Hoping For Some Real Fun Tonight

Last night was a bit of a bust. I had a new guy who wanted to come by and do a Watersports and Creampie video with me, where I would piss in his mouth, then fuck him until he came, and then make him lick my pussy clean. He had been after me for a few months to do it, and I finally was able to set a day for him to come by. I guess it was one of those things that gave him something to masturbate to as we talked about it, but he chickened out at the last minute. He e-mailed me at the time he was supposed to be here, saying he was just too nervous to actually do it. So I ended up just fucking my husband…

Tonight, I have two new Bisexual guys from Ottawa coming over to play with me and my husband. They were referred to me by a girlfriend who had played with them in the past. They shared some pictures and videos with me so I could see what they looked like and also what they were into. I became very interested 😉

They are both quite good looking, in their earl 30s, and have few limits, like me. They are also into Watersports (which I know turns many of you off) and both give and receive. I hope to get them both pissing all over my husband as I get off on seeing him as a submissive cuckold 😉

But I really have no plans of what we will do as I like to just let things happen as they do 🙂

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