Just an update

I have been just swamped with working on the renovations in our new home and have not done a single exciting thing over the past week! I did stop by the local bar for a few hours last Friday, but didn’t stay that late. I really have had nothing at all to write about in my Blog and as I have been told by a few, I’m just boring everyone.

But, we did get our new hardwood floor installed over the weekend. Well, just in our new bedroom for now. It took us 3 days when a “Pro” would have done it in less than one! We still have the hallway, living room, and 2 other bedrooms to put the hardwood down in. Tomorrow we will be tiling the new bathroom floor so we should be able to get the vanaties installed early next week and then finally move our furniture in. I can’t wait.

I won’t be doing any new shoots until September as my son is home for the summer school holidays. Normally I would go elsewhere, but I have nowhere else to shoot right now! And as you all know, I never do anything when the kids are around.

Back to work for me, and as soon as something fun happens, I’ll let you all know ;)

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The Real Work Has Begun!

It’s a long weekend here in Ontario with today being a holiday. So everyone is off of work, except for me! The contractors finished their work on Friday, so our real work has begun. We had them in tearing down some alls to make one large bedroom out of two smaller ones and moved the old en-suite bathroom. The new one is larger with a large shower and two separate vanities for me and Danny.

We stared the final finishing of the drywall on Saturday, and after sanding, my house was just covered in dust! It was everywhere, and that was after trying to contain it. We also patched up a bunch of the walls in the hallway and other bedrooms as there were holes everywhere. Yesterday we were able to do the priming in our bedroom and bathroom and we hope to get the first coat of paint on later today. We have to run out to Montreal in a few minutes as my older son is moving into a new place and we are giving him our old fridge and stove and need to bring those out to him. Hopefully we don’t get caught up with things and can get back to paint.

After we finish the painting, we have to install the new bathroom vanities and tops, the toilets, and all the fixtures. Then comes the flooring. We bought really nice solid oak flooring for the entire upper level of the house and a friend who does flooring for a living is dropping over to help us install it. When the is done, we can finally get our doors in! Then the trim and base and we are done! Well, our room at least. We are changing all four of the bathrooms we have and our garage is full of bathroom vanities right now, five in total.

We still are waiting on the flooring to be delivered as well as the doors, the closet doors, and a few other things. They should all be in this week. So far we are at around $50K in the renovations! It’s a good thing we made some money on the sale of our last house ;)

But I did take a couple of breaks this weekend. On Friday, we went over to the local bar for a couple of drinks, and then on Saturday evening a couple of friends dropped over to viit for a couple of hours. But it was all very relaxed with nothing else going on. It’ll be a few weeks before I am able to “play” again as we have just too much work to get through on the house. So I’ll probably just be boring you on here the next little while ;)

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I Need A Gang-Bang!

I Need To Be Gang-Banged!I am sitting here a bit bored and just thinking of various things. One thing that hit me is that I haven’t had a Gang-Bang in quite a while! I usually enjoy one or two a month, and it’s been a while since I have been able to have a bunch of guys just use me and have their way with me.

I really would love to set one up here in Eastern Ontario. Not a huge one, but maybe with 6 to 8 hot guys to play with. Maybe we can get a hotel room in Cornwall and have some fun there. Even better would be for a local guy to host one for me! I’m not a big fan of hotel rooms and prefer playing at home or in someone else’s home. Since my new house is a complete disaster zone, and will be for the next little while, I really can’t do anything big here.

So, if your local to Eastern Ontario and are willing to set something up with me, it would be welcome and appreciated. I’m also looking for guys that are local to me that want to take part. These are always VERY discrete and no one would ever know that you were involved (other than the other guys that are there). My Gang-Bangs are basically “anything-goes” and you can do just about anything you want to me and with me. I enjoy anal, double-penetration, straight fucking, and swallowing whatever you give me! My only rule is no cumming in my pussy as I am not on any sort of birth control, but other than that, we can do anything.

