It’s My Birthday!

Yep, today was officially my birthday, and so far, I have had a great day! This morning, around 11:00, my young BoyToy came up from Cornwall to give me a special present. He is a really cute 19 year old with a really hot body and the cutest little ass. I met him at the door naked, since I love doing that, and immediately pulled out his cock and gave him a nice wet blow-job. His pants were still around his ankles when I turned around and knelt on the stairs and told him to fuck me! He didn’t even take his pants off, but shuffled forward, slid his cock into me, and came in my pussy in about a minute! He’s always quick to CUM the first time, but keeps it up and is always ready to go.

He pulled out of me, and a huge blob of CUM dripped out of my pussy and landed on the stairs! But that was okay as I got my husband to clean it up while I took the BoyToy to the bedroom. I really did that as it is my birthday! 😉

We got to the bedroom and I removed all his clothes, then went down and sucked his cock some more. He wanted me to rim his ass, so he flipped over and I tongued his bum, and then fingered it, for a few minutes. He was rock hard again (well, he never really lost his hard-on), so I had him on his back and climbed up on his cock. I rode him until he came inside me again. I slowly lifted off him and let his CUM run out of me and all over his cock. I went down and licked and sucked him fully clean. I worked on his cock for about 5 minutes until he was hard and ready again! You have to love the young guys and their recuperative powers! This time I had him fuck my ass, and he lasted quite a while, almost 20 minutes. When he was close to cumming, I pulled off him, turned around, and took his cock into my mouth. Ass-to-mouth sets off most guys, and he came almost immediately! It was just a small squirt that third time, but at least he came. We cleaned up and I pushed him out as I had another guy coming at 1:00PM!

I had a quick shower and even douched. Right at 1:00 the doorbell rang, and there was Guy, the new guy I met on Friday. I met him at the door naked also, and dragged him right back to my very messy bed. I sucked him, then fucked him, and he came hard deep in my pussy (The guy is about 9 inches!). We did take a little break, but quickly ent back to bed, and fucked some more. He came again while fucking me missionary style and with my legs wrapped hard around him. It felt amazing. I then called his wife to tell her how it went 😉

I had to push him out the door as I still had to run out and do things! Then my husband made us a very nice steak dinner and we enjoyed my birthday cake. And now here I am writing this! So far, it has been a very good day 😉


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My Birthday Weekend

Tomorrow is my birthday, but I spent the weekend celebrating! I managed to have a really good time, even though some silly, stupid men stood me up! We went to the bar on Friday for a birthday drink and to meet up with a few new guys. They knew it was my birthday (almost) and that I wanted to play. And all three said they were fine with other guys playing too. Guess what?? Yep, not one showed up or even messaged. But did they ever miss out!

A couple from not far away in Quebec dropped by to see if we were there. It wasn’t planned and they didn’t message me, but just decided to take the chance that we might be there. They introduced themselves and OMG, they were hot! They were both in their late 30’s and the woman, Natalie, was gorgeous! She had the body of a hot 18 year old, and looked like she was in her mid 20’s. Her husband Guy looked younger to and was in great shape. I was sitting at the bar, and she stood next to me while we chatted. At one point she rsted her hand on my thigh and started lightly rubbing me. I can’t even describe how excited that got me, and how horny I became. I quickly got very wet, so wet a spot started forming in the crotch of my jeans! Really!

When we finally realized the guys just weren’t going to show, as it was already a couple of hours after they were all supposed to be there, we invited them back to our place. The thing was she also was disappointed as when I mentioned the three guys, she said she would have been so into that and that she and I could lay waste to all five men! 😉

They followed us back to my home, and she and I quickly ended up on the couch kissing very passionately. As we kissed, she undid and unzipped my jeans, then worked her hand down under my panties. As soon as she touched my clit, I came. Yes, it was that fast. That excited her and she worked a couple of fingers into me and had me lightly moaning in no time. She pulled her hand out, got on her knees in front of me, and worked my jeans and panties off. She then went in and began kissing and licking my pussy very lightly. It felt wonderful. That only last a couple of minutes before I just had to grab her by the head and grind her face into me. She then went at my pussy hard, with her tongue and her fingers, and I was gushing CUM non-stop, or at least that is how it felt!

