A Weird Weekend Ahead

This weekend is turning out to be a weird one with everything up in the air! I had plans to meet up with a new guy tonight, but I haven’t heard from him in a few days. He was supposed to meet me at the bar and then head back to my “kid free” house for some fun. But it’s just after 4:00, and no word, so I don’t know what’s going on! I’ll probably just head over to the bar around 9:00 anyway and see what’s going on. There is a cute local guy that I have been wanting to fuck for the past year who will be there this evening, so maybe tonight is the night!

Tomorrow, we were supposed to be going to a Swingers house party, but that has gone quiet too and I have no idea as to what’s happening. We’ll probably end up heading down to Berrigan’s Pub down in Lancaster for the Karaoke. A friend of ours puts it on so if there is nothing else and I can’t get fucked, I’ll go watch the singers and drink! πŸ˜‰

On Sunday, I was supposed to do a “dogging” video shoot with a guy. Just some outdoor sex along the trails. But he just e-mailed me and cancelled!

So, I had sex planned for all three days, and now I have nothing (I think). I hope something “pops” up!

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Video – Shane & Candy First Audition

Here’s the video teaser from Shane and Candy’s first audition at my studios. This is just the first part of three as they ended up playing for over two hours! The first video is just them together doing some VERY hot Lesbian things, with lots of oral and different toys.

On Monday, I’ll have the second part where they jon Jack Hammer and Dugmor for some hard fucking on the floor!

You can see the full video in my members area right now. so JOIN TODAY! πŸ˜‰

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Shane & Candy’s First Audition

Tomorrow, I’ll be releasing the first video from an amazing PornAudition with Shane and Candy. They were two cute young girls, both 19 I believe, who didn’t even know one another, but we put them together for their first time. The thing we didn’t realize as she never said anything, was that Candy had never been with a girl before and had only been with one guy prior to all this! When you see Candy (the thin one) go down on Shane in the video, that is the first time she ever tasted a pussy! You can tell when you watch that she isn’t all that experienced (I got together with her a few weeks after this and taught her how to lick a pussy….mine!) but she does just fine.

We shot over 2 hours of video, first the Lesbian fun with lots of oral and toys, and then we brought in the boys for some very intense fucking. There was so much great content that I had to break the videos up into 3 parts! Just the first one with only girl-girl fun is 21 minutes long!

The pictures below are just low resolution screen captures from that first video. You’ll see the teaser video tomorrow πŸ˜‰

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Video – Anna-Karen Fucked Hard On The Floor

Here’s a fun little video and a good example of what when on over at my old PornAudition studios when we didn’t have a new girl, or guy, to Audition. Anna-Karen used to love hanging out at the Studio and fucking whomever she could. On this day, Dugmor got her on the webcam where she slowly stripped for the viewers, and teased them. Of course the boys couldn’t let that go!

Dugmor and Johnny Pearl took turns fucked her hard on the floor until they came all over her. But that is what Anna-Karen loved, and why she was always hanging out! I love little young sluts πŸ˜‰

You can see the full video with all the action in my members area right now! If you aren’t a member of the only site that does PORN FOR THE PEOPLE, why not!! JOIN TODAY! πŸ˜‰

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Videos Videos Videos!

As I mentioned previously, I finally had time to dig through all the sealed boxes of stuff we put in the storage area above our garage when we moved 2 years ago. I have now found over 500 different miniDV videos that were all shot at our PornAudition Studios, plus another couple of hundred videos of various girls who worked for us. The thing about these is that they were never before seen! Most were shot, put in their case, filed for future use, and forgotten about! We used to shoot a lot more than we could edit and get up, and it created a huge backlog, and then much of that backlog was forgotten about. Stupid, aren’t I?

So I am going to try and get a new video up on my website every day. It could be a PornAudition one, a hot video from Brittany Fuxxx, Natalie, Mia, Sonia, Elsa, or any of the others. Of course I will be mixing my own new fun in with all that.

I will be putting up smaller teaser videos right here on my Blog, so check back daily. I have A LOT of work ahead of me. But at least it is fun wotk πŸ˜‰

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Lesbian Anal Fun

Yesterday I told you about the anal fun I had with my girlfriend Seska and showed you some of the pictures. Today, I thought I would tease you with a quick sample video. The full video is available in the members area of my website, so members can check it out right now.

