How Much CUM Have You Swallowed?

“How much CUM have you swallowed” is a question I get almost daily, in e-mail, on Facebook, and on just about every site I am on. In fact, I just got that same question three times already today! I thought I would answer it, yet again, here on my Blog.

For my calculations, I will use the answer I got for “average volume of ejaculate in humans” on Google. The various sites say that the average amount of CUM a guy spurts out is about one teaspoon, so I will use that even though many of the guys I have been with, including my husband, squirt twice that!

I suck and swallow my husband about 5 times a week, and have been doing that since we were dating 32 years ago! So 32 years times 52 weeks a year times 5 times a week at 1 tsp a shot equals 8320 teaspoons, or almost 11 gallons of CUM. I have also sucked and swallowed closet o 2000 men over those same years, many of them multiple times. Up to a couple of years ago when I moved, I averaged 2 guys a week (it used to be even more), but to be conservative and average it out, I’ll say it’s 1.75 loads a week from other men. So 32 years times 52 weeks times 1,75 loads times 1tsp equals 2912 teaspoons or almost 4 gallons of CUM

All together, I have swallowed approximately 11232 loads of CUM at 1 teaspoon each or 14.6 Gallons of CUM!

Before you ask, I also figure that I have had even more CUM ejaculated into my pussy over that time, approximately 18 Gallons, and about 3 Gallons spurted in my ass.

See, I can also do basic math! πŸ˜‰

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Karaoke Tonight!

If you are into Karaoke then you should come out and join me in Lancaster this evening for a fun filled night of singing. I don’t sing, ever, but I enjoy seeing others get involved. We have friends coming for dinner and then we’ll be heading down to the Pub at 9:00.

If you are nearby and have no plans, then come on out. You can see the event on Facebook and get the address and directions at

If you aren’t on Facebook, then just go to:
Berrigan’s Pub
184 Military Rd (the main street, county road 34, just south of the tracks)
Lancaster, ON

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Anal Fun with Jizzabelle – The Video

Here is the teaser video form the full length one I put up in my Members Area yesterday. This had so much different anal penetration and ass to mouth, I could only give very brief samples. It’s also just the first part of a great two part scene.

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The Weekend Is Here!

It felt like a really long week to me! I’m not sure why as I was basically taking it easy and being really lazy, but it just felt long. But it is now Friday and I am ready to party!

Later this evening we’ll be heading out to our local Pub to meet friends for drinks. I have no idea as to what I may be doing afterwards, I guess I’ll just take it as it comes. I can’t really “play” as it is that wrong time of the month, so I have to find other way to entertain myself. Tomorrow night, we’ll be down at the Pub in Lancaster for Karaoke. We have friends coming for dinner first and then we’re all heading down to listen to the singers and drink some more.

So, that’s really it. A long week followed by a non-sexual weekend. Hopefully next week will be a lot better! πŸ˜‰

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Loads Of Anal With Jizzabelle

Jizzabelle used to work for me as an actual employee! Yes, she was on payroll. She worked as an assistant at my downtown Montreal studio but also had the job of “auditioning” the guys that wanted to get into Porn, or the guys that wanted to shoot with me. She shared those duties with Sonia and Jessica. Whenever a guy asked me about being on my Casting Couch shows, I would first send them to the studio to get a try-out. Jessica was one of the girls that would fuck the guys and then tell me how good they were πŸ˜‰

The video and pictures that are now available in my Members Area actually show one of Jizzabelle’s first times on camera. She hadn’t had sex in months and before that was in a monogamous relationship for close to two years with her ex-boyfriend. She was really ready to get wild and fuck! We set her up with Dom and Kevin, a couple of guys she was interested in.

Jizzabelle loves anal, so there is loads of anal in this, from fingers (with ass to mouth), various toys, and of course, cock! This is just Part #1 of the action as it went on for a couple of hours!

Below are just a small sample of the pictures I have up. I’ll have a video here for you tomorrow.

You can see all the pictures and the 16 minutes video in my Members area right now by clicking here. If you aren’t a member…you should be! So Join Me Right Now! πŸ™‚

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Behind The Scenes Triple Facial

I just put a really fun new video up in the Members Area of my website that is really a “Behind The Scenes” video of a Photo Shoot we did. I just like to have a video camera going to capture the fun and the action of a photo shoot, and this was a fun one. The first part of the video shows me and Chantal with Luke Loader and his almost 11 inch cock posing for the camera. Then Blake joins us for a few. It switches over to a threesome with Chantal, Luke and Blake.

The second half of the video is all hard-core action! It was still being done for the pictures and not the video, but we like to just let everyone go at it and catch the real action when we can. It ends with a truly huge and amazing triple facial! Both Luke and Blake CUM all over Chantal’s face, and both guys had really big loads. Then Dugmor, who just jerked off into a condom, dumps that all over her face to add a third load to the mess. As I said, fun!