I finally had to stop her as I was shaking all over and turning into jelly! I sat up, undid her blouse, and took it off her. I then unhooked her bra and when I pulled that off, I was looking at some of the most perfect breasts ever! And all natural too! I had her stand, and undid and pulled down her pants. She wasn’t wearing panties, and her pussy was perfect…and dripping wet! She stepped back to kick off her pants, and I just stared at her. Her body was perfect! I asked her to turn for me, and I actually started fingering myself just looking at her! Her body was that of a 20 year old lingerie model. Quite full figured with perfect boobs and bum. Yes, her ass was a thing of wonder and I knew exactly where my husband was going to go when it was his turn! 😉

I finally got her to lay back on the couch and I bent over to kiss her. I slowly (VERY slowly) worked down her body with kiss until I got to her pussy. I decided to tease her so just lightly ran my lips and tongue across her clit and lips, and blew hot breathe onto her. She was literally dripping CUM from her pussy, and that was when she warned me that she is a real Squirter! Those that know me know my true weakness with women is Squirters. It really is the thing I love the most. I just love the feel and the taste, as well as just watching!  I got my fingers inside of her, and my mouth on her pussy, and it only took a minute before I could feel her body completely tense and I knew what was coming. Or I thought I did! When she let go it was like someone hit me right in the mouth with a high powered water gun! It was a large, strong stream that I couldn’t even swallow! It felt like I was drinking and drinking, but it also spilled all over. I had to finger myself and CUM right there and then.

I spent about twenty glorious minutes between her legs and got her to Squirt three more times. I moved up, and my face was just glistening with her CUM. It was everywhere, even in my hair. We kissed and she gently licked my face. Just so hot. We then moved down to the floor into a 69 with me on top. After about 10 minutes, we moved again and I had her lie on her stomach on the floor so I could go and make love to her wonderful bum! I rimmed her as deeply as I could, and then worked a couple of fingers into her. Like me, she loved the feeling. I teased the guys by pulling my fingers out of her ass, then sucking them. I was trying to do it seductively, but I probably just looked silly. Regardless, it worked, and I kept doing it over and over.

Speaking of the guys, they just sat back the entire time just watching. After I finished with her ass, I moved up and we kissed again. That’s when I mentioned that maybe we should take care of the men before they burst, and she agreed. On our hands and knees we went to the men, me to her husband and her to mine. We undid and pulled down their pants, and right in front of me was a rock hard, very thick, nine inch cock! as I stroked it, I looked over and there was Natalie already licking and sucking my husband’s balls. I went to work on Guy’s cock and for the next few minutes the only sounds were that of our mouthes on cocks!

I couldn’t help myself and just had to climb up on Guy and sit on his cock. It felt amazing sliding into my pussy. As I rode him, I heard my husband ask Natalie to stop as he was about to CUM. I looked over to see her grab him hard and start sucking even harder! He got the message and just let go in her mouth, which she swallowed and then kept sucking to milk him dry. She then went up and kissed him, then moved behind me and Guy. As I was fucking guy, she was licking my ass and his balls, and that is another feeling I just love. I had asked Guy not to CUM in me as I hadn’t put in one of my contraceptive sponges, and while the chances of me getting pregnant are almost nil, I just didn’t want to take the chance. So he told me when he was close, and I got off him and moved down next to Natalie. I took him in my mouth while Natalie worked on his balls, then I fely him stiffen and a minute later, he exploded. He had a respectable load, that was a bit bitter, but not too bad. I swallowed every drop, and also took the time to mild him too 😉

We then finally took a break and had that drink we were supposed to have when we got home. Natalie and I just couldn’t take our hands off each other, so as we stood in the kitchen, everyone naked, we had our arms around each other, lightly caressing. We chatted for close to half an hour, and Natalie was mentioning on how it really sucked for those guys that never showed up! (are you reading this guys?? You could have had one of the hottest women you will ever see, but you all blew it!) We also talked sex and what we all liked. Natalie mentioned that like me, she also loved Double-Penetrations and that she was curious about Pee Play (No, we never got to that, but we will!). We finished our drinks, and this time, went to the bedroom.