So let me know here or through e-mail at carol@carolcox.com if you want to take part in something like this. Hopefully, I’ll find a good group of local guys that are open and like to play. I do know that many in the towns around me are reading this Blog regularly so cum on and take a chance for some fun  :)

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Got some last night!

Quebec is on their Construction Shut-Down where everyone who works in construction and in other major industries has to tale two weeks off at the end of June. It’s a really stupid thing, but the government thinks it knows best for everyone (of course)! Many of our friends are off work this week and next due to the shut-down and one of my old BoyToys, Jonny, decided to pay us a visit and check out the new house.

He came over after dinner, and had a beer with Danny. In no time at all, we ended up in our bed having some fun. I started off by sucking Jonny’s cock and bringing him off in my mouth. he is “multi-orgasmic” and has a nice big load every time too. He can CUM, and then CUM again in about 10 minutes. The most he came with me in one night was five times. He came and I swallowed it all, and just kept sucking him so he never got soft at all. I then climbed up onto his cock and rode him for a few minutes before having him spend some time licking my pussy. As he did that, Danny knelt over my face so I could suck his cock.

I hadn’t had a Double-Penetration in what felt like forever (okay, it’s been a couple of months) and asked the guys to help me out with that little problem. Danny lay back and I climbed on him, sliding his cock into my VERY wet pussy. Jonny got behind me and eased his cock into my ass. We fucked like that for a good 10 minutes and then Danny started to CUM in my pussy. well, that set off Jonny and he came deep in my ass. It was almost simultaneous, with bother guys cumming within 30 seconds of each other.

We cleaned up and went back out to the livingroom. We ended up watching Masterchef with I recored earlier, and then the news. I invited Jonny to spend the night as it was getting late and so Jonny went to bed with me while Danny slept in the guest bedroom. Of course Jonny and I fucked some more, and he came twice more too! We fell asleep, and I awoke this morning with Jonny’s fingers in my pussy! I turned on my side with my butt facing him and guided his cock into my pussy. We fucked slowly until he came inside of me. It was then off to the shower together where we washed each other. I do enjoy that :)

He had a coffee with us out on the back deck, then headed back home to Montreal. Since then, we have just been sitting here waiting on the contractors and on some deliveries. I ran out to the Home Hardware for a minute to pick up some new toilets, but that took all of 10 minutes. I do have things to do, and I can’t as I have to wait at home! At least I am feeling relaxed from the good fucking I got last night and this morning ;)

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I get drinkable water today!

This house was a “Repo” and so had all sorts of problems. The last people to live here were renters who were truly pigs. The house was an absolute mess with all sorts of problems. I really really don’t understand people like that as they have no self-pride or even self-worth to allow conditions to deteriorate so much. But, that’s just the way some people are, unfortunately. We did have the house inspected by both a certified inspector and a good friend of ours who builds homes for a living, so we knew about all the problems in the house when we bought it. We did get it at a cheap price, so putting in close to $100K is worth it to us to get the house we want.

Along with the various problems we are dealing with, the people never changed any filters or maintained the water system. For water, we are on a deep drilled well, and this area has very hard water along with iron and sulfides in it. The pressure tank bladder was leaking, the filters were a solid mess, the UV water purifier was burned out, and someone pulled out the softener! We changed the filters, but had to order everything else. So for the past month, we have had no potable drinking water and even using it for washing left really bad hard water stains and a bad smell from the iron and sulfides. We have been buying a ridiculous amount of bottled water to get by.

Finally, all the components came in, and the plumber is here right now installing everything! By tomorrow, I will finally have nice clean drinking water! I can’t wait for that first shower too :)

I also have the guy in doing the second coat of plastering for the walls. He expects to be finished it all tomorrow and I can finally start painting the house. It really needs it too! I don’t know who decorated this place, but their colour sense was truly atrocious! I have rooms where every wall is a different colour, one that has black, green, yellow, and pink walls…ll in the same room! Every wall in this house is a different colour.

