Troubles With The Sex Server!

I haven’t been posting on here primarily due to all the problems we have been having with some of our sites. I was blocked from posting on my own Blog for a few weeks do to a big screw-up during a server move (our fault, and by “our” I do mean my husband!).

Now we have a problem with a software upgrade for my website. We were undergoing a major upgrade on the site that took a couple of days to accomplish. It is now live but missing all the user profiles and content, so basically it is a blank site! The people who developed the software live halfway around the world and we have to wait on them to wake up and get to work finishing their work.

It has been a very stressful month 🙁

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Had a great shoot last night

A fan of mine from Toronto dropped by last night to help me out with some video. He had a morning meeting in Cornwall, so it wasn’t much of a detour for him to drop by. He had a couple of unfulfilled fantasies that he was hoping to fulfill. One was to fuck an ass, the other to piss all over someone and have them piss on his cock. It was all done 😉

We started with a Blow-job followed by a 69. It was during the 69 that he came for the first time. He just couldn’t hold back. I played with his CUM for a bit, then we got ready for some Piss Play. We started that off by him pissing on my ass while I was wearing a sheer t-shirt. As he was pissing, I turned around to give him access to my mouth, my boobs and my pussy. He did a great job of getting me wet everywhere. I then returned the favour by pissing all over his cock.

We then went back to sucking and fucking. He started fucking my pussy Doggy-Style and after a while, pulled out of my pussy and slid his cock into my ass. We fucked like that for about 15 minutes until he finally pulled out and came right on my ass. It was a great shoot.

I’ll have some pictures up shortly and the video within the next week 🙂


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My New Local Cub Came Back

A couple of weeks ago, I hooked up with a new young Cub that I first met at the Pub. We had a great time with him finishing what he started last time! He is a 23 year old guy that lives only a few miles from me, and as we know some of the same people,  I have assured him privacy.

He dropped by just after noon this afternoon. This was also just a fun fuck so no pictures or videos were taken, and my husband left us completely alone. I had him start off by licking and playing with my pussy, something he neglected to do the last time! He also used his tongue and his fingers on and in my ass, managing to get three fingers deep inside me. I just laid back and had him down there until I came a few times 😉

Taking over, I pulled him on top of me, and guided his cock into my pussy. We fucked this way for a few minutes, and then I pushed him off and git on my knees so he could fuck me Doggy-Style. At first h slipped his cock into my pussy and fucked me that way for a while longer. After a really big orgasm, I told him I wanted to feel him in my ass. I reach back between my legs, and once again helped get him inside of me, this time in my ass. He pushed and I felt his cock pop into my ass. He is fairly thick so he did a great job filling me ass. While he fucked me, I played with my own pussy, and had a few really good orgasms.

He lasted longer than I thought, close to 3 full minutes before he came! I could feel his cock pulse in my ass every time he squirted inside me. I love that feeling, it is such a kink of mine. When he finished, he pulled out and lay back on the bed, and I went right for his semi-hard cock, licking and sucking him clean. I also teased him by sliding a finger deep in my ass and then sucking it, over and over 😉

Watching me suck his cock abd sucking on my finger got him really excited and in no time, I got him hard again. This time I got on top of him and rode him Cowgirl style until he came again. It all made me feel so good and so fulfilled, I loved it. We cleaned up, and he headed back to work, arriving there a bit late 😉

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Newest Video, me with a young man

My latest video is available to all members in the members area of my website. SO JOIN RIGHT NOW!  😉

This guy contacted me about giving my “Fan FuXXX” a go. He sent the required pictures and told me what he wanted to do, and I set it up. He was over a few days ago to fuck me. He showed up right on time, and after a short chat, we got right to it. He was hoping to CUM twice, once in my pussy and once in my  mouth. We started off with me giving him a nice long blow-job, making sure to take good care of his big balls (one of his requests). After getting his cock and balls nice and wet, I took off my panties, and moved around so we could enjoy a nice long 69.

Turning around, I moved over his cock, and slowly slid it into my pussy. It felt great. I rode him for quite a while before going back down on him to suck him some more. Unfortunately, he was a bit nervous (as happens a lot lately!) and wasn’t able to CUM.

Please enjoy the video 🙂


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Just Had An Amazing Double-Penetration

One of the guys I shot a video with recently came by earlier this evening for some off camera play. When we shot the video, he had mentioned how his fantasy was to fuck a woman’s ass while she was having a Double-Penetration, so I set it up! We started with some fun play with lots of oral, and I then fucked him for a few minutes. I found out that he had never even tried anal sex before, so before we attempted the DP, I wanted him to fuck my ass solo to get the feeling. I had him lick my ass to get it ready, and to use his fingers on me. Then he got into position behind me, and I guided his cock right in to my ass. He slid it right in, then slowly fucked me for about 30 seconds, stopped and grabbed me hard, and I could tell he was trying to hold back from cumming! I told him just to let go and CUM, and did he ever! I counted 7 big spurts, just by the way his cock pulsed 😉

He pulled out and rolled over onto his back and just laid there. I moved around and took him in my mouth to suck him clean and get him hard again. It did not take long. After another fun fuck in various positions, and with him able to not CUM right away, we tried the DP. I climbed on my husband’s cock, riding him cowgirl, and when I was ready, I helped guide the other guy’s cock back into my ass. For a good 4 or 5 minutes, we had amazing rhythm with everyone getting a good ride. Then we lost it, but kept at it until I felt him cumming again inside of me. He pulled out and lay back again while I lifted off my husband and finished him in my mouth.

