About Yesterday

So, yesterday we had to run up to Ottawa to pick up a new Futon hide-ab-ed thingy for the Games Room. Now we have even more sleeping places for people when they come over to party. Since we were going to be in Ottawa, we got invited over to a new couples place for some fun! We only met them once before at a little get-together at a bar, so we’ve never played.

They are “Swingers” but fairly new ones that haven’t done that much yet. They have only been with two other couples, and both times it was more “swapping” than group fun. I’ve been chatting with her, and she wanted to try all sorts of fun nasty things. We met for a quick lunch first at a small Japanese place, then headed back over to their place. We started off with her and I kissing passionately and slowly undressing one another.  I went down on her first, and then she returned the favour. As I was between her legs, licking her gorgeous pussy, her husband came behind me and started licking and then fingering my ass. By the time he toucjed my pussy, I was dripping wet.

I was still enjoying the taste of her pussy when he got behind me and slipped his cock into me. As he fucked me doggy-style, she moved away and began sucking my husband’s cock, but she kept watching us intently! My husband then moved around, got her on her back, and went down on her pussy. She and I ended up kissing while I was getting fucked and she was getting her pussy licked. She is my kind of “kisser” as she likes it wet and sloppy with a lot of tongue and a lot of spit! As we were kissing, I fely her husband tense and then he exploded in my pussy. As he finished, and even before he pulled out, she moved quickly and pulled me off of him and right onto her face. I let go and his CUM just gushed out of me, right into her mouth. She went crazy, trying to lick up and swallow every drop. It was so hot, I squirted right into her mouth. After just a few minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was just shaking! I had to move, and when I did, she jumped up, pushed my husband down on his back, and jumped on his cock!

She rode him really hard at first but then slowed down. I got behind them and licked his balls and her ass. I knew she liked anal sex, so I worked a finger deep in her ass, and then two. She was moaning and groaning loudly and was just soaking my husband. She then lifted off his cock, grabbed it, and sat on it again, this time guiding it into her ass. She rode him slowly but deeply for just a few minutes until he said he was going to CUM. She then went hard on him as he came in her ass. She slowly pulled off his cock, and his CUM ran out of her ass and all over his cock. As soon as she was off him, she quickly moved down and started sucking the CUM off his cock! She gave him one big lick, two deep sucks, and then she unexpectedly grabbed me by the hair, and pulled my face onto his cock! I’ve had guys do that, but never girls 😉

I sucked his cock and she started saying things like “Does my ass taste good?” and “Swallow my ass juice!” (that was a first for me!). Then she joined me and we both licked and sucked his cock until he was fully clean. By this time, her husband was ready to go again and he grabbed me, pushed me on my back, and fucked me hard in a missionary position. He came again after about 5 minutes and when he pulled out, she quickly sucked his cock and then went back to my pussy to lick up all his CUM. Once I was cleaned out, we were done.

The whole thing lasted maybe 40 minutes, but it was very intense sex that I just loved. She had mentioned she wanted to do a Double-Penetration, but we never did get to that (or I should say the guys never got around to doing it). We all cleaned up, and then we headed for home. We will be meeting up again as she still wants her DP and also try some Watersports!

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Great Time Yesterday

I had a great time with the new young couple in Ottawa yesterday, and yes, she got to lick her husband’s CUM from my pussy…TWICE! My husband also got to CUM deep in her ass, and then she and I licked his cock clean. She enjoys nasty fun like I do! 😉

I will write more about it tomorrow. I had another crazy busy day and I’m really not much in the mood for writing. Sorry.

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Busy Day Ahead

I’m finally done with all my morning work, and just had a shower. Now it’s time to run up to Ottawa to buy a new Futon for the Games Room. We set up a nice room just for all the video games we have…and we have them all! All that is needed is a nice hide-a-bed Futon for when extra guests stay over and the Guest Bedroom is already being used.

After we pick that up, we are meeting a hot young couple for lunch then heading back to their place for some afternoon fun. They are both really cute and in their late 20’s. She has a fantasy about licking her husband’s CUM out of another woman’s pussy, so I’ll be that woman for her first time. She also wants to try a Double-Penetration for the first time, something my husband is quite happy to help her out with. It should be a fun afternoon :)

Okay, I am out of here and should be back around 4 or 5.

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Finally Some Fun!

