A Beautiful Day and a Fun Night Ahead

Today was just great! I had no contractors over so I could actually get a little cleaning done and then spend a few hours in the sun. It was hot and sunny but at least we didn’t have the humidity we had yesterday. I just laid out back naked from 10:00 until about 1:00 in the afternoon. One of my new neighbours was sure hanging out in his backyard for quite a while, he really was trying to get a good look! Danny did snap some pictures of me with my iPhone which I uploaded to my Twitter picture thing. Now I’ll just be using my new Picture Blog for all that 🙂

I stayed naked for a couple more hours, but I stayed in the shade and enjoyed the light breeze we had. I played a lot with my iPhone doing different silly things and getting the hang of it. That’s why if you follow me on different sites, you would have seen me making lots of nonsensical posts.

The pictures below were some of the ones that were snapped earlier today and uploaded to different places.

Tonight we’ll be heading over to our new local bar about 9:00pm. Last week, we had a bunch of friends from Montreal join us, but this week, we’ll be alone. It is good as it’s easier to meet and talk with the other locals and get to know the neighbours. The bar is really fun and is a typical small town Dive Bar (I mean that in the best possible way) with a really relaxed atmosphere and friendly people. Plus the drinks are nice and cheap, and free-poured!

I don’t plan to drink as much as I did last week. That just ended up with me in bed all day Saturday with one serious hangover. But at least a bunch of cute guys came out last week, and hopefully even more will show up this week. I am ready to play! Some of the guys heard that I was going to be there and came out to meet me, although they never aid as much to me. But local gossip gets around really fast 😉

So maybe I’ll be having some fun back at my place later this evening. I’ll just play it by ear and see how things go. I wouldn’t mind a little “strange” tonight!

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