I’ll be enjoying a New Fan Fuck this evening

I have a new young guy coming over this evening for a Fan FuXXX video. It will probably become part of my Cougar Chase series as he is young šŸ˜‰

He wants to try everything, so we’ll probably end up just doing whatever when the time comes. Of course there will be sucking and fucking, ending with a Creampie. But there also may be some anal sex in there and some Piss Play. He is curious about Watersports and mentioned that he can Pee while hard, so I’m going to have him try pissing inside my pussy while we are fucking. If he can do it, I’ll bring him back to do thesame thing in my ass. If he can’t do it, I will just have piss in my mouth.

I’ll make sure to post a couple of pictures tomorrow along with a write up on how it went.

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