Needless to say, I didn’t do much over the weekend due to my sister-in-law visiting. I did go out to our usual bar on Friday night, and was pleasantly surprised to have some old friends come out unexpectedly, but that was about it. We just stayed around the house other than going out for dinner on Saturday night.

But today I finally had some fun! My husband had to take my father-in-law into Montreal for some testing for an upcoming operation, so I was home alone all day. Since I knew I had the day free, I invited over my young local BoyToy for some fun. Last night he messaged me asking if he could bring a friend over with him. I knew who the guy was, and I quickly agreed.

The guys came over at 1:00 and we quickly ended up in my bed. The new guy is a really cute 19 year old and I found out that he had only been with one girl and had never done too much sexually. His ex-girlfriend would suck his cock, but would never let him CUM in her mouth or on her face. Of course, I had to have him in my mouth! He laid back on the bed and I lay between his legs and started sucking his cock and licking his balls. My BoyToy got behind me and started fingering my pussy while he licked my ass. He then crawled up on me, and I guided his cock into my ass. he fucked my ass while I sucked his friend’s cock.

I could tell the guy I was sucking was about to CUM, and when he did he let out some huge moans and squirted a huge load right in my mouth. That set off the other guy who came right there and then, deep in my ass. He pulled out and went into the bathroom to clean up while I kept sucking the new guy’s cock. He never lost his hard-on (gotta love those young guys) and stayed rock hard. I climbed up on top of him and eased his cock into my pussy. As I rode him, I could feel my BoyToy’s CUM ooze out of my ass and I knew it was running all over his cock 😉

The BoyToy came out of the bathroom as I was fucking his friend, and he lay next to us, just watching and rubbing his cock. he was hard and ready again pretty quickly, so we moved around. I got on my hands and knees while the two guys took turns fucking me doggy-style. They took turns fucking me hard for about 20 minutes before the new guy came deep in my pussy. As soon as he pulled out, my BoyToy slid his cock into me and let go. A double load of CUM in less than a minute 😉

We were all still naked and went into the kitchen where I offered them both a beer. We stood around chatting for close to half an hour. The new guy was getting hard again, just talking, and so I started rubbing his cock. He then asked if he could fuck my ass, and we ended up doing it right there in the kitchen. He had me bent over the counter while he fucked my ass. As he had already CUM twice, I had expected him to last a while, but after only about 2 minutes, he let go and came in my ass.

He went off to the bathroom to clean up, and I took my BoyToy over to the couch. He sat down and I straddled him, guiding his cock into my pussy. I rode him for a while, but he just wasn’t able to CUM again. It happens. We all cleaned up, and the guys had a couple more beers before leaving.

My husband and father-in-law got home about an hour ago, and I still haven’t told my husband what happened today. And I won’t! I’ll wait and see how long it takes him to actually read this Blog post and find out or himself 😉

Tomorrow afternoon, we are running up to Ottawa to pick up some things at Ikea. While there, we are stopping by another couple’s place for an afternoon quickie. Well, lunch and a quickie :)

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Yet Another Long Week

This has been another long and tedious week. Three of the five days, we had to drive in to Montreal to take my father-in-law to Doctor’s appointments. He has two operations scheduled, one is a heart valve transplant, the other is a TURP where they scrape away part of his prostate so he can pee again! It hasn’t been fun. I have barely had a chance to get on-line, and haven’t been chatting or messaging with anyone, not even on the phone.

We were supposed to go to a friend’s place in Ottawa on Saturday night to shoot some video. It was with a cute new girl we are helping satart a website and a couple of hot young guys. It was going to be a bunch of different things, all bareback, and with me eating a nice creampie, getting peed on, A2M, and more! All the fun nasty stuff. BUT…we found out yesterday my sister-in-law is visiting from tonight until Sunday, so I had to cancel until next week. It’s too bad because we have had this planned for a few weeks and I was looking forward to it.

Tonight, I’ll be over at my local bar as I usually am. My husband is helping out with the karaoke by getting it started and running it until the regular guy gets there at 10:30. It should be funny 😉

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Great Party

Saturday evening, we went over to some friend’s place back in Montreal for a party. It was a “Swinger” party and I was looking forward to the fun. There were 3 other couples, 5 single guys, and a really cute single girl who was playing for the first time. I already knew most of the people, except for the girl and one of the guys.

The couple who hosted the party are also long-time “Swingers” and they have a huge room set up in their basement just for playing. Half the room is mattress! About 12 feet wide by 25 feet deep. It is really cool. They also have an amazing, and very expensive sex swing, a Sybian, and every toy you can think of! They are REALLY prepared for just about anything. They even have a large steam shower room downstairs that can handle about 10 people. Yes, they are also into watersports.

