An Amazing Week For Sex! I Came Every Day!

The past week really has been an amazing and wild week for my sexual enjoyment. I had a few hard shoots during the week, with lots of fucking, and even a great video shoot where a sub guy drank my piss!

On Monday, a new guys came out from Montreal to do a video with me. I got a good long fucking then. On Tuesday, another new guys came down from Ottawa for a video shoot, and he had me cumming and cumming with some great oral sex. he came twice. On Wednesday, my Piss Drinker came by for another round of drinking from me. On Thursday, a local guy I met at the Pub dropped by for a quickie that turned into a solid hour of fucking.

Then on Friday, I had a young guy from Cornwall meet up with me for his first time. We had been messaging on-line for almost a year about me taking his virginity, but he was always too nervous to follow through. He is one of those shy nerdy kind of guys, but he was quite cute and had a great cock. I told him he should never hide that from the girls. He was really nervous with my husband being around, but when we got back to my place, I took him into my bedroom alone and told him we would not be bothered.

I undressed him and his cock was already rock hard. I lightly played with it and also lightly kissed him all over. He moaned as soon as I put my mouth over his cock, and in just a few seconds, I could taste his Pre-CUM! I stopped and let him relax a bit. I then lay back on my bed, pulled him on top of me, and reaching down, guided his cock into my pussy. He made 4 or 5 thrusts and then I could feel him tighten up. I wrapped my arms and legs  around him and pulled him in hard, as he came deep in my pussy. He was breathing so hard and shivering. I just held him and lightly rubbed his body while he slowly softened inside of me.

I then rolled him off of me, and went down and sucked his cock clean. I kept sucking and in no time at all, he was rock hard again. I spent about 10 minutes sucking his cock and balls, then climbed on top of him and sat on his cock. I rode him for a few minutes, and then he came again. I just stayed on him and ground my pussy on him. I felt him slightly soften but then in just a few minutes, he got hard again. Pretty impressive. I fucked him for a few minutes then had him fuck me doggy-style. I also told him to tell me when he was getting close to cumming again. After just a few minutes of hard doggy, he said it was happening, so I quickly pulled away from him, spun around, and took his cock in my mouth. He squirted for the third time, and it was a pretty respectable load for it being number 3!

That was it, and the whole thing took less than 30 minutes! Young guys have amazing recuperative skills. He is going to come back again, so I can teach him how to properly take care of a woman’s pussy and ass 🙂

Now Saturday deserves it’s own post as that was a great night with a bunch of T-Girls! So that will be it’s own post, with pictures! I’ll write about that one tomorrow.

On Sunday, my old masseuse friend dropped by to give me a complete full body massage…with release! I was a bit sore from the night before, so he took it easy in certain areas, but a full and proper 90 minute massage felt just right. After taking care of every square inch of me, he masturbated me and made me CUM a few times. I usually let him fuck my ass in return, but my butt was heavily abused the night before, so I just gave him a nice blow-job.

So, as I said, it was a great week. I had someone make me CUM every single day. I wish every week was like this past one 🙂

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