You can hear everyone talking, giving instructions and direction, as well as fooling around. This really is what a Porn Photo Shoot is like!

Below is just the teaser video and you can see the full video with all the hot hot action in my Members Area, so JOIN RIGHT NOW if you aren’t already a member πŸ˜‰

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A Lazy, Yet Busy, Day

I had all sorts of plans to get things done today. It started first thing this morning as I had to get my Poodle into the Groomers at 8:00. When I got back home, I edited a fun, behind-the-scenes video that was shot during a photo shoot for something I had planned to do, but never finished. The video is done and uploaded, but isn’t linked to as of yet as I got tied up with other things!

At 12:30, I had to go back and pick up the dog (which they made a complete mess of!), and I was going to finish the stuff for my website when I got back home. But it was really nice out and there was some yard-work to get done, so I did that instead. And I took my time too! Then I had to go to the store, and I poked around with other odds and ends. Next thing I know, it’s now!!! …and I haven’t finished a thing yet! Everything I started today is only half done, and I don’t care! I’ll finish itΒ  tomorrow, and you’ll all just have to wait πŸ˜‰

I would finish things this evening, but after dinner I have a “Booty Call” with my new big cocked friend! I’m meeting him up at the Tim Horton’s and then I have to show him how well I can fuck in a pick-up truck!Β  πŸ™‚

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End Of A Long Weekend

It’s a long weekend up here in Canada with today being a holiday for most people. The only Province that doesn’t have today off is Quebec.

I ended up heading ver to the bar on Friday with a good friend from Montreal who just moved to the area. In fact, I was busy on Friday and Saturday helping them move and get settled. The bar was dead, mainly because the Highland Games were going on in Maxville, and that’s where most people in the area were. So it was just me and a few friends, and that was it!

Saturday was basically the same although I did get some work done on my website and got a great new video up in my Members Area. Everyone came over here for dinner and my husband BBQed up hamburgers and hot dogs. We just kept it simple since it was a long day. We then just sat out on the back deck and drank most of the evening!

I did finally have a wee bit of fun on Sunday! I took it very easy most of the day, and did very little. In the evening we went over to a new guy’s place who also lives in a small town, about 20 minutes away. I met him recently on the website and we chatted off and on this past week. He sent me some pictures of himself, and I REALLY liked what I saw! He invited us over for drinks, so we went about 7:00 yesterday.

We sat on his very private back deck and had a drink and chatted, and the talk quickly got around to sex. He was wearing loose shorts and a t-shirt, and pretty soon he had a very noticeable hard-on! I ended up on my knees pulling his cock out as I really wanted to see it. In the pictures, I thought he was close to a thick 8 inches…he was a really thick 9 inches, at least! I took him into my mouth and gave him a wet and long blow-job. I hadn’t even touched myself, and I was already wet and dripping. I stood up, lifted my dress, and climbed on him. It felt so good. Meanwhile, my husband was just sitting back, enjoying a beer and the show! I rode him hard, and for quite a while, until he finally said he was about to CUM. I jumped off him, and finished him in my mouth. he had a respectable load that was quite tasty.

We then went into the house, and he sat me on his couch and went down to lick my pussy. He did a good job and had me cumming and cumming. We then all got undressed and he went back to working on my pussy while I sucked my husband’s cock. After another change, he got behind me and fucked me doggy-style while I kept sucking on my husband. He ended up cumming on my ass while my husband came down my throat! It all actually lasted longer than I made it sound as we fucked for a long time. It was a good evening, and when I got home, I fucked some more!

Today I’m working on another fun video and just doing some odds and ends on my sites. It is a holiday after all!


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I’ve Gotten Behind

Sorry people, but I have gotten behind in my updates! I’ve had some website problems the last couple of days that kept me away from video editing and getting the content ready for the website. Everything is there and ready for em to work on, but I just had to make sure others things were working properly first. I didn’t expect it to take two full days, but it has. I should have a really hot new video and pictures up tomorrow for you all πŸ™‚

Now, back to the grind!

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Sarah & Jack Come Back!

Late last night, I uploaded a great new video and a whole bunch of pictures of Sarah & Jack’s first “real” audition. If you remember, their first try didn’t turn out all that great for Jack as he was so nervous, he couldn’t get it up! They came back so that Jack could redeem himself, and luckily, he did. He did have the occasional “problem”, but overall he did a fine job.

Below are just a handful of the pictures from that fun audition. I have a tightly edited 14 minute video and about 130 pictures available for Members in my Members Area right now. If you aren’t a member, you really really should be. Check It Out Now!

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