It was just hours of group sex fun with everyone fucking everyone! We would play, then stop and take a break, then play again. We kept it up until after 3:00 in the morning. I also got to enjoy a great Double-Penetration that felt just amazing. The guys got the timing down perfect and I just got lost in the feeling and had orgasm after orgasm. It was a bareback sex party, so I asked the guys to not CUM in my pussy, but my mouth or ass were all theirs to use. I know it’s a little risky, but I felt like I could trust the guys and I also wasn’t on the “fertile” days of my cycle. So by the end of the night, all 8 guys had CUM in my ass at least once! Actually, the only CUM I swallowed all night was once with my own husband.

Because it was so late, we ended up spending the night. So dod a couple of the single guys. At around 9:30 Sunday morning, I got woken up by one of the guys licking my pussy! I let him go at it for about 5 minutes, then pulled him up on top of me and guided his cock into my pussy. He fucked me slowly for a while, then pulled out and jerked off all over my stomach.

We ended up getting home at 1:00 in the afternoon and just took it very easy on Sunday. I can’t wait until the next party :)

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Another Unevetful Week

I’d love to be able to fill you all in on my crazy sexual escapades, but other than my outdoor Dogging fun on Monday, this has been an uneventful yet busy week. Once again, I spent most of my time driving back and forth from Montreal. Very tedious! And I have to do it again twice next week! I have put more mileage on my Jeep in the last 6 months that in the previous 2 years! I did take a little break on Wednesday to get my hair done :)

We did go to our local bar last night, but due to all the snow, it wasn’t busy at all. So we all just drank too much and got silly. Today, I spent over 2 hours shoveling snow! We used to have a snow removal service when we lived in the city, but out here in the country, you’re on your own. So Danny had the snowblower (his toy) out doing the driveway and walkways, while I did shoveling clean up, and also cleared off the decks. This is my first time actually shoveling snow in 15 years!! At least it’s good exercise and you get some fresh air.

Its now 3:00 and I still don’t know what we’re going to do tonight! I have to decide soon! We can go to a large Swinger house party, or go to another friend’s house near Ottawa for a mini-Gang-Bang (2 women & 6 men), or I am thinking of inviting a few people over for a little party at my place. I do have to properly break in the new Fuck Room (I mean Guest Bedroom) 😉  I really don’t know what to do!

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Unexpected Fun

I was going to write this last evening when we got back home, but Danny was running some diagnostics on my Mac that ended up taking all night. I had to wait until now to use my computer.

After dinner last night we went down to a park to meet up with a guy that my husband has been chatting with. I wrote about that in the Blog post below. I was just wearing a long coat and boots, and nothing else! It took us about 15 minutes to get to the area, and we parked and walked in on a trail. We were supposed to meet this guy by an observation tower and it was only a few minute walk to get to it. We were a bit early, so we just started fooling around. A few minutes later, we heard someone walking toward us, and it was the guy Danny had been talking to.

I had my coat unbuttoned and open, and the guy could see I was fully naked. He just walked up to me and without saying a word to me, grabbed my pussy and slid in a couple of fingers. He began nibbling and sucking my nipples while he finger fucked me hard. I got into it right away and in no time at all, I was gushing CUM all over his hand. After a few great orgasms, he stepped back, undid his pants and pulled out his cock, and just grabbed me by the back of the head and pushed me down on it. I crouched down and started sucking him while he held my head.

After just a couple of minutes, my husband whispered that he heard someone coming. We stopped and just leaned against the railing as if we were just gazing out upon the marsh. A middle aged guy came around the bend, saw us, and walked over. He wasn’t shy at all and said “Hi Carol, I saw you Blog and took the chance you would be here” (or something close to that). That was all the first guy needed to hear as he once again grabbed my head and pushed me down on his cock. As I said, the new guy wasn’t the least bit shy and just walked over next to me, pulled out his cock, and started stroking himself. Of course I took his cock into my mouth too.

I was taking turns sucking both guys. I had just finished sucking the new guy and moved back over to do the original guy when all of a sudden the new guy squirted CUM all over the side of my face, my hair, and my coat! I quickly turned to him and got his cock in my mouth, but only managed to get the last small squirt. Well, that cumming set off the first guy who grabbed my hair and pulled me back on his cock. He held the back of my head and squirted a huge load, right down my throat. As soon as I was done swallowing him and pulled away, the second guy used his finger to scoop up the CUM on my face and feed it to me!