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Swallowed Four Loads Today

It has been “one of those days”! I had nothing at all planned for today except for some website work, the laundry, and some gardening. No sex planned at all! But I ended up swallowing four different loads from four different cocks! Truly amazing!

It started at 10:00 this morning when I was in the back hanging out laundry. One of our neighbours came back and saw me, so we started chatting. He was making fun of me of me for still being in my housecoat and not being dressed yet. he asked what I had on underneath, so I showed him…and the answer was nothing! He was wearing loose baggy shorts and his hard-on grew in about 5 seconds. He came to me and started rubbing me and playing with my pussy, and I reached into his shorts and began stroking his cock. Just a few minutes of that and he said he was going to CUM! I quickly bent down, took his cock into my mouth, and in about 5 seconds, he squirted into my mouth! I swallowed every drop and put his cock away, then told him I had to go back in the house. he left. The thing is this is a neighbour I have never even touched before and rarely talked to!

I went into the house and down to where my husband was working. I told him what had just happened which got him all excited, so the next thing, I am on my knees in front of him sucking his cock. He came about 5 minutes later and I went back upstairs to finally have my shower and get dressed.

About an hour later, the phone rings and it’s an old BoyToy from Montreal, Jonny< who was just up the street and wanted to drop over. So over he came. I used to fuck this guy a lot, so within about 10 minutes f him getting here, we’re in my bedroom with me sucking his cock! I didn’t have the time for any real sex, and told him a blow-job would have to do, which he seemed just fine with. It took him about 10 minutes to CUM, and once again, I swallowed every drop! He then went off to drink beer with my husband!

The forth “swallow” happened about half an hour ago, just past 6:00. Another local guy we know, and who I have played with, dropped over to pick up a saw from my husband. The guys had a beer and my husband tells him about the tree blow-jobs I gave already. He says to me, “Want to make it four?”, so out on the back deck, while the boys enjoyed their beer, I knelt down in front of him and sucked him off. He came fairly quickly to, in just a few minutes. The thing about this guy is he doesn’t have the biggest cock, but My God, does he SQUIRT! He has 7 or 8 long spurts, each one bigger than the average guy CUMs in total! I love it! When he was done, my husband wanted another blow-job, but I told him “No” and that he had to fuck me later and CUM in my pussy! πŸ˜‰

They are still out on the deck, but it was just too hot, so I am in here now writing this πŸ™‚

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Anal Fun With Seska

This gallery contains 18 photos.

I am editing the video for this right now, and I’ll have it up in the Fan FuXXX area of my website tomorrow. This was shot during the St. Paddy’s Day season, and we had a lot of fun playing … Continue reading

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Starting Up New Shoots!

I’m finally free again to have some fun and break out the video camera! I need to do some fun shoots again, but once again, I need the people for it! The problem with moving out to the country is the lack of available bodies that are available to play! So what I am looking for is a bit different now.

When I lived in Montreal, I was getting out as many different people as I could for sucking and fucking videos. While I’ll still do fans as I can, I am really looking for a couple of good guys to become regulars. Every couple of weeks they would drop over and we would do a variety of fun shoots. If you can show your face, that’s great, but we can work around that. I need guys that are in shape with nice above average cocks and hopefully, nice big loads. They have to be okay with bareback sex and I do want to enjoy some anal sex too. If they’re in Watersports, so much the better as I need people to pee on, and pee on me! πŸ˜‰

So, if you are local to Eastern Ontario, can travel, and can get out to my place near Alexandria, then send me a message with pictures of yourself. We can them meet and talk about it.

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Adam & Eve First Audition

Although we moved two years ago, there was all sorts of stuff from the old house and office that I just never got around to digging through. Taking care of my father-in-law the last couple of years before he passed on kept me busy and away from all that, but I finally got to it. I came across a couple of boxes of DV tapes of Porn Video Shoots that have NEVER been seen! Even by me! So I thought it would be fun to edit those and release them now.

This first one was the video of the very first time Adam & Eve came out to the studios to audition for us. They had never done anything before, and Adam was only the second guy that Eve had ever had sex with. Well as you can see from this lower quality little teaser video, she did a fine job! The actual sex on video went on for close to 2 hours, and they also did it live on webcam with members watching and telling them what to do. It has been edited down to a manageable 16 minutes on my website.

The fun thing is even though Eve had only been with two men i her life before this, after the shoot finished, she was super horny and ended up fucking five guys at the studio!

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