Busy Day Ahead

I am supposed to be getting the third and last part of the Shane & Candy First Audition video up today, but I am not sure if that’ll happen. We have to run into Montreal and take care of even lore things with my deceased Father-in-law! I never realized the work involved when someone passes away as the banks, the government, and everyone else just don’t make it easy for you to cancel things. Especially when you have to deal with the Province of Quebec that just loves to change the rules weekly and REALLY make it hard. Would you believe that a clerk actually asked us to get me Father-in-laws signature on a document!! After he was dead!! Just so frustrating. It has been over 2 months since he passed and we are still trying to finalize things. So today is a “hurry up and wait” day 🙁

Hopefully we’ll be back home in time for me to finish what I said I would finish.

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The PA Boyz Fuck In My Studio!

I just thought I would let you all know that I just got a new video up in the Members Area of my website. Tis was one shot by the “Boyz” when they got really horny one evening! They called up a couple of my girls and asked them if they wanted to shoot. Of course, the girls want to get paid, so they quickly agreed!

So a couple of my employees, Dugmor and Johnny Pearl, along with one of my BoyToys, Dom, pick up Sonia and Candy and bring them back to MY studio! Yes, they fucked in my studio, on the furniture that I fuck other people on! Jeez! The girls start fooling around, and then the sucking and fucking starts. Candy even fists Sonia’s pussy and buries her hand way up in there! It all finishes with three Facials from the Boyz!

The problem when the guys get like this is they are just horny and figure it’s a good way to get fucked! I’m the one that is ultimately paying the talent, and they don’t even take it seriously! Everyone is laughing away and having a grand ol’ time, and I have to try nd edit through all that. Frustrating! But the video at least turned out hot, and fun.

I won’t have a free teaser video of this one for you guys, just the two pictures that you see, as I need to keep someone hidden from public view, but it’s fully available, all 17 hot and hard minutes, right now, in my Members Area 🙂

join right now!

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Part 2 of the Shane & Candy First Audition

This is the teaser video of the one I put up in my Members Area just yesterday. It’s the second part of the Shane and Candy First Audition. This time the Boys get involved and jump into the action, so it’s a lot of sucking and fucking! This is also the second time ever that Candy has been fucked by someone! Before this, she only had sex with a boyfriend. She loved it and after this started fucking everyone!

Of course, my website members can see the full 16 minutes of this in higher quality in the members area, So Join Now if you aren’t a member! 😉

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It’s Hair Day and Date Night!

Yes, every 6 weeks I go and get my hair done, and today was the day. It always takes up so much time, and now I have to rush and get the things done that I said I would! I have a fun new video for my members area ready to go up (finally) today, and I am hoping I get Part #3 of Shane and Candy’s First Audition up tomorrow as I said I would (hoping).  I get so tied up in things, other things tend to fall aside. But I think I can do it! 😉

Tonight is also “Date Night”, and I don’t mean with my husband! Just after dinner, one of my BoyToys is picking me up to go for coffee and a Quickie! We’ll actually have a coffee and chat, then go out to his monstrous pick-up truck and I’ll ride his very thick cock! I’ll just be wearing a light sun-dress, as it is that hot out, with nothing on underneath. That makes it so easy to pull out his cock, give it a quick suck to get it nice and hard, then climb up on him and slowly guide it into my pussy. I’ll ride him hard and we will fuck until he CUMs deep inside my pussy. Then we’ll clean up, and he’ll drop me back off at home. I actually love these Quickies. 🙂

Okay, back to work for me, I have to get things UP for you guys! 😉

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More From Shane & Candy

Here are some lower resolution video screen captures from the second part of the video of Shane & Candy’s First Audition that is available in my members area right now. In this part, they get brought to a room that is being painted by Jack Hammer. The girls start playing on the newspaper covered floor, and it gets to be too much for Jack as he watches. He quickly gets his cock out and into Shane’s mouth. Then Dugmor jumps in, and the fucking ensues!