I stood up and stretched out as I was starting to cramp up in that crouching position. Out of the blue, the new guy says he read that I enjoy watersports and that he has to pee. Be fore I could even respond, my husband tells him to pee on my ass, spins me around, bends me over and leans me against the railing. Danny lifted my coat up out of the way and I just spread my legs and waited. I was expected him to just spray me from where he was behind me, but then I felt his cock right on my ass, and then he let go! As he was peeing, he moved his cock right onto my pussy, and gave me a very close up stream of pee right on my ass and pussy. It was all running down my legs and right into my boots! When he was done, Danny turned me around and told me to clean the guy up. So I did, and with a surprise…the guy still had a squirt of pee left in him and peed right in my mouth. I told you he wasn’t the least bit shy!

That was it, we all said goodbye and left. From the time we got there until the time we left was only 15 minutes. It was a good thing too as although it wasn’t that cold, it was cold enough! I gave Danny a Blow-Job on the way home and we had a quick fuck in the driveway of our home before we went in.

I actually really enjoyed what happened as sometimes I like the feeling of being used and abused. We plan on doing this a lot more, but I think I’ll wait until it gets just a little warmer 😉

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Dogging Tonight!

So my husband has been messaging with a guy from the Cornwall area who told him of a Dogging/Cruising area not too far away. So right after dinner, we’re going to drive over to Cooper Marsh near Summerstown and meet up with this guy! My husband, Danny, has offered me up to him!

We’re supposed to meet him on one of the trails close to the parking lot. I’m supposed to gibe him a blow-job, and that’s about it. I’m not even sure I’ll actually do it as I don’t even know what the guy looks like! But I’ll take the dare! 😉

I’ll write about what happened later on.

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Happy Presidents and Family Day

It is a Holiday Monday for most people in North America, except for Quebec. So this is my first “Family Day” since I moved to Ontario! 😉

I had a very long week. It was just non-stop running around (put over 1500 miles on my Jeep) and when I had free time, we were rushing trying to get the basement finished. I’ve barely had a chance to get on-line most of the week! We did finally get the guest bedroom fully finished and it looks good. So when my friends and BoyToys stay over, they have a nice place to stay, and for us to play!

Friday evening, I did go to the bar and met a fan from Sweden. He was a really nice guy who hung out with us all evening. We ended up staying until last call, and I did have too much to drink. That was unfortunate for my new friend as when I do drink a bit too much, I have no desire to play.

On Saturday, we went down to Cornwall for dinner and then over to a new couple’s house to meet them and for some fun. They also invited a couple of their single guy friends who wanted to meet me. Of course they did ask me in advance. The couple were very good looking and in their early 30’s. The two guys were HOT, tall and in great shape. They were both in their late 20’s. We ended up talking about my website and one of the guys mentioned how he used to masturbate to my website when he was 13! He said he always wanted to “taste” me, and the next thing, my jeans are on the floor and his face is buried in my pussy! We were still sitting at the kitchen table and he was on his knees in front of me.

We all moved to the living room and the clothes came off quickly. For the next couple of hours, I sucked, fucked, and licked everyone. It was all just hard and fast sex with people jumping between me and the other woman. I had orgasm after orgasm, and each guy came twice. We didn’t get home until close to 3:00 in the morning!

Last night, one of my new local BoyToys came over. We went downstairs to the family room as my Father-in-law was upstairs in the living room, watching TV. We ended up having a great threesome, with LOTS of Double-Penetration and both guys taking turns being in my pussy and ass. The first CUM was a double creampie with my husband in my pussy and my BoyToy cumming in my ass. After a very short break, we went into the bathroom and both guys peed all over me, including a double stream right in my mouth. We then went back out for Round 2. Once again, I enjoyed some great DP and also took turns fucking each guy. My husband came in my mouth and my BoyToy came in my pussy. We then all just sat there naked, with me between the two guys, and watched a movie. After about an hour, the BoyToy was ready to go again, so I rode his cock on the couch until he was ready to CUM and finished him off in my mouth. Since this was his third load, it wasn’t that big, but it was tasty!

I woke up this morning about 10:00 and had to spend about half an hour scrubbing the CUM stains on the couch! I knew I should have put down the Fuck Blanket! 😉

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