Yet Another Shitty Week!

What a week! After a great long weekend last week, everything went to hell around here. As you may know, we are currently selling our house and people kept wanting to see it at the worst times. But, we had to make it available. I have been trying to do some new shoots that I kept having to cancel, and I could barely get any real work done.

But the worst was that yesterday we had a HUGE wind storm in Montreal with winds gusting at close to 60 miles an hour! We lost a big chunk of our shingles, over 80 of them! So right now, the roofing guys are banging around up there patching everything back up. Just what you need when you are trying to sell a house.

We had to get that done NOW as we have an open house on Sunday and it really wouldn’t look good with a big batch of shingles missing. Luckily the damage was in an area that you can’t really see from the ground, so the mismatched colours won’t be noticeable. They’ll fade in to match the rest in a few months.

At least it’s Friday and the weekend is here. I’ll be at the bar as usual this evening, drinking, getting silly (and probably frisky) and having fun. Mary from will be joining me, and knowing her, she’ll be on the look-out for guys to bring home! Notice I said GUYS! That’s because one guy just isn’t enough for her! 😉

That’s Mary with me in the pictures from the last time we were together at the bar. That night she brought 3 guys home with her! They were guys that showed up to meet us, and we had fun teasing them. Unfortunately for me, I was “out of commission” that night, so Mary got them all to herself. You are welcome to CUM and hang out with us tonight, just click the Meet Me tab above to see where I will be.

Tomorrow, I have to spend the day getting the house ready for the Open House on Sunday. But I’ll be having fun tomorrow evening. I have a choice between a big Swinger house party (with a couple we met at the swing club last weekend) or a big Gang-Bang with 20 guys and 2 other women. I’ll decide tomorrow 😉

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