A Tasty Saturday Night

We just stayed in and took it easy on Friday night as it had been a very busy week. We were thinking of checking out the Obsession swinger club up in Ottawa on Saturday night, but as it’s for Couples Only on Saturdays, we didn’t bother. I was horny though and luckily one of my young BoyToys from up in town texted me and asked if I wanted to play. he was with one of his friends whom I have met in the Pub, but had never played with. I invited them both over.

We ended up in my basement playroom, and just got right into it. The friend had never had anal sex and had never CUM in a woman’s mouth, so I told him he was going to get to do both. There really isn’t much embellishing I can do with this, we just played for close to 2 hours, sucking, fucking, licking, and doing anal. Both guys came 3 times each and my husband even came twice. I swallowed most of it, which made for a really tasty night 🙂

Sorry, no pictures or video.

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