cumming!

We cleaned up and went back onto the deck, all of us still naked. We just rested and chatted for about half an hour when the talk turned to sex once again. My husband then mentions how he would love to see the guy’s huge cock deep in my ass wherein the guy mentions he has never had anal sex. So Danny asks me if I am willing to give it a try. Since I have had even bigger cocks in my ass, and know I can handle it, I say “Of course!”.

We head back into the bedroom, and this time Danny does use some lube on my ass. He also uses his cock! He slips it in my ass saying it’s a good way to prep me for a larger one (idiot) 😉 he then moves out of the way and invites in the big guy. It did take a couple of minutes of pushing and guiding before the head of his cock finally POPPED into my ass. I was relaxed enough where it didn’t hurt at all and actually felt quite good. My husband just sat back and watched as this big cock slowly worked it’s way in to fully bottoming out on me! After a few minutes, we did another DP, this time with me on my husband and the new guy in my ass from behind. That’s where it got really good, and neither guy lasted all that long. The guy in my ass came deep inside of me, and as he started cumming, so did my husband, in my pussy! I love when guys can get there timing together 😉

We all cleaned up, got dressed, and went back out on the deck for another drink. he stayed until 3:00 in the morning, but we didn’t have more sex. I was just too worn out!

oops…I think I wrote a bit too much here, but I got off on remembering every last detail of this weekend :)

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The Bar Is Closed!

Our little local bar is closed! We went by the other day and saw it all shut down. The next day there was a sign saying “Closed For Kitchen Renovations”, but nothing has been done. I have a feeling it won’t be opening again. I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to go on Fridays, or go back to the “Party At My House” days!

It’s been another busy week for me with lots of running around. Once again, I have had very little time for myself. I did get to lie out nude on my new deck a couple of the days, but it’s just been so hot!

I didn’t get to use my bedroom patio door on Friday night s we stayed out late, but I got to use it a few times on Saturday night. We decided to have a BBQ at our place and invited over some of our more wild friends and a few of my BoyToys. We had lots of food and LOTS of drink. I started off the fun by sneaking an old girlfriend into my bedroom for a little fun. I haven’t seen her since before I moved, and we hadn’t played together in close to two years! We only had about 15 minutes alone together and then her boyfriend (who I only met on Saturday) sneaked into the room. He dropped his shorts and jumped on the bed with us, and she went don on his cock. She then motioned me over, so we gave him a tandem blow-job. She told me that one of his fantasies was to fuck me, so I immediately climbed on top of him and she guided his cock into my pussy. We only fucked for a few minutes when he said he was close to cumming! I jumped off him as I wasn’t using protection (I know, naughty girl). She took over and rode him until he came inside of her.

We all went back out on the deck and joined the party. About 30 minutes later, I was back in my bed with an old Montreal BoyToy. This is a guy I have known for over 15 years and have fucked quite a bit over the years. He is V-Safe so I had him lie back on the bed and sucked him for a few minutes. I then climbed on top of him and rode him hard until he came deep in my pussy. The whole thing was hard and fast and took 10 minutes from the time we got into the room until we left! I had a couple more drinks, and around midnight, I dragged one of my new young local BoyToys through the patio doors and into my bed. We had a nice long 69 where he had me cumming and cumming, and I had him close to it. We fucked for a while and then he asked if he could CUM in my ass. And of course, the answer was “Of course!”. After getting my ass ready, I guided his cock in and he last almost 2 full minutes before he came. I could feel his cock pulsate as he came and came. I just love that. We cleaned up, and went back on the deck for more drinks.

This may have been a first. Three loads of CUM and I didn’t taste a single drop! Usually the guys finish in my mouth (well, I do ask for that) and I had none this time 😉  We partied until three in the morning, but that was it for sex.

I did enjoy a quickie on Wednesday. I had to go shopping in Cornwall, groceries and Walmart, so stopped by my Cornwall Cub’s house. I spent about an hour there and brought him off three times! The first took about a minute as he was so horny. I sucked his cock for probably 45 seconds, and he just let go. The load was HUGE too. I was very impressed. The second load was on my ass after we fucked doggy-style and the third was in my mouth again. He is a fun young boy 😉

I think we will probably stop by The Atlantic Pub in Alexandria later this evening. We’ll be stopping by a friend’s place first to have a couple of drinks around his usual Friday night bonfire and then we’ll just take it from there.