It was a good way to fill an hour 🙂

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New Servers In Place

I need to inform you all that we just moved all of our websites and servers to a new host. This will make it much easier to get ahead of any problems and make your experience better.

You may encounter some problems here and there, like the errors you may have seen at the top of this page. We are working on them and should have all the bugs fixed in the next few days.

If you joined within the last couple of days, your information may have not been written to my servers. If you are having a problem, just contact me at

We will also be updating and upgrading our Adult Community Website at which will greatly help with site speed and overall user satisfaction 🙂

Thank you for your patience 🙂

Carol xoxoxo

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I am NOT an escort

Here is my yearly post to all the local people in eastern Ontario and western Quebec…I am not an escort, prostitute, call girl, or whatever you call working women! I have no problem with escorts, and have a number of friends who do that work, but I do not. I am a Sex Worker and I do have sex with people as part of that. But that is always done on video and no one is ever charged anything to fuck me. I fuck for free!

I bring this up as 3 young local guys showed up at my door at almost midnight on Tuesday! They rang the doorbell and my husband answered the door, knowing it was someone who is confused about what I do! This happens about once a year. Even if I was escorting, like most, I would do it by appointment only! I don’t have a brothel where people can stop by whenever they like!

Now, if someone is interested in doing a video with me, they need to look at as that has all the information. Even you 3 guys

If they want to fuck for fun, then I need to meet them first and see how we hit it off. Even the 3 guys who showed up at my door could have the chance of fucking me in a small Gang-Bang, but I would need to meet them first. So, Jeff, you can maybe play with me with your friends, just contact me first, and be ready to send me pictures 😉

I’ll probably be posting something similar next year 😉

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And To Follow Up…

The guy who was supposed to shoot with me today e-mailed me at 1:45 last night to cancel. Just can’t win #justcantwin

So I may stop by the Pub this evening to drown my sorrows 😉

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Odds & Ends

This past Monday, I was supposed to shoot some video with a new guy where once again, he wanted to do and try it all. But the weather got really quite bad around here with a lot of snow and bad road conditions. As he was coming from Ottawa, just over an hour away, I just cancelled him. I did not want anyone driving on the bad roads just for me. He did plead with me to come, but I just wasn’t comfortable with it. It was a good thing because the highway he had to come in one got pretty bad with lots of accidents and people in the ditch. Safety before Sex!

All this week and next week, we are moving on our servers move and tightening things up. I am moving from my old host to a new one in Montreal, not because of bad service or anything like that, but because my new host is an old friend who is willing to help me out with technical stuff and look after things.

I won’t be at the Pub tomorrow (Friday) evening as I have a cute young 22 year old guy coming out to play from Montreal. It will be on video so you can all check it out 🙂

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My Friday Night Cub

I had my new young cub come by on Friday night for some fun. He was a little nervous, but not bad at all. It helped that we had met a few times before and had some nice chats. He is a local guy, 23 years old, and in great shape with a very nice cock. Could not ask for better.

I had my husband stay in the office so as not to make things more uncomfortable with the young guy. He didn’t mind as he had lots of work to do. I brought the guy into my bedroom and had him undress me as we kissed. Returning the favour, I finally got his great cock in my hand, and lightly rubbed him as we kissed some more. Dropping to my knees in front of him, I kissed the head of his cock and slowly took it fully into my mouth. I then told him not to hold back but to just CUM if he felt he was at that point, then went back to sucking him. In about 30 more seconds, I felt him tighten up and then he exploded in my mouth! he had a nice big load of CUM that squirted several times.  I just swallowed and sucked until he was done, then softly sucked every last drop of CUM out of him. He was a little embarrassed to have CUM so quickly, and I assured him it was not a problem and was something that really turned me on and got me off 😉

I had him lay on the bed,  curled up next to him, and sucked his cock until I had him hard and ready again. I slid up onto him, and slipped his cock into my pussy as I lowered down onto him. I rode him this way until I had a great orgasm, then had him get on top of me so he could control our fucking. He slipped into me again, and fucked me for only a couple of minutes before he came again, with a huge shudder! I could almost feel his squirts deep in my pussy. Once he was done, I held him tight and inside me for a good five minutes. He rolled off of me, and I moved in close, laying my head on his chest, and lightly playing with his cock and balls. We lay like that for about fifteen minutes and chatted; his cock stiffened again.

We went back to fucking, trying all sorts of positions. He lasted quite long this third time, as to be expected. He finally came again, this time while he was fucking me doggy-style. We both just collapsed on the bed, and lay they for a few minutes. I am getting old, and this all tires me out much more than it did when I was young 😉

We were done, and I then realized he had not gone down on my pussy once, and we never got around to the anal sex. But he plans to be back very soon and promised to take better care of me the next time.

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