Adam & Eve First Audition

Although we moved two years ago, there was all sorts of stuff from the old house and office that I just never got around to digging through. Taking care of my father-in-law the last couple of years before he passed on kept me busy and away from all that, but I finally got to it. I came across a couple of boxes of DV tapes of Porn Video Shoots that have NEVER been seen! Even by me! So I thought it would be fun to edit those and release them now.

This first one was the video of the very first time Adam & Eve came out to the studios to audition for us. They had never done anything before, and Adam was only the second guy that Eve had ever had sex with. Well as you can see from this lower quality little teaser video, she did a fine job! The actual sex on video went on for close to 2 hours, and they also did it live on webcam with members watching and telling them what to do. It has been edited down to a manageable 16 minutes on my website.

The fun thing is even though Eve had only been with two men i her life before this, after the shoot finished, she was super horny and ended up fucking five guys at the studio!

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Just A Quickie

I was so busy for so long I got out of the habit of writing about what’s going on with my life. It is actually hard to get back into this as I tend to forget! I’ll think about doing some updates during the day, then just let it slip. Have to retrain myself in all this! I’ve also let my Twitter and Facebook stuff really slip too.

Well, the party last week went quite well. We had 7 women and 18 guys there and as all were crazy Swingers, things did get wild. I’m not going to get into a play-by-play, but it was mainly bareback sex with lots of creampies, and with no shortage of people who wanted to lick the CUM from my pussy and ass! I had a great Double-Penetration, and there was loads of watersports that I take the blame for starting. It was close to 8 hours of sex with little breaks here and there. I licked every pussy, sucked every cock, and even fucked every cock! I had about half the cocks in my ass too. I was a bit sore the next day πŸ˜‰

On Wednesday, I met with my young BoyToy in Cornwall. He lives really close to the grocery store I go to, so fater shopping, I stopped by his place for an afternoon quickie. In and out in less than 30 minutes! This past Friday, he and his buddy came by our place and we had some more fun. It was the first time his friend came over and he was a bit shy at first, but seeing me suck a cock quickly cured him of that shyness. He ended up cumming three times!

Tomorrow, I’ll be back down in Cornwall, shopping and fucking my BoyToy πŸ˜‰

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First Big Party In Quite A While

This has been one of those busy weeks with a lot of running around and not much chance for fun at all. Lst Friday, we just stayed home in the evening, but had a couple from Ottawa we know come by for a little fun. It was a couple of hours of playing with lots of oral, straight fucking, and some great anal sex. We never did get around to the DPs we were supposed to enjoy πŸ˜‰

On Saturday, we went down to the bar for Karaoke. We left about 1:00 in the morning and some friends stopped by our house for drinks. No sex as we all had way too much to drink by then. Since then, it’s just been a very busy week as I mentioned, with dentist and doctor appointments, got my hair done, had to get the dog groomed and both the cat and dog had vet appointments. The next thing I know, it’s now! Where did the week go?

I’m not sure if we’ll be doing anything tomorrow night as we have nothing at all planned. But Saturday, I’ll be going to my first real party of this year! It’s a Sex Dinner party with 22 of us, 16 men and 6 women, having an erotic dinner followed by full play with very few limits! It should be a lot of fun πŸ™‚

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A wasted weekend but a fun day today!

Enjoying some Doggy!We had plans to get out to a big house party in Ottawa on Saturday night, one of those big free-for-all, anything-goes type of things. There was about 50 people going, with a few hot T-Girls too, and I was so looking forward to it. Then, on Friday night, I get a call and some of my family from out West were nearby! They ended up coming over on Saturday and staying until yesterday. I can’t really complain as I hadn’t seen anyone for close to 6 years, so it was a nice visit. But it kept us from our planned fun πŸ™

My Finishing Move!At least I got some today! A good friend from Montreal came out this afternoon to hang out and play around. He’s an old BoyToy of mine who I have been fucking for about 15 years. I hadn’t been with him since before I left Montreal, so it was a fun time and really relaxed. Nothing fancy happened, just some good fucking and a face-full of CUM for me! πŸ˜‰

I am meeting a new local guy on Thursday, so we’ll see how things go and whether he, and I, get lucky πŸ˜‰

I’ll keep you informed.

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Finally Had Some Fun Today!

After many months of not having time to do a thing, I finally had a chance to play today! My young BoyToy from Cornwall came over earlier this afternoon to have a little fun with me. He’s now 21, but I have been fucking him since he was 19, so know what he likes pretty well. When we talked, he told me he hadn’t had sex in almost three months and his only cumming was from masturbating. He hadn’t CUM in close to a week, and was worried he was going to squirt too fast! I told him not to worry about that.

When he showed up, I met him at the door fully naked, pulled him inside, and told him to check how wet I was. I was really horny so really wet! He easily slipped three fingers into me, and within a minutes I gushed CUM all over them. He pulled them out and they were just soaked. He slid his fingers into my mouth and I sucked them clean. Dropping to my knees, I undid his pants and pulled out his already rock hard cock. I told him not to hold back but to just let go as soon as he felt like it. Within a minute of me sucking, he let loose and squirted a big load right into my throat! He kept cumming and cumming in six or seven big squirts, and it was almost hard to keep up as I swallowed…almost. The last couple of spurts I didn’t swallow but held in my mouth. When I got up, I kissed him hard and spit his CUM back into his mouth. This is something I got him into and he really gets off on it!