I am not sure what we are doing tomorrow evening yet. I may have another party at my place, but we’ll see wht pans out and if anything else fun is going on.

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Life Has Been Busy

The good news is my father-in-law is back home after a week and a half in the hospital. The bad news is he has to go back in a few weeks for a heart valve transplant and then after he recovers from that, he needs to go back in to get a mass removed from his lower intestine!

We spent the last 2 weeks driving back and forth to Montreal, ever day, visiting him in the hospital. He was in pretty rough shape there for a while. I was only really able to do my customer service work in the morning before we left, and then after we got back home later in the day. I’ve also been just too burned out to even update my Blog properly! But I was able to start editing some videos today, and I have a bunch to get through over the next week.

The good thing was I have not gone without some fun. Since my father-in-law was away in the hospital, I was finally able to invite some of my BoyToys over for some play. I had 5 different guys over on 5 different nights over the past 2 weeks. It has been a while since I have had that freedom. I did take advantage of it and had great, long drawn out sex with all the guys. No quickies this time!

The other good news is we have our new backyard deck up! We are just waiting on some cedar planking to finish off the “privacy” area of the deck, and then it is complete. My privacy area is so I can suntan naked, and play around, without the neighbours seeing a thing. Also, when we renovated the house and made the large master bedroom, we put in a sliding patio door. For close to a year, that went nowhere! But now it leads out to the new deck. The cool thing is I can now sneak in playmates without anyone else in the house even knowing! I plan to put it to use later this evening 😉

So when we have BBQs and deck parties, I’ll be able to slip the guys into my room, fuck them, and get back out without anyone even knowing. That was the plan for both the bedroom and deck design right from the beginning. The bathroom was also designed for my enjoyment of watersports in mind too 😉

A few people have asked, and yes, we will be at the local bar this evening. We’ll be getting there just before 9:00 as my husband Danny is helping out by starting up the Karaoke.

If I do get to use my new bedroom entry tonight, I will let you know about it tomorrow.

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Spending Every Day At The Hospital

My father-n;law was very sick all last week. It got so bad, we tried to get him up to take him to the hospital on Friday, but ended up having to get an ambulance. He went to our local hospital where they did X-rays and such, but he needed a CT Scan which they didn’t do. So they sent him to another hospital in Quebec for that scan. They found an intestinal blockage, but due to his heart problems, couldn’t do anything for him, so on Saturday he was sent to the hospital in Montreal where his Cardiologist is.

During that transfer, everything was lost. His clothes, his bag of stuff, as well as his file and the CD of his CT Scan! Would you believe that they couldn’t even e-mail a digital file over from one hospital to another? To get the CT Scan in a timely manner, we ended up driving from downtown Montreal out to a hospital an hour away to get the CD, and bring it back. So on Sunday, we spent a total of 6 hours just driving!

This afternoon he is getting a stent put into his lower intestine to hold him open. Then we have to wait for his heart valve transplant, and for him to get healthy again, before they operate on the blockage. Right now, we have no idea as to how long he will be in the hospital. It is a 2 hour drive, both ways for us, and we are traveling every day. In fact, I’m about to leave shortly and head in. We probably won’t be back home until late this evening.

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Things Are Still Hectic

Things are still crazy and all up in the air around here. My father-in-law was already supposed to have his heart valve transplant surgery, but they keep bumping him. He also has a really bad stomach problem that we need to get him in and looked at. He’s just so damn stubborn, he won’t see a Doctor for it! Because of all his problems, we can barely leave the house, and I am spending all my time taking care of him.

I have been able to have some fun though, but after the fun, I just haven’t had the time to write about it! I have been able to get out and see a couple of my nearby BoyToys while my husband stayed home with his father. I even had a fun “date” last week with a fun new guy. He picked me up at home, took me out for dinner in Cornwall, and then we parked in my driveway where I fucked him. I love doing stuff like that, and just never get the chance to do it that often.

