Fulfilling A Fan’s Request

I have this guy that I’ve hung out with on a number of occasions at the bar, but have never played with. He originally wrote me on the sexserver.com website about meeting me, and I invited him to the Pub for a drink and a chat. He’s really a nice guy and was never forward about “getting i my pants” as too many guys are. I appreciated it. Well, about a month ago, he e-mailed me and brought up a little Kink he wanted to fulfill. I asked him to detail what he would like to do, and did he ever! In every detail! 😉

He came over earlier today to realize his kinky dream, and I had everything ready. As requested, I wore a summer dress, panties, and flat shoes (he loves that I am so petite).  I sat on the couch and had him strip naked in front of me and play with himself for a few minutes. I opened my legs and told him to take care of me. He got between my legs and spent a minute sniffing my pussy through my panties, and then licking and sucking me, again, through the panties. He them slowly removed the panties (which I have allowed him to keep) and began licking and playing with both my ass and pussy. He has his tongue in me to get me fully wet everywhere, and then used his fingers in both places. I also had him slid a finger deep in my ass, then pull it out and suck it! He did that quite a few times.

After 20 minutes, and a bunch of pretty good orgasms, I told him it was his turn to CUM. He moved up in front of me, and with my legs up on his shoulders, began masturbating. I had him slide just the head of his cock up and down between my pussy lips, and also to rub it on my clit. It didn’t take him long before he exploded right on my pussy even getting some of his CUM inside of me. As soon as he was doen squirting, I told him to go down and lick me clean, which he hungrily did. He slurped up every last drop of CUM from on me and in me.

He then kept licking my pussy and as a surprise, I let go and pissed right in his mouth and on his face, and he swallowed all he could. He loved it with a passion as I could tell Fetish Mode had kicked right in for him! I loved it to 😉

That was that, and it has taken me longer to write this than the actual action took! I do love when my fans tell me their unfulfilled Kinks and I help them realize it 🙂


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