We finally made our way to my bedroom and once there, I slowly undressed him while licking and kissing his body. Once again, I took his cock into my mouth and gently sucked him until he was fully hard again. Pulling me up, he pushed me onto my back on the bed and went for my pussy. He spent about 20 minutes licking me and nibbling on my clit, making me CUM numerous times. I even squirted a couple of times!

Since I wanted to bareback him, I went to my bathroom to put in a contraceptive sponge. He followed me in to watch, and to also go pee. I ended up holding his cock while he pissed and then managed to get my mouth on his cock for the last little dribbles of pee. Hey! I love doing that! πŸ˜‰

We went back to the bed and just kissed and teased one another. The problem with the sponge is you need to wait about 15 minutes before you fuck, so that’s what we did. When I was ready, I climbed up onto his cock and rode him for quite a while. We flipped over, and he fucked me hard in a missionary position. Next thing I knew, my knees were next to my ears and his cock was bottoming out inside of me! We both came hard and together and I could feel his CUM squirting inside of me. It was amazing.

He pulled out of me and rolled over, both of us hot and sweaty. I went back down on him and licked him clean. We just lay together lightly rubbing one another for about 10 minutes, and then I felt his cock starting to grow again. I jumped back on top of him, but this time in a 69, and we both licked and sucked one other. It felt great. We fucked one more time, this time doggy-style, and he was able to CUM again. We then just lay together once again, and I even fell asleep!

He had to leave, and I needed to shower, so that’s what happened. The showering was because we have another friend coming over this evening for a little threesome. πŸ˜‰

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I’m Finally Back!

I know it has been five long months since I last posted, but I just had too much going on that I was just no longer able to keep up with everything. I had to drop some of the things I was doing as I just wouldn’t have been able to put proper time and effort into them, and I hate when people rush through things haphazardly.

As many of you know, we moved my father-in-law in with us back in November of 2011 so we could take care of him. Back then, he was scheduled for heart valve transplant surgery and we thought it best he be with us through it than on his own, way out in the country, over three hours away. While waiting on the operation, other problems popped up. First, he had a sever prostate problem that put him in the hospital and required a catheter for a couple of months and finally an operation. During that time, he had sever stomach pain which again caused us to rush him to the hospital. It was colon cancer and the tuor had closed his colon completely. They couldn’t operate due to his heart, so had to install an intestinal stent to keep him open.

There were a number of hospitalizations due to all this, and it was two hours travel, each way, and every day, for us. In August, he finally had the heart valve transplant, and then in November, he had the surgery to remove the tumor in his colon. Again, there were a number of hospital and Doctor visits, all a two hour drive each way for us.

We got him back home in December, but by this time he had lost over 50 pounds and was extremely weak. I became his full-time caretaker and just ended up dropping many other things I should have been doing. Family will always win. He never really got his strength back and I had to help him with most things, and it did take up most of my time. In April, he took a turn for the worst and we had to rush him back to the hospital. He was in there for a full month, with us traveling daily to see and support him. He was finally given a choice…an operation that would give him six more months of life, but with very little quality of life, or just to let things take their course and live a few more weeks on his terms. He took the second option and we moved him to a palliative care center.Β  He passed away with the family around him a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, we have been dealing with closing up his affairs, and of course, being completely taken advantage of by the Funeral Home! They really screwed us and it costs us way too much money. But as we al know, most funeral homes could care less about the deceased or the family, they just ant the money!

So now I am getting back into this and plan to finally have some fun again! I haven’t done a single thing with anyone since my very last post of having fun with my T-Girl friends back in November. Me, a person who can barely go a week without playing just went six full months not doing a single thing. Well, that is about to change!!

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T-Girl Fucking

Okay, some of you guys asked me if I had any pictures of any of the “Gurls” fucking one another, so here you go!

Justine was licking my pussy, and doing a fine job of it. While that went on, an another Gurl started licking and fingering “her” ass to get it ready for fucking.Threesome

When Justine’s ass was nice and ready, a Gurl cock slipped right in and fucked it nice and hard. Justine never missed a beat and kept licking and nibbling my pussy! It was great πŸ™‚


There was a lot more bareback fucking tht night as everyone fucked everyone! All 3 Gurls fucked both my pussy and my ass πŸ™‚

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A Friday With No Plans?!

Here it is, Friday, and I have no plans at all for the evening! There is just nothing going on anywhere around here. I’m not sure if I’m in the mood to go to the Pub this evening, and I’ll just take that as it comes.

At least I have some fun planned for tomorrow night. We are meeting a bunch of people for a little get-together at a restaurant in Cornall, then we’ll be heading over to a friend’s place to soak naked in a hot tub and play in their new “Dungeon”. I’ve been told that I will be “Play Raped” by being tied down, spread out, and used by the guys that will be there! That’s about all I know right now, though the surprise just isn’t there anymore πŸ˜‰

Maybe we’ll get some pictures so I can share them with you all.

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Fucking a T-Girl

Here’s another snapshot from my T-Girl fun! Here I am getting fucked bareback by one Gurl while the other two play together on the couch. This was a great fuck and I had orgasm after orgasm!

T-Girl Fucking

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Sharing Gurl Cock with a T-Girl

Here’s a fun picture of me sharing Gurl Cock with another Gurl! That Gurl I am sharing with also shared two bog loads of CUM later that evening πŸ˜‰

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