The first room I am getting to is our new bedroom and bathroom. I need to get that primed and painted, then the bathroom vanities installed, then the flooring, the finally the doors all put in. After that, I can start on the rest of the house. I spent the last year redoing 44oo square feet of my old house and here I am starting all over again on a new house! I am a glutton for punishment ;)

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Pictures from the latter part of the weekend

This gallery contains 12 photos.

My previous post briefly mentioned what I did on Saturday and Sunday and I mentioned I would share some of the pictures we snapped with my iPhone. We went out to a local restaurant on Saturday as we heard the … Continue reading

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I hate cleaning!

I didn’t do a thing last night. We went out to eat, then came home and watched a movie. About midnight, we sat out on our front porch, fully naked of course, and enjoyed the warm evening. I was feeling a bit horny, so I masturbated myself to a nice orgasm and then we had a quick fuck while the cars drove on by, not noticing a thing. I finished him off in my mouth, and then we went in and went to bed. A pretty calm evening.

This morning, I woke up around 8:30, and took my coffee out onto my back deck and sat there naked for a couple of hours. You can see that picture of me by clicking here. I then went in, through on a small summer dress, and went about cleaning walls to get them ready for painting. Talk about tedious! Danny spent a few hours removing all the baseboard and door trim as we are changing everything. Five hours later we both said, “enough is enough” and sat out front to enjoy the afternoon sun. We deserved it. :)

As I write this, the BBQ is on and Danny is going to cook up some hamburgers. Tonight is a night of television with Big Brother, True Blood and Falling Skies ;)

I’ll share more pictures from last night and today with you all tomorrow. I just don’t have the time to get them ready at the moment.

See you all tomorrow!

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Quiet Night & Day

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We had pizza for dinner last night as we didn’t know what to make. Pizza is always a good fall back and we have a good local place for it. After we ate, we headed over to the local bar … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Day and a Fun Night Ahead

Today was just great! I had no contractors over so I could actually get a little cleaning done and then spend a few hours in the sun. It was hot and sunny but at least we didn’t have the humidity we had yesterday. I just laid out back naked from 10:00 until about 1:00 in the afternoon. One of my new neighbours was sure hanging out in his backyard for quite a while, he really was trying to get a good look! Danny did snap some pictures of me with my iPhone which I uploaded to my Twitter picture thing. Now I’ll just be using my new Picture Blog for all that :)

I stayed naked for a couple more hours, but I stayed in the shade and enjoyed the light breeze we had. I played a lot with my iPhone doing different silly things and getting the hang of it. That’s why if you follow me on different sites, you would have seen me making lots of nonsensical posts.

The pictures below were some of the ones that were snapped earlier today and uploaded to different places.

Tonight we’ll be heading over to our new local bar about 9:00pm. Last week, we had a bunch of friends from Montreal join us, but this week, we’ll be alone. It is good as it’s easier to meet and talk with the other locals and get to know the neighbours. The bar is really fun and is a typical small town Dive Bar (I mean that in the best possible way) with a really relaxed atmosphere and friendly people. Plus the drinks are nice and cheap, and free-poured!

I don’t plan to drink as much as I did last week. That just ended up with me in bed all day Saturday with one serious hangover. But at least a bunch of cute guys came out last week, and hopefully even more will show up this week. I am ready to play! Some of the guys heard that I was going to be there and came out to meet me, although they never aid as much to me. But local gossip gets around really fast ;)

So maybe I’ll be having some fun back at my place later this evening. I’ll just play it by ear and see how things go. I wouldn’t mind a little “strange” tonight!

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New Picture Blog

I just set up a new Blog that is just for candid pictures I take throughout the day on my iPhone. Now you’ll be able to see what I am doing as I am doing it! I was using another site for this and it was tied to my Twitter account, but I thought I would keep it all “in-house” so to speak. The pictures are a mixture of tame silliness to explicit hard-core, and all immediate.

Just to the right is a column with “My Hot Places“. The Pic Blog is the second one called “Carol Cox Picture Blog“. But you can click here for access to it.

Let me know what you think.

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