My New Local Cub Came Back

A couple of weeks ago, I hooked up with a new young Cub that I first met at the Pub. We had a great time with him finishing what he started last time! He is a 23 year old guy that lives only a few miles from me, and as we know some of the same people,  I have assured him privacy.

He dropped by just after noon this afternoon. This was also just a fun fuck so no pictures or videos were taken, and my husband left us completely alone. I had him start off by licking and playing with my pussy, something he neglected to do the last time! He also used his tongue and his fingers on and in my ass, managing to get three fingers deep inside me. I just laid back and had him down there until I came a few times 😉

Taking over, I pulled him on top of me, and guided his cock into my pussy. We fucked this way for a few minutes, and then I pushed him off and git on my knees so he could fuck me Doggy-Style. At first h slipped his cock into my pussy and fucked me that way for a while longer. After a really big orgasm, I told him I wanted to feel him in my ass. I reach back between my legs, and once again helped get him inside of me, this time in my ass. He pushed and I felt his cock pop into my ass. He is fairly thick so he did a great job filling me ass. While he fucked me, I played with my own pussy, and had a few really good orgasms.

He lasted longer than I thought, close to 3 full minutes before he came! I could feel his cock pulse in my ass every time he squirted inside me. I love that feeling, it is such a kink of mine. When he finished, he pulled out and lay back on the bed, and I went right for his semi-hard cock, licking and sucking him clean. I also teased him by sliding a finger deep in my ass and then sucking it, over and over 😉

Watching me suck his cock abd sucking on my finger got him really excited and in no time, I got him hard again. This time I got on top of him and rode him Cowgirl style until he came again. It all made me feel so good and so fulfilled, I loved it. We cleaned up, and he headed back to work, arriving there a bit late 😉

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