Not A Bad Weekend

It was a pretty good, and completely unplanned, weekend. We had no plans for anything, and at the last minute on Friday, thought about heading to the Pub. But just as I got ready, and was dressing to go out, my phone “binged” and I had a Facebook Messenger message from a really cute, fairly local guy I met on the Sex Server website. he asked if I wanted to meet up, so after a brief discussion with my husband, I invited him over.

I changed into some lingerie and waited for him to show up. He lives in another small town, about a 20 minute drive from my home. When he arrived, I introduced him to my husband, then took him right to my bedroom. I was having one of those really horny days. We enjoyed lots of oral sex on each other, and then fucking in a variety of positions. As I was riding him Cowgirl stye, he said he was about to CUM, so I lifted off of him and took his cock in my mouth just as he let go. He had a surprisingly large load and I swallowed every drop.

After he came, we lay there just chatting about sex. He had said he had never had anal sex and that he would love to do a Double-Penetration! When he learned that I would be happy to do that with him and could get my husband, he started to get erect again. I pulled my husband in, gave him a quick suck to get him hard, then as he lay back, I slid my pussy onto his cock. I had my young guy get behind me, and I helped to guide his cock into my ass. His head entered me with a pop, and he slowly slid all 7 inches into me. He fucked my ass while my pussy was on my husband and lasted almost 3 full minutes before he could not help but CUM! I felt his cock throbbing as he came deep inside my ass. When he pulled out i pulled off my husband, spun around, and lowered my ass right on his face. He licked my ass and I slowly let the CUM ooze out of my ass and into his mouth. I also sucked the guy’s cock clean as my husband cleaned me 😉

That was it for Friday. Saturday ended with some unexpected pleasure. One of our T-Girl friends from Ottawa called and we invited her over for dinner. She came in full dress and looked pretty hot. After dinner we had a great threesome with my T-Girl cumming 3 times, and my husband even came in her ass 😉

Sunday was just a day of rest, even though I had a number of people contact me to see if I wanted to play 😉

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