Had a great shoot last night

A fan of mine from Toronto dropped by last night to help me out with some video. He had a morning meeting in Cornwall, so it wasn’t much of a detour for him to drop by. He had a couple of unfulfilled fantasies that he was hoping to fulfill. One was to fuck an ass, the other to piss all over someone and have them piss on his cock. It was all done 😉

We started with a Blow-job followed by a 69. It was during the 69 that he came for the first time. He just couldn’t hold back. I played with his CUM for a bit, then we got ready for some Piss Play. We started that off by him pissing on my ass while I was wearing a sheer t-shirt. As he was pissing, I turned around to give him access to my mouth, my boobs and my pussy. He did a great job of getting me wet everywhere. I then returned the favour by pissing all over his cock.

We then went back to sucking and fucking. He started fucking my pussy Doggy-Style and after a while, pulled out of my pussy and slid his cock into my ass. We fucked like that for about 15 minutes until he finally pulled out and came right on my ass. It was a great shoot.

I’ll have some pictures up shortly and the video within the next week 🙂


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