We started fucking, and this time my husband finally got his cock inside of her. We kept moving around, fucking in different positions, and just enjoying ourselves. My husband spent some time licking and fingering her ass, then moved up and pushed his cock into her. She got right into that, and then Guy asked me if I was able to handle his size in my ass! I told him I could, but to take it easy working it in. So I got on my hands and knees as he worked on my ass with his tongue and fingers getting me wet and ready. He then got behind me and I helped guide his cock into my ass. He pushed the head of his cock until it popped in (yep, that’ how it felt) and then slowly pushed it all the way in. He was surprised I could take all of him, but I mentioned that I had a little experience with that 😉

The guys fucked our asses for a while, and then Natalie said she would love a DP, so as I sat back, playing with myself and watching, the guys got her in position. Guy was in her pussy and my husband was in her ass, and it took a minute to get the rhythm going. But once they did, she was in complete ecstasy! It was great to watch. After maybe 5 minutes, she said it was enough and said that I should get a turn to! As they all broke apart, I noticed that her husband’s cock was just soaked and the biggest wet spot ever was on the sheet! She REALLY was in ecstasy!

So now it was my turn, and I went the other way with my husband in my pussy and the BIG cock in my ass! It truly is the greatest sexual feeling ever, and for you women who have not tried it, you just must! That cock in your ass pushes the one in your pussy hard against your G-Spot in a way that nothing else can. The orgasms you have are truly mind-blowing. As the guys fucked me, I was cumming non-stop and lost track of everything else. I just loved it.

Guy was in my ass, and said he was going to CUM. I told him to CUM inside of me, and when he let go, I could feel his cock pulse. Even my husband said he could feel him cumming! I may be weird, but I enjoy that feeling of a guy cumming in my ass. You don’t feel the CUM at all, but you feel his cock throb with every squirt. Love it! He pulled out,, and I fucked my husband for a while longer. I then got off him so he could finish with Natalie. As soon as I climbed off his cock, Natalie moved right in and took a seat. She rode him hard until he came deep inside her pussy. When she got off him, she pulled me over, and “made” me lick her pussy clean. She isn’t shy, that one! (Well, I did kind of make mention on how much I love to clean up juicy Creampies!) 😉

That was it, we were all just spent. It was a great and very unexpected night that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is unfortunate that those guys didn’t show up as they all said they would. They missed out on the night of their lives!

That was Friday…on Saturday we went out for my birthday dinner with a big bunch of friends in Montreal. We went for Japanese Tempanyaki, where they cook in front of you. It was a great night with good friends and good Saki! We left the restaurant at 10:00 and headed back to Ontario where other friends were waiting for me at the Pub in Lancaster. I didn’t know that, so it was a big surprise. That had a nice birthday cake for me, which I appreciated.

Now, I was still insanely horny from the night before and I told my husband all I wanted to do was find some cute guy(s) to bring home. I wanted to fuck, a lot, and even had a contraceptive sponge ready to go so that I could get Creampies all night long! One guy was supposed to meet me there, and my plan was that he would come home with me as well as anyone else I could find. We had been messgng on XRV for quite a while, and he lives within walking distance of the Pub. But guess what?! Yep, you guessed it, he never showed up! This has become an on-going theme for me, and I really am getting pissed off! However, there is another guy who has been e-mailing me for the past year about meeting up. He reads this Blog all the time, and knows who he is, since he e-mailed me earlier today saying he was there but didn’t want to bother me!!! If he only had the balls to introduce himself, there is a VERY good chance he would have been in my bed last night! Unfortunately, I ended up going home alone at 2:00 in the morning. While it was a great night with friends, I really wanted it to end much dirtier and nastier! C’est la vie….