The third and last part of the video will be up on Wednesday. This is where all the action finishes back on the bed with a great simultaneous double CUM-Shot!

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Nothing exciting this weekend

I’d love to have some really hot sex filled stories for everyone, but unfortunately, this was a very slow and quiet weekend. We did decide to drop over to the local Pub on Friday night for a couple of drinks, but things were quite quiet there. It was a last minute thing in going over, so I never had a chance to let people know.

The excitement on Saturday was the buying of a new BBQ! My husband finally put his 15 year old BBQ to rest and bought a new Weber fancy stainless steel one. We spent the afternoon putting it together and getting it ready. There was a house party on Saturday night we were invited to, but everything just fell apart and it was canceled. There was supposed to be 3 couples and 5 single guys, all from the XRV.com website, and I had it set up to fuck every guy! But I m not at all sure what happened as things went quiet about it and then of Friday evening I got official word it wasn’t happening. So we just stayed home, ordered pizza and watched movies.

On Sunday, I was first supposed to meet up with a guy for a “Dogging” video, but that got canceled. Then I had another guy set up who was going to have sex with me outdoors for some pictures I wanted to get for some new graphics. It wasn’t a photoshoot for “content” but just to get high quality pictures to use in some new graphics for the XRV.com website. But he messaged me on Saturday night and said he couldn’t make it! So I took it very easy on Sunday, and did very little.

So that was my exciting weekend for you all 😉

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Video – Briitany Fucks My BoyToy

Yesterday, I put up the full video of Brittany sucking and fucking my BoyToy, Ben. It’s in the members area of my website. But here is the little teaser video that I made to go along with it.

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Tomorrow, I’ll have the second part of the Video Saga of Shane & Candy & the Boys! It’s fun 😉

Remember that you can see the full High Quality and High Definition Videos of all my stuff in the Members Area of my website. Join Today! 🙂

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Brittany Fucks My BoyToy Ben

Tomorrow, I’ll have a fun little video available for you all. It’s a video of a girl who “worked” for me, who sucks and fucks my BoyToy Ben! Ben bugged me and bugged me to set him up with her, so I did. Unfortunately he got so excited, he only lasted 12 full minutes, from start to “finish”. I decided to do something different and didn’t edit the video at all, other than a lot of boring talk at the beginning. But once his pants come off it is seamless until he squirts CUM all over her Boobs!

At least he used to last a lot longer with me, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing! 😉

Below are just a few of the pictures from that Fuck Session! Just to tease you until tomorrow 🙂

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A Weird Weekend Ahead

This weekend is turning out to be a weird one with everything up in the air! I had plans to meet up with a new guy tonight, but I haven’t heard from him in a few days. He was supposed to meet me at the bar and then head back to my “kid free” house for some fun. But it’s just after 4:00, and no word, so I don’t know what’s going on! I’ll probably just head over to the bar around 9:00 anyway and see what’s going on. There is a cute local guy that I have been wanting to fuck for the past year who will be there this evening, so maybe tonight is the night!

Tomorrow, we were supposed to be going to a Swingers house party, but that has gone quiet too and I have no idea as to what’s happening. We’ll probably end up heading down to Berrigan’s Pub down in Lancaster for the Karaoke. A friend of ours puts it on so if there is nothing else and I can’t get fucked, I’ll go watch the singers and drink! 😉

On Sunday, I was supposed to do a “dogging” video shoot with a guy. Just some outdoor sex along the trails. But he just e-mailed me and cancelled!

So, I had sex planned for all three days, and now I have nothing (I think). I hope something “pops” up!

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Video – Shane & Candy First Audition

Here’s the video teaser from Shane and Candy’s first audition at my studios. This is just the first part of three as they ended up playing for over two hours! The first video is just them together doing some VERY hot Lesbian things, with lots of oral and different toys.

On Monday, I’ll have the second part where they jon Jack Hammer and Dugmor for some hard fucking on the floor!

You can see the full video in my members area right now. so JOIN TODAY! 😉

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