Over the weekend, my sister-in-law came over and stayed with us for a few days. That gave us the chance to get out of the house on both Friday and Saturday nights. On Saturday, we headed into Montreal for a friend’s birthday party. It was a house party that turned wild! I ended up fucking five guys, two of them out on the deck by the pool. Two of them came in my pussy (both V-Safe friends), one in my ass, and two in my mouth. Even my husband came three times (not bad for an old man!) 😉

Now it is back to the grind of taking care of my father-in-law and waiting on the Doctor and the hospital!

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Catching Up

It has still be crazy around here, and this past week was insane. My father-in-law was really sick with bad stomach problems and he isn’t the easiest person to deal with at the best of times. On top of that, my husband has been having bad problems with his neck. He has 3 bad discs (C1 – C3) that is causing him lots of pain from his neck, through his right shoulder, elbow and hand. It got really bad this week but luckily, he goes in for an MRI tomorrow. The only problem is the MRI is being done in Kingston, Ontario, a 2.5 hour drive!

But, there is a “Fetish” get-together tomorrow evening in Kingston, so we plan on going to that. It’s really just a get-together at a local bar that these guys do once a month. This one takes place at the Wolfe Island Grill, so I will be there from 6 to 9. I will be meeting an old girlfriend there, who used to live in Montreal but moved to Kingston. Some of your real “old-timers” may even remember her as I helped her start her own website way back in 1996! She shut it down in 1998. She used to be know as “CyberMuffin” and only the long-time people may remember her.

I did get a great “fucking” on Monday though. I was in Cornwall getting those nasty spider veins in my leg removed via laser, and when I was done, I met up with a new guy. Well, I had met him 5 or 6 times before, and he’s been at my home a few times, but by “new” I mean we have never played. He lives about 2 blocks from the place I go to for the laser treatments, so I said I would stop by. Well, 5 minutes after “stopping by”, I was on his couch with my pants off, and him on his knees licking my pussy! After about 10 minutes, he picked me up, carried me to his bed, and undressed me fully. He then spent a full hour just massaging me, and kissing and licking me from head to toe. It felt great. He did spend quite a bit of time on my pussy and ass 😉

At one point, he was back to licking my pussy when I reached down, pulled him up on top of me, and guided his cock into my pussy. That was actually the first time I had touched his cock! I told him to fuck me, but to not CUM in my pussy. He fucked me hard for only a few minutes, then pulled out and squirted all over my stomach. It was a big load of thick creamy CUM too. He laid next to me and then started scooping up his CUM and feeding it to me. I don’t know if it was him, the situation, or just the way I was feeling, but it just seemed so erotic!

I then went down on him, and it took only a few minutes before he was rock hard again. I spent the next 20 minutes, sucking and licking his cock and balls. He then asked if he could fuck me ass, saying he had never had anal sex before. I was more than ready for that, and after a quick lube, he got behind me, and I guided his cock into my ass. This gy isn’t small at all either. He is close to 8 inches and quite thick, so it took a bit of effort to get him all the way in. Once he was fully “seated” the rest was easy. He fucked my ass for a good 10 minutes then said he was close to cumming. He asked me where he could CUM, and I said, In my ass!”. And a few seconds later, he did. I could feel his cock pulse inside of me, a feeling I love.

We clean up, and I headed for home. The funny thing is this was on Monday, and when I got home I got really busy and didn’t say a word about it to my husband! I only remembered last night, and that’s when I told him what happened. 😉

I am seeing him again this coming Monday, and this time I told him he could CUM in my pussy as I will be ready.

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I received lots of comments after my last quick post, and I thought I had better elaborate. Things are that bad around here, just really busy with constant traveling. As many know, my father-in-law lives with us now and he has been having some health problems recently. He has been in for a couple of small operations and still has to go in for heart valve transplant surgery. Everything he is having done is back in Montreal, so we have been driving him back and forth over the last few weeks. He was actually supposed to go in on Monday for the heart surgery, but the hospital called last Friday and canceled it. Now we are waiting on a new date.

On top of that, my husband and I just had our first physicals at the Doctor’s since moving to Ontario. As we both have some minor complaints, we have been traveling to various specialists. Just this past week, I had a mammogram and a bone density test, and my husband has had all sorts of various things done. His last thing is an MRI for his neck in Kingston next Friday.

So most of our being “busy” has mainly been traveling! Things should be getting back to normal very soon.

I have had some fun during this time. I did get to play a couple of times with my local BoyToys, so it hasn’t been all bad. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write about it!

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