Tomorrow is officially my birthday, and I have two guys coming over at different times to give me a birthday present. One is my very young BoyToy from Cornall, and the other one is Guy, Natalie’s husband! It was her idea!

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TriXXXy’s First Time

You may recognize TriXXXy as she did all sorts of crazy sex stuff with us, but this was her first time ever on camera, anywhere! She contacted me through my website about getting into Porn, and we met up for a drink. We ended back up at my place where she gave my husband an amazing blow-job and swallowed every drop of his CUM, then licked my pussy and had me pee in her mouth (I returned that favour!), and then licked all the CUM out of my pussy after my husband fucked me while she rimmed his ass. She was great! I then gladly set her up with Dugmor for her first PornAudition.

She was actually nervous and unsure about the whole thing. She was fine with us, but Dugmor kind of creeped her out. She made the guys wear condoms for a blow-job! She also HATED CUM on her, but will gladly swallow everything! Of course things change, and within a few months, she would happily do Bukkakes! But not this time, which is part of the reason this video is so much fun. You have to watch the video to see what I mean as she takes a Double Load of CUM!

It with a great little interview where she talks about her sexual past. TriXXXy went on to become one of the better girls who worked with us. She was also the first girl to shoot for my ChickPee website!

Below are just a handful of pictures. The full 14 minute HQ video is available in my Members Area, so JOIN NOW! 🙂

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Lola & Yago Fuck on the Sex Swing!

A young couple, Lola and Yago, were visiting Montreal from Columbia. They were also members of my website and knew all about my PornAuditions. They contacted me about trying out, so of course, I hooked them up with an Audition.

We had just got a new Sex Swing for the studio, and Dugmor really wanted to try it out, and Lola was quite willing. So Dugmor strapped her in, and Lola and Yago spent almost an hour sucking and fucking in it. When it finally started getting a bit much for Lola, we had Yago fuck her on the table. It finishes with a HUGE facial. I also have a great interview with them that I will add to the page shortly.

Lola also had another huge fantasy, and that was to lick my pussy as she was on her knees in front of me. It was quite a specific fantasy as her fantasy was to have us both fully dressed with me in a short skirt and wearing panties. I would sit down, and she would kneel in front of me, slowly remove my panties, and then take her time and kiss and lick my pussy. She also wanted it fully private, so we did it without anyone else in the room. She spent almost a full hour between my legs, making me CUM over and over. Then she told me that was the very first time she had ever done that! I was honoured 🙂

Below are just a handful of pictures from Lola’s adventure at the PornAudition studios. I have the full video up and available in my Members Area right now. So if you aren’t a Member…WHY NOT?? …JOIN RIGHT NOW! 🙂

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Birthday Gang Bang

Gang BangOkay, it will be a couple of weeks after my birthday, but what the hell…i’s my birthday soon and I can do as I like! I just confirmed with the boys of the “Capital Gang Bang Society” which is a bunch of guys in the Ottawa area that put on weekly Gang-Bangs for willing women. They are setting me up with 8 V-Safe guys for a wild Bareback Gang-Bang with messy creampies and everything. It will be an “anything goes” thing as I have told them that they can do what they want to me and with me, other than getting too rough. I will get some pictures and video, although I cannot show any faces. We will be finishing by all the guys peeing on me in the shower! 🙂

10091136This will take place on Thursday, October 3rd in downtown Ottawa. Do not ask if you can attend as I am not the one setting it up and have no control over who is attending. If you want to be part of a Gang-Bang with me, all you need to do is set one up! 😉

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Weekend Fun

I had a pretty good weekend, with some fun sex, even though my period unexpectedly started right after the Blog post I made on Friday! Yes, I had a fun weekend planned with sex, but at around 5:00 I went to the bathroom and noticed a little something! It was upsetting. I will have sex with my husband when I am on my period, but I am still quite shy to do it with anyone else. Just one of my quirks.

