Sex Server Upgrade Update and more!

We ended up reverting back to the previous version of the website and will try it again later this night. There was a glitch that kept the actual content from showing up, which just would not do. So, we are going to do it carefully again (By “we”, I mean the Techies) 😉

I have been stressed recently and I was lucky enough to have a cute guy drop by this afternoon to give me a fully body massage, with release! I studies Massage Therapy many years ago, so I know that he knew what he was doing. He spent over an hour on me, from head to toe and everything in-between. I was just jelly when he was done with the massage, but that wasn’t the end of it all. I was just laying back, all content, and he crawled between my legs and started licking my pussy. I was already really wet when he started, and ended up just soaked! After 20 minutes, I just couldn’t take anymore, so pulled him up on top of me and guided his cock into my pussy. He fucked me hard and as I crushed my pussy onto him, he came with a big shudder. I could feel his cock pulsing as he came deep inside of me. We held one another while we passionately kissed for a few minutes.

But that wasn’t it! He slid down and went right at my pussy with his tongue, licking up his own CUM. It was so hot, I even squirted in his mouth, which really got him going again. He had me roll over on my stomach, and he spread my ass cheeks and began rimming my ass. He slowly worked his fingers into my ass, and ended up with three deep inside of me. He slipped his fingers out, moved up on top of me, and I helped guide his cock into my ass. He was rock hard and ready! He got all 8 inches in my ass and fucked me for almost 10 minutes. He asked me where he could CUM, and I told him I wanted to feel him CUM in my ass. In just a few seconds he let go and I could really feel his cock as his CUM pumped into me. He slowly pulled out, and as he rolled over onto his back, next to me, I moved around and took his cock into my mouth, licking and sucking him clean. I taste really good 😉

We just lay in the bed, chatting, and then he cleaned up and headed back to work (he had said he had a dentist appointment). It was a great afternoon and something I really needed 🙂

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