We went to the Pub on Friday night for a couple of drinks, and one of my cute young suitors showed up. I had never played with him, but have really wanted to, and he picks that night to meet up! I had to mention that I was on my period, and that ended up really exciting him! He whispered to me that one of his fantasies was to have sex with a women during “that time of the month”. I just wasn’t convinced, but he ended up following us home for another drink.

Many women will say that they lose all sexual feeling when they are on their period, and I am the complete opposite! I get unbelievable horny when I am menstruating, and spend my time masturbating and fucking my husband. Yes, I am weird. So, saying that, I was amazingly horny on Friday night and with my husband and The Boy both bugging me to fuck them, I actually finally gave in! The first thing I did was lay a couple of old sheets over the bed, just in case. I was so horny that as soon as we were undressed, I pulled The Boy on top of me, and pulled his cock right into my pussy. He fucked me hard for only a couple of minuts, then pumped a huge load of CUM right into me! I could feel his cock pulse, and it went on for quite a while. As soon as he pulled out, my husband jumped in and took over. He loves to fuck my pussy when it is full of CUM. He came after a few minutes, and when he pulled out, The Boy was all ready to go again! He went in and started fucking me, with my knees up around my head. I could feel all the CUM squeezing out of me and running down my ass! He fucked me hard for almost 10 minutes, and came again.

It was really messy, and I won’t go into that detail, so we cleaned up, and then I went down on The Boy as my husband licked my pussy (Yes, he loves doing that too). The Boy quickly got hard again, and this time I climbed on him and rode him for quite a while. After another 10 minutes, my husband got behind me and worked his cock into my ass. It felt amazing. After that, The Boy didn’t last that long and came again, with my husband following shortly behind and cumming in my ass. The sex was hard and fast, and truly felt amazing. I was also just spent, so The Boy left, and we just went right to sleep.

Saturday was supposed to be Sex Party day, and we did go, but I didn’t fuck anyone. Not even anal! I licked some tasty pussies, and sucked a few cock, and even got to swallow two nice loads. So all in all, it was an okay night. My husband got to fuck four other women, so he had a good time 😉

Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest, but I ended up working on all the text for my new website. That was tedious as I really don’t like the way I write, and constantly change things. It just never feels good enough.

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Catching Up

I warned everyone you wouldn’t see much of me this week, and I was so right. I had to run all over the place for my son and his school and the problem with living in the country is that nothing is close! I was in Montreal, Ottawa, and in Cornwall three times this past week, shopping for clothes and school supplies. As soon as I had some free time, I had to work on my new website lay-out, so my days have been completely full. I haven’t even had any sex since last Sunday evening! I haven’t even masturbated! I told you it;s been a long and busy week!

I managed to edit a new teaser video for the new website lay-out. This one is for my “events” like my Gang-Bangs, Bukkakes, and house parties. I think I did a preety good job, but you can judge for yourself if you like. Just click here to see the Promo Video. Let me know what you think.

But it is now Friday. I have a bit of work to do on my new site, as the laundry is being washed. Then we have to go and cut the grass, which is always a chore. Danny uses the rifing mower and I follow around with the push mower to finish everything off. It usually takes a couple of hours to do. Then it will be shower time, dinner, and we will be heading out to The Atlantic Pub for drinks later this evening. I have no idea as to what may happen there or afterwards.

Tomorrow we are going to a local couple’s house for a little Sex Party. It is starting as a dinner party and the dessert will be the sex! 😉


Last Friday, we went to the br and I met two new guys who came down from Ottawa to meet me. As a girlfriend of mine from Montreal was playing music that night at the Pub, we stayed right to the end, so the guys never had a chance to play with me. So Friday night I just went home alone (well, with my husband) and finally got to bed at close to 4:00AM.

I was supposed to go for the Karaoke at the bar don in Lancaster, but I was feeling really horny! I did a silly thing of mentioning that on Facebook (of all places) and asked if anyone was having a party I could get invited to. It was just a joke, of course, but I ended up with four responses! A woman who is a “Facebook Friend” messaged me saying that she and her husband were having a Swinger Party at their home up in Hawkesbury (about 20 miles away) and they would live if we would come. I checked her profile and she was HOT! So that’s where we ended up, in a nice house with close to 40 people and LOTS of sex! Most of the people there knew who I was, so I ended up fucking every guy there that night, over 20 different men! There was a lot of very quick hard fucks, as the guys were moving around fucking different women. It was just a huge same room Orgy, which are always fun. We were there until 3:00 in the morning…another late night.

On Sunday, we were supposed to go to another friend’s house for a little sex party, but after 2 very late nights, and the fact I was still a bit sore, we decided to cancel and just stay in and relax. After the week I had just had, all the sex the night before, and the week that was coming up, I needed that rest!

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The Long Weekend Ahead…

Labour Day Weekend starts tomorrow, and since we aren’t going anywhere, it’ll be a drinking and partying near home weekend!

Friday night, I will be over at The Atlantic Pub in Alexandria to se my girlfriend Elaine play. She is super sexy, and super talented, and puts on a great show. So I plan on heading over at 9:00 and then staying until whenever. As always, everyone is welcome to join me. The Atlantic is at 36 McDougald St. East in Alexandria.

Then on Saturday, I am going over to Berrigan’s Pub in Lancaster for Karaoke! I don’t sing, but a friend is putting on the “show” and I like to support my friends. Hopefully I will have some other “friends” show up that I can bring back home for a Booty Call! 😉
You are all welcome to hoin me. Berrigan’s is at 184 Military Rd in Lancaster which is on the SW corner of County Road 34 and South Terrace Road.

On Sunday, we will either be having people over to our place for a little Sex Party, or we will be going to another friend’s place for the same thing. I’ll know tomorrow where the party will be 😉

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What A Week!

WOW! This has been a long and tedious week. I’m sure other parents feel the same way too. As much as I enjoy shopping for myself, I really am not into shopping for a kid who doesn’t like anything! I’m happy when I get a shrug of the shoulders when I ask him if he likes something! Clothes, school supplies, none of it is fun.

Along with getting ready for school, I have been working my ass off on my new website design. I was tired of the way my site looked, and it was feeling really “bulky”. I wanted to lighten things up and make it faster to move through and more streamlined. I’m still working on the lay-out and the content but if you would like to see and comment of what I have right now, just go to and have a look. What you see isn’t necessarily how it will end up as I am working on a few different concepts.

I am also doing some Demo Videos for the “Pics & Videos” page. Each video will illustrate each section that I have in my Members Area. There will be a video for; Fan FuXXX, Fellatio Friday, ChickPee, PornAudition, Short Stories, Candid POV, My Parties and Events, and more. I have three of the videos done now, two of which you can check out right now if you like. Just click the links below to see them, and then let me know what you think of my editing. It isn’t something I am overly great at, but I wanted to do this all myself this time 🙂

Fellatio Friday Demo Video

Fan FuXXX Demo Video

So, this is what I have been doing this past week, which has kept me away from my Blog as well as all my messaging and “Social Media” website fun! 😉

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Don’t Expect Much…

…from me over the next week or so. It’s “Back To School” time, so I am really tied up with getting the boy ready for school! I still have to do work on my websites, and the website is taking up a lot of time, but I still have to get all the school shopping done too. All that together keeps me away from the fun! 🙁

The good thing about school starting is I will finally have my days free and all to myself! Hours with no one around to do whatever I like. And I plan to get my pussy abused…a lot…by the many different Boys. You see, the older I get, the hornier I get, and all I want is a nice cock deep in my pussy, and finishing off in my mouth. Just another couple of weeks, and I’ll be free to get nasty again 😉

But back to the boring stuff…all I’m doing is driving around for clothes and school supply shopping, hair cuts, and more. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all the same. Just drive, drive drive. I’ve been back to Montreal, Ottawa earlier today, Cornwall tomorrow, and I think I have to go back to Montreal on Friday! Both tedious and time-consuming. Hopefully I can get a good fuck in on Friday night 😉

Okay, now I have to do laundry which is all backed up!!! Yes, I lead such an exciting, glamorous life 😉

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